25 Cool Gifts For Graphic Designers

From super-cool sculptures made to brighten up their workspace to thoughtful presents that they’ll cherish for a lifetime, our round-up of incredible gifts for graphic designers is sure to contain exactly what you’re looking for.

Some are made to inspire whilst others are guaranteed to make them laugh out loud the moment they open them up. So keep scrolling, the graphic designer gift of their dreams awaits…

Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers:

#1 Eat Sleep Design Repeat Hoodie 

Eat Sleep Design Repeat Hoodie

Every graphic designer can attest to the endless amount of work that goes into their profession. So, if you’re searching out special clothing gifts for graphic designers, look no further than the ’ Eat, Sleep, Design, Repeat’ hoodie. It’s as perfect for work-from-home days as it is for weekend ones. Plus, it’s available in four different colors so you can choose their favorite and make it more personal to them.

Shop the hoodie here


#2 Graphic Designer Definition Coffee Mug 

Graphic Designer Definition Coffee Mug

Ninja, badass, legend. If these aren’t words to describe the graphic designer you know, we don’t know what are! Luckily, they won’t need to explain to everyone just how amazing they are at their job once you gift them this chic, definition coffee mug. It’s the perfect receptacle to house their morning (and late night) coffee in too!

Shop the coffee mug here 


#3 Graphic Designer Street Sign 

Graphic Designer Street Sign

We love graphic designer gifts that add personality to any workspace and are certain they will too. Especially when they’re as stylish and impactful as this custom enamel street sign. You can even personalize the street name with the wording of your choice.

Shop the street sign here

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#4 Model 90 Anglepoise Desk Lamp 

Model 90 Anglepoise Desk Lamp

It’s no secret that graphic designers often work late into the night to complete a project. For that reason, we highly recommend this elegant Anglepoise desk lamp as one of the most practical, yet thoughtful gifts for graphic designers. It’s perfect for all-nighters and will add an instant touch of interior style to their desk.

Shop the desk lamp here


#5 Graphic Designer Tote Bag 

Graphic Designer Tote Bag

Whether they’re running errands on a day off or simply moving their work tools from home to the office, this graphic designer tote bag will be a welcome present. It’s a great size for notepads and even their laptop. Plus, everyone will know they have an incredibly cool job, all thanks to your gift!

Shop the tote bag here


#6 Be Bold But Never Regular Graphic Designer Shirt 

Be Bold But Never Regular Graphic Designer Shirt

This graphic designer gift is certain to get a laugh, what’s more, we won’t be surprised if it instantly becomes their favorite work tee. It’s even available in nine different colors so you can choose the one that best fits their design style!

Shop the shirt here


#7 Graphic Designer Sweatshirt

Graphic Designer Sweatshirt

Another of our top recommended hoodies for graphic designers is this cozy pullover sweater with a double-lined hood and a classic font printed onto the front. It comes in navy or black and will certainly make a classic addition to their off-duty closet.

Shop the hoodie here


#8 F-Bomb Paperweight 

F-Bomb Paperweight

Hoping to find funny workspace gifts for graphic designers? This hilarious F-bomb paperweight has you covered. Sure to be a hit at the office, the sculpture is made from recycled steel and will instantly add a hint of humor to their day.

Shop the paperweight here


#9 Funny Graphic Designer Printable Art 

Funny Graphic Designer Printable Art

Only a true graphic designer knows the endless frustration of people weighing in on their work! That’s why they’ll adore this printable art piece that pokes fun at all the annoying sentences they hear on repeat every day. Print it out and frame it for them to display, and continually giggle at, it in their office.

Shop the printable art here


#10 Graphic Designer Sarcastic Shirt 

Graphic Designer Sarcastic Shirt

Since we’re certain the graphic designer you know gets continually questioned about what exactly it is their job entails, why not gift them this stylish t-shirt and save them the trouble of having to explain it every time!

Shop the shirt here


#11 Funny Stemless Wine Glass 

Funny Stemless Wine Glass

Trust us, you should never interrupt a graphic designer when they’re editing! And, since this glass so perfectly demonstrates that fact and holds a generous amount of wine inside, you can be sure they’ll appreciate you gifting it to them for a birthday, work anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Shop the wine glass here


#12 Instant Designer Coffee Mug 

Instant Designer Coffee Mug

Late nights are a given when you work as a graphic designer which means mornings are not your friend. Help the graphic designer you’re buying for wake up a little easier with this funny coffee mug available in two different sizes. If you ask us, the larger one’s a sure bet!

