25 Great Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Some say that exchanging sweet chocolates on valentine’s day is a tradition. But perhaps you may want another perspective about giving healthy Valentine’s day gifts. This is an opportunity for you to share affection and cut back on unhealthy sugar.

You may provide them with a lot of gifts on another day. However, valentine’s is our culture nowadays, becoming a special moment for millions of people. Don’t miss your special day without a gift for your loved one. Every gift would work perfectly, but gifts that show your support would be the best, such as a healthy gift to support their healthy lifestyle. It’s also a great gift idea for those who are just beginning a healthier life.

As a person that cares about their health, you can give them healthy snacks or foods so that your beloved one is protected from all the bad additives and preservatives. You can also give equipment or things that support their healthy lifestyle.

Do you need more ideas? Here we recommend you to look at healthy foods, snacks, and other items you can buy for a healthy Valentine’s Day gift. Check the list below.

 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriends

Finding the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day gifts for her can be tricky as women tend to have a high standard for receiving gifts. They might already have some expectations in their mind. To provide you with some ideas about what women and girls might like, you can start with the following list.

1. Vegan Cookies

Vegan Cookies

Gluten-free cookies are a variant of healthy cookies that are very popular today. These cookies are certainly not a big problem for a person who cares about health. Gluten-free cookies are often packed with multiple benefits from the high fiber content.

So, gluten-free cookies or pastries are safe for anyone to eat and healthy for digestion. What are you waiting for? You can give vegan cookies as healthy Valentine’s day gifts!

2. Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Dried fruit can contain up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins, and minerals than other foods! Therefore, it is unsurprising that a serving of dried fruit can help complete the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals, such as folate.

Dried fruit is high in fiber and is an excellent source of antioxidants, and this gift basket will be the perfect healthy Valentine’s day gift which also makes a healthy dessert for your loved one.

3. Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate could be the perfect healthy Valentine’s day gift as her everyday dessert. Eating vegan chocolate is so beneficial for your health, it can improve your mood. Vegan chocolate can reduce the hormone cortisol and stimulate the brain to release more endorphins and serotonin so this will make you feel happy.

You can give the chocolate in the form of Valentine’s gift baskets full of some pink ribbon and a greeting card to write a sweet message for her.

4. Herb Tea Kit

Herb Tea Kit

You can give this tea kit as Valentine’s gift basket for her so she can have some healthy drinks on the special day. The herb tea kit contains 10 test tubes filled with a selection of tea blends that have several health benefits for the body.

Some of the blends contain chamomile tea which has a calming effect on the body and Japanese bamboo tea, made from bamboo leaves which will be a very soothing concoction. 

5. Seasoning Spices Basket

Seasoning Spices Basket

Another Valentine gift basket idea you can give as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift is this seasoning spice basket. Many dishes require spices as ingredients, and not everyone can quickly get spices in groceries. Valentine’s Day can be a special moment to give spices as a gift to those who like to cook.

She will love it and develop their cooking skills. Kitchen spices with a glass jar container in a basket will look beautiful as gifts on February 14th.

6. Compact Juicer

Compact Juicer

Encourage her to start a healthy lifestyle with a compact juicer as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift for her. This juicer perfectly separates the pomace and extracts the maximum amount of juice.

The compact size doesn’t take much space which would be great for a smaller kitchen. It’s also easy to use, perfect for her who is too busy and doesn’t have much time to create a mix of juice. 

7. Organic Quinoa Rice

Organic Quinoa Rice

Have you ever heard about quinoa? It’s considered as one of the world’s healthiest foods due to its nutritional content. It’s packed with vitamins, fibers, and minerals with more proteins and healthy fats.

Encourage your girlfriend to start a healthy eating routine by getting this organic rice quinoa with a mix of brown rice and serving it as their lunch for the beginning of their healthy and clean eating. 

8. Vegetable Medley

 Vegetable Medley

Not everyone can cook food according to the right recipe, and not everyone can get the right ingredients. But your girlfriend sometimes might want to try new dishes with vegetables. Don’t let your girlfriend can’t cook new recipes; recommend the best and easy-to-cook vegetables such as this vegetable medley.

It’s a great gift for her who often needs to cook fast but is still healthy.

9. Organic Seasoning

Organic Seasoning

Many spices are sold in grocery stores, but they are not organic. It may make healthy vegetables contaminated with food preservatives. Pay attention to your loved ones by giving gifts that can nourish them and their families such as organic seasoning.

Organic cooking spices usually don’t last long, so you must buy them from a trusted place and pack them immediately.

10. Everyday Detox Lemon Tea

Everyday Detox Lemon Tea

If she is a tea person, start changing her usual caffeine tea with a detox tea which provides more nutritional benefits. Detox lemon tea has many beneficial health effects on our body such as promoting healthy skin, liver, and kidney function.

The formulation uses a blend of burdock, dandelion, nettles, and cleavers where each of them is a source of nutrients that supports the skin and internal organs. 

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11. Collagen Protein Oats

Collagen Protein Oats

Oatmeal is known to help cleanse the digestive tract. The high content of resistant starch makes fat burn faster and increases the body’s insulin levels. Get the benefit of oats infused with collagen from collagen protein oats.

This collagen protein oat is super easy to make and contains protein and fiber from grass-fed bovine collagen for an added boost. It’s such great healthy food and would make the perfect healthy Valentine’s day gifts.

12. Fiber Chewy Bar

Fiber Chewy Bar

We know that too much sugar and sweet snacks for dessert are not really good for our health. Sometimes, we might be craving sweet snacks so badly. When that happens, don’t feel bad because you can fuel your craving with this fiber-chewy bar.

