28 Cool Gifts For Dog Walkers

How do you thank the perfect dog walker for all they do for you and your pup? The answer is, by gifting them a special present from our list of amazingly cool gifts for dog walkers!

Whether you’re searching for something fun yet practical or a gift that’s more sentimental and meaningful, we have you covered with these truly unique and special present ideas…

Awesome Gifts For Dog Walkers That Are Awesome:

#1 Eat Sleep Walk Dogs Shirt

The world’s busiest and most committed dog walker more than deserves this ‘Eat. Sleep. Walk Dogs’ t-shirt. They make perfect presents for owners of multiple dogs as well as great thank you gifts for dog walkers. They can even wear it whilst they’re out on a walk with their pups!

#2 Dog Walker Keychain 

Dog Walker Keychain

When you’re certain there’s nobody out there who could do a better job with your beloved doggo, this ‘Best Dog Walker Ever’ keychain is the perfect gift to present them with. You can even personalize it with their initial engraved into the included star-shaped charm.

#3 Dog Walking Bag with Poop Bag Dispenser 

Dog Walking Bag with Collapsible Bowl and Waste Bag Dispenser

As every dog walker will know, you can never have enough poop bags on hand! Luckily, they’ll no longer need to hold them or stuff them into their pockets once you present them with this handy dog walking bag complete with a bone-shaped poop bag dispenser! It even has plenty of room for their wallet, phone, keys, and more.

#4 Dog Walkers Revival Hand Cream 

Dog Walkers Revival Hand Cream

From handling leashes to brushing out fur to exposing their skin to the elements daily, if anyone needs extra help when taking care of their hands, it’s a dog walker! This dog walker’s revival hand cream, therefore, will be much appreciated, especially with its adorable dog-themed label and dreamy cocoa and shea butter formula.

#5 Leak Proof Dog Bowl Water Bottle 

Portable Dog Water Bottle

If you’re searching out gifts for dog walkers that’ll make their job easier and even more enjoyable, you won’t find better than this portable dog bowl water bottle. With just one squeeze, the leak-proof dish at the top fills with water for their pup to slurp up with ease. Any water they leave will drain back into the bottle which is closed with a simple push valve, ready to be transported in the car, on a belt, or a backpack.

See our Water Bottle For Dogs  Video Here

#6 Dog Sitting Thank You Gift – Personalized Dog Bone Candle

Dog Sitting Thank You Gift - Personalized Dog Bone Candle

If your dog walker is so good they deserve a special gift, we won’t be surprised if your pup wants to get involved with the thank you’s! Luckily, with these personalized dog bone candles, they can. You can personalize the back of your candle with a special message from you whilst the front displays a heart-felt, bone-shaped thank you from your dog. We especially love that these candles come in such a huge range of unique scents from Calming Waters and Tranquil Spa to Hot Cocoa and Pumpkin Donut!

#7 Dog Walker Hoodie Funny Dog Walker Gift 

Dog Walker Hoodie Funny Dog Walker Gift

One of the funniest yet truly thoughtful gifts for dog walkers we’ve come across is this dog walker hoodie. After all, advertising what your customers say about you is one of the best ways to ensure repeat business and this hoodie truly says it all. 

#8 This Is My Dog Walking Jumper 

This Is My Dog Walking Jumper

Sometimes, the best gift ideas for dog walkers are the most simple ones! Save them time having to decide which of their clothes they don’t mind getting dirty at the park, and gift them this hilarious sweater which was definitely made especially for dog walking.

#9 Dog Walking Bag 

Dog walking bag

Every great dog walker needs a great dog walking bag and this embroidered cross-body design might just be the most perfect one we’ve seen! With its adorable Labrador Retriever silhouettes and plenty of room for storing their keys, wallet, phone, poop bags, treats, and more, these bags make perfect ‘thank you for looking after my dog’ gifts.

#10 Healers Urban Walker Dog Boots 

Healers Urban Walker Dog Boots

Depending on where you live, the dog walker you know might often need to take their four-legged friends into rougher terrain or particularly chilly weather, In that case, they’ll love Healers Urban walker dog boots. Sold in pairs so you can choose the right size for the dog’s front and back paws, these boots were designed by a former Nike Shoe designer and tested by the National Guide Dogs for the blind. 

#11 Keep Calm I’m The Best Dog Walker Travel Mug 

Keep Calm I'm The Best Dog Walker Travel Mug

Your dog walker will know that when a pup’s gotta walk, they wait for no man… unless the door’s locked. That means super early mornings, sometimes in the cold! Make those early starts a little easier for your dog walker and gift them this stylish and humorous stainless steel, Best Dog Walker travel mug so they can have a nice hot cup of coffee on the go.

#12 The Dog Walker Shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt / Tank Top 

The Dog Walker Shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt / Tank Top

If you’re hoping to find gifts for dog walkers that also double as for movie buffs, you’re in luck! This ‘The Dog Walker’ shirt is a perfect play on, The Godfather movie font meaning it’s certain to be a hit. Walking your dog in exchange for a present like this? It’s an offer they can’t refuse…

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#13 Personalized Dog Gift – Live Love Bark Candle 

Personalized Dog Gift - Live Love Bark Candle

For the dog walker you know that can’t resist displaying an inspirational quote or two in their home, this Live. Laugh, Bark candle is perfection. The only question is, with scents like Cinnamon Roll, Pecan Pie, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Chestnut to choose from, how will you pick just one?!

