38 Sentimental Gifts For Mom That Are Meaningful!

If Mother’s Day is upon us once again, then you certainly want to make that special woman feel appreciated. These Sentimental gifts for moms are a great way to express your gratitude for her undying love and concern for you. But they make the gifting experience so much more nostalgic and special as they tap into the recipient’s emotions and bring up emotional memories.

Finding the perfect sentimental gift for someone as near and dear as mom can be a challenge as you have to focus attention on the meaning behind it to make it a cherished keepsake. Putting in the time and thought into your choice is highly rewarding as it will accurately reflect the depth of your feeling towards mom.

Sentimental Gift Ideas For Mom

In order to make this Mother’s Day and every day thereafter the best ones yet, we have compiled a killer list of nostalgic gifts for mothers that will have them reaching for the tissue box. Take a look and discover some of the most meaningful gifts for moms of all time.

#1 Raw Personalized Birthstone Crystal Necklace 

Raw Personalized Birthstone Crystal Necklace - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

For the mom who loves a classic style, the birthstone crystal necklace is a great way to tug on her heartstrings. Choose from a wide array of sparkling gemstones for personalization and to enhance its beauty. You can pick up to five gemstones to represent the people she loves and would give anything to keep them close to her heart. This is one of those tender-hearted gifts she will never want to leave home without.

#2 Funny Candle Scent Candles 

Mom Thanks For Putting Up With All Of My Shit Candle

Were you one of those kids who drove your mom up the wall and turn her into a momzilla? Did she then decide to embrace the madness and start swearing? If so, then she deserves to be celebrated in style and these awesome scented candles are the way to go! Not only will they make her space smell great, but they will also give her plenty of laughs.

#3 Mama Bear t-Shirts 

Mama Bear t-Shirts - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

If your mom likes to keep it stylish and comfortable, the mama bear t-shirt is a great choice. This sentimental gift for mom is the kind of tee she would never wish to take off. Choose from three color options, peach, grey and white to give her exactly what she would want.

#4 Long Distance Friendship Lamps 

Long Distance Friendship Lamps - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

Mothers always dread that bitter-sweet moment when the kids will decide to leave the nest. Well, with the long-distance friendship lamps, you can give her the chance to reach out and connect with her baby birds no matter where they happen to be.

These synced-up lamps connect via Wi-Fi and when you touch one, the other one automatically comes on to let mom know that you are thinking about her.

#5 Home Decor Mom Pillow 

Pillow for Mom

What makes this one of the most affectionate gifts for mom is not simply the touching words on it. But the fact that it is soft, snuggly, cuddly, and warm, the perfect piece to keep her company when the kids are all grown up. It does not hurt that it looks great and will cheer up her décor in the simplest way.

#6 Custom Actual Handwriting Bracelets 

Custom Actual Handwriting Bracelets

Any mom who appreciates jewelry will delight in the opportunity to have your handwriting grace her favorite bracelet. With this adorable bangle, she gets to carry a little piece of you with her everywhere she goes, an opportunity virtually every mom would die for!

And though it is simple enough for everyday wear, the high-quality material, solid sterling silver, ensures durability.

#7 Mom The Woman The Myth The Legend Hoodie 

Mom The Woman The Myth The Legend Hoodie

Here is a great way to spice up your mom’s wardrobe, keep her warm and give her a reason to laugh all in one! Truth be told, with everything that moms do, they are the closest we could ever come to a real-life superhero.

They spend their lives chasing around villains (a.k.a kids), have superhuman senses and can multitask better than Batman! This stylish hoodie says it better than any of us could.

#8 Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set 

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Honor the special bond you share with mom with the ultimate emotional gift for mom from daughters, this letter book set. Writing a letter allows you to eternalize memories and express feelings that you would not otherwise voice. 

And as the perfect keepsake, a letter allows you to always have that person with you even when you have to part ways. With this set, you get prompts to inspire you to get started on your collection of forty cards.

