25 Best Handmade Gifts for Best Friend Birthday

Celebrating a birthday means celebrating life itself. And when it comes to our best friend’s birthday, it means it’s the most special day because our ‘soulmate’ is born. They are the ones who always listen to our stories and support us through difficult times. So, why don’t we give them a handmade gift as a form of appreciation?

Handmade gifts are better than mass-produced items. It feels a lot more personal. You may need to spend more time to make it, but that extra effort is precisely why such gifts are excellent. So, shall we check these 25 best handmade gifts for our best friend’s birthday?

1. Sheep Shea Butter Soap

Sheep Shea Butter Soap

Not just cute, but these shea butter soaps are handcrafted using natural shea butter. You can choose any lovely fragrances and colors according to your best friend’s preference. They will come in a beautiful gift box, so it will be perfect as a handmade gift to celebrate a best friend’s birthday.

2. Birth Flower Candle

Birth Flower Candle

It is always nice to have a scented candle at our home to keep a nice ambiance. These birth flower candles are perfect as a handmade gift for a best friend’s birthday. These candles use vegan and paraben-free ingredients that are safe to be used at home. They are also hand-poured with natural soy and decorated with a customized birth flower, so check this out!

3. Handmade Gemstone Rings

Handmade Gemstone Rings

If you want to find something that your friend will always like, jewelry is a safe option. However, these handmade gemstone rings are different! They will indeed become your best friend’s favorite new accessories. You can choose from 15 types of stone and tailor them to suit your friend’s birthstone.

4. Handmade Phone Jewelry

Handmade Phone Jewelry

Here is an attractive accessory that will brighten up your friend’s birthday. This pretty phone jewelry will add colors to the side part of your best friend’s smartphone! You can also personalize the phone jewelry by adding the person’s name to make it look unique and special, so make sure to check this out!

5. Scarf with Birth Flower Motif

Rose Gold Birth Flower Scarf

This handmade birth flower scarf is pretty! You will keep your friend’s neck warm during winter or cold days. The scarf has rose gold voile, plus you can add your own personalization by choosing three combinations of flowers. The scarf will be placed in a pretty gift box, and greeting cards you can personalize, too!

6. Hand-painted Peacock Silk Scarf

Hand-painted Peacock Blessing Scarf

Celebrate your friend’s birthday with animals that bring good luck! For example, this handmade peacock silk scarf is perfect for a special occasion. Peacocks also symbolize love and blessing, making this gift feels more special. The scarf uses 100% silk to keep your friend’s neck warm and comfortable. 

7. Fluffy Whipped Body Wash

Fluffy Whipped Body Wash

Don’t they look so creamy and thick? These whipped soaps are not a dessert, but they are both soap and shaving foam! Not only are they handcrafted, but they are also paraben and phthalates-free. In addition, this whipped soap is placed in a nice jar to make it look aesthetic. You can get this item to celebrate your male or female best friend.

8. Luxury Artisan Soap

Luxury Artisan Soap

This set containing 4 artisan soaps looks good and exclusive for a birthday present. They are handmade using various fine and chemical-free ingredients for the skin. For instance, it contains olive oil, coconut oil, dried herbs, and other beneficial mixtures. The soap will be placed in an elegant corrugated box, just as seen in the picture, so it is perfect as a handmade birthday gift for your best friend!

9. Wool Socks

Wool Socks

Perfect for cold and rainy days, especially in the winter season, these handmade wool socks can be an excellent alternative gift for your best friend’s birthday! They are knitted thoroughly from wool and cotton materials, so the socks will fit comfortably.

10. Dried Flower Resin Earrings

Dried Flower Resin Earrings

If you have a best friend who loves nature-related items, you should get them these handmade dried flower resin earrings! These earrings have a stylish look. They also feature gold-plated hooks and real dried flowers inside the resin earrings. There are up to 6 colors available. Choose one that corresponds to your friend’s birth flower.

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11. Custom Oil Painting on Canvas

Custom Oil Painting on Canvas

You might also want to consider this oil painting for your friend who loves art! Simply send the photo to the artist, and they will paint it for you on canvas. As it is customized, so it will be unique and special just for your best friend! It can be used as lovely home decor at your best friend’s house.

12. Handmade Artisan Mug

Handmade Artisan Mug

This artisan mug has two styles: psychedelic green and mysterious blue. It is handcrafted by a talented artist, so the design is unique. They are all made of ceramic to add a more exquisite look. It has a smooth and glossy finish, making it the perfect handmade gift for a best friend’s birthday. 

13. Turkish Handmade Ceramic Mug

Turkish Handmade Ceramic Mug

This Turkish mug has different vibes from the artisan mug mentioned previously. These mugs are also handmade from ceramic, but they are hand-painted in Turkish style. As a result, it shows the elegance of Turkey’s culture. As it is hand-painted, each mug has its own specialty and uniqueness, making it suitable as a handmade birthday gift for best friends. 

14. The Witcher Hand-crafted Necklace

The Witcher Hand-crafted Necklace

If your friend is a fan of the Witcher franchise, they will be thrilled when you give them this handcrafted Witcher Medalion. It is made from sterling silver and will come in an elegant gift box. The wolf pendant indicates high masculinity for a casual person, so it is a suitable handmade birthday gift for a best friend! 