It’s a granola bar made of hearty whole oats and chocolate chips which contains 35% daily value of fiber. Give this to your girlfriend as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift so she can say yes to her sweet tooth.

13. Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

Taking care of the body is what everyone wants, especially women. You can give Healthy Valentine’s Day gifts in natural skin care as a form of concern for the environment and your loved ones. Teaching them to avoid too many chemicals and care for themselves with natural ingredients is a much-needed awareness in today’s era.

14. Slim Patch for Weight Loss

Slim Patch for Weight Loss

If she is on a balanced diet to lose weight, it will be great to show some support by giving some slim patches to your girlfriend. This slim patch is believed to help burn the fat and detoxify the toxicants accumulated in the body. Your girlfriend would definitely love these healthy Valentine’s day gifts.

15. Honey Soap

Honey Soap

You may have heard of masks or body scrubs with honey ingredients. However, did you ever hear that honey could be an option for a facial cleanser? The honey you find in supermarkets has been processed many times, so the enzymes, probiotics, and anti-bacterial content are also gone.

Honey cleans dirt from the face without removing the natural oils of the face. The anti-bacteria and probiotics of honey effectively reduce and prevent body acne. Honey soap is the best recommendation for maintaining healthy skin on Valentine’s Day.

16. Vegan Mystery Snack Package

Vegan Mystery Snack Package

Mystery packages are starting to become a trending thing lately. The reason is that the buyer does not know the contents of the snack that will be sent. It will be an exciting thing or sensation if you inform in advance when delivering the mystery snack package as healthy Valentine’s day gifts, especially when all snacks are vegan. That will be the perfect healthy Valentine’s day gift for vegan people.

17. Fitness Book

Fitness Book

Some people need the motivation to exercise. For a girlfriend who lacks motivation, getting her this Fitness Book might be a good idea for healthy Valentine’s Day gifts.

In this book, the author Michael Spitzer writes a whole complete program that offers an effective and time-efficient way to get a better body shape than they thought possible. It also covers some topics such as slow metabolism, bone loss, anxiety, depression, and how it affects our health.

18. Spa Kit

 Spa Kit

A spa kit can be a woman’s favorite item. Reducing stress with a spa at home is an irreplaceable bonus. Busyness outside the home makes women often forget to take care of themselves.

Therefore, these healthy valentine’s day gifts are recommended presents that you can give so that friends or relatives can nourish themselves by taking care of the body and helping reduce stress.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend

Choosing a gift for a boyfriend might be easier for women as men tend to just receive anything and they come with less expectation about the gift. But still, you have to prepare the best for him. For those of you who don’t have any clue what a healthy Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend should be, here we go!

19. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Men who often go to the gym for bodybuilding would be familiar with a whey protein for their body mass. Show some support to your boyfriend’s healthy routine by getting a whey protein as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift for him. It contains naturally occurring BCAAs to help support endurance and recovery, really useful for bodybuilding and muscle maintenance. 

20. Sports shoes

Sport shoes

Sports shoes can be the best choice for healthy Valentine’s Day gifts. Sports shoes are fashionable products and can motivate your relatives to start a healthy lifestyle. There are many choices of sports shoes according to your needs, for jogging, tennis, basketball, football, and other activities.

Exercising for 10 minutes a day can burn more calories than not exercising. Spending time jogging or exercising will reduce the risk of deadly diseases.

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21. A Smart Watch

A Smart Watchs

For a tech-savvy boyfriend, encourage him to care about their health with a smartwatch as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift for him. This smartwatch is very useful to measure blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleep, stress level, and any other physical state.

With more than 14 sports modes, he can maintain his gym workout as well as his health condition with ease.   

22. Man Spa Gift Box

Man Spa Gift Box

Some of you might not realize that men also need some self-care for their wellness. Valentine could be a perfect moment to start caring about his self-care journey by getting him a spa gift box as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift.

The gift box includes a scrub, beard oil, muscle therapy tin, and peppermint candies. Your boyfriend or husband will be thankful for your love and caring act.

23. Protein Shaker

Protein Shaker

If your boyfriend regularly drinks protein shakes, giving a personalized protein shaker is definitely the best healthy Valentine’s Day gift for him. You can make the gift more special by adding his name and personalizing the color. The bottle is also equipped with a measurement on the reverse side for an easier way to create the protein shake.

24. Digital Fitness Planner

Digital Fitness Planner

Help him to keep an eye on his workout routine with this digital fitness planner. This fitness planner is undated and includes many features such as planning, tracking, hyperlinked pages, and many more.

The digital format helps you seamlessly track the routine everywhere, from any device. It would be a great healthy Valentine’s day gift to keep a healthy lifestyle.

25. Organic Raw Honey

Organic Raw Honey

Ever thought about giving organic raw honey as a healthy Valentine’s Day gift to your boyfriend? This superfood contains nutrients and a source of antioxidants that benefits our health. Organic honey would be even better because it is sourced from the untouched forest from the bee sites.

Pure and raw natural honey would be free from any artificial additives.

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What are good presents for a healthy Valentine’s Day?

A present that is considered good for a healthy Valentine’s day gift can be things that improve their healthy lifestyle such as gluten-free cookies and dried fruit gift baskets if the receiver loves vegan snacks. For a more surprising effect, you can also give the Vegan Mystery Snack Package as a healthy Valentine’s day gift.

How can I eat healthy on Valentine’s Day?

To eat healthy on Valentine’s day, try to eat hearty and wholesome food. Valentine’s day is a great start to taking steps on being food-conscious and minimizing taking too much processed food as well as sugary food. Eating healthy food would definitely be beneficial for your health.

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