30 Cool Piggy Bank Ideas That Makes A Perfect Gift

A cool piggy bank has evolved into many shapes and forms, which are not only available in the form of a cool pink piggy anymore. You might find a piggy bank in the form of other cool animals like dinosaurs or butterflies, or perhaps an airplane or a car.  Today, a piggy bank is not only useful for kids, because many adults are still using a piggy bank as well. And yes! You can give your loved ones, despite all ages, a cool piggy bank as something to cherish for many years ahead. Here are 30 cool piggy bank ideas that will make a unique and thoughtful gift for a special person.

BEST Cool Piggy Bank Ideas

1. Concrete Piggy Bank

Concrete Piggy Bank

Who can resist having this cool Michelle Piggy Bank at home? Made of concrete cement and wood combined into this simple and sweet piggy bank, you can almost be certain that having this cool piggy bank will surely bring out anyone’s desire to save more and more!

2. Personalized Rainbow Money Pot

Personalized Modern Rainbow Money Pot Piggy Bank

For a special sweet baby girl with a big love for nature, this piggy bank will capture her heart the moment she holds it in her arms. This cool piggy bank idea is more than just adorable with natural wooden materials and cute rainbow, because you can add a personal touch for your baby girl by printing her name on it. She would be thrilled to receive your thoughtful gift for sure!

3. Personalized Wooden Name Money Box

Personalized Wooden Name Money Box

If you are searching for unique piggy bank ideas as a gift for a special friend, then this one might be the perfect one for you. Just like the wooden piggy bank that you can personalize, this one can also be personalized with a sleek design that is suitable for a more mature individual who just loves to have a special box to pile up extra coins. 

4. Wooden Baseball Piggy Bank

Wooden Baseball Piggy Bank

It might be a bit challenging to teach young boys to save. But this Wooden Baseball Piggy Bank will be able to change their mind as they will be super happy if they can save their money inside this cool-looking piggy bank. Plus, he will be able to see how much money that he has stored through this transparent, and he can have his name engraved in this cool piggy bank, too!

5. Large Gold Piggy Bank

Large Gold Piggy Bank

We introduce you to this elegant money box that will encourage people to save more. This gold premium piggy bank is just perfect to be presented as a sweet wedding gift or housewarming gift, since it will be an elegant additional decoration that creates something that would be a luxurious statement piece within the home. 

6. Personalized Piggy Bank

Personalized Piggy Bank

Ok, so your having a name written on a piggy bank is not personal enough for you? That’s why we include this personalized and unique piggy bank into our list of piggy bank ideas. If we can have a piggy bank in the form of the actual name, which means the alphabet that consists in the name, then we have the right recommendation for you. Imagine having a money box that looks like your personal name.

7. Unfinished Wooden Piggy Bank

Unfinished Wooden Piggy Bank

Finally, a piggy bank that looks like a piggy bank! But still this piggy bank is not your usual piggy bank, because it is made of linden wood. Your children will only be able to learn to save but also learn to enhance their motor skill, role-playing, logical thinking and movement patterns as this piece also comes as a eco-friendly DIY wooden toy.

8. Photo Camera Saving Box

Photo Camera Saving Box

Saving money at home needs to become a fun thing to do everyday. So instead of having the common piggy bank, why don’t you have this Photo Camera Saving Box as a way to make saving money more exciting for all the members of your family. 

9. Solid Wood Piggy Bank

Solid Wood Piggy Bank

Who says that a piggy bank cannot be designed based on a modern and minimalist model, which can also become a nice addition to your home decoration like this Solid Wood Piggy Bank? The natural wood used in this piggy bank is environmentally friendly because it uses friendly wax oil, which is non-toxic and totally harmless to children. 

10. Amazing Rugs Spherical Coin Bank

Amazing Rugs Spherical Coin Bank

Everyone needs to be reminded about the importance of savings, and having a piggy bank can be one of the methods to keep us reminded. This gold and white piggy bank will be perfect as a gift for someone who needs an exquisite piggy bank to be displayed in a minimalist living room. Aside from being the one thing that will remind us to save, this piece will also become a statement that makes a living room look more sophisticated.

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11. Beals Basketball Piggy Bank

Beals Basketball Piggy Bank

For a son who loves basketball so much that has his room full of basketball-themed decorations. You can add one more piece of decoration that functions as something that can teach your son to save money by presenting him this Beals Basketball Piggy Bank. Made of ceramic, this piggy bank has an amazing natural look of an actual basketball that will stand out when placed on a shelf inside your son’s room.

12. Helicopter Money Piggy Bank

Helicopter Money Piggy Bank

This airplane piggy bank is another best option for a piggy bank that will perfectly match your son’s room decoration. Made of metal, this piggy bank will be easy to clean and will be a long-lasting piece of decoration in your son’s room that will encourage his interest to save more.

13. Indian Handcrafted Wooden Barrel Shape

Indian Handcrafted Wooden Barrel Shape Piggy Bank

Continue a good habit of saving and keep your living room simple and sleek with this beautiful Indian Handcrafted Wooden Barrel Shape Piggy Bank. Made of a fine quality sheesham wood, this piggy bank has an amazing design with elegant look that will be a great bank and decoration.

14. Vowimckel Decorative Money Box

Vowimckel Decorative Money Box

Share happiness with your lovely little girl by giving her this beautiful rainbow money bank that is made of premium ceramic material. The cute rainbow figurine design will be one of the cutest decorations to be added to your little girl’s room, which will be a nice trigger to save more as the colorful rainbow will share positive vibes.

