43 Cute Best Friendship Bracelets & Charm Bracelets for Adults!

True friendship is hard to come by. Few things are treasured quite as much, which is why we dedicate this post to all the BFFs out there. For true BFFs, having best friendship bracelets will offer an opportunity to express gratitude for the wonderful friendship. Bracelets are simple yet captivating, and they say all that needs to be said between best friends in just a few words.

As a sign of a strong bond between best friends, BFF bracelets come in various designs and also concepts. Moreover, there are various best friend charm bracelets that feature renowned friendship symbols.

On our list of the best friendship bracelets below, we also have couples bracelets that inject a personal touch into a simple accessory. Some are complimentary designs, and only complete when you are together, while other bracelets help you survive long-distance relationships.

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What Are Friendship Bracelets?

Friendship bracelets are simple, hand-woven bracelets made from thread or cord. They are often exchanged between friends as a symbol of their friendship and are thought to have originated in South America. The making and exchanging of friendship bracelets is a tradition in many cultures and can be a simple way to show someone that you care about them.

What Makes A Friendship Bracelet A Good Gift?

Friendship bracelets are a thoughtful and sentimental gift because they are often made by hand and can be customized to fit the recipient’s personality and style. They also symbolize the strong bond between friends.

Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

This comprehensive list displays the most prized pieces from the global collection, and we can assure you that there is something for everyone. After all, no one knows your best friend better than you do, right? So, take your time and choose a pair that will completely mesmerize both of you, and you can thank us later!

#1 Broken in Half Heart Best Friend Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

We all know that farewells are part of life. But when you have to say goodbye to our best friend, having a memento makes the agony bearable. Therefore, we think that these friendship bracelets will become an amazing way for both of you to keep the memory alive.

These bracelets come in a very meaningful shape of a broken heart shape, which hold so much meaning, and at the same time express the sentiment quite well, too. Just a glance at it, and the pain subsides.

#2 Infinity Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

The infinity symbol is definitely one of the most classic and iconic friendship icons out there. Based on that fact, we recommend this adorable bracelet that holds embedded infinity charms. The charms perfectly represent those friends that you hold dearly.

A single initial is basically all you need to memorialize your best friends. So, no matter how far or near they are to you, you will always have them close to your heart.

#3 Two Sided Skinny Bar Initials Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Have you ever had a problem choosing for the perfect gift for a friend who seems to have everything? We feel you, and that is why we recommend you this bracelet. This adorable piece of jewelry is a thoughtful choice to show you how much you care for your BFF.

The bar is appropriate as it provides space to get a custom message across. It comes in both gold and silver materials. However, in our opinion, the gold version is an exquisite choice to add sentimental weight to the gesture.

#4 Pizza Slice Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Once in your life, you will meet a group of friends who fill your days with fun and also meaning. Those friends deserve to be called your best friends. Therefore, to show them how much you appreciate their presence in your life, you might want to give them back a dose of similar medicine with these whimsical friendship bracelets.

To every single one of them, give them a pizza slice each, to remind them of good times shared together. Then, take a visual bite and smile every time you think of them.

#5 Personalised Gold Bar Best Friend Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

In your wedding day, your best friends deserve a place in your line of bridesmaids, and there’s no doubt about it. As a token of appreciation, you might want to get a fitting symbol of gratitude for all of your beautiful bridesmaids after the big day. Also, we honestly think that a personalized bracelet is one of the best ways to do that.

These lovely bracelets come in adorable rose gold and it has a plate that allows space for you to engrave a custom message. So, what are you waiting for? Show your gratitude to your best friends using these novel accessories.

#6 BFF Travel Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Best friend charm bracelets don’t come any better than these! We’re pretty sure that you agree with us on that, because you get to make a wish when putting it on and if ever it falls off, the wish will come true. However, you would not want it to fall off, now would you? In terms of design, it has a unique compass pendant. Adorably, the compass pendant resonates with the message on the accompanying card.

#7 The Essence of Friendship Pandora Bracelet

best friendship bracelets

Who doesn’t know about Pandora bracelets? Or the be exact, who doesn’t love Pandora bracelets? Based how on how beautiful they are, then we would recommend this next Pandora bracelet to become one of the best friendship bracelets for you and your BFFs. This Pandora bracelet showcases a unique combination – friendship and wisdom charms. They are a timely complement to a valued friend.

