26 Charming Ring Tattoo Designs to Show Your Love and Commitment

We all want to have some sort of art design on our body, whether it is a symbol, word or a pattern. And, ring tattoos are one of the best ways to do that, as they last and can be seen even when they get old. Many people like ring tattoos because they are easy to hide but hard to forget. Also, ring tattoos will just look gorgeous in showing your romantic side. They also offer the opportunity for multiple layers of deep meaning, which we all know is a crucial part of any tattoo!

From a simple ring finger tattoo to traditional ring tattoo designs for a couple or wedding, tattooing your finger is also a great symbol of love and commitment. If you are looking for some charming ideas before getting a ring tattoo, then look no further. This article will help you understand the concept and importance of ring tattoo designs in your life. Let’s get started!

What is the Meaning of Ring Tattoo?

A ring tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of the real love you have for a person or the appreciation you have for them. The love, dedication, and strength are the most typical meanings attributed to ring tattoos.

Which Finger is Best for a Tattoo?

The middle finger is the ideal place for a tattoo. One of the most well-liked finger tattoos is this middle one. It is ideal for forming an aesthetically pleasing circle on the finger that represents dedication to a loving companion.

What Should You Know Before Getting a Finger Tattoo?

You should prepare your design first. If this is your first time getting a finger tattoo, consider choosing a simple design. In fact, it hurts to get a tattoo on your hands or fingers. That skin area is sensitive because it is thinner that other skin parts in your body. In addition, they are ligament-filled and bony. Besides, the tattoo artist might need to redraw the design a few times if the ink doesn’t adhere to this area of skin particularly effectively.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

All in all, the wedding ring tattoo is a beautiful sentiment and a romantic way to commemorate the beginning of marriage. Wedding ring tattoos are a beautiful and affordable way to express your love story. You can choose from a variety of styles, including symbols or initials, infinity knots and more.

1. Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo

Just in case you miss your wedding anniversary in the next ten years, mark your wedding date using roman numeral design! Create a large band for your ring tattoo, giving enough space to write your wedding date. Then, simply tattoo the special date around the large band ring tattoo. As for the color, you can use black tattoo ink to make this charming tattoo.

2. Elegant Dots and Lines Wedding Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@byrdie.com)

A whole ring finger tattoo for a wedding doesn’t have to be extremely dark or intricate. The band itself in this instance consists of a thick, filled-in line with a little pattern radiating from it. The pattern then has a few dots by the nail, giving the impression that it extends over the entire finger without being overt. The composition of lines and dots create an elegant wedding ring alternative.

3. Celtic Knot Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Make your love eternal with celtic knot ring tattoo. For those who love traditional ring design to celebrate your wedding, what can be a better traditional tattoo symbol rather than celtic knot? Celtic knot tattoos can represent an enduring connection between two individuals or between people and environment. They might also represent endless life, just like your marriage and relationship.

4. Name Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

The opportunity to customize your design is the best aspect of getting a wedding ring tattoo because the options are unlimited. Since you are going to share life for a long time, why don’t you put each other’s name on your finger? Choose the right font to create an everlasting feel. Consider using black permanent tattoo ink and thin strokes, making your tattoo look charming.

5. Infinity Love Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@stylecraze.com)

The beautiful pairing of the heart and infinity depicts everlasting love, making it one of the best ring tattoo designs for couples. They represent two hearts beating in unison forever. Because of this, the traditional phrase “until death do us part” is frequently conveyed using the heart and infinity design. Use black permanent tattoo ink to create this meaningful tattoo. This is a potent and sincere motif that says a lot about your marriage.

6. Compass Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@womangettingmarried.com)

Just like a sailor using a compass to find the right way, let this compass ring tattoo be a great reminder that wherever you go, you will always find each other. Besides, a compass tattoo symbolizes good fortune for sailors, so does your marriage. In addition, this universal compass ring tattoo shows you are an adventurous couple and love to travel.

7. Sun and Moon Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

Sun and moon tattoos are particularly popular among lovers and couples. The Moon is a representation of feminine energy, while the Sun stands for masculinity. Together, the sun and moon resemble a holy union of two polar opposed energies, which is good for your marriage. Let the male put the moon tattoo on his ring and the sun tattoo on the female to balance the energy.

Unique Ring Tattoo Designs

People often find creative ways to express their personalities. From unique ring tattoos, you can tell that the wearer is special and unafraid to show what they love or what they believe. Let’s take a look at some ring tattoo designs below that will make you feel special.