#9 Actual Fingerprint Necklaces 

Actual Fingerprint Necklaces - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

If she happens to be perpetually chic then a fingerprint necklace is a great personalized gift for mom. Guaranteed to add lots of flair to her look, this necklace will become part of her everyday ensemble. But more importantly, the fingerprint pendant will make an indelible mark on her heart and offer a visual reminder that someone cares deeply for her.

#10 Dear Mom Thank You Mug 

Dear Mom Thank You, Personalized Funny Mom Gift

Let mom know how much you appreciate her with a personalized mug that says it all! It’s not always easy to put into words our appreciation for all the sacrifices she made and still makes for her kids. But this mug will tell her precisely that, every day as she sips on her favorite beverage. Give her the warm fuzzies both literally and symbolically.

#11 Complete Spa Gift Pack 

Complete Spa Gift Pack

Few things are quite as difficult As shopping for a gift for the mom who has everything. Fortunately, we have you covered on that! Give her the opportunity to self-indulge with the complete spa set. Comprising a scented soap of choice, bath salt, muscle and skin rescue balms and lip balm, the set is everything a mom needs to unwind after a tough day.

#12 Bonds of Friendship Bracelets 

Children's Friendship Bracelets

It is highly likely that your mom was your first best friend and if you are fortunate enough, she might still be! Here is a way to celebrate that special bond in style with one of these gifts for moms from daughters. These elegant wooden pieces feature a delicate infinity symbol executed in articulate craftsmanship. And where the bracelets close, two arrows meet as an icon to your undying friendship.

#13 Engraved Wooden Customized Garden Tools 

Engraved Wooden Customized Garden Tools - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

A nature-themed gift is a perfect choice if the mom in your life spends most of her time in the garden. Thanks to their elegance and personalization option, they will find a special place in her heart and give her reason to smile. But beyond that, their handy size will make them her perfect companions as she rakes, digs, and plants in the dirt.

#14 Custom Family Tree Portrait 

Family Tree Painting

Nothing warms up a mom’s heart quite as much as seeing all her offspring together. While the fast pace of life does not allow for that as often as mom would like, a family tree portrait is a great way to keep her yearning in check. Unlike the regular family portraits, this artistic piece feels like a breath of fresh air thanks to customization and personality in the design.

#15 Personalized Home is Where Mom Is Wind Chime

Personalized Home is Where Mom Is Wind Chime

Bring back the good old days of wind chime music but with a clever personalized twist that will melt mom’s heart. One of the most unique Mothers Day gifts, this creative piece makes her the center of your universe in more ways than one. The wording is precise and full of meaning and its decorative appeal is way up there! Brighten up her patio or balcony with this amazing present.

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#16 The Slender Morgan & French Fingerprint Ring 

The Slender Morgan & French Fingerprint Ring

A stunning ring like this one makes a great keepsake for mom that she will never want to take off. For a mom who loves to look sophisticated at all times, this is an equally refined piece to match her style. What makes it special though is the fingerprint etching on the band that allows her to have you close at all times when distance separates you.

#17 Personalized Mom Birthstone Bracelet 

Personalized Mom Birthstone Bracelet - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

For a low-key yet elegant mama, these understated bracelets certainly take the day! The slim clean-cut design makes them statement pieces in their own right. Add to the effect by choosing appropriate birthstones for engraving to represent the people she loves and make the bracelet more sparkly. Complete the striking look with a single-word text that appeals to her heart.

#18 Personalized Name Earrings 

Personalized Name Earrings - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

You can never go wrong with jewelry when it comes to choosing unique gifts for mothers. The name ear climber sets a new high in creativity and visual appeal. It cannot get any more personal than this and you can be sure mom will have lots of people asking where she got it. Take her style and elegance up a few notches with this outstanding choice.

#19 Custom Hand Stamped Mama Bear Necklaces 

Custom Hand Stamped Mama Bear Necklaces

Give mom a chance to showcase her fashion sense as well as her brood on this soppy sentimental mom gift. Comprising a mama bear and her cubs in tow, this necklace will be every mother’s pride and joy. Her bear can hold a full name or any single-word text of choice while her young ones carry initials. Keep everyone close to her heart in style and she will really appreciate the gesture.

