29 Greatest Gifts For Artists Who Love To Draw & Paint

Whether there is an art student in your life or a fully-fledged artist, you have every reason to celebrate their talent.

Thoughtful and creative gifts for artists are a great way to appreciate them and provide the spark of inspiration they need to keep creating masterpieces.

Best Gift Ideas For Artists:

Read on to discover the ultimate gift ideas for artists in our carefully curated list of fun, functional and unique items.

#1 Personalized Leather Pencil Case Artist Gift

Personalized Leather Pencil Case Artist Gift - gifts for artists

For your artsy friend, nothing could beat a leather case that holds all of their tools of trade.

And the best part about this gift is that it has an artistic aspect to it. Personalize it to make it all the more special. Find it Here.

#2 Set of Two Paint Water Coffee Mugs

Set of Two Paint Water Coffee Mugs

Every artist has at some point drunk paint water instead of coffee, or rinsed their brush in coffee. Well, help your favorite one say goodbye to that with these hilarious mugs.

Not only do they have clear labeling. One has a splatter of paint just to make things clear. Find it Here.

#3 Leather Paint Brush Roll

Leather Paint Brush Roll

Ask any artist and they will tell you they can never have too many paint brush rolls. But this might just be their new favorite.

It comes in elegant leather and can only get better as it ages. The fact that it is hand-cut and hand-stitched makes each one unique, one-of-a-kind.

Find it Here.

#4 Colored Pencils Holder

Colored Pencils Holder - gifts for artists

How about giving that special artist an opportunity to create an ultra-vibrant pencil display?

With one of these color pencil organizers, they’ll get the perfect blend of flair and function. This is one gift that will complete both their life and their studio. Find it Here.

#5 Sterling Silver Artist Palette Necklace

Sterling Silver Artist Palette Necklace

Give your painter buddy a chance to showcase their love for what they do with this creative piece. It is an artist palette pendant in sterling silver that she can wear proudly next to her heart.

Even when she is away from the studio, she will have a piece of it with her to keep the flame alive. Find it Here.

#6 F-Bomb Paperweight

F-Bomb Paperweight

A gift that will give your artsy pal a reason to smile is a gift they will treasure for all time. Nothing could beat this expletive hit in lighting up their space and mood.

And when it’s not busy making everyone laugh, it will keep works of art from flying off the table. Find it Here.

#7 I Do It for the Monet Unisex Shirt

I Do It for the Monet Unisex Shirt

Everyone including the artist in your life loves a good play on words! And this funny t-shirt for artists is sure to be a hit for that very reason.

It could also be the inspiration your artist friend needs to become the next Claude Monet. Find it Here.

#8 Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover

Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover

Creative ideas at times spring up when an artist least expects. Get them one of these handy gifts to prepare for such sparks of creativity.

It’s a sketchbook cover with slots for everything they need to draw on the go. Choose one in their favorite color and add a personal touch.

Find it Here.

#9 Bedside Essentials Pocket

Bedside Essentials Pocket

With this cool gift idea for an artist, your recipient will be ready to ride every wave of creativity.

Whether they are lying in bed or just lazing on the sofa, they can keep their tools of trade at hand at all times. Find it Here.

#10 Personalized Paint Palette Keychain

Personalized Paint Palette Keychain - gifts for artists

Looking for a gift choice that is true to an artist’s workspace? How about this paint palette keychain?

It is fun and creative, and has a personalized aspect to it. Best of all, it is a functional piece and your favorite artist can take it with them everywhere. Find it Here.

#11 Personalized Unique Wood Portfolio Sketchbook

Personalized Unique Wood Portfolio Sketchbook

Personalized Unique Wood Portfolio Sketchbook

All it takes is a bit of imagination to get creative juices going. And this wooden sketchbook provides plenty of that and so much more.

The perfect platform for creating masterpieces, it doubles up as an elegant home for a ton of artwork. Find it Here.

#12 Flyte Levitating Bulb

Flyte Levitating Bulb

Flyte Levitating Bulb

Every artists needs a little inspiration to keep doing what they do best. Give them that while shedding some light on their existence with the levitating bulb.

Seriously, what could be more inspiring than a bulb that literally floats on thin air and stays on? Find it Here.

#13 Transparent Artist Definition Wall Art

Transparent Artist Definition Wall Art

If you are thinking of adding an artistic piece to an artist’s décor, it might not exactly be a walk in the park.

Here is a piece the artist in your life would die to have. Simple yet creative, this transparent wall art defines him in the best possible words.

Find it Here.

#14 Custom Artist Street Sign

Custom Artist Street Sign

Add some personality to the place they call home, or their studio, with a custom street sign. An artist cannot help but smile at its sight.

And since it’s made of premium material, it will grace their space for a lifetime to come. Find it Here.