8. Crown Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

A unique way to show that you have the confidence and power is by having a crown ring tattoo. Inspired by the king and queen crown, you can also get this as a couple ring tattoo. The design makes you look like a powerful couple who are ready to fight against the world together. Fill the crown with small black dots to add elegance and charm.

9. Couple Initials Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@happywedd.com)

Initials are on top of romantic ring tattoos for couples, truly the best kinds of ring tattoo designs. Tattoo your initial and your partner’s as a beautiful love symbol on the ring finger. Make sure your initials are connected, showing your never ending love towards each other. This is a unique alternative ring instead of the simple band tattoo. You can choose a calming color like blue for this tattoo. 

10. Lifeline Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

A lifeline ring tattoo is a cute and powerful way to let everyone know who your heart will always beating for. You can make the symbol as artistic or as realistic as you wish. Add an infinity symbol by the end of the line, showing that your love is endless. The lifeline is usually one color and runs the length of the finger. Connect the lifeline tattoo to your couple, making a unique way to celebrate your love.

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11. Sword Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

What an amazing tattoo silhouette! People who see this realistic tattoo design may feel the pain of being stabbed by a sword on the finger. You can get this matching tattoo with your partner. It shows loyalty and strength you have for each other. Besides, it also symbolizes honor, freedom, and power, perfect choice for brave and confident people.

12. Rosary Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Alex Grajeda)

If you often forget to bring a rosary, then why don’t you put it in your hand forever? Tattooing a religious symbol is also a unique way to always stay connected to God. Put the rosary and cross symbol around your finger, so you will always feel close to God. This is a great permanent ink design to treasure. Use permanent black ink to create thin lines and dots in this design.

13. Cute Skull Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@eternalinktattoo.com)

Happy Halloween! Perhaps you are looking for a creepy but romantic matching tattoo design for Halloween. If so, this unique and cute skull tattoo is the great way to express your love in the Halloween vibe. To make a perfect and detailed design, use skull tattoo stencil. You can add a hat for the male skull and a ribbon for the female one. Don’t forget to color the skull with temporary tattoo ink, making a fantastic Halloween tattoo ring design.

14. Lotus Ring Tattoo

Lotus Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

As a person who loves to learn new things, a beautiful lotus tattoo on your finger ring can be a wonderful reminder. Let this charming ring tattoo be your good luck charm. Lotus flower ring tattoo is distinctive and quite personal since it is said to stand for overcoming temptation and improving oneself. Add little details in each petal, representing never ending growth to be a better person everyday.

Simple Ring Tattoo Designs

Simple ring tattoos are a simple way to get the message across. They have become increasingly popular with the rise in popularity of minimalist designs and small tattoos. Since they’re small and discreet, you can wear them just about anywhere without being noticed. Here are some simple tattoo ideas that will inspire you.

15. Heart Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@kristen wenzloff)

When it comes to a simple but meaningful symbol, the heart is the best permanent ink design. It represents your devotion to the other person as well as your inner calm and love. Besides, you can get this tattoo in no more than an hour. Don’t forget to choose the ring finger to put this symbol, making a gorgeous alternative ring for a long time.

16. Bow Ring Tattoo

Bow Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Here, the ring has a real bow tattooed on it, giving it the appearance of a delicate tie rather than a shoelace. It also alludes to the function of the ring, which is to serve as a reminder of your special day. It also has a beautiful meaning as a present or gift. Whenever you see this simple bow on your ring finger, it will make you feel grateful for every blessing you have in life.

17. Single Line Tattoo

Single Line Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@yesmagazine.org)

What does a ring need other than a basic band? In order to produce a minimalist band that feels delicate and minimal, this ring finger tattoo combines a very simple pattern and a thin line. Even for couple rings, just use different sizes of tattoo needles to create a single line. Men can have a slightly larger band than women, but still look minimalist and elegant.

18. Cupid Arrow Ring Tattoo

Cupid Arrow Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@mymodernmet.com)

Just because you have a minimalist design, it doesn’t mean you can be the most romantic one. Inspired by the cute cupid arrow, you can have this simple line around your finger ring. This is the perfect ring alternative to express that your love will last forever. In addition, you can have the romantic design as the matching tattoo with your couple.

