25 Funny Wedding Gifts You Don’t Think Exist

For newlyweds, a wedding is a beautiful and memorable moment to celebrate. Also, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to cherish forever. When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift for a special couple in your life, make sure it’s special. It doesn’t have to be expensive and all, but you better make sure it’s unique. You can even choose funny wedding gifts this time. We can assure you that you’ll get hilarious reactions from the couple.

In choosing the best and funniest wedding gifts for a special couple, it’s always a good idea to think out of the box. If you need some inspiration, then you better stick around because we have curated a list of 25 funny wedding gifts to give you ideas.

So scroll down now and get ready to be inspired!

Funny Wedding Gifts for Friends

Most people tend to focus on giving a wedding gift to the bride or groom individually. However, a wedding gift for them as a couple is actually a great idea. It can create a stronger bond between the two, and it will be something they can enjoy together as a new couple. If the couple is your friend, you might want to go for funny wedding gifts, and we have the list of the best gifts below.

1. New Wife and New Husband VooDoo Doll

New Wife and New Husband VooDoo Doll

To start with the list, we have these voodoo dolls. These dolls come as a fun wedding gift that somehow looks creepy! But thanks to the designs, there’s no negative vibe here. You can give this pair of dolls to your soon-to-be-wife bestie that has a humorous personality and also fancies paranormal mystery.

These dolls will be a cute and funny gift to build better communication between each other. Besides, your buddy can display the dolls in their room to decorate the empty space.

2. Marital Bliss Game

Marital Bliss Game

This wedding gift will strengthen the relationship between the new couple who just got married. Playing this Marital Bliss Game will be an admirable quality time to get to know each other better. Not to mention to create a stronger bond between each other, too!

Marital bliss game features cards that include many challenges related to household tasks, plus the rewards once each challenge is completed. It would be better to play the cards at the weekend when both are not busy with their work.

3. Kinky Truth or Dare

Kinky Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a fun game to play by anyone who needs a little bit of fun, including newlyweds. It includes kinky questions and challenges that will be super fun to play. To be specific, this game will challenge the couple to be honest with each other and dare to face the consequence of the choice.

It would be exciting to play when both have returned from work at night or during the weekend to spend time together. Because of the fun, these cards can even be played by people who are not too humorous or tend to be calm and shy! Dare to try?

4. Funny Couple Pillow

Funny Couple Pillow

All married couples know about pillow talk. So why not give these adorable and funny couple pillow as quirky wedding gifts for your favorite newlywed? These pillows will come in handy when they need to send their secret code, especially when they’re too tired to talk.

Moreover, the pillows also have a modern design, with black and white colors that make them perfect for adding a touch of a modern look to their bedroom. Considering the sizes, these fluffy pieces are also fantastic for the family room if they are okay with the words, ups!

5. Marriage Rules Coaster Wedding Gift

Marriage Rules Coaster Wedding Gift

Without a doubt, the wives will be happy to have this funny coaster as a gag wedding gift. However, we don’t think that the husbands will feel the same. But marriage will be much more meaningful and fun if it is full of laughter, right?

That’s why, these coasters will be the perfect wedding gifts for a lovely new couple to throw silly jokes. Plus, their sizes will come in handy on the kitchen table for meals and drinks, too!

6. Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glass

Mr and Mrs Wine Glass

If you happen to know a newly wedded couple who fancy wine, then you might want to pick this set of Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glasses as a gift.

These wine glasses will allow your friends to have quality time together while enjoying their favorite wine with these pairs. And the good news is, you can request to engrave the couple’s names to make the glasses more personal. We must say that no one can deny the elegant design of these glasses, right?

7. Funny Bride Groom Figurine

Bride Groom Figurine

This figurine is not just silly to look at but also accurately describes the couple in a funny and hilarious way. You can surprise the newly wedded couple by giving them this funny figurine. They can have it displayed in their bedroom or living room cabinet to make their guests giggle.

Since both are your friends, they will find it ridiculous to know that you understand them very well through this gift!

8. Decorative Funny Art Wall Decor

Decorative Art Wall Decor

This sarcastic yet funny wall decor can be your choice of a funny wedding gift for your friends. After all, there’ll be no wedding if there’s no love, right? This item can be an amusing wedding gift to remind the couple about the love between them. Moreover, the design is also rustic, making it a cute home decor item for a couple who adores rustic design. They can mount it on the living room wall, or the best one is in their bedroom. But make sure that the background is brighter to allow this wall decor to shine.

9. Funny Couple Rugby Figurine

Funny Couple Rugby Figurine

If your best friend’s husband is an athlete of Rugby, then you can add this cute Rugby figurine to the top of their wedding cake. Everyone will chuckle since this topper cake figurine describes the couple very well.

