Paint Dispensing Stick

This Paint Dispensing Stick allows you to easily suck up the paint from the paint can right into its handle.

The handle, in turn, is equipped with a rotating end that will simply push the paint right into the roller.

Don’t worry, you won’t get a roller that has a huge blob of paint in one spot, no. This paint stick is designed in such a way that evenly dispenses just the right amount of paint along the roller.

Painting walls is a workout in itself, with all the bending, stretching and lifting. Plus, it takes forever to end. 

Paint Dispensing Stick

But this amazing Paint Dispensing Stick can actually quicken your painting process and spare your back from endless bending dip the roller into the paint. Its handle can be filled up with up to 18 oz of paint.

Paint Dispensing Stick

You don’t even have to bend to refill it as it works more like a syringe for paint once you fit the paint can with a special connector.

Additionally, the handle is extendable as it can reach up to 64” in length. This paint dispensing stick might actually be something that will make you fall in love with painting the walls. 

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