24 Best Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, finding the perfect gifts for programmer boyfriends can be difficult sometimes!  You want to show you care with something unique, but also want to give a nod to their passion in life.

Well, look no further as we have you covered with 21 of the internets’ most incredible clothing items, home decor pieces, and gadgets for programmers!

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Best Gifts For Programmer Boyfriends

#1 Trust Me, I am a Software Engineer | Coding Hoodie 

Trust Me I Am A Software Engineer Hoodies For Men

It may be a new year but when looking for gifts for software engineers 2020, we came across this amazingly cozy, Trust Me I am a Software Engineerslogan hoodie!  Available in black or dark heather, this fashionable hooded sweater is sure to make your boyfriend smile. What’s more, it’s ideal for the winter months and is made using 50% cotton for a super-soft finish.

#2 Keyboard buttons, gift for the programmer 

Keyboard buttons, gift for the programmer - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Cute and funny gifts for programmers don’t get better than these adorable bottled keyboard buttons. The two buttons together make a smiley face and a gift tag that reads, ‘Happiness is when you’re right beside me.

We can think of few more romantic gifts, making it a must-have for programmers. This is a seriously unique present and one that will instantly add fun and personality to their desk. You can even choose the option to have them gift wrapped if it’s a super special occasion.

#3 Software Developer / Software Engineer Mug 

Software Developer / Software Engineer Mug

Are you on the hunt for seriously funny gifts for programmers? This truly hilarious slogan mug is just what you need!  Whether they can’t start the day without that morning coffee or constant rounds of tea get them through a taxing day, this mug is the perfect way to make sure their beverage needs are met. 

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#4 Programmer Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character / Programmer 

Programmer Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character / Programmer

Without a doubt, this has to be one of our favorite gifts for programmer boyfriends. Every office space large or small needs a great piece of art. So, what could be more perfect for your boyfriend than his very own custom portrait of him doing what he does best!  Simply send the artist a good quality photo of your bf and you’ll have the custom portrait ready to download and be printed on whatever you wish within just 3-5 business days!

#5 Solve the Bug in the Code Glassware 

Solve the Bug in the Code Glassware

Hands down, this has to be one of the most inventive gifts for aspiring programmers! Yes, these glasses will help to keep them hydrated and also look great on their desk.  However, they also offer a fun exercise for the programmer in your life. Each glass is printed with a code that has an error somewhere inside for them to search for. And, though it’s very unlikely it’ll be needed, the answer is printed on the back… just in case!

#6 Personalized morse code Message bracelet

Personalized morse code Message bracelet

We’re struggling to think of any gifts for programmer boyfriends that are more romantic than this one. Not only does this seriously stylish bracelet come in multiple leather colorways, but it’s also totally personalized with the message of your choice in discreet morse code.  It’ll be like a secret message that only you and he know, what could be more special or personal than that?

#7 Computer, IT Shirt, Programmer Shirt 

Computer, IT Shirt, Programmer Shirt 

When you want to give them something they’ll get a lot of use out of, we highly recommend these hilarious t-shirt gifts for programmer boyfriends.  cool usb Whether he’s able to wear it to work or he keeps it as a treat to wear on days off, everyone will know the moment he slips it on exactly what that slogan means! What’s more, this stylish cotton t-shirt is available in, navy, white, blue, red, black, dark grey, and light blue.

#8 Circuit Board Tie, computer programmer gift 

Circuit Board Tie, computer programmer gift 

Other fashion themed items that we think make the perfect programmer boyfriend gifts, are these amazing circuit board patterned ties.

The great thing is, the images on these ties are created from actual vintage circuit board patterns giving them a truly authentic look and feel! To suit his style even further, these ties come in five luxurious colors and three widths, standard, narrow, or skinny.

#9 Debugging Programmer Art Wall Gift 

Debugging Programmer Art Wall Gift

In need of budget gifts for coder boyfriends? Look no further than this downloadable digital wall art! Once purchased, you’ll receive a file you can print and frame in the frame of your choice.

Find a new one you love or even purchase this piece to pop in a frame you already have. It’ll look perfect at the office or in his work from home space.

#10 Talk Nerdy To Me Mug

Talk Nerdy To Me Mug

As we know, fun mugs make excellent gifts for programmer boyfriends! And, this Talk Nerdy To Me, slogan mug, is certainly no exception. Gift it to coffee or tea lovers for an extra fun touch to their office space. It’ll put a smile on their face and look amazing on the desk!

#11 I Hate Coding – It works, I love coding – Unisex Hoodie

I Hate Coding - It works, I love coding - Unisex Hoodie - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

We’re pretty sure all coders have a love-hate relationship with coding! That’s what makes this colorful, and super funny, hoodie so special. Certain to brighten both your boyfriends’ and his colleagues’ days. It also comes in black, navy, or maroon so you can choose the one that best suits your loved one’s style!

#12 Programmer Men’s T-shirt 

Funny Computer Programmer T Shirt Web Developer Shirt Computer Geek Gifts Definition Nerd Coder Coding Geeky Secret Santa Gift

This is definitely one of our favorite programmer boyfriend gifts. Made from 100% cotton and available in four different colors to suit every style. It looks great, will definitely make him laugh, and will work as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, and more!

