25 Valentines Gifts for Kids To Celebrate A Lovely Day

If you think valentines day is a lovely day for adult couples only, then you are wrong. You can also celebrate the lovey-dovey day with your kids too. The valentines gifts for kids will make them happy, thus building a stronger bond between you and your kids. Furthermore, the kid will always cherish the gift and love you because you treated them nicely in their childhood.

valentines gifts for kids
Valentines Gifts for Kids Ideas

Valentine’s gifts for kids are not always to have love-shaped things. If you think that you can express your love to your kid with a gift, then anything should be fine to be given. Although, a love-themed gift will suit better for a lovely day.

Valentines Gifts for Kids They Will Love

Valentine’s Day magic isn’t just for adults; it sparkles in the joy of children unwrapping gifts chosen with heart. Let’s find those perfect, imagination-fueling Valentine’s gifts for kids that they’ll absolutely adore.

1. Playful Sports Mugs

Playful Sports Mugs

What a time to enjoy cereal in the playful sports mug on Valentine’s Day, especially if your kids like basketball. Mugs like these are Valentine’s gifts for kids that not only can be used to put their cereal but also for their drink.

You can surely express your love to your kids with this sporty-looking mug!

2. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

The love in the middle of the box can spin which is good for a toy for your kids.

You can put a surprising gift or some deep statement about how deep your love is for your kids. Without a doubt, your kids will cry because they know that they love you very much and hug you on a lovely day.

3. Quarterback Draw Football Game

Quarterback Draw Football Game

American football fans even if they are kids would be delighted to receive these valentines gifts for kids that can also be played by adults. The game lets you be a tactician and try to win the football game as a quarterback (commander of the field).

4. Preschool Time Teaching Watches

Preschool Time Teaching Watches

Cute things are perfect as Valentine’s gifts for kids. For instance, this lovely watch. The colorful color and cute design will make your children happy and wear them every day. The watch will also train your kids to manage their time very well.

5. Vibrating Guitar Grasp Toy

Vibrating Guitar Grasp Toy

Your kids can’t play guitar? Well, it is not a problem at all. You can give these guitar toys as valentines gifts for kids for them. They will undoubtedly study it and try to play it which should be appreciated to grow their passion for music.

They can also hug this guitar while they sleep.

6. Unicorn Crayon Valentines Day

Unicorn Crayon Valentine's Day Class Pack- Party Favor Cards for Kids

Kids need to color a picture to improve their creativity. These crayons as valentines gifts for kids are a great idea. The unicorn shape like in the fairy tale also suits the taste of a child, especially if they hear a fairy story before sleeping.

7. Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for kids

Mailbox is a tool to place a letter for the one who sends it to you. Your kid should have received a fairy or hero mailbox theme, so they can receive love messages from everyone including yourself.

8. Super Hero Lollipop Valentines Day

Super Hero Lollipop Valentine, You're A Super Friend

Kids love lollipops, aren’t they? The lollipop will be great valentines gifts for kids, especially if they are craving a lollipop or a candy. Also, it can be a solution to stop them from crying loudly.

9. Valentines Gift Wish Bracelet

To My Little Valentine,Valentine Wish Bracelet

Wishing openly to kids is hard sometimes because of age difference or you are just an introvert.

The bracelet with a wish will solve your problem. Especially if you are shy with your kids or haven’t spent some time with them recently due to the heavy workload for the office.

10. Kid’s Valentines Day Personalized Cup

Kid’s Valentines Day Personalized Cup

Kids will bring a tumbler or cup to school, but usually, cups are good if they drink it fast or directly. With a personalized cup that is designed for valentines day, you should give the drink with these valentines gifts for kids.

Your kids will feel immense love for you every time they drink from these cups.

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11. Kids Jewelry Personalized Name Bead

Kids jewelry personalized name bead bracelet for girls jewelry for girls kids

For a daughter, a bracelet can be their identity since you can write her name on it. The cute lovely bracelet is one of the ways to express your love to your kids (daughters), especially if she hasn’t owned a bracelet yet.

12. Kids Tic Tac Toe Valentines Day Gift

Kids tic tac toe, personalized tic-tac-toe

Tic tac toe is a fun game to play. A lovely day such as valentines day must be enjoyed with your loved ones, for instance, your kids.

Tic tac toes would be amazing valentines gifts for kids because after you express your love to your kids by giving this game, you can directly play it with your kids afterward.

13. V is for Video Games – Best Valentines Gift

V Is For Video Games - Valentine's Day Kids' Youth Long and Short Sleeve T-shirt

Sometimes even if you are already a dad or a mother, you still play video games either alone or with your kids. The t-shirt and statements are valentines gifts for kids because on the lovey-dovey day, you spend your time playing video games with your kids.