#20 Personalized Mom Family Tree Print 

Personalized Mom Family Tree Print

A family tree with a twist is a great choice to bring together everyone mom holds dear. The bespoke design comprises an actual tree with mom at the center, and apples to represent family, friends and even pets, up to a total of 20 names. A plant pot allows for further customization with a classic quote or other text of choice. The print comes in red, gold, green or blue.

#21 Outdoor Folding Wine Table 

Outdoor Folding Wine Table

The ultimate tribute to your mom’s love for wine is this classic outdoor wine table. Holders for her bottle of wine and two glasses are the highlight of the design, reducing the chances of spills. And if she loves to take her liquor with her on picnics or camping, a foldable design makes it easily portable. Add the personalization aspect and you have her hooked!

#22 Dainty Personalized Initial Rings 

Dainty Initial Ring

Dainty rings offer lots of room to upgrade mom’s style and keep her children close at hand, pun intended. Thanks to their slender bands, you can get her as many rings as her children, each one bearing an initial for both symbolic and aesthetic purposes. These sentimental gifts for mom will be sure to draw out a tear or two.

#23 Your Child’s Drawing on a Keychain 

Your Child's Drawing on a Keychain

Turn your kids’ artwork into the most touching and unique gifts for mothers. Every mom loves the opportunity to show off their kids’ “prowess” at everything including art. What better way to make that a reality than by using their drawings to create a one-of-a-kind gift that will touch her heart for sure! This is the perfect gift for the mom who has everything.

#24 Birthstone Wishing Balls 

Birthstone Wishing Balls - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

Start mom off on a journey to realizing her dreams and reaching her milestone with this exquisite wishing ball. Each ball comes with 52 paper slips, one for each week of the year, ideal for capturing wishes, achievements, dreams, and aspirations. The messages she records on each one will be eternalized in the shimmering ball creating a meaningful display. Choose a color that corresponds to her birthstone.

#25 Custom Illustrated Family Portraits 

Custom Illustrated Family Portraits

Add an artistic touch to mom’s interior décor with one of these unique gifts for mom. This artistic portrait comprises hand-drawn impressions of every family member capturing their personality. It has room for everyone including the four-legged family members and would therefore be a mom’s pride and joy. Select the ideal size and format that will suit her home décor and preferences.

#26 Personalized Wooden Photo Gift 

Personalized Wooden Photo Gift

Delight an artsy mom with a wooden wall art piece bearing her favorite people. Whether these happen to be her family, friends or even pet, large pallet photos are a great way to eternalize their memory and upgrade her interior décor in a single move. Their rustic appeal offers a timeless look that will hold true through the test of time.

#27 Personalised Photo Locket 

Personalised Photo Locket - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

A heart-shaped locket is the perfect place to secure memories and makes this necklace an amazing sentimental gift for mom. This piece opens up to reveal four slots that could hold her kids’ photos in lovely frames.

The photographs are printed on the metal itself for a durable vintage look. A brass background completes the effect making this one of the best sentimental gifts for mom.

#28 Personalized Family Mugs 

Personalized Family Mugs

Create an amazing collectible set for mum with these personalized mugs. A touch of whimsy permeates the design to make mom smile when she comes across the display. The unique artwork makes use of the details you provide on a family member’s skin and hair color, clothing, and name. And when the kids come home to roost, everyone will have a mug to their name.

#29 Women’s Monogrammed Bathrobes 

Women's Monogrammed Bathrobes

Though they might not admit it, every mom loves some downtime, away from the hustles of child-rearing and life in general. In order to help them optimize the experience, these personalized gowns offer a soft, warm, and relaxing touch. Premium fabric makes this a great choice for pampering the person who made you who you are.

#30 Personalized Cutting Board Gift for Mom 

Personalized Cutting Board Gift for Mom - Sentimental Gifts For Mom

Moms spend a lot more time in the kitchen than most other family members making this a thoughtful and practical gift choice. It is a great addition to her kitchen collection and its elegant appeal will help her enjoy the space even more.  Having her children’s names on it will make her efforts to keep them well-fed and happy all the more worthwhile.

