31 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts, Creative & Meaningful

Mothers day will arrive before we know it, and that means that now is the ideal time to start shopping for the perfect present!  Nothing says you care like a gift that’s been chosen with care and really stands out from the rest (much like the amazing and unique mother’s day gifts on our list!).

Whether it’s a great piece of clothing, a beautiful piece of jewelry or something a little out of the ordinary that you’re after, you’re certain to find it right here!

Read on and discover the perfect way to show how much you care this upcoming mothers day..

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

#1 Custom Mothers Day Portrait Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Custom Mothers Day Portrait - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

It’ll come as no surprise that these personalized, digital chalk sketch portraits are an Etsy best seller. Simply send your picture to MBDesign4u2 once you’ve made your purchase and request any personalizations or messages you wish to include. Amazingly, personalizations are included free of charge and will beautifully enhance this truly thoughtful gift. 

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#2 I Love You To The Moon And Back: Message IN A Bottle – Personalised Gift

I Love You To The Moon And Back: Message IN A Bottle - Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

What better way to tell your mum you love her than with a beautiful personalized message in a bottle. Choose a few special words from the options on the menu or have your own printed instead. As Unique Mother’s Day Gifts ideas go, this tiny glittery bottle is definitely one of our favorites!

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#3 Personalised Mother’s Day Cutting Board

Personalised Mother’s Day Cutting Board

For the mum who spends all of her time in the kitchen cooking up a storm, this personalized chopping board is the quintessential gift idea! You can even select your preferred wood type and request a message to make it extra special for her. 

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#4 MamaSaurus Shirt

MamaSaurus Shirt - Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re searching for utterly unique mother’s day gifts, we just have to recommend MamaSaurus t-shirt. It’s available in a great range of sizes and over 20 different colors!

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#5 Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

Show how much you appreciate being taken under her wing all of these years and gift your mother this beautiful nestling birds necklace made from sterling silver. 

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#6 Family Folded Book

Family Folded Book

This has to be one of the most beautifully creative sculptures we’ve ever seen. It’s totally ideal for bookworms but also those that simply appreciate creative art pieces! 

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#7 Personalised Two Hearts Anklets

Personalised Two Hearts Anklets - Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

This beautiful, two heart anklet is available in gold, rose gold or silver and can be personalized with up to four-letter initials or the word, Love. 

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#8 Personalized Penny Keychain

Personalized Penny Keychain Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Look no further for Unique Mother’s Day Gifts, this personalized penny keychain is one of the best we’ve seen! You can choose to include up to 10 pennies, each of which can be personalized with a name of up to 9 characters. As a bonus, you can currently select pennies made in any year you wish between 1940 and 2019!

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#9 Personalized Recipe Plate

Personalized Recipe Plate

This is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful and unique mother’s day gift ideas we’ve seen to date. Have a handwritten recipe of your choice printed onto a stylish serving plate for your mother simply by sending a high-quality photograph of it to the seller. Why not choose a recipe written in yours or even your grandmother’s handwriting for an extra personal touch. 

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#10 Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

This outstanding decorative letter book will allow your mother to share family recipes, handwritten letters, and messages which you can both treasure for years to come and even pass onto future generations.

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#11 Home Is Where My Mom Is Coffee Mug

Home Is Where My Mom Is Coffee Mug - Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Let’s be honest, sometimes, we all run out time and need to shop for last-minute mothers day gift ideas! Luckily for us, this adorable coffee mug is the ideal way to say I love you in a simple yet sweetly thoughtful way this mother’s day.

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#12 Camo Mama Bear Hooded Sweatshirt

Camo Mama Bear Hooded Sweatshirt - Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Any Mama will love to get warm and cozy in this adorable Mama Bear hooded sweatshirt. Also, if you love the hoodie but would like an alternative message, the seller will happily work with you to print the words you need!

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#13 Monogrammed Nylon Medium Size Tote

Monogrammed Nylon Medium Size Tote

Every mother knows that getting organized is key! Help her do so in style with this gorgeous monogrammed tote bag available in eleven different colors to suit every personality and style. 

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#14 Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

Looking for that truly memorable gift this mother’s day? We have you covered with these hilarious custom photo socks complete with a sweetheart print and, most importantly, your face!

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#15 Birth Month Flower Necklace

Birth Month Flower Necklace

Forget about birthstones, did you know that each month also has its own birth flower too?! Gift your mother one of these stunning necklaces including their birth flower dried and set in resin on a sterling silver chain. 

