25 Most Hilarious and Funny Gifts for Boyfriend

When it comes to choosing the most unique birthday gift for a boyfriend, you will likely face lots and lots of t-shirts, wallets, or the rest of the same old boring stuff. If you are looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary, you might want to try looking for a non-boring gift, like a funny and hilarious gift that can make your boyfriend laugh his head off.

Funny gifts are perfect for a boyfriend who is probably a class clown or a guy who loves goofy things. Giving a funny gift will also be a nice treat for a boyfriend who just went through a tough and stressful time, as laughter is something that can help him release his stress. To give you better ideas on what would be the most unique and funny gifts for your boyfriend, we have listed down 25 of the most recommended items for you.

1. Ceramic Toilet Mug

Ceramic Toilet Mug

If you’re looking for a funny and unique gift for your boyfriend, which he can use on a daily basis, you might want to take a look at this super funny Ceramic Toilet Mug. The unusual shape of this mug makes it one of the most unique gifts for your boyfriend, which will make him laugh every time he sips his coffee from this toilet mug.

2. Scented Candle with Funny Message

Scented Candle with Funny Message

This soy candle is surely one of the most unique and funniest gifts for your boyfriend. Not only does it feature ambrosial fragrances such as Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, or Sea Breeze, this scented candle also includes a funny message for your boyfriend on the front. With an average burn time of between 50-60 hours, this candle will create a nice ambience in your boyfriend’s room, living room, or even bathroom.

3. Cereal Killer Bowl

Cereal Killer Bowl

Your boyfriend pleaded guilty as charged for being a true cereal killer every morning, which is why he deserves this Cereal Killer Bowl as one of the funny gifts for your boyfriend. Available in various colors, both the bowl and graphics, make sure he wash this bowl gently to ensure the longevity of the vinyl lettering.

4. Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

Allow your boyfriend to feel like he possesses Thor’s super strength by giving him this Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener as a funny and unique birthday gift. This adorable item is made of ABS and metal that features the real color of Thor’s Mjolnir, which is silver. 

5. Liquor Gag Drink Dispenser

Liquor Gag Drink Dispenser

A sweet boyfriend who loves to enjoy his favorite drinks at home will be thrilled to have this Liquor Gag Drink Dispenser with a funny sculpture of the Manneken Pis sculpture fountain in Belgium. Guaranteed to get a good laugh, this liquor dispenser makes a unique gift for your boyfriend, allowing him to enjoy his favorite cocktail in style. 

6. Novelty Tape Dispenser

Novelty Tape Dispenser

Funny gifts for your boyfriend can be anything, from accessories to stationary, just like this funny tape dispenser, which will make a cute addition to your boyfriend’s working desk decoration. This unique and funny tape dispenser comes with a roll of tape, assorted paper clips, pen, and sticky notepad. 

7. Rainbow Sushi Socks Box

Rainbow Sushi Socks Box

All boyfriends in the world need socks, and your boyfriend needs this Rainbow Sushi Socks Box as one of those funny gifts that will definitely make him laugh. This box comes in a set of 5 pairs of colorful socks in fashionable motifs and arranged in a unique sushi box, made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane.

8. Chill Beer Adventure Vest

Chill Beer Adventure Vest

For a boyfriend who loves outdoor activities yet still wants to have his beer cold enough to enjoy with his best buddies, these Chill Beer Adventure Vest are definitely one of the best, most unique, and funniest gifts for him. This mini multi-pocketed outwear works to keep cold drinks cold, with your hands condensation free. 

9. Dinosaur Taco Holders

Dinosaur Taco Holders

Your taco-lover boyfriend deserves these funny Dinosaur Taco Holders to add a fun element to his taco party. These taco-toting beasts are back for a blast of mealtime fun. The adorable dishwasher-safe Triceratops and T-Rex can hold two hard shell tacos until you make them disappear. After all, boys will be boys, right?

10. Bluetooth Banana Phone

Bluetooth Banana Phone

Add a different style to your boyfriend’s phone with this super cute Bluetooth Banana Phone, which comes as a different kind of a wireless handset. This ‘banana’ connects through Bluetooth® for wireless conversations that keep phone radiation away from your ears. Being one of those funny and unique gifts for your boyfriend. This handset can let him talk for up to 10 hours. 

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11. Funny Gaming Hoodie for Your Boyfriend

Funny Gaming Hoodie for Men

If your boyfriend is a gamer, this Funny Gaming Hoodie will definitely be the perfect gift for him. The funny graphic perfectly describes the actual situation when he’s busy with his game that requires extra concentration, and your understanding, of course. Made of soft cotton, this hoodie features the highest quality materials and is super soft and cozy. 

12. Funny Apron Gift for a Boyfriend

Funny Apron

Your chef boyfriend deserves this Funny Apron to make sure everyone enjoys tasty and delicious meals. But as written on the apron, your opinion wasn’t the recipe, so better make sure he is undisturbed while cooking in the kitchen. This apron features one large pocket to keep things handy, which makes it a unique and funny gift for your boyfriend.

