25 Wonderful Gifts That Give Back

We have problems that sometimes block our path and bring our spirits down. However, we still need to be grateful, as there are a lot of people with far more problems than us. Moaning about our problems won’t get us anywhere. Instead, we should give thanks for all the good things and how blessed we are. To show our gratitude, we can donate some items and find gifts that give back. 

Mental health, disaster victims, and minority groups are some causes that you can help donate. Fortunately, there are many items that you can get as charitable gifts. As an alternative, there’s a lot of online sellers that donates some of their profits to a charity organization. That way, you won’t have to bother finding organizations to donate to. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best gifts that give back. 

Small (Yet Amazing) Items That Give Back

Size doesn’t really matter in picking an appropriate gift. In fact, there’s a lot of smaller items that you can get as gifts that give back. Take a look at some beautiful bracelets and other unique items that you can buy as charitable items.

1. I Love You Necklace

I Love You Necklace

Express our deepest support to the one who needs them the most with this adorable necklace. It will show them that we do care and support them despite their hardships. Buying this necklace will also help support animal rescue!

2. “Say Their Names” Gold Necklace

“Say Their Names” Gold Necklace

Everyone has the right to be treated equally. That’s the reason why you should promote equal justice initiatives by using this gold necklace. Proceeds of this necklace will be forwarded to the “Equal Justice Initiatives” What are you waiting for? Help now!

3. Mental Health Ornaments

Mental Health Ornaments

Hundreds and thousands of people suffer from mental health every day. And it’s not a light matter that should be underestimated. You should support the fight for mental health by obtaining this amazing ornament. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). 

4. Premium Rose and Sandalwood Candle

Premium Rose and Sandalwood Candle

Lighting up a scented candle helps bring a relaxing mood to the room. But if you want to help other people too, you can buy this scented candle instead. Each purchase will help Zoe International to stop human trafficking. 

5. Kids-for-Kids Rainbow Socks

Kids-for-Kids Rainbow Socks

These beautiful socks were made by Jake Teitelbaum, a cancer survivor. After his recovery, he teamed up with another cancer survivor to make beautiful socks for kids. For every pair sold, they’re going to donate it to a local hospital. 

6. Set of 3 Socks for Mental Health

Set of 3 Socks for Mental Health

Wear these comfy socks in your home to warm yourself and have a relaxing break. But you should be glad to know that if you’re going to buy them, a part of the money will also be donated to NAMI. Help promote the importance of mental health!

7. 10 Pieces of DIY Metal Rose

10 Pieces of DIY Metal Rose

eBay for Charity has released a wonderful program that allows sellers to list gifts that give back. These sellers are authorized agents from a charity, so all the money that you use to buy the item will go directly for donations. This Metal Rose is just an example of gifts that give back from eBay. You know what: you could buy and hand this metal rose to someone in need too. 

8. Hadar Bracelets

Hadar Bracelets

Although they are cute, buying bracelets might seem old school and simplistic. However, if you know that purchasing one enables you to give back to the community, don’t think twice again. Some of the proceedings will be forwarded to the Foundation 22Stars. 

9. Charitable Walmart Card

Charitable Walmart Card

Donating money directly to a person in need might also seem to be a good idea. You might not know their primary needs, so you can just offer them a charitable gift card. This Walmart card will fit perfectly for the task. 

10. Amazon Charity on Top Card

Amazon Charity on Top Card

If you don’t know a particular person who currently needs a donation, then you should opt for this Amazon Charity on Top card instead. Purchase it and add some personalized message to make your voice heard regarding current events. 

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11. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

If you’re a busy person, you might want to keep a notebook to help record all the things that you need to remember. The best part is that if you purchase this wonderful item, a certain percentage of the profits will be donated to Tehila, a non-profit organization in Zambia with the mission to prevent child cruelty. 

12. Callaway 3D Tumbler Gift Set

Callaway 3D Tumbler Gift Set

The Callaway Tumbler set contains various accessories that a golf addict loves. The tumbler itself features double-walled vacuum insulation to keep the drink’s temperature. It is a great item that can be given as gifts for charity events. 