#15 The Artist Apron

The Artist Apron - gifts for artists

One of the most practical gifts for artists who paint is an apron to protect their clothes during artistic endeavors.

The canvas piece features high-quality fabric and two large pockets on the front to make it truly functional. It is the missing piece in your artist’s collection. Find it Here.

#16 Artist Cuff Bracelet

Artist Cuff Bracelet

Let the world know just how much your artsy buddy is into art with one of these hilarious bracelets. After all, the earth would not be what it is without art, now would it?

This bracelet offers a creative twist on that idea, one that every artist would cherish! Find it Here.

#17 My Life Story – So Far

My Life Story - So Far

Do you feel like the artist in your life might well be the next Van Gogh? Why not get them started on the road to fame with one of these artist gifts?

Thought-provoking prompts in the journal will ensure she puts on record the most important details. Find it Here.

#18 Painters Gonna Paint Shirt or Hoodies

Painters Gonna Paint Shirt or Hoodies

Painters Gonna Paint Shirt or Hoodies

The only thing better than seeing great art is wearing it. Add this tee to an artist’s collection and let her showcase her love for painting and a great sense of style.

Pick a color and design that defines her and you may have a problem getting her to take it off. Find it Here.

#19 Color Wheel Pendant

Color Wheel Pendant

For the artist who seems to color your life, a color wheel pendant would make the ideal gift choice. It is a great way to show off what they love.

At the same time, it matches everything, literally. As such, they will never have to take it off. Find it Here.

#20 Please Go Away I am Drawing Coffee Mug

Please Go Away I am Drawing Coffee Mug

Creative minds work best in seclusion. But not everyone seems to get that. Help your favorite artist pass the message across in style with one of these funny gifts for artists.

They won’t have to take their eyes off their work even for a second as the message is clear. Find it Here.

#21 Giraffe Family Bookends

Giraffe Family Bookends

Some of the best gift ideas for artists are those that appeal to their creative side. This whimsical pair is one of such gifts.

Chances are that your favorite artist has a book or two on their shelf. Add some charm to their space with this unique bookend set. Find it Here.

#22 Artist Palette Cufflinks

Artist Palette Cufflinks

Wearing an art-inspired piece is a great way of showing off one’s love for art. For your artist friend who paints, nothing matches this pair of palette cufflinks to make that happen.

It oozes authenticity and originality from every pore, and will be an instant favorite. Find Them Here.

#23 Whale Shaped Ceramic Palette and Brush Rest

Whale Shaped Ceramic Palette and Brush Rest

You can never go wrong with a functional gift for an artist, especially so when that gift has an artsy twist to it.

Your artist friend will appreciate the ingenuity of the kit. It can hold water and colors, provide a resting spot for brushes and add to their décor!

Find it Here.

#24 Personalised Wooden Pencil Case with Pen and Pencil Holder

Personalised Wooden Pencil Case with Pen and Pencil Holder

Help to keep an artist’s space organized with one of these gifts for artists who draw. Not only will it keep their tools of trade neat.

But it will also keep everything visible and within reach. Every artist appreciates how useful that would be when working with several pencils at a go. Find it Here.

#25 Deep Sea Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art

How about a gift that captures the essence of what they love the most, creativity?

Whenever your artsy friend needs a break from creating a masterpiece, this will be her go-to piece. It can both calm her mind and spark inspiration for the next project. Find it Here.

#26 Painting is My Therapy Personalized Keyring

Painting is My Therapy Personalized Keyring

Does your job drive you nuts? Do you need therapy to keep going? You’ll be happy to know that for the artist in your life, their job is all the therapy they need.

Give them a chance to celebrate that rare privilege with this fun and innovative keyring. Find it Here.

#27 Personalized Mechanical Pencil Gift for an Artist

Personalized Mechanical Pencil Gift for an Artist

When looking for the ideal graduation gift for an artist, this elegant pencil will fit the bill.

It is a sleek, wooden piece that every artist would be proud of. And it’s probably what he needs to get their artsy future off to a great start.

Find it Here.

#28 Bilateral Artistic Easel

Bilateral Artistic Easel

For an outdoor artist, a great easel will mark the difference between success and failure.

With this piece, they get all of the practical functionality as well as the convenience they need. It has a drawer for the colors, foldable legs for portability and is double-sided. Find it Here.

#29 Leather Pencil Roll / Pen Pouch

Leather Pencil Roll / Pen Pouch

When it comes to functionality and flair, few gifts for artists can match up to this one. At first glance, it resembles any other roll-up pouch.

But when the need arises, it doubles up as a pencil or brush holder. How cool! Find it Here.

Surprise your artsy pal with one of these unique gifts for artists and add some value, laughter or inspiration to their life. These innovative ideas will win you a special spot on their hearts, and hopefully, on their works of art as well!

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