On The Rocks Set

The On the Rocks Set gives ordering a drink “on the rocks” a whole new, quite literal meaning. And it’s awesome!

How cool is it when you hear a character in movies say “whiskey on the rocks” to the bartender? The reality is a bit less cool though.

You just get a glass of brown fluid with some ice cubes floating around. Now how about a real drink on the rocks?

It’s possible with these awesome whiskey set, These are real New England rocks that come in a tray, in which you put them to the freezer. 

Then you can cool down your drink by putting a rock in it.

On The Rocks Set

The best part here is of course how it looks, but consider this – the rock won’t spoil your drink like a melting ice cube. So it’s brilliant to look at and will make your drink taste better.

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On The Rocks Set


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