Memorable Gifts That Give Back

Let’s keep on going and discuss more items that you can get as gifts that give back. You’ll see memorable and unique items that can come in handy for the person in need. Here’s to hoping that these items will help cheer them up. 

13. Hand-Stitched Travel Bag

gifts that give back

Handmade items are always special and they will be a great gift idea. You can get this beautiful travel bag and give them to your loved ones. When you purchase this item, you’re helping four underprivileged women in India and supporting their kids at home. 

14. Random Acts of Kindness Kits

gifts that give back

There’s a lot of good that you can do on Mother Earth. But if you’re confused and don’t know where to start, you might want to consider buying this kindness kit. Inside, you’ll find a lot of cards that can guide you in sharing kindness. 

15. Educational Kids Game

gifts that give back

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of children who suffered from child abuse, trafficking, poverty, and sickness. You can help bring a smile to their face by giving this wonderful game. Besides, it can teach them a lesson or two!

16. Reusable Face Pads and Wash Bag

gifts that give back

We have been talking about giving back to communities and people. But we haven’t really talked about gifts that give back to our environment. If you want to keep the Earth safe and healthy, try to use these eco-friendly pads and bags. They are completely reusable and made from soft material. 

17. Post-Surgery Patient Pajamas

gifts that give back

This adorable pajama is made by cancer survivors and caregivers. They are really comfortable to wear. If you know somebody who has just recently recovered from a surgery, you should buy this item for them. A portion of the profits will be donated to cancer research and support groups. 

18. RISD Student Tool Kit

gifts that give back

Students and young adults are the future of our world. We shouldn’t allow them to leave school because of their financial restriction. If you want to play a part, you can donate and help one student in the Rhode Island School of Design (RSID) by giving them this wonderful toolbox

19. West African Fonio Pilaf Gift Set

gifts that give back

If you want to try consuming unique food from other parts of the world, you might want to consider buying this set. Inside, you’ll get four gluten-free whole grains that’s been grown in Africa for millennia! When you purchase the item, 1% of the revenue will be donated to farms that grow these fonio. 

20. Socks for Dogs

gifts that give back

Whoever imagined that a sock can save dogs? Well to be fair, they won’t be saved by using these socks. But when you purchase these comfortable pairs of socks, Best Friends Animal Society will be receiving a donation! 

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21. Teacher Gift Set

gifts that give back

Teachers play a huge part in shaping the future world. Unfortunately, most teachers are not treated well, and you’ll see many of them who suffer because of financial problems. If you want to help one, you can donate this teacher gift set, and the seller will forward the item to a teacher in need. 

22. Christmas Gift Set

gifts that give back

Everybody is entitled to a nice hamper, especially during the holiday season. Perhaps this gift set might be the perfect choice to be donated for people in need. Inside, you’re going to find a scented candle, a body wash, a Christmas soap, and one pack of Ferrero Rocher. 

23. Mini Chocolate Bars

gifts that give back

People who are down and stressed out due to unforeseen situations need to be happy again. If you want to donate food for them, then what better food than chocolates? Everybody loves sweets, and that’s the reason why you should buy this as part of gifts that give back. 

24. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw

gifts that give back

Nordstrom is currently on a mission to donate some parts of their profits to a charity organization. If you’re looking to buy an item from them, we’re seriously recommending this bliss plush throw. It will be a perfect upgrade for your cuddle-up corner. 

25. Inktastic Donate Life Shirt-Organ

gifts that give back

If you already have a child, you wouldn’t want them to get hurt and ill. That’s the reason why you should buy this baby shirt and help promote organ donors for babies. Each purchase will help the cause!

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How Do You Give Someone in Need? 

You can buy items and donate them through local organizations that you know. But if you don’t have that privilege, you might want to find some gifts that give back, where the seller automatically donates the proceeds to some charity organizations. The mental health ornament and premium scented candle are two examples of those kinds of items. 

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Why Giving Back is So Important?

Not all people in the world are blessed like we do. We might complain because of some minor problems, but there are more victims who suffer from more serious issues. That’s the reason why we should give back to people. We’re all brothers and sisters, and we need to look out for each other. 

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