The charms are full of meaning; they also make a stylish accessory to bring out the elegant side of both your as well. Moreover, they are simple yet filled with promises to keep your bonds remain strong until many years to come.

#8 Mignon & Mignon Personalized Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Coordinate bracelets present endless possibilities! One of which is the fact that they could mark the place where you first met your BFF, or also your favorite destination. When placed on such an appealing band, they ensure the memory will last forever. Also, we personally think that they will also make a great gift for a special occasion or simply just because.

#9 Silver Long Distance Relationship Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Next up on the list, we have unique custom friendship or couples bracelets that will make great matching jewelries for you and your BFFs. When distance stands in your way, these bracelets proves that there is no better way to sum it up.

The design offers a one-of-a-kind accessory option for someone who loves to stand out, just like you and your NFFs. Also, they ooze creativity and hold great significance for long-distance lovers or friends.

#10 BFF Crossed Arrows Bracelets 

best friendship bracelets

This design draws upon a Native American friendship symbol, as the two crossed arrows signify your interwoven destinies. We truly think that you might want to layer them all on your arm, or perhaps share one each with your closest friends.

All of you would undoubtedly love the design because in our opinion, it showcases simplicity and elegance at their best. However, make sure you choose the color that best defines you and your friends’ personality.

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#11 Set of Two Gold or Silver Anchor Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

The anchor is yet another long-standing relationship icon. Coupled with this timely gift card message, they will make the best token for a special celebration with your best girls. As for the anchor design, it perfectly signifies how strong your bond is, and it’s tough enough to stand through the hardest times. Moreover, we do think that it will make an even greater impact for best friends who love to sail.

#12 Tiny Heart Wish Bracelet

best friendship bracelets

Minimalists arise and make your claim! The beauty of this delicate bracelet lies in the fact that it’s almost not even there. It is quite a deviation from the precious metal trend. The waxed cord lends it authenticity, and the brass centerpiece and end-piece beads stand out, which make an unexpected statement. For a best friend with a simple out bringing, this bracelet is the one to pick. After all, we do know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, do we?

#13 Custom Hand Stamped Friendship Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

In our opinion, you will not be able to deny the fun aspect that defines the design of this bracelet. These custom best friend bracelets are the best possible items to give you the chance to eternalize memorable quotes. It is simple yet adorable, and the personalization options open a whole world of possibilities to speak of the bond between you and your best girls. We believe without a doubt that these bracelets will keep your friendship vibrant.

#14 Friends Totem Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

If you have a weak spot for symbols then this was made for you. This bracelet draws inspiration from Native American culture. If you ask why, then we must say that it combines meaningful patterns to define your alliance.

Their functional aspect is as impressive as the aesthetics. Also, if you want to take it a notch higher, then we would suggest that you add a custom message and have your message engraved on the inside part of the bracelet.

#15 Stella Valle Best Friends Wrist Cuffs

best friendship bracelets

Do you know how at times you don’t even know why you put up with your BFF’s crap? If you feel that way sometimes, then we have the perfect item for you, as these wrist cuffs will always remind you of the reason.

Let’s be honest here, you really do not have a choice in the matter. You are stuck together for life and there is nothing you can do about it! So it’s better for you to accept it, and even better, celebrate it with these bracelets and endure it!

#16 Mignon & Mignon Cuff Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Here is a creative way to kill two birds with a single bracelet. When it comes to the best friendship bracelets, we definitely think that these best friendship bracelets are the ones to grab. They will not only look great, but they will also allow you to engrave your life mantra. The more of them you stack up the merrier they will get. And that special message you want to pass to your best friend? Do it in style with one of these.

#17 Bow, Arrow, initial and Birthstone Charm Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

If you have to live with the pains and pleasures of having many friends then you need a go-to gift. This is the item for you to pick! It offers two personalization levels and one awesome elegant touch. Get their initials engraved on the disc and choose the fitting birthstone for each of them. Then shoot straight for their heart with the bow and arrow charm.