#31 A Prayer for My Mom Wood Wall Art

A Prayer for My Mom Wood Wall Art

Surprise your mom with this touching wall art!  It is an inscribed artwork with a sincere prayer from the heart for someone who has the most merit for bringing you into the world. It is made of wood, thus enhancing its aesthetic as a wall decoration. This will be a significant gift to your mother. When she looks at it, your mother will definitely think of you.

#32 Customized Music Box 

Music Box Hand Crank Engraved Musical Box

The melody of music can bring back good old memories that touch the heart dearly. If your mom likes instrument tones, this one can be the best gift for her. This exquisite music box is meticulously hand-engraved, creating a unique and distinct pattern. Wooden material further adds to the elegance and vintage impression of this item. Even cooler, you can customize your wish to be crafted on the box. The selected song instrument can also be personalized.

#33 Hand-Painted Sculpture Mom and Daughter Figure

Willow Tree Close to me

Giving this sculpture as a gift for your beloved mother will undoubtedly melt her heart. The hand-painted sculpture perfectly depicts a daughter and a mother hugging that is so heart-warming. It is made of resin. Thus, its durability is not questionable. This sentimental gift is perfect for home decoration and a cure for homesickness when you are not around. We guarantee that this gift can strengthen the bond between you and your mom.

#34 3D Rose Etching in Crystal LED Lamp

3D Rose Etching in Crystal LED Lamp

This stunning table lamp features a realistic 3D rose etching inside a crystal cube. It looks even more captivating when you turn the blue LED on. The rose inside the crystal symbolizes your mother’s eternal love.

Her love won’t wither no matter what happens to you. There is also an engraving on the crystal that says “I love you”, making this table lamp the most sentimental gift for her.

#35 Sentimental Blanket for Mom

Sentimental Blanket for Mom

Here is something that can keep her warm inside out! This blanket for mom features a unique post-card design that include some touching writings. She can drap herself with the lovely blanket and fill your love anytime she feels lonely. The blanket itself is very comfy, perfect to keep the cold away.

#36 Adorable Photo Frame

Adorable Photo Frame

A sentimental gift for mom should include something that can remind her of the good old memory. Hence, we believe that this adorable photo frame would make a lovely present for her. You can add your favorite photo together with your mom on it. She will absolutely treasure the sweet memory inside the unique photo frame!

#37 Tumbler for Mom

Tumbler for Mom

The simplicity of this tumbler amplifies the warmness it is trying to convey! Here is a unique travel tumbler for your mom. It comes in a soft cream white color and a quote that says “Best Mom Ever”. This tumbler will allow your mom to drink on the go as it includes a straw set as well. She will appreciate this practical yet sentimental gift!

#38 A Book Dedicated to Your Mom

A Book Dedicated to Your Mom

Why don’t you write a book dedicated to your mom? That would make the ultimate sentimental gift for her. Too hard? Don’t worry because you can now write a book about your mom with the help of this journal filled with prompts. You can complete the prompts and finish them all. Once you’ve filled everything, you can give the book to her!

 What are the best sentimental gifts for mom?

A Prayer for My Mom Wood Wall Art – Shop Now!

Customized Music Box – Shop Now!

Raw Personalized Birthstone Crystal Necklace – Shop Now!

Mama Bear T-Shirt – Shop Now!

Actual Fingerprint Necklaces – Shop Now!

Personalized Mom Birthstone Bracelet – Shop Now!

Personalized Mom Family Tree Print – Shop Now

Custom Hand Stamped Mama Bear Necklaces – Shop Now!

Birthstone Wishing Balls – Shop Now!

Hand-Painted Sculpture Mom and Daughter Figure – Shop Now!

Armed with all of the above options, you are now at a much better place to express your thoughtfulness and care for that special mom and give her a gift that will hold relevance for a long time to come. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, an anniversary celebration, her birthday or just because, you can be sure that your sentimental mom gift will be appreciated and treasured forever.

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