71 Most Unique and Creative Gifts for Boyfriends You Can Buy

Finding unique and creative gifts for boyfriends is never easy. He either doesn’t want anything or already has everything. That in itself complicates the process of choosing the perfect gift for him.

Every guy deserves something unique for those special occasions, whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary or perhaps Christmas day is looming then you need to start looking for that special gift idea.

funny boyfriend meme

For that reason, you gotta steal the chance to find creative gifts for boyfriends that will make them smile. If you don’t know what to look for, take a peep at our epic list of considerate gifts for boyfriends that will surely surprise them and make your gift-buying routine much easier.

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Unique & Meaningful Gifts for Boyfriends

On this list, you’ll see practical, romantic, hilarious, and sentimental gifts for your boyfriend. From funny coffee mugs and wi-fi connected lamps to cool rings and awesome survival bracelets, you are bound to find creative gifts for boyfriends that will their personality and interests.

1. Leather Cuff Steampunk Watch

It’s hard to come across cool gifts for a boyfriend that he will love and will find some use for it in the future. If you find yourself struggling to find something like that, this unique but casual watch is your savior.

It comes with a vintage design that he can match with his steampunk costume. Besides, not only can he tracks his time but the watch allows him to check the date!

2. Personalised Game of Thrones Hoodie 

Personalised Game of Thrones Hoodie - creative gifts for boyfriends

If your boyfriend happens to be a Game of Thrones lover then here is the ultimate gift for him. This trendy Game of Thrones hoodie comes in grey, navy, or black and has a personalization option.

Have his surname affixed below the Direwolf sigil and turn him into an instant celebrity. You can also style him with his favorite shorts to create a casual look. Consider pairing it with jogger pants when the winter comes.

3. The Keysmart Minimalist Key Organizer

Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

If you are wondering what to get your man for Christmas then this key organizer might be perfect! It’s a small helpful tool that can keep a bunch of keys easily accessible and in order.

We recommend buying him the red or blue one if he’s someone who always forgets where his keys are. Those colors are striking, making them easy to find. This piece also comes in handy, so your boyfriend can simply bring it everywhere.

4. The Game of Thrones Dragon Claw Goblet

The Game of Thrones Dragon Claw Goblet - creative gifts for boyfriends

This is a very unique gift for those who love and adore Game of Thrones. It is definitely miles ahead of the trivial merchandise you might associate with any franchise. It’s elegant and at the same time, it oozes awesomeness.

Bearing a wine-glass shape, your boyfriend can use it to enjoy wine with pride. Alternatively, he can also display it with other GOT collections in his glass cabinet.

5. Netflix & Chill hoodie

netflix and chill hoodies - creative gifts for boyfriend

A funny gift for your boyfriend are always a good idea, you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion to give it to him. So just make him laugh and present him with this simple and cool hoodie.

As it comes with various color options, you better choose one that suits your taste. You can also grab the one that matches your color or pick another one you love to make couples hoodies.

6. Custom Wooden Star Wars Music Box

Mini Size Wooden Music Box Star Wars Hand Crank Musical Box Carved Wooden Music Boxes

The Star Wars music box is a unique gift for guys who love both the dark side and a bit of music. It is a small plywood unit with Star Wars-related engravings and imagery on every surface.

Given its tiny size, your boyfriend can simply display it on his nightstand and play the music box at night to create a serene vibe. And, And, of course, it will make a stunning display on its glass cabinet with other music box collections or figurines.

 7. Folding Credit Card Utility Knife

Folding Credit Card Utility Knife - creative gifts for boyfriends

How about some creative gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves camping, hiking and generally being prepared for any situation? Like this credit card that can be folded into a knife for emergency situations. Keep your beau safe!

Its handy size makes the knife easy to carry, even in his pocket. However, we recommend keeping it in his backpack instead as a precaution so he doesn’t get hurt when he picks up this knife. Definitely one of the coolest and most creative gifts for boyfriends worth buying!

8. Stylish Necklush Infinity Scarf

Stylish Necklush Infinity Scarf - creative gifts for boyfriends

Maybe, the best gift for long distance boyfriend will be something with a metaphorical meaning to it. This infinity scarf could symbolize the fact that like this scarf your love and trust are infinite.

A beautiful sentiment combined with a beautiful scarf, how can it be more perfect? In addition to styling this one with his sleeveless t-shirt, he better matches the scarf with his coat in the fall to make his look attractive. Choose a tan or black coat to highlight the scarf pattern.

