25 Under the Radar Gifts for Geologists

Although you learned geology at school, there’s a small chance that you’ll end up as a geologist or a geology teacher. However, there are people who really passionate about geology, so much that they are willing to dedicate their lives to it. They would spend hours of studying materials, processes, physical natures, history, not to mention the products of the earth. Most of them usually work in government agencies and also private companies, and they help to evaluate different sites from their professional perspectives. Looking for the perfect gifts for a special geologist in your life might be tricky, but it’s actually fun to do.

Being a geologist is not an easy thing to do. Geologists need to be extra careful in monitoring and evaluating rocks, plus other natural resources, too. If you have a dear friend who works as a geologist, then you should find a thoughtful gift that also comes as a form of encouragement. On this list, you will find plenty of gifts for geologists and people who love the subject. So let’s get started!

Shirts and Jewelry Gifts for Geologists

Scientists are rarely affiliated with a cool sense of fashion and style. Now you can change that perception over your friend by finding them some awesome shirts and jewelry as the most thoughtful gifts for geologists. These cool shirts will boost their pride of being a geologist. 

1. “Distracted by Rock” Shirt

“Distracted by Rock” Shirt

Geologists study rocks all the time. It will come to no surprise if they accidentally bring up this particular subject about rocks during casual conversations with friends. As boring as it may sound, people will probably understand if they wear this awesome shirt

2. “Geology, Repeat” Shirt

“Geology, Repeat” Shirt

This cool shirt is a fun twist of the popular meme from the internet. It just might be the perfect shirt for your geologist friend. It’s practically consists of what they’re doing every single day, and we’re quite sure they’ll love it. We also know that they will love this cool shirt and wear it on every possible occasion. 

3. Rock Shirt

Rock Shirt

Most people will probably be interested in a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shirt. But as a geologist, your friend might fancy these rocks on a shirt instead. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy them this beautiful shirt ASAP. 

4. Future Geologist Shirt

Future Geologist Shirt

Learning geology is hard. There will be a moment where someone may try to give up and even call it quit. If you have a friend who aspires to be a geologist, then you can give this shirt as a sincere gesture of encouragement. Let them know that they truly deserve to be a geologist. 

5. Collecting Rocks Shirt

Collecting Rocks Shirt

This shirt is one of the best gifts for geologists. It suits perfectly for people who love hunting and collecting rocks. Give this awesome shirt to your friend so that they can brag about their hobbies to other people. 

Vintage Rock Cufflinks

This vintage cufflink is one of the best jewelries that you can buy for a special geologist in your life. Since they love rocks, so we figure that they might adore these cufflinks, too. This vintage jewelry will fit perfectly on your friend’s formal attire.

7. Geologist’s Hammer Pendant

Geologist’s Hammer Pendant

Do you know what is the perfect pendant to fit a geologist’s style? For us, the answer is definitely this geologist’s hammer pendant. Your friend has to deal with these kinds of mining tools every day, so why not turn it into beautiful jewelry for them to wear?  

Wall Decoration Gifts for Geologists

There are a lot of wall decoration gifts for geologists that you can buy for your dear friend. If your friend love to bring a touch of geology to their home décor, then these items might be the perfect gifts for them. All of these wall arts are cool. Moreover, they will perfectly describe the true characters of a dedicated geologist like your friend. Check it out!

8. Custom Geologist Cartoon

Custom Geologist Cartoon

Can you imagine how cute it would be to see your geologist friend enters the world of the Simpsons? With this personalized painting, you won’t have to wonder anymore. Simply hand over a picture of your beloved friend and let the painter work with their magic!

9. National Parks Wall Art

National Parks Wall Art

Geologists will always love to visit national parks. Aside from the beautiful scenery, they would also want to study the unique rocks and natural occurrences from those parks. To hype them up, you can get them these posters as part of decorations with a view of national parks. 

10. Geology Rocks Wall Decor

Geology Rocks

Even though your friend probably loves geology to death, other people may not share the same feeling. To help your friend in promoting the subject, you can hand them this cool poster. Now, their guests will start to have a better understand about your friend’s passion. 

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11. Old Geological Map of England

Old Geological Map of England

This vintage map is the perfect match for a geologist who likes to decorate their house with vintage items. This is a highly unusual map of England and Wales that shows a detailed view of the geology of the two nations. For a geologist, this item is definitely a must have item!

12. Geology Glossary Poster

Geology Glossary Poster

This glossary poster is one of the best gifts for geologists. They can hang this wall art on their office wall as a tool to study more. Moreover, they can also hang it at home, which will be a cool wall art for their guests to see. Either way, you won’t regret buying this poster for your geologist friend. 

