Temporary Tattoo Printer

You know how getting a tattoo should be a well thought out decision. Well, this Temporary Tattoo Printer takes the pressure out of getting a tattoo.

Now you can wear any 3-day tattoo design, be it a doodle or a quote, by simply printing it on your skin.

The ink used in printing a tattoo on your body is made only from certified cosmetics ingredients. You can have a design printed in any color you want without limitations.

The printing time itself takes only 3 seconds but the tattoo lasts for 3 days. Also, don’t worry, you can safely take showers – the tattoo is water-resistant. ( might even come in handy for a tattoo artist

In case you change your mind about your latest tattoo print, you can wash it off with soap.

Choose a tattoo design from a library or try your own hand at creating tattoos. Transform your own doodles and art into tattoos. Match the tattoos to the occasion and have fun with your own tattoo printer.

Temporary Tattoo Printer