Besides, the couple can keep it and display the figurine in their room. And so, they will forever remember the funny moment they had on their wedding day. So what are you waiting for? Get this figurine now before it runs out!

10. Kissing Lover Sculpture

Kissing Lover Sculpture

This tiny yet adorable kissing lover sculpture can be a memorable and funny wedding gift for your friend who just got married. If your friends love art and put a special interest in unique statues, then this is the perfect item for them.

They can showcase this unusual piece as a wall décor that attracts people instantly, thanks to the whimsical design. But due to the metal material, we recommend displaying the sculpture on the table to prevent falling.

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11. Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Your childhood friend will be more than happy to receive a funny wedding gift from you. A pillow with a mixtape design will reminisce the good old days, back when the couple had just started dating.

Furthermore, you can also personalize this item by printing the couple’s name on the cover to make them more sentimental. Besides using them to sleep, these striking pillows are great decorations for their bedroom. Unique and stunning, isn’t it?

12. Personalized Couple Art

Personalized Couple Art

Moving on to the next item on the list, we have this Personalized Couple Art. This cool art will be a nice yet funny wedding gift that brings something different to the new couple.

Made of textiles that can be framed and displayed in the living room, this item is definitely funny, sweet, and also simple at the same time. They can also mount it on the wall to showcase the funny side of the art. To make it more memorable and fun, you can try to joke with them by requesting two figures that are entirely the opposite of your friends.

13. Funny Couple Aprons

Funny Couple Aprons

The couple aprons with explicit ‘dirty’ texts like these items will be the cutest wedding gifts for your newly wedded friends. They can use them to spend time cooking together while throwing silly jokes at each other.

These aprons can also make them remember their partners when they are apart by distance. Furthermore, if your friends love to cook, we recommend including a recipe book to complete the gift set!

14. Personalized Wedding Keepsake Library

Personalized Wedding Keepsake Library

This personalized wedding keepsake library is not only fun and delightful to look at, but it’s also functional. Despite the fact that the size is not actually that big, it can keep the tiny yet memorable stuff inside.

The bride can decorate the library based on her preference together with the groom, such as sticking dried flowers, glitters, or other decorative items. In fact, it can be an entertaining activity to do together as a newlywed!

15. The Marriage Survival Kit

The Marriage Survival Kit

A cute kit for a new couple’s quality time is here! You can give this set of marriage survival kits to newlyweds who love games. They can play the game, enjoy their favorite beverages with the glasses, and do so many fun things together at home.

Wrapped in a beautiful box, you don’t need to buy any wrapping paper anymore to bring this sweetest wedding gift to the new couple. But if you want to slip a letter to your best friend, that’s gonna be touching.

16. 100 Things for Couples to Do Together

100 Things for Couples to Do Together

Marriage means growing old together. Therefore, giving this wedding gift to a newly wedded couple is something beyond expectation. The new couple can write and share their feelings by writing them inside this journal.

So, they will never forget the cutest, funniest, and weirdest things they experienced with their partner. They can also write a list of fun activities to do, such as fishing, camping, hiking, or simply jogging. By doing that, they won’t run out of ideas to do fun things together!

17. Personalized Friendly Folks Cartoon Snowflake

Personalized Friendly Folks Cartoon Snowflake

This small item is a funny and cute wedding gift to give to a new couple. This cute present comes as an adorable and personalized Christmas ornament. So, it seems like a gift for two purposes: celebrating Christmas and their wedding!

You can choose the perfect cartoon design to match the couple’s personality. Moreover, they can hang this ornamental item on the Christmas tree. Or put it on the wreath on the front door as it will be better to welcome the guest.

18. Kruger Love Never Dies Skeleton Couple

Kruger Love Never Dies Skeleton Couple

If your friend who’s about to get married is emo and loves dark design, you may want to get this unique decor as a wedding gift. The couple skeleton with love never dies message features a super adorable skeleton design.

It also describes the feelings between the couple whose love is never extinct. Also, it fits best to showcase in the couple’s bedroom, especially if they have a transparent, glass cabinet.

Funny Gift for Sister

The things you should give your sister when she is getting married can be as simple as giving your attention to her. Listening to what she’s worrying about, what she needs, and many other little things between the lines can help figure out the best gift for her. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the most recommended and funny wedding gifts for your sister, as below.

19. Personalized Funny Thong Panties

Personalized Thong Panties

Your sister will laugh out loud after seeing her new thong panties with her husband’s face printed on them. You may give this funny wedding gift at your sister’s bachelorette party or when the wedding day is coming!

The tricky part is you must ensure that the thong’s size matches your sister’s. Otherwise, it will be left untouched. Furthermore, it would be great if you could customize the bra with the same design. No one will deny this quirky gift; trust us on this!

