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37 Best Vegan Gifts for Him or Her You Can Buy

Shopping for a vegan friend or family member is not for the faint of heart. In spite of your good intentions, animal products at times slip in when you least expect them. The list of animal constituents to avoid when choosing gifts for vegans can turn the experience into a nightmare. And that is precisely why we are here to help!

To make your life a tad easier, we have carefully handpicked some of our favorite vegan gifts that will be great for your recipient, the environment as well as the animals they care so much about!

Whether the vegan in your life seems to have everything or is simply hard to shop for, no need to fret! You can be sure to find an ethical vegan gift that will drive him or her nuts. In fact, there are so many options to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice.

Vegan Gift Ideas For Men & Women

Take a look at our ultimate collection of vegan gift ideas and make their dream a reality!

#1 Powered by Plants T-Shirt

Powered by Plants T-Shirt

How about giving your friend an opportunity to showcase their love for all things green with one of these funny gifts for vegans?

Offering the perfect combination of style and humor is a great way for them to make a statement. And the best part about this gift is that it will never stop giving.

#2 Vegan Leather Wristlet

Vegan Leather Wristlet

Just because she is vegan does not mean she cannot showcase her keen sense of style. What makes this the perfect gift for a vegan girlfriend is its blend of function and elegance.

It features a sleek, contemporary design that is sure to grab attention wherever she goes. A tan leather vegan base completes the look!

#3 The Pet Brussel Sprout, Vegan Gift

The Pet Brussel Sprout, Vegan Gift

For the friend or family member who loves to display their life choice in plain view, nothing can beat this pet brussel sprout. His smile is contagious and his eyes, full of good cheer.

And your recipient can take him everywhere he or she goes to keep the positive vibe going. How cool!

#4 Cruelty-Free Vegan Dill Pickle Lip Balm 

Cruelty-Free Vegan Dill Pickle Lip Balm 

A majority of lip balm brands include beeswax. But this particular one is made with the vegan in mind. It is completely cruelty-free and full of moisturizing goodness.

Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients, it has what it takes to get a permanent seat on your recipient’s heart.

#5 Herbivore Sweatshirt

Herbivore Sweatshirt

If she loves to wear her feelings on her sleeves, this would make one of the best vegan gift ideas. It sports a simple yet captivating concept, with the word herbivore as its focal point. Give her the chance to spread the message of vegan life in the most stylish way possible.

#6 Soy Wax Candles Eco-friendly, Natural and Vegan Home Fragrance

Soy Wax Candles Eco-friendly, Natural and Vegan Home Fragrance

Eco-friendly soy wax candles are a gift every vegan would die for! They come in a wide array of colors and scents to make every wish come true.

To accentuate their appeal, these candles come in hexagonal glass jars. What a great choice for that vegan friend who loves to set the mood.

#7 Oiishi Organics Vegan Gift Basket

OiishiOrganics Vegan Gift Basket

Go all out for the vegan in your life with a vegan gift basket. The only thing better than a thoughtful gift is a whole basket of them! In this set, you get a little of everything to wow them to their wit’s end.

From green tea and lip balm to a bath bomb and rejuvenation oil and so much more, they can make every vegan’s dream come true.

#8 You Can’t Make Everyone Happy You Are Not an Avocado Vegan T-Shirt

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy You Are Not an Avocado Vegan T-Shirt

Tickle a vegan’s funny bone with one of these funny gifts for vegans. Bound to spread good cheer to the recipient and everyone around them, this is one gift that will never go out of style.

And since it comes in a wide array of colors, you can get one to match the preferences of every vegan in your life.

#9 Vegan Milk Chocolate

Vegan Milk Chocolate

Life can be hard for a vegan friend who is an ardent fan of milk chocolate. Satisfy their sweet tooth with a dairy-free alternative to milk chocolate.

Full of rich cocoa flavors and creamy oat goodness, this is one gift choice that will melt their hearts. Indulge their senses with one of these environmentally conscious bars.

#10 Hand Stamped !!Vegan!! 925 Sterling Silver Toe Ring

Hand Stamped !!Vegan!! 925 Sterling Silver Toe Ring

Every herbivore would relish an opportunity to showcase their love for all things vegan. With this handcrafted ring, they can do that and so much more. It is a high-quality piece hand-stamped with the word “vegan” and two love hearts.

What a beautiful piece to celebrate their sense of style and life choice.

#11 Personalised Vegan Message Apron

Personalised Vegan Message Apron

Animals are friends, not food! Nothing brings out that sentiment better than this vegan apron. Featuring an animal parts chart, the piece replaces the segments with emotions.

For the vegan in your life who is always trying to win meat lovers to the other side, this is one apron that will make their dream a reality.