#14 Swiss Barrel poop bag dispenser 

Swiss Barrel poop bag dispenser
Swiss Barrel poop bag dispenser

No dog walker wants to be caught out without a poop bag! Luckily this eye-catching swiss barrel-style holder will house as many as they could need all day long. 

#15 Zen Dog Garden Sculptures 

Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

It’s no secret, dog walkers adore dogs! That’s why we know they’ll be head over heels for these adorable Zen Dog garden sculptures. The perfect way to decorate their back yard or to let new customers know they’re in the right place by displaying them on the front lawn.

#16 Dog Walkers Revival Foot Cream 

Dog Walkers Revival Foot Cream

Running around after puppies all day is a sure-fire way to tire out your feet. That’s why we just have to recommend these foot revival creams as great gifts for dog walkers. Enriched with Vitamin E, it’s the best way for them to treat their tired heels and toes after a long day at work.

#17 Funny Dog Walker Shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt / Tank Top 

Funny Dog Walker Shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt / Tank Top

We love recommending fun things for dog walkers and this t-shirt is definitely one of them. Though they might have the song stuck in their head all day after reading their own t-shirt, it’ll be worth it for the laugh-out-loud moment when they open it up! 

#18 Funny Card 

Funny Card

What could make more perfect gifts for dog walkers than a card addressed to them, not from you, but from your beloved doggo. This hilarious card is a particular favorite, of course, thanks to its hilarious message! 

#19 Dog Walkers Revival Kit 

Dog Walkers Revival Kit

For extra special occasions why not treat the dog walker, you cherish to this complete Dog Walker’s Revival Kit. It comes with four luxury products, a soap, a bath foam, a hand cream, and a foot cream, all designed to relax and revive them after a long day of walking your four-legged friends.

#20 The Ultra Light Day Pack 

The Ultra Light Day Pack

If the adventurous dog walker in your life needs a backpack that will match their lifestyle, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the perfect one! It’s light as a feather and big enough to house everything they could need from water bottles to poop bags, treats, and more.

#21 Awesome Dog Walker Enamel Mug 

Awesome Dog Walker Enamel Mug

They’ll be truly touched when they receive this enamel mug, complete with an image resembling them and their favorite four-legged friend. A thoughtful way to say thank you to your dog walker with a gift they’ll actually get tons of use out of.

#22 Personalised Dog Paw Bracelet 

Personalised Dog Paw Bracelet

This stunning piece of jewelry is such a special way to thank the dog walker in your life. It even has an adorable paw print charm alongside a small silver disk you can have engraved with their initial (or the initial of their/your dog).

#23 Personalized Dog Necklace 

Personalized Dog Necklace

Another stunning piece we just have to recommend is this personalized, dog-themed silver necklace. Choose the number of bone-shaped charms you like to add, each can be personalized with the name of a special pup, as well as the recipient’s name if you wish. 

#24 Dog Walker Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo 

Dog Walker Gift - Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo

We’re certain they’ll adore this custom architecture portrait of them and their much-loved dog/dogs. Simply send the artist some clear photos of the dog and dog walker you’re treating and they’ll create a special digital portrait file just for them! Print it onto a canvas, cushion cover, or even a canvas bag for their dog-walking duties.

#25 Dogs Best Friend Shirt 

What could make a more perfect gift from man’s best friend than this ‘Dogs Best Friend’ t-shirt! We know they’ll adore it just as much as we do and won’t be surprised if they make it their go-to dog walking t-shirt.

#26 BaR-K Holographic Reflective Puppy Dog Walking Accessories

Holographic Reflective Puppy Dog Walking Accessories

This versatile bag contains 6 pieces for what every dog walker needs. There is a silicone dog poop bag dispenser and 1 roll of bags. No worry for the dog poop anymore. Then, there is a leak-resistant water bottle and collapsible silicone dish to make it easy to carry the food and water while walking. Foot dog leashed and the dog whistle came in stylish design to match with the bag. 

The bag can be used as a cross-body bag or shoulder backpack. It is based on your dog walker’s favorite. Moreover, this holographic look is a reflective one. So, it is safer for your dog and dog walker. Pretty sure, your dog walker will give you a bright and warm smile when seeing this.

#27 LED Safety Lights

LED Safety Light

Walking when the weather is dark is sometimes challenging for the dog walkers. That’s why, surprising them by giving the gift that they mostly need is a blessing for them. It is bright, lightweight, and slim. It is easy to use on the dog collar with no disturbances. Then, you will feel relieved seeing your dog and your favorite dog walkers take a walk outside even if the weather is dark.

#28 Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread

Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread

A special treat for a special dog walker! Make them happy since they already make you and your dog feel happy by giving dog-shaped cookies! It is a perfect gift for them to enjoy their leisure time at home. These mini cookies are melting, delicious, and fit for the vegan. No artificial color, flavors, and preservatives. It keeps their smile wider and their heart warm.

Every dog walker’s essential things are already mentioned above. Those can be a gift for them to make their task easier or to make them feel proud of their job. A dog walker is not only sitting your dog outside, but they will take care, build the chemistry, and protect your dog from danger while walking outside. Surprising them with something they need is one of the best ways to thank them for how grateful you are having them. 

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