9. Personalized Dog Tag Pendant Necklace 

Personalized Dog Tag Pendant Necklace - creative gifts for boyfriends

Give him the opportunity to carry a personalized dog tag pendant everywhere he goes. Get a special photo engraved on one side, and a special message on the other.

The piece is full of sentimental value and matchless visual appeal. You can wrap it up as an anniversary gift for when you are about to be separated by a distance to remind him that you always wait him to come home.

10. Ring Clock

Ring Clock - creative gifts for boyfriends

If he loves geeky, futuristics things and can’t get enough of them, then he will certainly love this ring. It has LED numbers that will keep him on track with your schedule every day. No more worries about being late for the meetings.

Considering such cool features, this ring will serve him as a watch and bold accessory at the same time. He can wear it proudly to work or casually hang out with you. Find It Here.

11. This Pillow 

This Pillow for boyfriend - creative gifts for boyfriends

This pillow would make the best gift if you happen to be in a long-distance relationship. It is big and fluffy, a great companion for those long lonely nights you have to endure all year.

Plus, it will keep the relationship flame alive for as long as you have to be apart. Moreover, this pillow grants you several sizes, but we strongly recommend the medium or big one so you can have a warm hug like his even though he is far away.

12. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

creative gifts for boyfriends

Eggnog and hot chocolate are great but nothing will warm you up more than an aged smokey whiskey. It will be perfect when the whiskey is stored in the barrel as it will add extra flavor to the liquor.

If you’re looking for personalized Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, this whiskey barrel might just be it. It will age the whiskey well and be a great addition to any man cave.

13. Personalized Pocket Watch 

In case you are wondering what creative gifts for boyfriends you can buy for Christmas, look no further han this unique pocket watch. It has a classy matte black finish that will give it a special spot in his heart and pocket.

Personalize it with his initials or name to make it that much more significant to your other half. He can bring one in a suit to a ball or when he celebrates a bachelorette party with his buddies.

14. “Deer In Smoking Jacket” Wall Hanging Poster

“Deer In Smoking Jacket” Wall Hanging Poster - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you’ve ever wondered what Hugh Heffner would look like if he were a deer the answer is right on this poster. Think your partner might appreciate it? Who wouldn’t?

It looks creepy yet funny at the same time where you can see a man’s body with a deer head like a weirdo. If your boyfriend appreciates quirky and fun artwork, this wall decor is the perfect choice. He can showcase one on the living room’s wall to impress the guests about his strange taste.

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15. Titanium Multi-Tool Ring

Titanium Multi-Tool Ring - creative gifts for boyfriends

This custom ring is made out of tough and durable titanium and has an assortment of tools inside of it. He can use those tiny tools to tear the plastic wrap, paper box, or even your cereal if you are struggling to open it.

And even cooler, it can also be engraved if want this amazing gift to bear a bit more personal touch. You can add your anniversary date, his initials, or even the Bible verse, as you wish.

16. Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb ( Just For A Laugh?)

Spring-Loaded-Glitter-Bomb - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you just want to harmlessly prank him and watch him literally sparkle you might avoid all squinting altogether. Take this glitter bomb and surprise him by popping it up on his head!

You can also include a trumpet and invite his friends to throw a surprise for him on his birthday. Better you do it at night or before midnight when he’s about to sleep and have no clue about your plan at all

Superhero Cufflinks Set - creative gifts for boyfriends

Creative gifts for boyfriends do not usually involve a nice shirt. But if you combine an awesome shirt with one of these Avengers cufflinks set your geeky boyfriend’s excitement will go through the roof.

They come in several characters your boyfriend can choose based on the occasion. He can match it with a white shirt and tuxedo to attend a wedding or meeting.

18. Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet - creative gifts for boyfriends

How about this beautiful wallet as one of the most creative gifts for boyfriends you can buy? It might not be extremely sentimental, but for those who value practicality, it is the best gift.

The unique shape, sturdy material, and overall elegance make it stand out. Considering its handy size, it will make a perfect piece for those boyfriends who love to keep a wallet in their back pocket. Don’t worry, its slim design ensures comfort even when sitting.

19. Whiskey Wedge Glass

Whiskey Wedge Glass - creative gifts for boyfriends

Whiskey lovers can’t help but fall in love with this wedge glass. Unlike others, this one seems to have a barrier that separates the two drinks inside. But in fact, that’s the unusual design it bears.