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19. Simple Diamond Ring Tattoo

Simple Diamond Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Add little sparks to your minimalist ring tattoo with a simple diamond. The design is very simple yet elegant, showing your class without wearing the real diamond on your hand. Make your diamond last forever on your finger with permanent tattoo ink. Moreover, we recommend putting this tattoo on your ring finger to add your charm and beauty. 

20. Small Flower Ring Tattoo

Small Flower Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@byrdie.com)

When it comes to colored but minimalist ring tattoos for females, flower design is the best. The concept of a conventional band is used in this delicate floral ring, but additional details create an air of elegance. For starters, the band doesn’t attach because it twists as it wraps around the finger rather than crossing over directly. Additionally, the ink’s pastel hues give it a watercolor-like appearance.

21. Growing Vines Ring Tattoo

Growing Vines Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Hailey Nagel)

A ring tattoo doesn’t have to be a traditional band shape. This simple vine design is a great way to make your finger look attractive without being too much. Thin strokes make each leaf and twig beautifully wrap your ring finger. Also, the casual design gives the illusion of a growing vine. Use black tattoo ink to create the desired outline of your ring tattoo.

22. Simple Knot Ring Tattoo

Ring Tattoo Designs
Source: Pinterest (@Deborah Raney)

These simple knot ring tattoos will make great wedding rings for those of you who prefer something more everlasting than a physical wedding ring. It has a simple knot design that will look nice on your ring finger as well as your spouse’s ring finger. The knot designs represent the bond between the couple, which will be a meaningful reminder of the love between the two. Ask the tattoo artist to create both tattoos in different sizes; a bigger one for him and a slightly smaller one for her. 

23. Heartbeat Ring Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

These tattoos will also make great wedding rings as they have a unique heartbeat pattern, which says that the love between the couple will always beat for each other. Instead of having the exact same pattern, ask the tattoo artist to create two different heartbeat patterns for you and your spouse. In our opinion, these heartbeat tattoos will make a meaningful yet unique way of showing how much you love your spouse. 

24. Musical Notes Tattoo

Musical Notes Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@closeronline.co.uk)

Many people say that ‘when words fail, music speaks’ and we think that it is a saying that comes as something true. Many lovers use music to express their feelings toward each other, and if you are one of those lovers, then you need to check out these musical notes tattoos. These musical notes will make a perfect sign of love between you and your lover. Plus, you can also add some tweaks on the tattoo and make a little smiley face on it. Absolutely adorable and sweet, too!

25. Pine Trees Ring Tattoo

Pine Trees Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Who would have thought that pine trees can make a great ring tattoo design, right? Here we have one of the most beautiful ring tattoo designs for you and your loved one. It comes as an adorable tattoo of pine trees lining up around your ring finger. If you and your significant other love to enjoy nature and hiking is one of your favorite outing activities, this tattoo design will be the perfect pick for you. 

26. White Ring Tattoo

White Ring Tattoo

The next one on our list is probably one of the most unique wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples out there. Yes, right here we have white ring tattoos that will make wonderful and meaningful wedding rings. These white ring tattoos are unique by default, so you don’t really need to think about any specific design for it. A simple line works perfectly and they look adorable as they are. So if you want to have a different kind of tattoo to mark your everlasting love for your spouse, look no more and get yourself and your spouse these white ring tattoos. 

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Final Thoughts

In the end, having a ring tattoo will represent your love and commitment. Finding a cool ring tattoo with a deep meaning may be tricky. Since each person has a different background story, make sure you got the best ring tattoo that understands your value in life. 

Besides, you can appreciate a tattoo artist for making a beautiful tattoo design with thoughtful gifts. Suppose you are looking for gifts for tattoo artists, you can check at the awesomestuff365.com article here.

Why do finger tattoos fade so fast?

Because we use our hands frequently and the skin sheds and regenerates more frequently on our fingers, finger tattoos tend to fade a little more fast. They can fade easily, especially with people who have their hands in the water, such as bartenders, hairdressers, servers, mechanics, and other persons who are quite active with their hands.

How long do ring tattoos last?

Finger tattoos often last six to eight months. If you’re particularly careful about what you’re doing with your hands, they might last one or two months longer.

How do I keep my finger tattoo from fading?

Keep your hands as clean as you can. This is certainly the most obvious method, but it is not always the easiest to follow. To prevent discoloration, stay away from abrasive soaps and use neutral soaps instead. Creams without scents are great since they keep the skin dry.

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