25 Amazing Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas You Should Try

Many people thought that tattoos are sacred symbols that serve as rites of passage or symbols of religious and spiritual devotion. Meanwhile, some of them simply love the art for decorations for bravery or even amulets and talismans. In fact, the tattoo sketch always has a significance before it is applied to the skin. You can create a tattoo sketch by hand drawing technique or just using the drawing app for the easy option.

Whether you are a tattoo artist or just a tattoo art lover, you may need a lot of cool tattoo sketch drawing ideas in your life. As a tattoo artist, those ideas will be a tattoo bank in your sketches gallery to inspire your client later. Moreover, you can also use some unique tattoo sketch drawing ideas for your own tattoo collections.

In case you get a brain freeze and need more inspiration for tattoo sketch drawing ideas, don’t worry! We have compiled some cool tattoo sketches that you can try at home. From the scary and masculine tattoo sketches for guys, to the charming tattoo drawing for females, we are sure this article will give you a lot of insights.

BEST Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

1. Birdhouse Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

A precious spiritual place to nest could be found in a birdhouse. Therefore, a birdhouse can be one of sacred tattoo sketch drawing ideas for you to choose from. Scribble, draw and sketch your own drawings on paper with the tattoo sketchbook. In addition, we also recommend you to add one or two birds in front of the birdhouse, as it will create more elegant vibes. 

2. Sulcata Engraving Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

Ready to ink your next masterpiece in your body? Try to draw this artistic Sulcata, which is the black tortoise that symbolizes longevity. A love for drawing and a dedicated artist can make this Sulcata with floral accents, which undoubtedly will make one of the easiest, yet the most meaningful, tattoo sketch drawing ideas. With the right drawing tattoo app, we are pretty sure that you’ll be able to create works of art that are beautiful, unique and expressive.

3. Owl and Moon Bohemian Sketch Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

Owl and moon are all about bravery and self control. Inspired by a bohemian tattoo sketch, try to create these hand drawings on paper first, especially if you are a lover of owls. Add small accents such as stars and clouds as the background. Later, you can transfer you can fill the detail inside the moon and owl with the tattoo ink and dip cup.

4. Crystal Mineral Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

This will be one of the most simple but stunning tattoo sketch drawing ideas! The concept of the whole design is to create the shining crystal mineral hand drawing. You can add this design as part of your body art by drawing the crystal with 3D technique using the comic pen nib set.

In addition, don’t forget to put some small sparkling design for extra glam to the tattoo art.

5. Little Angel Retro Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

Bring retro style with these little angels tattoo sketch drawing ideas. It portrays the beautiful and innocent looking child with small wings at the back. As a start, you can create the black and white drawings on paper. However, you may use the tattoo color marker to check the right color of angel for your skin.

6. Bear Abstract Zen Tattoo Drawing

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

Find your true meaning of zen in the right tattoo sketch drawing ideas. Unlike the regular bear tattoo drawing, this unique bear has amazing details in bohemian style inside the head. We believe without a doubt that anyone who sees the sketch may feel calm and peaceful, including you of course.

After the design is finished, you can simply use the tracing paper roll for easy copy. 

7. Tiger Flowers Wildcat Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas

If you want to make sketches for guys, then you may want to try the combination of tiger and flower as the tattoo sketch drawing ideas. Featuring the silent tiger with some greens facing at the right, it represents dignity, ferocity, sternness, courage, and by itself is Yin energy.

In short, we can definitely say that it is the perfect tattoo design for any man out there. An idea though, it is better for you to use the tattoo stencil application solution for easier tattoo transfer.

8. Medusa Skeleton Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@exclusive_blckart)

This is definitely one of the scariest sketch drawing ideas ever! Inspired by the spooky skeleton wrapped by medusa, this design will use a lot of vegan black tattoo ink for extra details. Both two icons are perfect symbols for threat and evil, making great tattoo sketches for guys who want bravery decorations in their skin.

9. Knight Art Tattoo Drawing

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@blackwhiteinkart)

What a beautiful piece of art! Show your strong and charming character with a knight tattoo on your skin. In order to do that, then we think that you might want to try to develop tattoo sketch drawing ideas with the ancient Greek knight.

With some creativity and imagination, you can also improve the knight’s head and body armor into a wonderful eagles design. Use the drawing sketch kit to visualize your imagination.  

10. Civil Engineering Tattoo Art

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@rodrigoassitattoo)

Describe your wonderful major in the university with creative tattoo sketch drawing ideas! In case your major is civil engineering, then these ornaments would be the best design as we believe, they are familiar for you. With some artistic accents, you can turn the pencil, ruler, and even the bow into a beautiful tattoo sketch.

For more technique and design, you can check the tattoo drawing guide first.

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11. Dark Lettering Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@lm.lettersbcn)

Use your favorite words or quotes with tattoo lettering. Before you start designing, you can  read the tattoo lettering book for more insights. Or, you can choose to duplicate this dark lettering tattoo sketch with the tattoo drawing app instead.

You only need the black ink for the main letter design and also gray ink for the shades background.

12. Skull Blade Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@blackwhitesart)

Express your masculine side with a sword tattoo sketch. It would be a nice choice of design because in fact, the sword symbolizes power, protection, strength, and courage. Add the scary skull for more masculine drawing.

As it has a complicated design, using the tracing drawing board to create the tattoo is easy and convenient. We believe without a doubt, it will be one of the best tattoo sketch drawing ideas to show your power.

13. Wild Crocodile Sketch Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Instagram (@madametattoorox)

Look at the amazing details of each spike in this crocodile sketch drawing! Although it looks scary, at the same time it also symbolizes primordial wisdom, efficiency, and also power. Use the waterproof tattoo pens for extra shades and color to the tattoo sketch.