If you know that he loves whiskey then here’s the recipe. Take a good bottle of whiskey, the personalized barrel mentioned earlier, and this wedge glass. Pack it up and he will love it.

20. Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski Sunglasses - creative gifts for boyfriends

These sunglasses are just what you need if you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a boyfriend who loves surfing. They are cool, durable, and have beautiful polarized lenses.

Suppose your boyfriend fancies geek fashion, you can pick him a turquoise or pink one that looks flashy but not overwhelming. Plus, 1% of all proceeds go to a non-profit that aims to save the waves and coastlines.

21. Campfire Marshmallow Scented Candles

Campfire Marshmallow Scented Candles - creative gifts for boyfriends

There is nothing better than a marshmallow-scented candle to recreate the campfire experience indoors. This unique gift idea is ideal for a lover of the outdoors.

He can light it up whenever he goes camping or simply take a dip in his bathtub and relax while inhaling the perfume emitted from this candle. Add a custom message or special date to the lid for a personalized appeal.

22. Collar Perfect The Compact Portable Travel Iron

New Folding Portable Iron Mini Collar Iron Electric Mini Iron With Double Ironing 6 Heat Settings

This travel iron is perfect for the partner who travels a lot but still needs to maintain his professional look. Nobody likes ironing, so the fact that this gift will make the task much easier is enough to make it one of the most thoughtful.

Furthermore, this iron makes a perfect gift for those boyfriend travelers who don’t want to bring a suitcase but demand that their clothes stay neat. It features a small size that allows him to bring it everywhere he goes.

23. Humping Dog USB Drive

Humping Dog USB - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you’re tirelessly searching for a birthday gift for a boyfriend who has everything, then here’s a thought. He probably doesn’t have a USB drive that looks like a sexually frustrated dog that tries to make love to a computer.

Just saying, laughter is the best present for anyone! Consider purchasing one if your boyfriend is someone who has a good sense of humor. Besides being a cute item, this flashdisk will be useful when he needs to transfer files for his work.

24. Personalized 6-Watch-Box

Personalized 6-Watch-Box - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you’re looking for an anniversary gift idea then this watch box can solve all your problems. It’s an elegant and classy gift in itself. It bears six compartments for his watch collections with transparent glass to showcase them.

But if you’re looking for a wow reaction from your beloved you could also put a beautiful wooden watch inside with a special engraving. Also, request the initials of your loved one to feature on the box to make it even more special.

25. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit - creative gifts for boyfriends

It might not win in the “cute and creative gifts for boyfriends” category. But hey! Cooking a variety of hot sauces from this DIY kit may be a very romantic pastime. It even might turn up the new heat on your relationship.

You can spend time together with your boyfriend in the kitchen while stumbling on the sauce recipes, trying to find out what to add to make the sauce tasty. Such joint activities can strengthen the bond between the two of you that may have started to stretch. When finished, transfer the sauce to the bottle and add the label.

26. Multi-Tool Bracelet

Multi-Tool-Bracelet - creative gifts for boyfriends

If he leads an active lifestyle or loves fiddling with his bike, car, motorcycle and so on, this handy multi-tool bracelet is just what he needs. It highlights various kinds of tools from the workshop world in tiny sizes, wrapping them into a stunning bracelet.

Its bold design depicts his dashing personality. He can wear the piece with his casual fashion, like body-fit t-shirts, jeans, or shorts. For formal events, a blazer and shirt with long trousers will make a great deal.

27. The Long Distance Boyfriend Gift Box

This creative gift box is full of thoughtful memorabilia to keep him company when distance separates you. It features a mug with “I miss your face”, assorted candles with suggestive messages, a bath bomb, and a scented lip balm.

You can also add a heart-warming message to tell how much you love him and appreciate this relationship despite the distance and obstacles you both face. When he uses the bath bomb to dip in the tub, it will instantly take the memory about you.

28. F-Bomb Paper Weight

F-Bomb Paper Weight

This one is perfect for the guy who spends his workdays in the office constantly trying not to swear. Give him this F-Bomb paperweight as a sign of recognition of his daily struggles. He will love it!

Besides its use to hold paper or documents intact on his desk, he can also display it facing the front door as a statement piece in his office. If he has a round or end table, it also makes an awesome decoration for the space.