15. Daisy Embroidered Necklace

Daisy Embroidered Necklace

This pendant is super unique because it is not made of gemstone. Instead, you will find a lovely embroidery of daisy flowers! This daisy embroidered pendant necklace is crafted by hand with a metal chain to give a warm look and feminine touch. A gift-wrapping option is available, so it is perfect as a handmade birthday gift for your best friend! 

16. Handmade Silver Crystal Headband

Handmade Silver Crystal Headband

This silver crystal headband will make your friend looks prettier! It is handmade with high-quality metal, stone, and crystal to make it look exquisite when the birthday girls wear it. There is also a gift-wrapping service available, so this item will be a suitable handmade birthday gift for your best friend! 

17. Winter Headband

Winter Headband

Looking for a gift that will be useful for a long time? This winter headband may be an excellent choice because it can keep you warm and comfortable during windy and cold days. It is handmade and knitted thoroughly to fit newborns to adults. There are more than 5 colors you can choose as a handmade gift for your best friend’s birthday! 

18. Handmade Wooden Bookmarks with Tassels and Ballpoint 

Handmade Wooden Bookmarks with Tassels and Ballpoint 

Looking for the best handmade gift for your friend who loves books? Then this wooden bookmark set is the right choice for you! The item includes a sandalwood bookmark with tassels and exquisite ballpoint with a metal finish for writing. Those items are all packed in a luxury gift box, making it one of the loveliest handmade gifts for your best friend.

19. Oak Watch 

Oak Watch 

This oak watch is excellent if you prefer something handmade but classy to celebrate your best friend’s birthday. It is handcrafted using original oak wood mixed with other natural woods to make it look exclusive. Your friend will treasure this wooden timepiece just like how they treasure your friendship.

20. Handmade Heart-Shaped Balm 

Handmade Heart-Shaped Balm 

Another year, another blessing, and another better skin. So, why not give skincare as a birthday gift? This handmade heart-shaped balm contains many beneficial ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, and other fresh and fruity materials.

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21. Handmade Birthday Bath Set 

Handmade Birthday Bath Set 

If you want different self-care-related gifts, how about this bath set? Packed in a pretty gift box, this set consists of a happy birthday, bubbly bath soak, bath balm, champagne & rose candle, and bar soap. They all will be beneficial as a mood booster and skin rejuvenating during bath time. 

Furthermore, they are all handmade with natural ingredients and safe for all skin types. Thanks to its additional greeting cards and labels, this set will be perfect as a handmade gift for a best friend’s birthday. 

22. Moroccan Market Backpack Tote

Moroccan Market Backpack Tote

Looking for a practical and vintage-look bag for your best friend’s birthday? This handmade backpack has natural vegan leather and palm material. It also has cotton lining inside. Moreover, the bag features a dual function: a backpack and a tote bag. This item will last for years, so it is definitely one of the best handmade birthday gifts for your best friend. 

23. Bohemian Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Bohemian Macrame Woven Home Decor

Dreamcatcher is believed to catch bad dreams and provide you with deep, peaceful rest. Moreover, it also adds an aesthetic look to a bedroom. This handmade dreamcatcher features Bohemian style and is made from rustic wood, wool, and cotton, perfect for room decoration. Hence, this handmade birthday gift will be a lovely present for your best friend.

24. Handmade Artificial Rose Soap with Photo Frame

Handmade Artificial Rose Soap with Photo Frame

Have you ever seen this pretty artificial rose soap in a gift box? Yes, it is so rare to see pretty soaps like this, plus this set of rose soap also includes a photo frame.

The rose petal soaps are handmade from natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types with a unique scent that your best friend can enjoy during bath time. With those features, it is considered as a handmade birthday gift for a best friends. 

25. Handmade Bath Bomb

Handmade Bath Bomb

Have you ever seen this pretty artificial rose soap in a gift box? Yes, it is so rare to see pretty soaps like this, plus this set of rose soap also includes a photo frame. 

The rose petal soaps are handmade from natural ingredients safe for all skin types. It also has a unique scent that your best friend can enjoy during bath time. If you want a handmade birthday gift for your best friend, we strongly recommend this item.

Latest Post:

What are the best handmade gifts for best friends?

We have listed various handmade items suitable for your best friends, and they are all excellent. Nevertheless, you should consider your friend’s preference. It can be what she likes or what she needs.

You can give them handmade jewelry, a handmade backpack, flowers-in-resin earrings, or a handcrafted crystal headband if they are fashionistas. If they are art lovers, you can give them an artisan mug, Turkish painted mug, or oil painting with their face on the canvas. 

How do you spoil a friend on her birthday?

There are so many ways to spoil a friend on her birthday. If she likes mystery, we can create a short quiz about the gift location and let her find it herself. You can also invite her to have a spa together at home with handmade bath bombs and bath soap set, and after that, have afternoon tea with an artisan mug. 

What can I gift my best friend on her birthday DIY?

DIY items are the perfect gift for your best friend. Instead of purchasing a ready-made product, assembling or making a personal custom gift will be more thoughtful. If you are creative and resourceful, DIY gifts are the way. Alternatively, you can personalize any items that you’ve purchased for them. You may engrave it or add labels, and so on to make the gift more personal.

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