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#16 Mother’s Birth Stone Rings Are Very Creative & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Birth Stone Ring

These breathtaking, hypoallergenic and stainless steel bands are made with genuine Swarovski Birthstones for an elegant finish your mother will undoubtedly adore!

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#17 Personalized Bath Robe

Personalized Bath Robe

What better time for your ma to indulge than on mother’s day? Make sure she takes the time to unwind in style with this pretty terry bathrobe personalized with her name. 

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#18 Mini Cactus Plants

Mini Cactus Plants

When it comes to our top 10 mother’s day gift ideas, we simply have to include these adorable mini cactus plants. Not only are they just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, but they’re also low maintenance making them perfect for mums who love to decorate with plants but aren’t so great at keeping them alive! They need only low light and watering all of once a month!

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#19 4 Hymn Tea Towels Set

4 Hymn Tea Towels Set

These beautiful hymn printed tea towels are made from 100% cotton and can be ordered separately or as a set of four (saving you $11). They can, of course, be used as tea towels but can also be displayed as wall art or a homely addition to your mother’s kitchen décor. 

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#20 Be… Inspirational Paperweight

Be... Inspirational Paperweight

For the Mama’s needing to spend heaps of time at their desk, give them something inspirational to look at with this gorgeous, lead-free pewter paperweight with interchangeable message cards. It would also make a great decoration around the house on an entranceway or lounge table for example.

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#21 Wearable Planter Necklaces

Wearable Planter Necklaces - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Luckily for those unsure of what to buy this mother’s day, fun and unique mother’s day gifts are our specialty! This wearable planter necklace is one of our favorite gifts and a great way of gifting jewelry in a more thoughtful and personal way! 

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#22 Anti-Stress BETA Bulb

Anti-Stress BETA Bulb

There’s no doubt about it, sometimes, being a mother is stressful! Help your mother stay relaxed and calm this mother’s day (and every day after) with this amazing Anti-stress BETA bulb. She’ll love the calming properties of a miniature desk plant, plus it’s aesthetically beautiful!

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#23 Custom Selfie Face Leggings

Custom Selfie Face Leggings

When it comes to the most hilarious presents out there, these custom selfie face leggings certainly make it into our top 10 mother’s day gift ideas. Have yours adorned with your face for your mother to wear and subsequently giggle at!

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#24 Food Shaped Handbags

Food Shaped Handbags

This is certainly one of the more outrageous gifts we’ve come across… and we absolutely love it! It’s ideal for any mum that adores her food and will make for a highly memorable gift this mother’s day!

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#25 Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Pedestal Jewelry Holder

If you’ve spent the past few mother’s days gifting your mum the most beautiful jewelry, this could be the perfect year to give her this stylish stoneware pedestal holder which displays it proudly whilst keeping it safe! 

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#26 Custom-Printed Beach Towel

Custom-Printed Beach Towel - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

This custom-printed beach towel is an especially perfect gift if your mother has a special trip planned this year! Make it all the more special with this unique gift for mother’s day.

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#27 Personalized Doormats

Personalized Doormats

Have this quality doormat printed with your family name and surprise your Mumma with the most welcoming mother’s day gift of all this year!

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#28 Dragon’s Egg Soap Boxed Set

Dragon’s Egg Soap Boxed Set - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

As much as we love mother’s day gift basket’s, we’re pretty confident this Dragon’s egg boxed soap gift tops them all. With a not so subtle hint to Game of Thrones, they’re perfect for the Mother of Dragons in your life!

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#29 Sea Urchin Air Plants

Sea Urchin Air Plants - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

We may just have found the most unique mother’s day gift idea of all! This playful set comes in beautiful packaging and will make a playfully decorative addition to any home!

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#30 Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

For the mother with a serious sense of humor, we can’t recommend this hilarious mother’s day gift basket highly enough. It’s complete with an array of great products to relax her and make her howl with laughter all at the same time!

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#31 Triskelion Greek Leather Sandals

Triskelion Greek Leather Sandals - Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

She’s sure to adore these chic Greek leather sandals. They’re not only beautiful but amazingly versatile and ideal for when summer arrives or an upcoming trip!

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So, there you have our round-up of the most unique, sentimental, and downright hilarious gifts from around the net! Whatever your mother’s style or personality is, we hope we’ve presented you with some truly individual and unseen gifts that you feel excited to surprise her with this upcoming mother’s day! 

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