29. Steak Champ Steak Thermometer

creative gifts for boyfriends

If you want him to finally be able to cook the perfect steak in the kitchen, then this is what you need. This thermometer will flash different colors depending on the meat’s temperature. It will definitely save him lots of time and trouble.

Apart from using it in the kitchen, he can bring it when throwing BBQ parties with friends and family. It is also useful for camping or hiking, whenever he cooks meat to eat.

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30. Time To Poop Coffee Mug

Time To Poop Coffee Mug

One of the milestones in every relationship is acknowledging the fact that in the bathroom we do not spew rainbows and confetti. So this funny coffee mug is one of those small and creative gifts for boyfriends on the anniversary of reaching said milestone.

It will definitely make him laugh and love you even more. He can make his favorite beverages, like hot choco, coffee, or tea, out of this mug and enjoy his time to the fullest.

31. Personalized Docking Station

Personalized Docking Station - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you want him to keep all the stuff he needs on a daily basis in one place, instead of leaving it all over the place, here’s a solution.  It solves the “where’s my wallet” problem.

It features spaces to hang the watch, place the phone and even keys. Now, the chance of him getting late because he forgot to put his car keys is getting smaller, thanks to this awesome piece.

32. Nautical Theme Silver Anchor Bracelet

Nautical Theme Silver Anchor Bracelet - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you’re looking for a romantic birthday gift idea for your boyfriend but nothing seems good enough, you could always go for assembling a small gift basket.

It should be filled with things that remind you of him. In case you do that, drop this beautiful bracelet in there since he is also your anchor that keeps you grounded in this hectic world.

33. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

With this cool bottle cutter, he can develop a harmless and quite helpful hobby. Plus, he will forever have the ultimate excuse for getting more beer, because you can never have enough glasses.

Such a unique item will also make it easier for your boyfriend to handle these bottles to make DIY items. He can make flower vases and glasses out of these bottles or even collect them as unusual displays.

34. Beer Pouch Sweatshirt

Beer Pouch Sweatshirt

You might think that a clever gift idea for your boyfriend would not involve a sweatshirt. But if it’s a sweatshirt that resonates with his love of beer and has a small pouch in front for carrying it…Yeah, it is creative. And hilarious!

Now, your boyfriend doesn’t have to bother grabbing a drink and carrying it everywhere. He can easily keep one in his pocket and talk with his friends. Besides beer, he can even put his travel tumbler. So, no more worry about keeping the coffee while driving.

35. Personalized Travel Mug

Personalized Travel Mug

If you’re looking for DIY gifts for a long-distance boyfriend, then maybe this travel mug is just what you need. You can have any text written on it, whether it’s a sweet nothing or an inner joke.

We recommend adding his initials if your boyfriend doesn’t favor cheesy notes. This way you’ll always keep him warm and it will make him smile every morning.

36. Steampunk USB Drive

Light-Up Steampunk USB Drive - creative gifts for boyfriends

USB drives come in many shapes and forms, but you have to dig deep enough to find the one that will be perfect for him. If he loves steampunk and all things geeky, he will definitely adore this cool USB drive.

It features a kind of LED light inside the industrial steampunk design which makes it look unique. Your boyfriend who always works in front of a laptop and documents will really appreciate a gift that supports his mobility. You can wrap it up as a birthday present

37. Grillight Lighted BBQ Set

Grillight Lighted BBQ Set

Any cooking and grilling enthusiast will appreciate this awesome BBQ set. These grilling utensils are equipped with a built-in light that will allow him to grill even in the dark.

It will save him lots of headaches and will show how much you know and care for him. We recommend including an apron as a complement to this set. That way, your boyfriend will feel his passion in cooking is much appreciated.

38. Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses

Crafted from several layers of Rosewood with a special grain finish, the glasses will serve him well. Made of wooden material, it makes an amazing gift for someone who is interested in rustic design.

Moreover, it comes with a wooden storage box that makes it easier for you to keep it when you don’t use it. Featuring such a cool design, you better suggest to your boyfriend to have it on while on the beach to capture anyone’s attention.

39. Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

“I like to melt stuff”. If you know this quote, then kudos to you for knowing your Friends trivia. But in all seriousness, this is one of the best ideas for those guys who love to fix stuff.

This welder is not only helpful but also fun to use, he will finally be able to fix everything he has ever wanted to fix. Yes, this welder is that brilliant. So, buy one before it slips from your basket!