#18 Partners in Crime Best Friends Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

We all have that one friend we know is bad for us. But still, it seems that we just cannot live without them. Based on that unique fact, why not celebrate the blunder in style? This bracelet is, according to us, the perfect item to celebrate it. The partner in crime half-charms are bound to energize you for the next mischief episode.

In addition, when you have to be apart with that special friend of yours, this item will keep your bond alive till you meet again.

#19 Pineapple BFF Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

Stainless steel is the perfect eternity symbol to mark your strong relationship with your BFFs. Therefore, you might want to check this charm bracelets made of stainless steel that come as one of the best friendship bracelets. The pineapple charm is a renowned appreciation token for warmth and friendship. Moreover, it is bound to survive every phenomenon including the Zombie Apocalypse.

The two silver charms add to its appeal. All in all, we have to say that they define the most toxic BFF relationships and guarantee their undying endurance.

#20 BFF Bracelet Matching Wristband

BFF Bracelet Matching Wristband

This beaded Boho design is an inspired choice for artsy types. The bracelets are colorful and vibrant, perfect for every occasion. In our opinion, turquoise is an ideal color choice for both guys and ladies.

Moreover, the layered design also makes it possible to shift between necklace and bracelet. Plus, the feather element also completes its significance as a love and gratitude symbol.

#21 BFF Birthstone Charm Bracelets

best friendship bracelets

For all those in the house who love to go the extra mile, you might want to stick around because we have the perfect bracelet for you. We have this BFF birthstone charm bracelet that comes as the ultimate affection gesture for you and also your best friend.

Even better, you can get it customized with alternating birthstones for the two of you. In short, we do think that these beautiful jewels will fill it with meaning and unmatched beauty.

#22 Best Friends Arrow Charm Bracelet

Best Friends Arrow Charm Bracelet

The Best Friends Arrow bracelets are just remarkable. They offer unique symbolic significance which will strengthen the bond between two best friends. The arrow shape with the words “Best & Friends” on it are definitely the centerpiece highlight of these bracelets. We honestly think that this set of bracelets will make an awesome gift choice bound to charm the socks off of your best friend.

#23 Electronic Friendship Bracelets

Electronic Friendship Bracelets

The next item on our list is the friendship bracelets for all the guys in the house. Based on how the bracelet looks, we can immediately conclude that this item was inspired by guys’ natural affection for all tech-related things. Having said so, we can say that this bracelet will be perfect for all the geeks out there!

It is a futuristic choice filled with exciting options. It allows communication when you happen to be in the same locality, and you can program it to communicate in your own Morse code version. Pretty cool, huh?

#24 Eat and Drink Me BFF Bracelets

Eat and Drink Me BFF Bracelets

The next items are food-inspired bracelets for special friends who share a culinary attachment. They are most adorable and playful in terms of design, which will strengthen your bond using a fun humor kind of way.

No matter how mad your BFF is at you, we can assure you that gifting them with one of these will immediately melt the tension. It is a stylish reason for both of you to smile every day.

#25 Pinky Promise BFF Bangles

Pinky Promise BFF Bangles 

Would you like to take a trip back in time with your best friend? For that purpose, we highly recommend these BFF bracelets, as we do believe that these items will bring back the simple times beautifully.

The pinky finger is all you needed back in those days to seal a promise. So, why not treasure the symbol by getting it cast in silver? It is the epitome of simplicity yet a most binding friendship icon.

#26 His and Hers Forever Beaded Bracelets

His and Hers Forever Beaded Bracelets

His and her bracelets serve as a stylish allegiance symbol for couples. If you and your significant other has the kind of relationship that goes more than just a lover, then these lava bracelets signify eternal love and loyalty. These bracelets will be a symbol of love and friendships that burns for a lifetime.

The well-placed accents introduce a beautiful contrast, plus the blue and purple choice also makes the perfect harmonious blend. So why not get a pair for yourself and your better half?

#27 BFF Handcuff Bracelets

No products found.

These handcuff bracelets introduce a humorous aspect to this sentimental space. It is the ultimate and ideal gift for a friend who finds you annoying but somehow adorable, because it will remind him or her that they are stuck with you for life.

You can make your choice between silver and gold to suit your personality, and get your unique message on a lovely card to accompany this delightful gift.