20. Don’t Be A Bridezilla Stress Relief Putty 

Don’t Be A Bridezilla Stress Relief Putty 

Being a bride-to-be means that your sister might face stressful moments, which can turn her into a bridezilla! Well, no bride wants to be a bridezilla, to be honest. You can calm the bride’s mood by giving this stress relief putty.

So, whenever the bride is about to get crazy because of the tiny details of the wedding, she can squeeze this dough to reduce the stress. Since it is made from natural ingredients, it is safe to squeeze whenever she wants. And thanks to the size, she can literally bring it everywhere with her.

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21. Mrs. Always Right Pink Coffee Mug

Mrs. Always Right Pink Coffee Mug

A coffee mug will never go out of style as a gift, including wedding gifts. Time to surprise your sister with this coffee mug when she marries. The words printed on the mug truly depict your stubborn sister, who is always right in every fight.

Since it is customized, you can choose colors that are personally related to your sister’s characters. If she is that bold girl, the font you request should be dashing. And for those details, you know she will love this one!

22. Maid Uniform Lace Sexy Lingerie Set

Maid Uniform Lace Sexy Lingerie Set

One of the must-buy wedding gift ideas is lingerie for the brides! All brides need new lingerie to wear on the night after the party. This fun, sexy and hot lingerie set should be owned by your sister.

The material is soft to the skin, including the lace. Thus, it is comfy and easy to wear. You can pair the gift with other items, like thongs, perfume, or a robe, so that your sister’s wedding night will be memorable, ups!

Funny Wedding Gift for Brother

People often forget that the groom needs to calm the mood when preparing for the wedding as well. So, if your brother is getting married, it is time for you to surprise him with a funny and practical wedding gift to make his day easier!

23. Personalized Boxers and Socks

Personalized Boxers and Socks

Your brother will love this wedding gift. A set of boxers and socks with quirky designs and text to remind him that he is a married man now. The design is so funny, and the materials of these items are comfortable to wear as well. Though your brother cannot show them off to his friends, at least you can make your sister-in-law giggle when he wears the set at home.

To make the gifts even more fun, you can customize the words and put the wedding date. You know, sometimes a man forgets about his wedding anniversary, right? Well, it’s no reason to forget about it now!

24. Tuxedo Sweatshirt Funny Wedding Gift

2. Tuxedo Sweatshirt Funny Wedding Gift

Tuxedos are something to wear for formal occasions. But this one can be worn on any occasion. Let your brother reminisce about his wedding day by giving this tuxedo sweatshirt as a funny wedding gift to him. The material is pretty thick, so it is warmer than the real tuxedo.

Since the hoodie comes in seven colors, choose one that suits his personality to make him comfortable wearing it daily. On the flip side, you can trap him by giving him this hoodie with an entirely different color that is out of his comfort zone.

25. You’re My Favorite Groom Stars 10oz Mug

You're My Favorite Groom Stars 10oz Mug

Let’s calm the groom’s mood by giving him this coffee mug, so that he can enjoy his favorite drink with this cute and fun mug as his wedding day gift. A wedding day may seem stressful, but you can help him to loosen up his bad mood with this one.

The design is pretty colorful and perhaps does not match your brother’s personality. But that’s the fun thing! If he doesn’t want to use it for drinking after the party, you can suggest he display it on a kitchen cabinet. So he will remember how much you love him.

Final Thoughts

Lovely gifts for newlyweds are common. But the funny ones? Only some people would dare to try it. These quirky gifts will give the bride and groom a fun memory to remember about their wedding day. They can also tell their kids (if they want to have them) about how you become that hilarious person to think of giving out-of-the-box ideas to surprise them with unusual presents.

Among all the funniest gifts above, we recommend a marital bliss game and truth or dare cards to buy. Why? Because both can play them together and spend time getting to know each other better.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best funny wedding gifts for the bride and groom? 

The best and funny wedding gifts for the bride and groom include New Wife and New Husband VooDoo Doll, Marital Bliss Game, and Personalized Mixtape Pillow. All are fun and cute at the same time. For instance, the voodoo doll can be the new way to communicate with the newlywed. Also, the marital bliss game can strengthen their relationship through the games and rewards. In comparison, the personalized mixtape pillow can bring back the memory of the good old days for the couple. 

What are the best funny wedding gift basket ideas?

The best and funny wedding gift basket ideas are the marriage survival kits because they contain cute and exciting stuff to do with your spouse after the wedding party. Then, there is a kinky truth or dare that can be given as a set of wedding gift ideas to let the couple have fun as the newlywed with a little bit of ‘dirty’ challenge and question.

What are the best funny wedding gifts for my sister?

The best funny wedding gifts for a sister can be personalized thong panties with her husband’s face printed on them. She can wear it to surprise her husband in a good and cute way. Also, there is a stress relief putty to be squeezed when your sister is ready to turn into a bridezilla.

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