40. Couch Coasters Weighted Drink Holders

Couch Drink Holder - creative gifts for boyfriends

If you both enjoy spending your time relaxing on the couch and watching Netflix while cuddling, then congratulations on your perfect relationship. To make that pastime even more enjoyable, get him this couch drink holder to prevent a spilled drink from ruining your movie night. 

You don’t need to worry that the drink will be touched because there is a handle that will support it firmly. Now, grab your favorite drinks, snacks, and popcorn, then choose your movies!

41. Solid Sterling Silver Wolf Ring

Solid Sterling Silver Wolf Ring

This ring might be one of the best handmade gifts for a boyfriend on his birthday if he loves unique rings. Especially, if he is fascinated with such ferocious and free-spirited animals as wolves.

If this ring made you instantly think of your boyfriend, then waste no time looking for any other present. By wearing this ring, your boyfriend’s dashing personality will appear vividly. Consider the index finger to put it on to make it look bold.

42. Spin Chill The Quick Beverage Chiller

60-Second Bottle Chiller

If you have ever heard him complain about drinking warm beer or other beverages, then by giving him this chiller you might secure your spot as his favorite person in the entire world.

This chiller is capable of cooling a drink in about a minute and he will certainly be eternally grateful to you for finding this gem specifically for him. Bring it whenever the party thrown, your boyfriend will be forever grateful to have this!

43. Wazoo The Ultimate Adventure Survival Bracelet

Wazoo The Ultimate Adventure Survival Bracelet - creative gifts for boyfriends

Does your boyfriend enjoy climbing mountains, camping, hiking, or other such outdoor activities? If he does, then get him the “ultimate survival bracelet”.

Amazingly, it can turn into a long rope that wraps a compass, safety pin, cable, and several other crucial survival kits. Your adventurer boyfriend can wear it whenever he has outdoor activities, especially cycling, hiking, or camping in forests, national parks, or mountains with challenging terrain.

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44. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

If he prefers staying hydrated throughout the day but still wants to save space in his bag, then this gift will be perfect. This bottle collapses to a size small enough to fit in your pocket.

While you might not need it on a daily basis, such a bottle is beneficial for outdoor activities that don’t allow you to carry heavy loads, like hiking. It is also used for cyclists who don’t have a compartment to store their tumblers.

45. Boyfriend Gift LED Lamps 

Boyfriend Gift LED Lamps 

Showcase your ingenuity and affection with one of these creative gifts for him. These cheerful and colorful LED lamps are a great way to get him up when he feels down.

They will give him a much-needed inspiration to hold on when the distance feels too hard on him. He can simply display it on his nightstand to accompany lonely nights without you. Ask him to play songs or music while turning on the lamp whenever he misses you.

46. Bedside Essential Pocket

Bedside Essential Pocket - creative gifts for boyfriends

This might not be one of the most creative gifts for boyfriends, but it is certainly a practical one. This felt pocket will allow him to keep all his essentials near the bed or couch and create a sweet feeling of domesticity in your home.

And in case he is sick and cannot get out of his bed frequently, he can have easy access to his possessions, such as a phone, notes, and charger in this pocket. Indeed, it is a helpful item worth buying for his birthday!

47. Beer Holster

Beer Holster - creative gifts for boyfriends

Let your boyfriend feel like a badass cowboy while drinking beer outdoors. Both a funny and practical angle of this beer holster! Slightly different from the previous hoodie, this one makes use of the space on the belt to hold the beer.

However, he must ensure that his belt is sturdy to hold the beer bottle or any beverage he would like to tuck in. He’d better tuck his t-shirt into his trousers when he wants to bring the beer holster so it’s easy to grab the bottle.

48. Premium Belt Giftbox Set

Premium Belt Giftbox Set

If your beloved is in dire need of some belts but is hard to take shopping, then here’s a stylish gift idea for him. Give him this beautiful set of belts and free him from the necessity of going shopping for them.

This set will also allow him to change his work style every day and adjust it with his belts. As they come in three designs, he can wear the leather ones for formal occasions, while the rest is great to pair with his polo shirt. Find It Here.

49. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Wi-Fi Connected Touch Lights

This is one of the best and most creative gifts for long-distance boyfriends. This nightstand lamp features a bright, blue light that can accompany you during your lonely nights. Moreover, it will light up with a touch sensor from afar.

Give him one lamp and keep the other for yourself! Next time you miss him, touch your lamp and the one you’ve given him will start to light up. This way he’ll know you’re thinking of him.