14. Megatoys Tonka Tin Box Valentines Day Gift Set

Megatoys Tonka Tin Box Valentine's Day Gift Set

A gift set is one of the solutions if you are confused about what to give to your kids. The gift set contains a plastic water bottle, a set of chalk, stickers, and puzzles which are great valentines gifts for kids since you can play with those items with your kids on valentines day.

15. Made by Me D.I.Y. Stepping Stones

Made by Me D.I.Y. Stepping Stones, 7 in. Each, 4pcs

Even though the name is a stepping stone, you don’t step on it. Instead, you can give these valentines gifts for kids to hone their creativity. They can mix the color on their own and make some masterclass art.

16. Snail Plush In A Box

Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day Snail Plush in a Box

Your daughter may go on a tantrum if they want a doll but there is no doll in the house. To stop the tantrum, you can give this cute snail on valentines day. The doll is not only cute but also has a pun in it (I like you slow much) which refers to their movement speed.

17. Almond Coconut Valentines Candy

Ferrero Raffaello Almond Coconut Candy, Gift Box

Besides lollipops, there are also sweet things which are unique, let’s say almond coconut candy for instance. Love is sweet, so the candy is the perfect option to give to your kids, especially if they love almond and coconut.

18. Animated Banana

Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Animated Banana

Kids love bananas and dolls, of course. Banana is natural doping which can be useful for their activity. The banana dolls are cute valentines gifts for kids, especially if they are bored with dolls that have been bought.

19. Finger Puppets For Kids

Finger Puppets For Kids

Your child might get bored with a fairy tale before sleeping. And for that reason, you need a new idea to make them interested again. Valentine’s gifts for kids like finger puppets are great ideas to give them.

They also can’t pretend to talk but act as the animal in the finger puppets.

20. Star Wars Yoda One For Me Cute Valentines Graphic

Star Wars Yoda One For Me Cute Valentine's Graphic

One for me might be a phrase that kids like to say because they want something very often. The Yoda t-shirt will absolutely be a nice choice of gift to be given to your kids. Yoda’s pose says it all.

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21. 15 Valentines Day Heart Shaped Stress Relief

15 Valentines Day Heart Shaped Stress Relief

The heart is a symbol of love. Therefore, everyone who feels being loved will have better composure and calmness, and kids are no exception. Your kids might be stressed out but don’t want to explain it to you. 

22. Airplane Valentines Cards For Kids

Airplane Valentines Cards For Kids

Many kids dream of becoming a pilot one day. Airplane valentines cards are perfect valentines gifts for kids that are suitable for them and a great expression of love to support their dream.

Furthermore, the plane can be kept till they are adults to motivate them regularly to become a pilot.

23. Valentines Gift for Kids Chocolates

Valentines Day Gift Box + Handwritten Card - Valentines Gift for Kids Chocolates

Who says that chocolate is the only gift for an adult couple on valentines day? It is wrong. You can give your kids chocolate as an expression of your love to them. Especially if they love sweet food.

There is also a handwritten card to write your love message.

24. Rose Flower Teddy Bear

Rose Flower Teddy Bear

Ordinary teddy bears might be quite boring if your kids have a lot of them already in the house. For a special lovely day, how about giving them valentines gifts for kids that are made by a symbol of love like a rose?

Furthermore, the teddy bear is made of rose which will add to a unique collection.

25. Kids Funny Valentines Cards Sequin Keychain

kids Funny Valentines Cards Sequin Keychain

Keychains are essential valentines gifts for kids because they can put them anywhere, for example, in their bag. The cute keychain shapes such as unicorns, cats, dolphins, and puppies should fit your kid’s preference of animals.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love. Since love is universal, we can spread our love to simply anyone that has a special place in our heart, including our children, nephew and nieces, or even students. So let them know how you love them this Valentine’s Day by giving them a special gift that will melt their hearts.

Snacks like chocolate will always be kids’s favorite. But don’t stick with chocolate only, because there are lots of other options to choose from.

We believe that one of two items on our article above will catch your attention. So, happy hunting!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you get your son for Valentines Day?

Airplane valentines cards, chocolates, lollipops, quarterback draw football games, and sporty mugs might be the best valentines gifts for kids that are suitable for your son since the boy has a higher chance to dream of becoming a pilot, sweet is suitable for both gender, and sports like football are great for male.

How can you surprise your kids for Valentines Day?

The easiest way to do this is don’t to let your kids know that you are preparing for the surprise. It is better to make them don’t get out of their room while you are doing the surprise preparation. Also, don’t put the valentines gifts for kids in the obvious place.

What can you do for your daughter on Valentines Day?

You can give them surprising valentines gifts for kids like a rose teddy bear, finger puppets for kids, wish bracelets because a girl should have a unique teddy bear, cute puppets, and something cute to wear.

What can you send your grandkids for Valentines Day?

Every item in the list above is fine. But, it is better to give them based on their gender, such as a rose teddy bear that is good for your granddaughter, and a playful sports mug that is more suitable for your grandson.

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