#12 Yoda Best Vegan Mug

Yoda Best Vegan Mug

Does he love Star Wars as much as he does his vegan lifestyle? If so, then this is one vegan gift for him that combines the two things he loves the most.

No one can say it quite as well as Yoda and this makes the mug irresistibly charming. Add fun to his coffee sessions with this unique gift.

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#13 Vegan Leather Laptop Backpack

Vegan Leather Laptop Backpack

Being vegan is great, apart from those times when you cannot find stylish items that are cruelty-free. Fortunately, your vegan girlfriend can have the best of both worlds.

This leather laptop bag is undoubtedly elegant and completely vegan-appropriate. Its neutral colors match virtually everything, and she may never want to put it down.

#14 Pink Flamingo Lavender Wheat Bag – Heat Cold Therapy

Pink Flamingo Lavender Wheat Bag - Heat Cold Therapy

Vegan gift ideas for her don’t come any better than this! Whether she is feeling under the weather or suffering menstrual cramps, this cuddle partner will make her all better.

As a safe alternative to hot water bottles, this piece is ideal even for the young vegan in your life.

#15 Winter Witch Vegan Perfume Oil

Winter Witch Vegan Perfume Oil

You can never go wrong with a gift that makes her smell great. Winter Witch makes one of the best gifts for vegans since it is designed to last much longer than everyday perfumes.

Instead of using an alcohol base, it is oil-based, eliminating the tendency to fade. And thanks to the small, convenient packaging, she can take it everywhere she goes.

#16 Environmental Vegan Tee

Environmental Vegan Tee - vegan gifts

Trying to save the planet is not an easy undertaking. But you can add an extra weapon in your favorite vegan’s arsenal in form of this cool tee!

“Respect our home” manages to achieve the delicate balance between style and function. She will look great in it and have an easier time spreading the eco-friendly gospel.

#17 Benevolent Brownies – Vegan Box

Benevolent Brownies - Vegan Box

Living life the vegan way does not mean your partner cannot indulge their cravings every so often! These food gifts for vegans come in rich dark fudge and cinnamon sugar flavors and are completely dairy-free.

Give the vegan in your life a taste of gooey goodness with every bite and they will keep coming back for more.

#18 Boho Chic Vegan Leather Apple Watch Band

 Boho Chic Vegan Leather Apple Watch Band

Who said vegans can’t enjoy the elegant sophistication of leather accessories? Take her style up a few notches with one of these pretty leather straps.

To match every personality and preference, these boho straps come in a wide range of colors. Their versatile design can match every outfit, formal, semi-formal and informal.

#19 Jojoba Cologne Oils 5-pack of Fragrances

Jojoba Cologne Oils 5-pack of Fragrances

Most females are always looking for opportunities to try out new cologne. Why not ride this wave to your advantage, and take it to the next level.

Give them a taste of five different fragrances, each one made with the vegan in mind. With so many scents to choose from, your only challenge will be trimming down the list to five options.

#20 Vegan AF Mug

Vegan AF Mug

Treat the badass vegan in your life to a good laugh every morning with this humorous mug. Vegan AF says all that needs to be said, celebrating their love for the vegetarian lifestyle with a dose of good cheer.

#21 Black Raspberry Vanilla Vegan Body Lotion

Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion

Whether the vegan in your life loves gardening or spends all their time indoors, you cannot go wrong with this vegan body lotion.

For outdoorsy types, its moisturizing effect will restore dry skin to glowing condition. Indoor lovers too will love the refreshing feel that comes with the skin-loving components.

#22 Vegan Vibes Tote Bag

Vegan Vibes Tote Bag

As any woman will tell you, a lady can never have too many tote bags. But if you get her this vegan vibes piece, she might completely forget about all the others.

Featuring the ideal blend of aesthetics and utility, this makes one of the best vegan gift ideas.

#23 I LOVE U Morse Code Vegan Leather Bracelet

I LOVE U Morse Code Vegan Leather Bracelet

The best vegan gift for him is one that lets him know just how much he means to you. A Morse code bracelet that says “I love you” is one of the easiest paths to his heart.

As your little open secret, the piece will always have tons of sentimental appeal. Notably, also, it is cruelty-free.

#24 Men’s Monogrammed Wash Bag – Vegan Gift For Him

Men's Monogrammed Wash Bag - Vegan Gift For Him

Is your vegan boyfriend or husband always on the move? How about a vegan gift for him that adds a dash of functional and stylish appeal to his life?

This wash bag is perfect for the refined gentleman who has a keen sense of style. A monogram detail adds the perfect amount of thoughtfulness to complete the gesture.

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#25 Vegan Heart Slouchy Tank Top – vegan gifts


Bring some positive attention her way with this trendy top for vegans. It’s not easy being a vegan in a world full of meat lovers.