15. Personalized Coin Owl Bank

Personalized Coin Owl Bank

Any little girl would be excited to have this Personalized Coin Owl Bank as a birthday gift. Undoubtedly, this gift will be something that she will cherish for many years to come, especially when you add a little personalization like engraving her name, or simple positive quotes that will encourage her everyday.

16. Cute Novelty Ceramic Cat Money Bank

Cute Novelty Ceramic Cat Money Bank

This ceramic piggy bank will be a wonderful addition to a sophisticated-designed living room or children’s bedroom. Painted black with matte finish, this piggy bank looks simple and sleek with a cute touch.

17. Ceramic Pink Butterfly Piggy Bank

Ceramic Pink Butterfly Piggy Bank

Another piggy bank idea for your little girl is certainly this Pink Butterfly Piggy Bank! It’s pink, it’s pretty, and it has a super cute glitter! What other elements can a piggy bank possibly need to be the perfect gift for your little girl? This piece will not only teach the value of saving money, but will also become a cute addition for a little girl’s room.

18. Demdaco Whale Bank

Demdaco Whale Bank

Say hello to this happy whale who will greet you with its cool-looking smile whenever you insert a coin. Looking super cute as it is, this Demdaco Whale Bank will be the perfect way to help your little ones to save. 

19. Handmade Safe Money Box

Handmade Safe Money Box

Looking for a classic piggy bank that will take you back to the old times? This handmade wooden piggy bank is the answer. No matter what this unique piggy bank is placed, this will become a nice decoration with the sleek and smooth finish. The word ‘BANK’ that has been inlaid with brass letters in the front side creates a more classical look to this pretty piece that can be cherished for many years to come.

20. Metal Owl Piggy Bank

Metal Owl Piggy Bank

Confused about deciding whether to have a classic designed piggy bank or having the one with a cool design? Well, why don’t you have the one that gives you both looks, just like this Metal Owl Piggy Bank. The iron material gives a classic look and the owl figure makes it look cool and adorable, which will be the perfect unique decoration to any living room.

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21. Matney Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

Matney Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

We might have been seeing many reviews on this super cute piggy bank online, and we just can’t resist the cuteness of this piece. The adorable mechanical kitten that comes out of a cardboard box to steal your coin will help you save your money by doing the most adorable way. This will definitely become a great gift for any child and they just can’t wait to let this kitten steal their coin everyday.

22. Paladone Harry Potter Coin Bank

Paladone Harry Potter Officially Licensed Coin Bank

For Harry Potter lovers out there who will be thrilled to have this Palaldone Harry Potter Officially Licensed Coin Bank as a new collection. With a magical look this piggy bank will blend perfectly to your Harry Potter books collection, plus having this Hogwarts handbook will also be able to protect you from bad spells, or even from dementors!

23. Digital Coin Bank

Digital Coin Bank

For smart savers out there, this is the perfect piggy bank for you. This piggy bank is equipped with a digital coin counter that applies for all US coins. The digital LCD display will automatically keep track of your savings, which makes it a perfect gift for kids. Giving this as a gift for kids will teach them about the value of each coin and trigger responsible saving. 

24. Personalized Alphabet Piggy Bank

Personalized Alphabet Piggy Bank

As part of your noble effort in teaching your kids about the importance of saving, you can present them this Personalized Alphabet Piggy Bank. Aside from being the perfect piggy bank to build their positive habit of saving, this will also add a sweet charm to your kids’ rooms as well.

25. Give, Save, Spend Bank

Give, Save, Spend Bank

This Give, Save, Spend piggy bank will give you a much wider perspective about the importance of savings, as this will help to divide the amount of coins that were given, saved, and spent. It’s never too early to learn the good habit of managing your money, and that is why this piggy bank can be the perfect gift for children. 

26. LUSEN Safe Piggy Bank

LUSEN Safe Piggy Bank

If you’re looking for a solid looking piggy bank that will fit any industrial and minimalist-themed rooms, then this LUSEN Safe Piggy Bank is just perfect! The stainless steel materials give a super solid look that will assure you the safety of all the money you put inside. 

27. EMVANY Treasure Chest Storage Box

EMVANY Treasure Chest Storage Box

This retro piggy bank has a treasure chest storage design that will bring a classic touch to any room at home. This was handmade using natural wood, and we assure you that having this piece of art at home will be a pleasant way for you to save coins together with other members of the family, and everyone will be excited to wait for the time to finally open this treasure box!

28. Momine Wooden Piggy Bank

Momine Wooden Piggy Bank

This wooden piggy bank was inspired by a wine barrel design and would be an aesthetic piece of piggy bank to be placed as an elegant decoration in any room. This piggy bank will be the perfect present for children or adults, and also perfect for any occasions including birthdays, weddings, thanksgiving, or anniversaries.

29. Gueuusu Halloween Piggy Bank

Gueuusu Halloween Piggy Bank

If you are looking for a more-unique piggy bank than the one with a kitten who steals your coin, then you might want to have a piggy bank that has a monster who steals your coins. Children will definitely love to receive this as a birthday gift and we can already imagine the look on their face when they see this piggy bank.

30. Dinosaur Personalized Piggy Bank

Dinosaur Personalized Piggy Bank

This wooden dinosaur piggy bank will also be the perfect birthday for children who love dinosaurs. With transparent acrylic cover they will be excited to see the progress of their saving effort, and would be great to give them a target on what to use with all the coins that they have collected inside this adorable wooden dinosaur. Not to mention, you can also have their names printed in this piggy bank as well.

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