36 Cute Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her You Can Buy

If you are fortunate enough to have a best friend, you certainly want to make her birthday extra special by getting her the perfect gift. You want that special day to be full of love, hugs and laughs for both of you, and a thoughtful gift choice will give you that and so much more.

Whether your partner in crime is naughty or nice, a cute BFF gift for her will let her know just how much she means to you. Looking for a way to own the gift-giving game this year? Well, we have curated the ultimate list of unique friendship gifts that will drive your best friend giddy with excitement.

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

From cute jewelry and home décor items to hilarious and sentimental gifts, there is something extra special to score some major BFF points.

Check out our awesome collection and discover the most amazing best friend birthday gifts for her.

#1 Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag

Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag - Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Your bestie will love this personalized makeup bag! Just like the treasures, it is meant to hold, the bag is irresistibly cute. Choose from a wide variety of color options to match her tastes.

She will totally adore the amazing craftsmanship and flawless finish. The awesome combination of style and function will draw on heartstrings and thrill her for years to come.

#2 Cute Best Friend Shirts

Cute Best Friend Shirts

For every pair of partners in crime, there is always one who has a knack for getting into trouble and then there is the saint. After all, they say that a best friend will never let you do stupid things alone.

With this pair of BFF t-shirts, you can add lots of color to your friendship and have lots of fun getting in and out of trouble together!

#3 Custom Portrait Illustration

Custom Portrait Illustration

Does your best friend have a thing for art? Well, how about surprising her with one of these personalized art pieces? All you need is your best photo together and a heartfelt message for her!

With this gift, you will have your friendship eternalized on an artistic masterpiece that she will love always. As a bonus, it will add tons of appeal to their décor.

#4 Scented Candle Long-Distance Birthday Gift

Scented Candle Long-Distance Birthday Gift

If distance stands in the way of your friendship, here is the perfect idea to bridge the gap. It both looks and smells great, and holds a message that will grow your bond over time.

You can count on the fact that she will be obsessed with the scent and hold it close to her heart. And anytime she wants to have a great night in, this will be her go-to candle.

#5 Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Celebrate the special connection you share with your BFF by getting a pair of these cute best friend gifts.

These innovative lamps are perfect for you if you cannot see your BFF as often as you would like. Anytime you miss her, touch your lamp and her lamp will light up as well and let her know you are thinking about her! Find them Here.

#6 Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized Name Necklace

Any jewelry loving bestie would love to get one of these personalized name necklaces. Its dainty design makes it a great choice for everyday wear.

She will probably never want to take it off anyway. And for as long as it sits close to her heart, you can be sure she will have you in mind always.

#7 Best Friends Wine Glass

Best Friends Wine Glass

Since wine is one of life’s simple pleasures, how about making those wine sessions extra special with these wine glasses?  Just because you live far apart does not mean you cannot wine together!

These wine glasses ensure that you get to remain together at heart forever no matter how far apart you have to be.

#8 BFF Pocket T-shirts

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Have a best friend who loves to keep things simple yet elegant? Then why not get a pair of these cute BFF shirts for you and her?

Wear them together on her birthday for a memorable photo shoot session and make indelible memories. They come in lots of different colors to add some color to your life!

#9 Family Tree of Life Amethyst Birthstone Pendant

Family Tree of Life Amethyst Birthstone Pendant

Nothing could beat a tree of life pendant with her birthstone as the focal point for her birthday gift. The copper tree of life holds the perfect blend of vintage charm and meaning.

Birthstones are also irresistibly adorable and offer tons of significance as well. A combination of these two is a sure winner in as far as birthday gifts for her are concerned.

#10 Recycled Glass Tree Globes – Relationships

Recycled Glass Tree Globes - Relationships

Does your bestie have a soft spot for all things natural? How about giving her the opportunity to bring a bit of the outdoors in with one of these globes?

Made of glass, the globe’s interior features a tree trunk with vibrantly colored branches. This beautiful work of art will act a symbol of the bond you share eternalizing your friendship in matchless beauty.

#11 Personalized Unique Best Friends Forever Wall Art

Personalized Unique Best Friends Forever Wall Art

Everyone needs an artistic touch for their interior space. Give your best friend an art treat she will never forget on her special day.

With this creative piece, you get to remind your best friend that no matter what happens, you will have her back. It’s the kind of gift that you can be sure will have her fighting back tears, the good kind.

#12 BFF Earrings

BFF Earrings

You can never go wrong with a pair of elegant earrings when it comes to surprising your BFF on her birthday. The best part about this pair is that elegance and style is not all there is to it.