#28 Personalised Sound Wave Bracelets

Personalised Sound Wave Bracelets

The timeless sound wave trend is back again. And this time it is here to stay. These are the kind of bracelets that you never want to take off. The unique design is an inspiration based on your best friend’s sound wave. This guarantees a unique pattern for each one of your treasured pals.

#29 Yin Yang Couples Bracelets

Yin Yang Couples Bracelets

The Yin Yang symbols are a timeless choice to mark a special friendship, and on this next item, the elements come in adorable beaded bracelets in Onyx and Agate. We believe you know that these gems are renowned for their positive energy, right?

So, we believe without a doubt that they will infuse your relationship with positivity. In terms of design, they can also blend with any wardrobe choice, which will make an elegant choice for every occasion.

#30 Minimal Circle Friendship Bracelets

Minimal Circle Friendship Bracelets

What we love about this design is definitely its minimalistic elegance. It uses a simple interlocking design to represent your unending friendship, making it a delicate bracelet for a sophisticated friend.

In addition, it will also make a fashion and personality statement in the fewest words possible. So, let’s wait no more and give it as a gift to create a cherished memory your friend will always treasure.

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#31 Alex and Ani Best Friends Charm Bracelet 

Alex and Ani Best Friends Charm Bracelet 

At times our friendships go through so much drama, that’s a fact, and sometimes a single bracelet cannot tell it all. Or can it? Well, this bracelet goes to show that you can have as many charms on your as you please. Plus, you can even add new ones as your story unfolds. So go on and have fun with it! Don’t let nothing hold you back.

#32 Arrow of Friendship Bracelet

Arrow of Friendship Bracelet

Thinking about what would be the perfect items to celebrate your friendship with your BFF? Why not make a bracelet of the ultimate friendship icon for that reason? Who said it has to be a minimal charm anyway? Comes as the perfect answer for your problem, this entire bracelet brings to life the whole friendship essence.

It is simple and beautiful, and it allows for customization using ornate little initials for your names. Also, we do think that the craftsmanship is remarkable and adds a great value to the bracelet, too!

#33 Personalized Initials Bar Bracelet

Personalized Initials Bar Bracelet

It is the little things in life that make our lives complete, just like this little bracelet that has so much potential to please a precious friend. If you look closely, you will see that the bar creates room for a personal message. Plus, it also allows for a turquoise gemstone to feature in the design.

In addition, it also has a little of everything that counts to celebrate a treasured friendship.

#34 Tree of Life BFF Bracelet

Tree of Life BFF Bracelet

This beautiful design from nature’s garden is bound to delight you and your friends. It adds a splash of color to this collection and to your accessory list.

In terms of the overall appearance, it blends text, symbols and design perfectly to capture all that defines a good friendship. Also, the infinity sign and the tree of life also make it look outstanding. Last but not least, we also think that the woven pattern takes it to the next level.

#35 Personalised BFF Charm Bracelets

Personalised BFF Charm Bracelets

Deep down inside, you probably want your friendship to withstand storms and see you through difficult days, and maybe, you also want it to blossom and prosper. After that, you might want your friend to know what you feel as well, right? For that reason, this adorable charm bracelet might be the perfect option.

Talking about your feelings, you also need a reminder that you owe them one for always being there fore you. Therefore, we think that this single bracelet achieves all that using the adorable charms placed around it.

#36 Beaded Skull Friendship Bracelets

Beaded Skull Friendship Bracelets

Do not think for one moment that we forgot the gothic lovers in the house. After all, how could we? The next items on our list is a set of matching bracelets that come in different colors to suit two different people.

Yet together they look so good just like the two of you. So whether you want to celebrate true love or friendly affection, this is it.

#37 Gold Plated Butterfly Friendship Bracelets

Gold Plated Leather Butterfly Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets for adults do not have to follow convention, because they are can go crazy in material and also design choices. It is these outstanding designs that make the deepest impressions.

This minimalistic piece combines favorite classics, which are leather and gold. In our opinion, it can grace any occasion and give off a sophisticated essence.

