21 Cool Gifts For Bankers

Whether you’re a banker yourself or looking to treat someone who is, this extensive list of amazing gifts for bankers is sure to have what you’re looking for!

Perhaps you’re searching for a birthday surprise. Maybe it’s a ‘welcome to the job’ gift. Or, you might be in charge of selecting a retirement present.

Whatever you need, this hand-selected collection is brimming with ideal, money-themed gifts.

Gifts Ideas For Bankers:

#1 Banker Shirt – Friends Theme 

Banker Shirt - Friends Theme

If the banker in your life is also a fan of the TV show Friends, (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) you’re so in luck! Thanks to Stylish Pros Wear, you can choose between a t-shirt or a snuggly pullover with the word ‘Banker’ printed across it in the shows famous white font.

It also includes a line from the theme song to make it all the more authentic! Also, these shirts and sweaters come in many different colors so you can pick their favorite.

Find the Banker Friends Shirt Here.

#2 World’s Best Banker Mug 

World's Best Banker Mug

Do gifts for bankers get any more perfect than a fun mug to hold their coffee in? We don’t think so! So, why not gift them this personalized ‘World’s Best Banker’ mug for their next celebration.

It’s ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a good luck gift for their first day on the job. This mug also comes in two different sizes. 11oz, or 15oz for those who really love their morning java!

Find the World’s Best Banker mug Here.


#3 Funny Definition Print Gift for Banker 

Funny Definition Print Gift for Banker

Funny gifts for bank employees can be hard to come by but this hilarious framed print will get the job done! The definition of banker is stylishly printed onto transparent acrylic and framed in an attractive, dark brown wood frame.

It’s perfect for their office at the bank or even for their work from home space. Also, it’s customizable! Choose from 5 different sizes and pick your preference between black or white text.

Find the Funny Banker Definition Print Here.

#4 Personalized Engraved Parker IM Black with Gold Trim Fountain Pen 

Personalized Engraved Parker IM Black with Gold Trim Fountain Pen

If you’re hoping for something customizable that shows you care, opt for this beautiful, black Parker fountain pen engraved with gold lettering. Choose up to 25 characters of text in the font you think they’d love from eight different styles available. It’ll be the most special and useful item on their desk.

Find the Engraved Parker Fountain Pen Here.


#5 State Cheese Boards 

State Cheese Boards

Need a thank you gift for bankers? Try these beautiful bamboo cheese boards. Pick the state in which they live, or even where they were born. Each board is precisely cut to create a detailed silhouette of your state of choice.

And, if you can’t decide on just one, you can choose the whole USA instead! They’re perfect for serving up cheese or appetizers and will make a great talking point at any gathering.

Find the State Cheese Boards Here


#6 Money Art Gift – Your Face & Name on Real Money Dollar Bill 

Money Art Gift - Your Face & Name on Real Money Dollar Bill

Need a custom gift for finance guys who are all about the money? This dollar bill is perfect! It can be customized with any picture you wish including celebrity faces, or even, a picture of the banker themselves.

Choose to have your selected picture in black and white or in color. Either can be printed into the center of the bill. This gift will even have their name printed below.

Find the Money Art Gift Here


#7 Italian Leather Bankers Briefcase 

Italian Leather Bankers Briefcase

This premium Italian leather briefcase is made from Floto Italian calfskin leather with thick khaki stitching. It also has a detachable shoulder strap and top quality brass hardware and zipper. Inside, there are dedicated pockets for their phone, pens, and business cards.

Find the Italian Leather Bankers Briefcase Here.


#8 This Is What An Awesome Banker Looks Like Mug 

This Is What An Awesome Banker Looks Like Mug

Need a funny gift idea for a banker friend? Look no further than this sweet coffee mug by Mind-Blowing Studio.

It’s available in either an 11oz or 15 oz size, both of which have the phrase ‘This Is What An Awesome Banker Looks Like’, printed on the front with an arrow pointing to the owner of the mug!

Find the This Is What An Awesome Banker Looks Like mug Here.


#9 Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4 

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4

As banker retirement gifts go, we can think of few ideas better than these Himalayan salt tequila glasses. They’re perfect for a farewell party and will give each shot of tequila a salty finish as you sip. Also, as salt is naturally antibacterial, and each glass includes a PET plastic insert, they’re totally reusable!