They feature an interlocking circle design that signifies undying friendship. Furthermore, they come with a thoughtful best friend quote that she will love.

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#13 Cute Message in a Bottle Gift

Cute Message in a Bottle Gift

Bring back those simple times before social media came into existence. Remember those good old days when communication came in form of a message in a bottle? Your best friend would certainly appreciate one of these creative best friend gifts.

A house floating frame holds a bottle with a miniature sun inside. The words ‘You are my sunshine’ hang from the cork completing the symbolic effect! How cool!

#14 Personalized Mug for BFF

Personalized Mug for BFF

Celebrate your soul sisterhood on BFF’s birthday with these personalized mugs. To make them extra special, the mugs feature you and your pal’s physical features.

From your hair to your skin tone, the images are as close to life as you can ever get on a mug. If you and your BFF live far apart, these mugs will make morning coffee special every day.

#15 Bonds of Friendship Bracelet

Bonds of Friendship Bracelet

Add a twist of elegance to the friendship you share with one of these best friend birthday gifts for her. Crafted from raw walnut and maple, these bracelets are the picture of sophistication.

Their focal point features the infinity symbol, a visual reminder of your eternal connection. Adding to their symbolic value, two arrows meet at the closure. What a powerful icon of friendship!

#16 Cosmic Cat Stud Earrings

Cosmic Cat Stud Earrings

Is your female best friend a crazy cat lady? Well, instead of trying to fight it, celebrate her love for felines with these cat earrings. These are no ordinary cats. They have massive appeal for celestial-inspired jewelry fans.

Add some serious style to their look with these fun and unque earrings. Discreetly profess your affection for her in a creative way.

#17 2 Crystal Best Friends BFF Necklaces

2 Crystal Best Friends BFF Necklaces

A pair of BFF necklaces would make an amazing birthday gift for a female best friend. These necklaces feature BFF pendants and initial charms.

Pick the crystals of choice for you and your BFF to add to their charm and visual appeal. Share your love for each other and for tasteful jewelry in the most captivating way possible.

#18 Cute Avocado Friendship Keychains

Cute Avocado Friendship Keychains

Showcase your undying affection for your BFF with these fun and meaningful avocado keychains. They are not only irresistibly charming but full of meaning for your special connection.

And best of all, you both get to carry them everywhere you go. This is one birthday gift that will keep on giving for all time.

#19 Good Witch Bad Witch BFF Hoodies

Good Witch Bad Witch BFF Hoodies

Who does not love a snuggly hoodie? Your best friend will especially love these pair of BFF hoodies that have the perfect dose of fun for you and her.

The complimentary design will make the pair an instant hit. And the hilarious concept will offer you both tons of laughs. So figure out who’s the good witch and who’s not and take your places for BFF the adventure of a lifetime.

#20 Personalised Bear Love Cushion

Personalised Bear Love Cushion

For your BFF’s birthday, why not give her a cuddly gift she will hold on to always? These faux suede cushions can either have your images or watercolor style bears as their focal point.

Above the imagery, they feature your names and custom message to add sentiment to the gift choice. The luxurious design will make this cushion an instant favorite.

#21 Chakra Meditation Necklace

Chakra Meditation Necklace - Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Female best friend birthday gift ideas for that zen BFF do not get any better than this! Make your best mate’s meditation sessions memorable with a 7-chakra yoga necklace.

It is undoubtedly stunning but more importantly it holds tones of meaning. A silver plated Buddha head and Hamsa hand sit on the ends of the colorful focal point adding to its appeal and symbolic value.

#22 Personalized Besties, You Are My Person Photo Frame Gift

Personalized Besties, You Are My Person Photo Frame Gift

When words are not enough to capture what you fee for your bestie, this piece will do the trick. So unique is this frame that you might not even remember to look at the photo it holds.

Its stunning beauty meets its match in the weight of the message it holds. Choose from a wide array of colors to delight your BFF beyond her wildest imagination.

#23 No Matter Where, Best Friend Bracelets

No Matter Where, Best Friend Bracelets

Maybe you are fortunate enough to live close to your best friend. But if not, these sentimental gifts for best friends have what it takes to keep you connected.

An initials charm adds a personal touch to the pieces while another one carries a special message to keep your love alive. The compass charm will help you find your way back to each other when the time comes.

#24 Cute Terrier Tote Bag

Cute Terrier Tote Bag

No lady can ever have too many tote bags. Add a ton of charm to their collection with this adorable terrier tote bag. It will keep everything she needs within reach when she is up and about.

More importantly, the adorable terrier’s face will give her reason to smile, keeping her in the best frame of mind.