#13 Software Developer, Engineer Gift Mug 

Software Developer, Engineer Gift Mug - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Your boyfriend will love this chic white mug to hold his early morning coffee. It’s a sleek look and will be a welcome addition to any workspace. In fact, we think it’s such a cool design, we wouldn’t blame him for displaying it on a shelf as a decorative item only!  Choose your color and between an 11oz or 15oz size depending on his java needs.

#14 Embroidered Fluent in Code Hoodie Sweatshirt 

Embroidered Fluent in Code Hoodie Sweatshirt 

Few gifts for programmer boyfriends look better or feel softer than this embroidered hoodie. It’s the ideal gift for boyfriends that love to throw on stylish yet comfortable clothes for work or during their free time. Simply select his favorite color from the options available and you’re all set!

#15 F-Bomb Paperweight 

F-Bomb Paperweight

This is definitely one of the cheekier gifts for programmer boyfriends on our list! Guys that love a giggle will proudly place this paperweight on their desk.

This recycled steel sculpture is an absolute must in our opinion and we’re pretty sure your man will think the same. What’s more, being made from recycled materials, each sculpture offers its own subtle, yet unique, variations.

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#16 Yoda Best Software Engineer Mug – Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Yoda Best Software Engineer Mug - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Calling all Star Wars fans! This Adorable Yoda mug is one of the most essential gifts for software developers and engineers that love this space opera! Not only does it feature one of their favorite Sci-Fi characters of all time, but it’ll also give them a lift every time they see its funny slogan sitting on their desk.

#17 Hero Inspired Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip 

Hero Inspired Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Next, we’re looking at the perfect gift for Superhero Fans! These personalized leather magnetic money clips are absolutely beautiful and can be decorated with your boyfriend’s favorite superhero, name, or sports team logo. Choose the placement of the logo and watch his face light up and you gift it to him.

#18 Custom Bobblehead Software Engineer / Programmer 

Custom Bobblehead Software Engineer / Programmer  - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Software developer gifts for him don’t get more personal than these incredible custom bobbleheads. Using a picture of your boyfriend, the company will create a bobblehead that looks just like him.

It’s an ideal gift for any occasion, especially something super special, like before a wedding for example. Choose to have the bobblehead on its own, or pay a little extra to have it displayed in his very own transparent box display case.

#19 Compendium Desktop Ornament 

Compendium Desktop Ornament

Is your boyfriend a serious fan of authentic vintage items? This compendium is perfect! Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also modeled on a real antique scientific instrument for an authentic, decorative feel. It even holds a working sundial compass in the bottom compartment.

#20 Computer Circuit Board Keychain

Computer Circuit Board Keychain
Computer Circuit Board Keychain - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

These amazing key fobs are made from hand-cut, recycled circuit boards, and finished in resin for a beautiful, protective finish. This is a great extra gift for any occasion and he is sure to love this techy addition to his keys.

#21 Eat Sleep Code Mug 

Eat Sleep Code Mug - Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

The final mug on our list is an amazing option when it comes to gifts for programmer boyfriends. Its sleek black design is a must for any workspace, plus, it’s available in white if that’s more their style!

#22 Funny Floppy Disk T-Shirt

Computer Engineering I Father & Son Floppy Disk Engineer T-Shirt

Showcase your boyfriend hilarious jokes through this funny t-shirt. This t-shirt is the perfect choice to describe his passion for the software engineering world and humorous nature. The animated screen printing of floppy disk and flash disk talking on this t-shirt will become a focal point for people who see it. It is absolutely one of the most fantastic gifts for your programmer boyfriend!

#23 Computer Science Coffee Mug

Computer Science Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are often chosen as gifts for various occasions because this item is indeed perfect for all people, including your programmer boyfriend. Please give him a coffee mug to accompany him to drink coffee in the morning or stay up late. 

This computer science coffee mug features some playful coding gag that describes how desperately your boyfriend needs coffee to cope with sleepiness and boredom. It is undoubtedly one of the funniest coffee mugs ever for programmers!

#24 Programmer Nerd Pillow

Programmer Nerd Computer Geek Coder Gifts Pillows Error 404 Not Found Sleep Funny Programmer Xmas Gift Throw Pillow

Staying up late may become a routine for programmers because their job is quite complicated. Therefore, a pillow gift is the right choice to remind you of the importance of sleep. The pillow’s material is soft spun-polyester fabric, perfect for your boyfriend who needs comfort after a long day at the computer screen. Its custom-made design for programmers gives this pillow a sense of belonging.

What gift to buy for progammer?

Here are the top 7 of the best gift idea to buy for programmers:

1. Eat Sleep Code Mug 

2.  Solve the Bug in the Code Glassware 

3. Debugging Programmer Art Wall Gift 

4. Programmer Nerd Pillow

5. Compendium Desktop Ornament

6. Hero Inspired Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip 

7. Trust Me, I am a Software Engineer | Coding Hoodie 

Share your love with your programmer boyfriend by giving them these coolest gifts to them. They will surely feel appreciated and loved by you dearly! Share this post to others who are perhaps looking for ideas to give presents to their programmer friends or boyfriends. 

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