Find the Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses Here


#10 Custom Banker Street Sign 

Custom Banker Street Sign

This is one of our favorite gifts for bankers. Treat them to this fun, customizable sign that reads, ‘Banker Dr’. They can choose to display it proudly in their office for a fun decorative touch, or even mount it on a wall or in the garden at home.

Find the Custom Banker Street Sign Here.


#11 Personalized Cutting Board 

Personalized Cutting Board

Coming up with gift ideas for your banker can be tricky but, Love To Create Stamps has you covered with their stunning personalized chopping boards. It’s the perfect thank you gift, and will even be great for Christmas or a birthday.

Choose which of the seven sizes and five wood types you’d like it to be made in, then have it engraved with their name for the perfect finishing touch.

Find the Personalized Cutting Board Here.

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#12 Money bag necklace 

Money bag necklace

We think this money bag necklace will make a great good luck gift for any banker to be. It comes in gold and silver and, even if they don’t actually wear it, it’s a charm that will last and last whilst making a super-fun and thoughtful addition to their desk!

Find the Money Bag Necklace Here.


#13 Bankers Lamps

Burville 12" Bankers Lamp

Gifts for bankers don’t get more perfect than this. Treat the banker in your life to this seriously beautiful bankers lamp and be confident that they’ll absolutely adore it. It’ll make a very handy and incredibly stylish addition to any workspace.

Find the Burville 12” Banker Lamp Here.


#14 Bankers Do It With Interest Sweatshirt 

Bankers Do It With Interest Sweatshirt

Some gifts for bank tellers are just too good to pass up! Just like this funny sweatshirt by Cotton Alchemy Co. It’s made with air-jet spun yarn for a soft finish, plus it’s bound to make them chuckle the moment they open it!

Find the Bankers Do It With Interest Sweatshirt Here.


#15 Bankers Do It With Deposits And Withdrawals Unisex Shirt 

Bankers Do It With Deposits And Withdrawals Unisex Shirt 

In search of other great clothing gifts for bankers? Try these super-funny and colorful unisex t-shirts! They come in four colors and many different sizes so they’re perfect for all.

Find the Bankers Do It With Deposits And Withdrawals Unisex Shirt Here.


#16 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you’re searching out the best gift for a bank manager, you’ve found it with the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser. This will melt the stress of their day away with scents they adore. Plus, its elegant design looks like a decorative ornament. 

Find the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser Here


#17 Banker Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Banker Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Banker Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Whether they’re an avid fan of a certain cartoon family or you simply think they’ll get a kick out of seeing themselves animated, these custom yellow cartoon portraits are the perfect gift!

Simply send a few clear images of the banker you need to be drawn and a custom portrait of them as a yellow cartoon with be created in all their banker glory!

Find the Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character Here and Here.


#18 Banker Retirement Coffee Mug 

Banker Retirement Coffee Mug

Another perfect banker retirement gift comes in the form of this funny coffee mug. It has a memorable slogan in a stylish black and white print. They’ll love having their morning coffee, relaxing at home, using this thoughtful gift.

Find the Banker Retirement Coffee Mug Here.


#19 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Coming into contact with all of that money can quickly spread germs that transfer onto your bankers’ phone. Make sure they’re able to keep it clean with this stylish UV case that sanitizes it for them quickly and with no fuss.

It even has built-in charger and amplifiers so they can continue listening to music whilst it does its thing.

Find the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer  here


#20 Funny Badass banker Travel Mug 

Funny Badass banker Travel Mug

Bankers are busy people meaning they often need their coffee on the go! Gift the banker you know this funny Badass Banker travel mug for Christmas, their next birthday, or a professional milestone!

Find the Funny Badass banker Travel Mug Here.


#21 Coffee & Banking Shirt 

Coffee & Banking Shirt

Speaking of bankers who love their coffee, any of these ‘Coffee & Banking’ t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, or hoodies will be ideal for them! The text is written in a beautiful font that comes in black or white. Additionally, they come in so many colors you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Shop the Coffee and Banking Shirt Here.


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