Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

The Pokemon Pikachu coin bank makes saving money a less painful and much more fun event for everyone in the family.

It is the perfect piggy bank for training you young ones to develop a saving culture.

The concept could also work for the kids at heart giving everyone a good laugh with every coin deposited.

When you place a coin and press the button a tiny Pikachu peeks out to grab it. He is programmed to make around 200 different statements with every prompt. 

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

But is you grow weary of the little sounds and phrases you can turn it off using a little switch on the bottom. You can access the savings in the money box at your convenience using a hidden door on the base panel. 

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

Teach everyone in your family vital skills to survive the recession using one of these innovative banks. Start as early as you can because you never know when the stash of coins will come in handy. 

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

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