But celebrating this life choice is a big step towards getting the world to respect the decision. Give her the opportunity to do precisely that with one of these slouchy tanks.

#26 Sterling Silver Vegan Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver Vegan Heart Pendant

For the vegan in your life who is proud to be one, this sterling silver pendant will stay close to her heart. In fact, this is one piece she never has to take off, which is all the more exciting for you.

Every time she takes a look at it, her heart will swell with love and gratitude! Talk about a gift that will keep giving!

#27 Blue Earth Hand Cream

Blue Earth Hand Cream

Do you have a vegetarian friend who does not mind working with their hands, this cream could come in handy. It’s a nourishing cream made with all-natural ingredients.

Besides restoring and rejuvenating her hands, its heavenly scent will also be sure to lift her moods.

#28 Papaya Vegan Skincare

Organic Vegan Loofah Soap

Mother Nature’s backyard has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect skin. Undo the damage city life does on her skin with the papaya face polish.

Consisting of a combination of natural components, it is a top-notch cleanser. Keep her face smooth and glowing, and she will be eternally grateful.

#29 All-Natural Vegan Wine Soaps

All-Natural Vegan Wine Soaps

Few vegan gift ideas can match up to the potential of these vegan wine soaps. With these, she won’t have to wait till weekend to soak in the goodness of their wine base.

They are a combination of notes from popular wine varieties and complementary oils and scents. You might never want her to leave your side ever again.

#30 Vintage GiftBox for Tea or Spices – Vegan Gift

Vintage GiftBox for Tea or Spices - Vegan Gift

Instead of getting your favorite vegan a consumable gift, how about a timeless box for all their cherished gifts?

A retro design ensures that they will treasure it for all time. With six grids, it has lots of room for all the spices or tea varieties that they love.

#31 Palm Oil Free Eco-Friendly Personalised Vegan Gift Set

Palm Oil Free Eco Friendly Personalised Vegan Gift Set

Get a whole range of gifts for vegans with one of these sets. Designed to help vegans to unwind, this is one gift they’ll appreciate for a long time to come.

It consists of a salt soak, sugar scrub, hand & body wash, body oil and clay mask. You could also opt for a lip balm and roll-on set.

#32 Bronze Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace With Vegan Cord

Bronze Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace With Vegan Cord

Ever wished you could carry your favorite scent with you everywhere you go without the need for skin application? Well, it’s highly likely your favorite vegan has too!

Make their dream a reality with this pendant diffuser. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most creative gifts yet and could be ideal for the vegan who already has everything!

#33 Natural Mudcloth and Faux Leather Pillow Cover

Natural Mudcloth and Faux Leather Pillow Cover

Simply because she is vegan should not mean she cannot live her dream of getting cruelty-free leather pillow cases.

Enhance her décor the vegan way with these faux leather and mudcloth pillowcases. Everything about them says eco-friendly and they make great statement pieces.

#34 Vegan Phone Covers

Vegan Phone Covers

How about a stylish phone case that protects their phone, enhances its appeal and celebrates the vegan lifestyle all in one?

These wooden phone covers offer limitless potential and could make unforgettable gifts. Any vegan who has a taste for the finer things in life will appreciate this.

#35 Chocolate Organic Mexicano

Chocolate Organic Mexicano

Reward your beloved vegan with this organic chocolate. This organic Mexicano chocolate can be enjoyed as hot or ice chocolate. Perfect to spend the leisure time with this one. Also, consuming this will make you guilty free since there is no gluten, soy-free, dairy-free and all natural based material.

#36 Premium Vegan Body Brush

Premium Vegan Body Brush

Get a glowing, clean and healthy body skin by brushing the body with this premium vegan. It is perfect for the vegan’s gift. This body brush can eliminate the dry skin and reduce the flaky skin. No need to worries about skin irritation after brushing the body since the material is made from 70% Sisal & 30% Synthetic. You may use the stick or not for a better brushing experience.

#37 Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Pack Moisturizing with Vegan Natural Essential Oils

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Pack Moisturizing with Vegan Natural Essential Oils

Spoil the vegans in their leisure time with these gift set of bath bombs. Come up with beautiful colors and all natural essential oils for extraordinary bathing time. There are 12 various scents for different experience each time you try these bath bombs. Let the scents linger on your skin perfectly.

We understand just how tricky it can be to pick out the best gift for a vegan friend. But armed with this list of gifts for vegans, all you have to do is match the ideal gift to the right recipient.

After seeing these gift ideas for the vegans, we guarantee that you never expect that choosing the gifts that suit them is as easy as buying a common one. Surprise them with these items and see how happy they are with the gifts. 

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