13. Customized 3D Decoration

Customized 3D Decoration

This 3D decoration is truly one of a kind. Having this item means you can request a certain destination in the world that your friend would love to visit one day. Then, just wait for the magic to happen! Undoubtedly, this is one of the most unique gifts for geologists out there, so don’t miss out!

14. Agate Geode Crystal Painting

Agate Geode Crystal Painting

If you take a close look at this abstract painting, you will definitely see how beautiful this piece-of-art really is. This awesome art was inspired by the magnificent agate geode crystal. Without a doubt, your geology friend will certainly love having one of these hanging on their wall. 

Unique Gifts for Geologists

Don’t quit this article just yet! We still have a bunch of unique items that you can get as gifts for geologists. On this list, you can find cool stuff like games and tumblers that your friend will definitely love to have. Some of these gifts can be bought for people who are currently studying geology too. So scroll down and check them out!

15. Core Sampler Tumbler Glass

Core Sampler Tumbler Glass

This amazing tumbler glass will be the perfect companion for your geologist friend’s relaxing time. Your friend can enjoy a glass of hot coffee with friends while planning out their day together, accompanied by these awesome tumblers. Make sure you tell them not to spill any mud to the tumbler!

16. Geosciences Industries Rock Introductory Collection

Geosciences Industries Rock Introductory Collection

This rock collection is the perfect way to introduce geology in a fun way. If you know someone who is interested in rocks and geology, then giving this item as a gift will be the right call. Here’s to hoping that they get more interested and become an expert geologist in the future. Cheers to that!

17. Geometric Formation Mug

 Geometric Formation Mug

Handmade mugs are always welcomed at any house. For someone who works as a geologist, we thought that these geometric mugs would suit them perfectly. Let them enjoy a hot beverage each day with one of these beautiful mugs before going to work!

18. Ore the Mining Game

Ore the Mining Game

People may think that geology is a boring subject. However, they may want to think twice after playing this awesome game with your friend. By playing this game, players will be tasked to mine different kinds of resources using available workers. This is the kind of game that you should experience yourself to feel the excitement. So grab this game now before it runs out!

19. Crystal Mining Kit

Crystal Mining Kit

If your friend wants to pass down their passion for geology to their children, you should definitely help out by giving this mining kit as a thoughtful gift. This fun kit allows them to dig crystals from a realistic plaster “rock”. They will certainly enjoy this experience. 

20. Fake Rock for Spare Key

Fake Rock for Spare Key

Rocks are not a mere obstacle in the road. With this cool item, rocks can be a useful item to hide your spare key. In addition, this cool item will be the perfect gift to get for your rock-loving friend. Now, there’s no need to worry about being locked out again. 

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21. Birthstone Mineral Soaps

Birthstone Mineral Soaps

We really understand how much love your friend has towards rocks. That’s the reason why we’re recommending these beautiful mineral soaps as the best gifts for your geologist friend. Now, they can bathe with one of the twelve rock-shaped soaps available.

22. Scenic Science of National Parks

Scenic Science of National Parks

Previously, we have mentioned that geologists would love the opportunity of visiting national parks. You can help them learn more about national parks with this awesome book. It contains highlights from 60 of the USA’s most iconic landscapes. In short, we bet that your friend wouldn’t want to miss this book out. 

23. Rock Tumbler Kit

Rock Tumbler Kit

If you ever stumble across a kid who seems enthusiastic in learning geology, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to buy them this tumbler kit. With this set, they can turn rough rock into brilliant gemstones. This tumbler kit also comes with a learning guide too. 

24. Serenity Stone Floor Pillow

Serenity Stone Floor Pillow

There are tons of different floor pillows that people can buy. But you shouldn’t deny your rock-loving friend the chance to have this stone floor pillow. Besides, these serenity stone floor pillows also aim to give a soothing experience for the user. Perhaps, you should also buy one for yourself!

25. EISCO Mineral Kit

EISCO Mineral Kit

Obtaining the geosciences bachelor degree may not prove to be an easy task. If your friend is faced with a difficult obstacle, then you can help them out with this mineral kit. It includes seven essential tools that are perfect for geology classes. Hopefully, your friend won’t have to worry about failing the classes!

Final Thoughts

The best way to find the perfect gifts for Geologists is to find items that are related to the things they love the most, which is the earth and everything in it. You can go for gifts to enrich their knowledge about the earth or natural resources like books or sample earth stones. You can also look for items that make them feel proud of being a geologist like a custom t-shirt or home decor items. Whatever it is that you choose, we hope you can find the perfect gift for geologists on our list above.

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