Shop the coffee mug here


#13 Graphic Designer Friends Parody Shirt 

Graphic Designer Friends Parody Shirt

Since pretty much everyone on the planet is a Friends fan, we can bet the graphic designer you’re shopping for is too! Show them you care with this adorable t-shirt that incorporates the job they love as well as their favorite show.

Shop the parody shirt here


#14 Graphic Designer / Illustrator Gift Set 

Graphic Designer / Illustrator Gift Set

Graphic Designer / Illustrator Gift Set

When you’re searching out multiple gifts for graphic designers, it can be tricky to stay on theme. Luckily, this adorable illustrator gift exists and includes a hilarious coffee mug, pencils for sketching, as well as a handy to-do list planner!

Shop the gift set here


#15 Graphic Design Sweater 

Graphic Design Sweater

For the graphic designer in your life that’s also a lover of laid-back yet stylish clothing, choose this sleek slogan sweater. Its simple design is eye-catching yet minimal and will go great with the items they already own. Additionally, it has a classic crew neckline, long sleeves, and is made with 80% cotton for unbeatable comfort.

Shop the sweater here


#16 Personal Foot Heater 

Personal Foot Heater

Long days and nights sat at a desk are bound to stress them out eventually. Be the one who helps them to relax with this compact and, might we say, stylish, personal foot heater. Also ideal for those working in office spaces with little or no heating, and for the designer you know that’s always cold!

Shop the foot heater here


#17 Funny Badass Graphic Designer Travel Mug 

Funny Badass Graphic Designer Travel Mug

Graphic designers, especially freelance ones, will often find themselves waking up early, and rushing from place to place for design meetings. Give them the gift of coffee-to-go with this hilarious, Badass Graphic Designer travel mug. 

Shop the travel mug here


#18 I’m Silently Judging Your Font Choice Graphic Designer Shirt

I'm Silently Judging Your Font Choice Graphic Designer Shirt

We all know it’s true! They’ll always be judging our font choices. Happily, this super funny gift for graphic designers lets everyone know without them needing to say a word.

Shop the shirt here


#19 Funny Graphic Designer Gift – Graphic Designer Water Bottle 

Funny Graphic Designer Gift - Graphic Designer Water Bottle

We just can’t resist sarcastically funny gifts for graphic designers. Especially as we know they love to receive them. That’s why this laugh out loud, handmade aluminium water bottle is high on our must-buy list for any and every graphic designer we know.

Shop the water bottle here


#20 Back Relief Lumbar Pillow 

Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

After what feels like (or likely is) a hundred hours sat at their desk, you can bet this back relief lumbar pillow is one of our top recommended graphic design gift ideas. Watch their face light up and their posture relax as they work away in ultimate comfort after receiving this special gift from you.

Shop the lumbar pillow here


#21 Graphic Design Keychain

Graphic Design Keychain

This is certainly one of the most adorable and thoughtfully compact gifts for graphic designers we’ve seen to date and we can bet they’ll agree. What better way to share their passion than by simply having the words written down right there in their pocket at all times. You could even suggest they attach it to their workspace keys to always remind them of the reason they pursued this career in the first place.

Shop the keychain here


#22 Graphic Designer Pencil Set 

Graphic Designer Pencil Set

This pencil set may be super-funny, but it’s also incredibly practical! A great way to update any desk space, gift your graphic designer this handsome set, with or without a gift pouch, so they can get back to basics and doodle new designs until their heart’s content!

Shop the pencil set here


#23 Personalized dock station / Desk organizer 

Personalized dock station / Desk organizer

Keeping your desk organized may seem like a simple task but when you’re busy designing all day, things can easily get misplaced. Offer the graphic designer in your life a helping hand with this gorgeous personalized dock station that’ll make any desk aesthetic look instantly more cohesive.

Shop the desk organizer here


#24 Eat Sleep Design Custom Vinyl Sticker 

Eat Sleep Design Custom Vinyl Sticker

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best gifts! Take this Eat, Sleep, Design sticker for example. Not only is it an accurate representation of your graphic designer’s life, but it’ll also look amazing in whichever space they choose to display it from the office to their car!

Shop the vinyl sticker here


#25 Be… Inspirational Paperweight 

Be... Inspirational Paperweight

In any creative field, remaining inspired 24/7 can feel like a struggle. Happily, this inspirational paperweight exists and is sure to lift and inspire the graphic designer you’re celebrating!

Shop for the Paperweight here


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