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#25 Porcelain Dinosaur Planters

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters

Does she love gardening and all things prehistoric? Combine her love for the two in the most fun and creative way possible! Dinosaur planters will make great birthday gifts for her, taking her succulent collection to the next level.

Picture how adorable these accent pieces would look on her window sill or bedside stand. With these playful dinos to keep her company, your BFF will be safe while you’re apart.

#26 Simple Dainty Cat Bracelet

Simple Dainty Cat Bracelet - Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Capture her love for cats in this simple dainty bracelet for cat-loving BFFs. What makes it the purr-fect gift for her birthday, is its unique and subtle appeal as a statement piece.

You can bet on the fact that she will find it adorable and wear it everywhere. And the best part of all is that it will always remind her of you and her furry friends.

#27 Best Friendship Wish Necklaces Meaningful Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Best Friendship Wish Necklaces - Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Make her every wish come true with one of these cute best friend birthday gifts. The wish necklace has two dainty dandelion seeds encased in glass and steel.

This way, if she ever needs to make a wish, all she has to do is blow on them to have the wish come true. Dandelion seeds also symbolize long-lasting happiness, a great choice for someone you love so dearly.

#28 Almond Flavor Beeswax Lip Balm

Almond Flavor Beeswax Lip Balm

Every girl loves to keep her lips soft and supple. Say happy birthday to your BFF with panache this year by getting her the ultimate lip balm.

Made from all natural ingredients, it uses Mother Nature’s best to restore, nourish and protect her lips. It has no sweetener, so she won’t be tempted to lick it off and cancel the effect.

#29 Luxury Home Fragrance Hamper The Ultimate Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

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If your best friend spends most of her time indoors, no gift could beat this hamper for her birthday. Help her keep her space fragrant with this assortment and she will be forever grateful.

She might never want to leave her house again, but you can live with that. At least now you will always know where to find her without having to call.

#30 “Twenty Seven Birds’ Jennifer Lommers Graphic Art Print

A vibrant cheerful painting will help your nature-loving BFF reconnect with the outdoors while stuck in the city. This art piece showcases a variety of colorful birds perched on a tree.

A background of red, green and blue brings the piece to life and makes it impossible to miss. Even if your bestie seems to have everything already, this is one she definitely does not have.

#31 Rose Gold BFF Heart Necklace

Rose Gold BFF Heart Necklace

Dainty jewelry pieces make cute birthday gift ideas for your best friend. This simple rose gold piece has a heart-shaped centerpiece to celebrate your connection.

Its minimalistic allure makes it perfect for layering or even wearing on its own. The versatile design makes it appropriate for special occasions and everyday wear. It has to be the missing piece in her collection.

#32 Wearable Planter Necklaces

Air Plant Necklace | Wearable Live Miniture Tillandsia Plant included

Is your BFF a green thumb? Give her the opportunity to take her love for gardening everywhere she goes with these miniature wearable planters.

They come in all colors, shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find one to melt her heart. Bring her outfits to life and make her fantasy a reality in the most fun way.

#33 Custom Best Friends Beach Towel – Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her

Custom Best Friends Beach Towel

How about a custom beach towel to celebrate the special connection you share with your BFF on her birthday? Choose the ideal hairstyle, skin tone and style to capture both your personalities and give the towel meaning.

With one of these best friend birthday gifts for her, you will spend a lot more time together on the beach. Talk about a win for everyone!

#34 Hidden Message Bracelet

Hidden Message Bracelet

A heart-warming but still cute gift for your best friend is here. A hidden message bracelet that  is made from stainless steel fits for the birthday gift. The message is engraved beautifully, so that it will last forever on the bracelet. We guarantee your bestie will smile wider and feel your sincerity through this jewelry. 

#35 Ceramic Ring Trinket Dish

Ceramic Ring Trinket Dish

Another adorable and sweet gift for your best friend. If your best friend has many small things such as rings or hair pins and she needs storage to tidy it up, then this is the answer. A ceramic ring trinket dish with a cute message on it. The design is simple and minimalist.

#36 Rose Gold Wine Tumbler Spa Gift Sets

Rose Gold Wine Tumbler Spa Gift Sets

When you can give a set for self-pampering on your best friend’s birthday, then why not? This spa gift set is the best birthday gift to surprise on her special day. A cute tumbler, bath bombs, scented candle, even the adorable socks are available in a gift box. No one can deny this gift idea. Get this one and see how your bestie reacts after opening the gift box.

Though you know all there is to know about each other, figuring out what to get your best friend for her birthday can get tricky. But with these thoughtful choices of birthday gifts for her, the only challenge might be picking one out of all the awesome options available. All the best with that!

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