13. Funny Coffee Mug

Well, as we believe that your boyfriend needs to have an enjoyable morning coffee before he starts the day, we recommend this Funny Coffee Mug to make it even more enjoyable. Without saying a word, this coffee mug will tell you to leave him to enjoy his coffee alone, and you can only start talking once his coffee reaches the bottom line, which is the ‘ok, I’m listening line. A super funny yet unique gift for your boyfriend, right?

14. Games Toilet Paper Roll

Games Toilet Paper Roll

Searching for a super funny gift that will have your boyfriends laughing his a** off? Search no more, because this Games Toilet Paper Roll is the answer. This toilet paper will surely add a fun touch to his bathroom with its colorful, crisp graphic on every sheet. 

15. Instant Underpants

Instant Underpants

A funny gift can also works for emergency situation, just like this set of Instant Underpants that feature compressed disposable unisex emergency underpants. Being a hilarious yet useful gift for your boyfriend, he just needs to simply splash them with water immediately and they’ll kraken up so he can pull them apart. 

16. Shower Beer Holder

People say men can’t live without their beer, and if your boyfriend is one of those men, you need to give him this Shower Beer Holder that allows him to bring his beer everywhere, including the shower. It’s silly, we know. But that’s the point of giving him a funny and unique gift after all, right?

17. Desktop Skatepark

Desktop Skatepark

Spending a little time playing games in between a pile of work isn’t gonna hurt anyone. Not only to release stress, playing games can also refresh the brain and prepare you to continue with your work. This also applies to your boyfriend, and that’s the reason why this Desktop Skatepark is one of our most recommended funny and unique gifts for your boyfriend. He would love to assemble a miniature skatepark in between his hectic hours. 

18. Scouley Glass Beer Mug

Scouley Glass Beer Mug

A beer lover will be thrilled to have this beer mug with a funny “Born to Brink Beer, Drink It” message on it. Comes as a set of 4, these mugs will be the perfect glasses for him to drink his favorite beer with you and his bestfriends. 

19. Yost Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack

Yost Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a bottle of wine placed in this Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack in the shape of a cute black retriever. Made of polyresin, this funny gift for your boyfriend will add a touch of vintage to any room he wants, as it will be a nice home decoration, too.

20. The Ultimate Portable Power-Napping Pillow

The Ultimate Portable Power-Napping Pillow

Your boyfriend will surely be laughing when he sees this funny gift of a Portable Power-Napping Pillow. But wait until he wears it on his head and try to sleep on it. We bet he will love this super comfy pillow. The smooth, breathable, and non-absorbent band filled to the brim with cushiony-soft polystyrene beads will make this pillow a unique gift for your boyfriend, which also offers great comfort.

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21. Toilet Bowl Night Light

Toilet Bowl Night Light

Boys love funny and shiny stuff, and we believe it includes your boyfriend, too. That’s why this Toilet Bowl Night Light is one of the most unique and funny gifts for him. This light features a motion activated sensor to help you whenever you need to have a bathroom trip at night time. 

22. Deceptively Translucent X-Ray Skulls Playing Cards

Deceptively Translucent X-Ray Skulls Playing Cards

Obviously, the usual playing cards are out-of-date. Today, your boyfriend needs these Deceptively Translucent X-Ray Skulls Playing Cards as the new and futuristic playing cards to play with friends and family. Both funny and scary, these cards are definitely one of the funny gifts for your boyfriend. 

23. Nintendo Cardboard Drink Mats

Nintendo Cardboard Drink Mats

Your true gamer boyfriend needs coasters specially designed for gamers, like these unique and funny Nintendo Cardboard Drink Mats. These cardboard coasters are die-cut in the shape of the original Nintendo’s interchangeable cartridges, and each of the rough different tiny trays feature a uniquely iconic game title, including your boyfriend’s favorite, which are Super Mario and Zelda.

24. Burritos Tortilla Blanket

Burritos Tortilla Blanket

If your boyfriend can have tortillas for dinner, then he can have a tortilla as a blanket in his bedroom, too. Now carefully see this big round tortilla and imagine having it as a warm blanket for your boyfriend. Adorable! Being one of the funniest and most unique gifts for your boyfriend out there, you need to know that this blanket needs to stay in your boyfriend’s bedroom. 

25. Funny Men’s T-Shirt

Funny Men’s T-Shirt

Well, what can we say about this adorable t-shirt? This t-shirt is super sweet and funny at the same time. Sweet because it can show you how much he loves you, and funny, because honestly, it will be funny to see him wearing this t-shirt in public. But whatever it is, this t-shirt is definitely one of the funniest gifts for him

Final Thoughts

For a boyfriend with a good sense of humor, it would be a great idea to give him some funny gifts that will put a smile on his face. The best kind of gift would be the one that touches his heart, and it does not have to be expensive. Among the best recommendations of funny gifts for your special and funny boyfriend, we have included some of the best ones to give you some inspirations and ideas on what to pick on the list above. Make sure you pick the best one, so you can make this year’s birthday one of the best ones so far for him!

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