Moreover, add some details for its teeth and skin, making it one of the most realistic tattoo sketch drawing ideas.

14. Rebellious Woman Tattoo Design

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Prodsec)

Show the beauty of rebellious women with this amazing tattoo art. Especially if you’re looking for a tattoo drawing for females, then you may get inspired by this design. Featuring a woman with the messy mascara, wearing a beanie hat with cigarette in her mouth, you may get impressed with every detail of it.

Also, we think the beautiful smoke and cannabis in the background also find its own path to anyone who sees it.  

15. Broken Greece Wall Clock Art Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Mungfali.com)

If you are a fan of Greece and its history, then you may fall in love with Greece related tattoo sketch drawing ideas such as this one. This amazing tattoo sketch comes with the half brown Green wall clock, which is still trying to do its role no matter what happens.

Furthermore, the stunning shades while the roman numerals fall apart from the clock give a significance and a surreal experience. 

16. Lantern Flowers Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Shutterstock)

Suppose you are looking for tattoo sketch drawing ideas to help you let go of the past, then we would recommend you to pick this design. It comes with the lantern that symbolizes the people letting go of their past selves and getting new ones.

To add more touch of artsy element to the tattoo, add the exquisite floral details at the back for extra beauty and charm.

17. Holding Hand Heart Flower Art Tattoo

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jülide Çağlar

For those couples who want to create a romantic tattoo, why don’t you try this idea? Inspired by the holding hand couples that resemble the heart shape, this creative design is definitely amazing. Draw the flower at the side for additional romantic feels.

Get a small tattoo with this design to remind of the love of each other.   

18. Flower Snake Women Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Fiverr)

Gothic style drawing for females is always fantastic and elegant, and this tattoo sketch will be one of them. It features a gothic style woman facing at the left with an aesthetic flower and snake adron its hair.

For all women out there, we are happy to announce that we have found one of the most ideal tattoo designs for you, especially for those who want to show their dark side through tattoos.

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19. Samurai Anime Tattoo Sketch

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Prodsec)

Have you ever thought of putting anime for tattoo sketch drawing ideas? Well that’s actually a good thinking, because we do think that this unique sketch will be a great addition in your sketches gallery. Try to adopt the Samurai anime characters in your drawing.

Beside its unique theme, samurai also represents ethical behavior in Japan, perfect for your anime loving friends.

20. Theater Happy Sad Mask Tattoo Drawing

Tattoo Sketch Drawing Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@meghanasubbaiah)

Let the tattoo speak about your feelings through this wonderful sketch. Inspired by the theatrical mask, it combines both sad and happy masks in a beautiful way. Whether you have a problem or feel down, we can assure that seeing this tattoo will be a great reminder that there will be a rainbow after the rain.

21. Cthulhu Tattoo Sketch

Cthulhu Tattoo Sketch
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you are looking for some dark tattoo sketch drawing ideas to show off your love for Lovecraftian horrors, then we think that the Cthulhu should be on top of your list. It is very gothic and grim, amplifying its coolness value.

A tattoo of the Great Old One’s tentacles face on your forearm or back would be very intriguing to the eyes of the beholders. Some other iterations include demonic wings, but this one still looks metal AF!

22. Broken Demonic Mask Tattoo

Broken Demonic Mask Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.es)

Mask illustrations are the staple food for tattoo artists. After all, a mask can carry various symbolization values. For instance, a demon mask symbolizes deception, not being truthful to oneself and others. People always have their ugly secret sides.

Now, this demon mask is broken, revealing flowers behind it. The artist may try to convey that even though some people may look ugly on the surface, deep down, they are still beautiful. It might also symbolize encouragement to break off that pretense and show off your true self.

23. Xenomorph Tattoo Sketch

Xenomorph Tattoo Sketch
Source: Pinterest (@Carol Cabrero)

When it comes to aliens, Xenomorph undoubtedly has the scariest design! The other-worldly creature is such a dreadful menace that relentlessly uses the human body to reproduce. Its terrifying shape matches its brutal nature.

Thanks to its super awesome design, Xenomorph is such a good tattoo material. Whether you like the Aliens franchise or not, you should get this one tattooed on your shoulder. This simplified version has a circular design making it relatively easy to draw yet still producing a unique result.

24. Cute Grim Reaper Tattoo

Cute Grim Reaper Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@coroflot.com)

Death, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, is one of the most exciting subjects that can be used as a tattoo. However, this one is different because the grim reaper, still a kid, is riding a toy horse and carrying a broken scythe. The contrast between the darkness and the playful design has turned this sketch into a cute tattoo idea!

Despite its adorably dark design, the tattoo may have a sinister meaning behind its creation. The Chibi grim reaper may symbolize a childhood trauma involving the death of a loved one. If you relate to the tattoo, you definitely should get this one! Plus, its playful illustration will make people smile when they see it, turning your weakness into a strength!

25. Angel and Cross Tattoo Sketch

Angel and Cross Tattoo Sketch
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.co.uk)

Here is a cool tattoo for the faithful! Being devout does not mean that you can’t be fashionable. You can tattoo some unique illustration on your inconspicuous body part. This tattoo sketch featuring a subtle cross and abstract angel would be a good starter choice!

The angle with its incredibly designed wing looks so beautiful. It is crouching under the cross, symbolizing submission to the One True God. If you want some religious tattoo sketch drawing ideas, this is what you are looking for.

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Final Thoughts

Tattoos can be made in many ways and sketch drawing is one of the most preferable ways for those who want to make sure their tattoos are created as desired. Since you are here, we believe that you are currently in the search of some tattoo sketch drawing ideas, and we are happy to say that you are on the right place.

From cute and meaningful design to the gothic and dark ones, you can find the best ideas of both types on our list above. So, make sure you choose wisely before having them inked on your skin.

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