#38 Sloth Sterling Silver Sloth Friendship Bracelets

Sloth Sterling Silver Sloth Friendship Bracelets

As the years advance, we come to accept our slothful nature and that of our best friends. We get to know that there is so much more to life than early mornings and late nights. Therefore, here is a memento to celebrate that new light. So let your friend know that you love them just the way they are.

#39 Personalised Hidden Message Couple Bracelets

Personalised Hidden Message Couple Bracelets

Hidden messages, inside jokes, and code words define every healthy relationship, including the relationship between you and your best friend. So, why not make this a part of your daily existence?

We think that these delightful bracelets will carry your little secrets faithfully for all time. On the outside, they will always be a stylish accessory. But on the inside, your private treasure chest. What an adorable item, indeed!

#40 BFF Cuff Bracelets

BFF Cuff Bracelets

Do you remember the first day you met your BFF? Let’s make sure you remember always and celebrate the story with these cuff best friend bracelets. It is one of those situations that have no way out.

In our opinion, you just have to make the most of it and try to have some fun. Moreover, the infinity loop will always remind you that this eternal bond cannot be undone.

#41 Volcanic Charm Friendship Bracelet

Volcanic Charm Friendship Bracelet

You must have those besties who have been through various ups and downs together in life, as if they are you own siblings. Friends like them deserve special appreciation from you by giving them a souvenir in the form of friendship bracelets like this one.

Designed from unique volcanic stones, these bracelets give their own charm. Moreover, the line that connects the natural stones can stretch, so it adjusts to your best friends’ wrists. They are indeed a perfect friendship gift you can buy for your BFF.

#42 Pinky Promise Friendship Bracelet

Pinky Promise Friendship Bracelet

Are you in a long-distance friendship with your bestie? Well, you can strengthen your friendship bond by wearing a pinky promise friendship bracelet.

Having a pendant designed to resemble the moon and sun gives the impression that you are friends who complement each other. When the sunset comes, the moon will shine. What a meaningful message in a bracelet!

#43 Magnetic Attraction Friendship Bracelet

No products found.

Two close friends will usually always go everywhere together like a magnet. Based on that fact, this friendship bracelet will come as an awesome item to describe the quality of your friendship with your best friend.

Despite its simple shape, this bracelet is made of beautiful agate stone, making anyone who wears it look charming. In addition, these stones are also believed to reduce stress and grow positive energy around you. Interested?

Final Thoughts

Friendship bracelets are a fun and creative way to show your love and appreciation for a friend. Whether you make them yourself or purchase them from a store, they are sure to be treasured as a sentimental reminder of your bond.

The best part about best friend bracelets is the endless personalization options. Think of something that adds meaning to your relationship. Get it into one of these delicate pieces and you are good to go. We believe without a doubt that your friendship will thrive with a unique jewelry piece to celebrate the good times.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to store friendship bracelets?

The best way to store friendship bracelets is to keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat. Some options include:

  • Jewelry box or container: You can store the bracelet in a small box or container to keep it protected and free from dust.
  • Pouch or bag: You can also store the bracelet in a soft pouch or bag to keep it from getting tangled with other jewelry.
  • Jewelry stand: A jewelry stand can be a good option to store and display the friendship bracelet.
  • Hanging Organizer: A hanging organizer can be a good option for keeping friendship bracelets organized and easily accessible.

How can you care for your friendship bracelets?

Here are a few tips for taking care of friendship bracelets:

  • Avoid exposing them to water or harsh chemicals, as these can cause discoloration and damage to the bracelet.
  • Store the bracelet in a cool, dry place when not wearing it. This will prevent damage from moisture and sunlight.
  • Handle the bracelet gently, as excessive pulling and twisting can cause the threads to break.
  • If your bracelet becomes tangled, use a small, gentle brush to untangle it. Avoid using sharp objects, as this can damage the threads.
  • You can also clean your bracelet using a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution. Rinse the bracelet thoroughly and allow it to air dry completely before wearing it again.

What can you buy as a gift for your long-distance best friends?

Giving your best friend a gift of matching friendship bracelets can help strengthen your long-distance friendship. You can choose bracelets with deep meanings that reflect your friendship, for example, magnetic attraction friendship bracelets that describe your closeness like a magnet.

In addition, there is also a pinky promise with moon and sun pendants that complement each other like you and your best friend.

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