Platinum Dipped Natural Roses

Platinum Dipped Natural Roses are luxurious, beautiful, and eternal. A perfect anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s gift for someone you truly treasure.

Just to be clear, these are real roses that were dipped into authentic platinum. Each rose is unique, down to the smallest imperfections that made it so in the first place.

Approximately 11.5”-long each flower comes with a double-sided certificate of authenticity. The company uses a patented 60-step process takes 3 months to complete.

Platinum is applied in thin layers in order to ensure that the rose doesn’t lose the feel authenticity. Plus, this technique gives you the beautiful mirror finish on each flower. 

Platinum Dipped Natural Roses

The roses are also available in 24k gold version. Each version comes in a PU leather case for safe-keeping.

Platinum Dipped Natural Roses

Some gifts are perfectly “too much”, just like these roses. For a special occasion, you wouldn’t want anything else.  

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