50. Minimalist Men’s Greek Leather Sandals

Minimalist Men's Greek Leather Sandals

If you frequently visit the beach with your boyfriend, then maybe it’s time for him to go for something more than cheap rubber flip-flops. Instead, buy him this pair of leather sandals that will elevate his style to the next level.

It is made of calfskin leather that ensures durability. So, you shouldn’t be worried about the pair will peel off if it gets in contact with water. Match the sandals with his beach outfits and sunglasses and he’s ready to rock!

51. World’s Okayest Boyfriend T-Shirt

If you both share a slightly antagonizing sense of humor, then romantic homemade gift ideas might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Instead, this cool and frankly hilarious t-shirt is probably more up your alley.

He will certainly know that you love him with all your heart just by surprising him with this tee. Help him to style his look by offering black or gray shorts to match the t-shirt. Oh, don’t forget about sandals to highlight your casual preference.

52. Or This Mug!

World’s Okayest Boyfriend

Or this mug will certainly help him remember every day that he’s the “world’s okayest boyfriend”. Despite it being a simple coffee mug, this is one of the most creative gifts for a boyfriend who has a sense of humor. The funniest one too!

Instead of giving him the tee or the mug, how about grabbing both for him as gifts? This combo will surely make him smile ear to ear and make him the happiest on his birthday!

53. The Escape And Evasion Belt

This belt is a perfect gift for a boyfriend who loves multi-tools and other products that are versatile and functional. Even though this high-quality belt is great on its own, it also has several hidden pockets he can fill out with whatever he pleases.

He can tuck in money, tweezers, and even a razor blade, just in case there is an emergency that endangers him. Thanks to its simple design, he can easily match the belt with the trousers or jeans he loves.

54. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit


If he loves getting his hands dirty due to his work or hobby, help him take care of those hands with this cool kit. It features all of his essentials to keep his look handsome, such as shampoo, beard care, trimming tools, and even balm and brush.

By giving him this gift basket, you are giving your boyfriend a chance to take care of himself and set him aside from the hustle and bustle of work that makes him forget to pay attention to his appearance. Whether as Christmas, anniversary, or birthday gift, this one will make him grateful to have you.

55. Personalized Wooden Watch 

No products found.

This elegant wooden timepiece boasts a slim profile and the all-wooden case makes it suitable for both formal and casual settings. Its wooden material perfectly suits those boyfriends who have fancy rustic designs.

The brown, wooden tone makes this watch look amazing to match with a suit, shirt, or even a t-shirt. Give it a personal touch in the form of a special message on the back of the case to offer sentimental touch.

56. The 3-in-1 Travel Bag

The 3-in-1 Travel Bag

If he loves traveling or that’s what his work requires, give him this amazing travel bag. It can become a backpack, a duffel, or a weekender bag and has tons of hidden features.

He can conveniently carry his clothes, documents, or other essentials like a bath set, in one bag. No more hustle with suitcases and backpacks all at once when he’s on board.

57. Handcrafted Olive Wood Rustic Chess Set 

Handcrafted Olive Wood Rustic Chess Set

Any lover of chess would treasure this rustic chess set. It has hand-made pieces and handy storage drawers on both sides. It also has wooden pegs that you can screw on the base for elevation.

This has got to be one of the best and most creative gifts for boyfriends who are chess lovers! Apart from playing chess, this stunning item will stand out as a display on your end table. Instead of using the table surface, you can feature a flower vase on top of the rustic chessboard.

58. Property Of A Hot Girlfriend T-Shirt

Property Of A Hot Girlfriend T-Shirt

Mark your territory with this hilarious t-shirt that will certainly make him chuckle and you feel satisfied. The printed message speaks volumes that your boyfriend belongs to you and as if you were the color of other girls out there to not dare to flirt with him.

Furthermore, the casual design allows him to mix and match the tee with his shorts. Given its dark tone color, you’d better ask him to pair it with lighter shades, like light grey, beige, or tan to create a stunning color contrast. Though it may not belong to the most creative gifts for boyfriends you can find, at least he’s happy with your pure intention!

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59. Authentic 2-in-1 Cigar Flask

Authentic 2-in-1 Cigar Flask

This elegant classy flask can also serve as a cigar holder which is cool in itself. Plus, the authentic leather finish makes this flask truly outstanding and looks luxurious, a perfect piece for your chic boyfriend.

As it features a holder, your boyfriend doesn’t need to bother about where to put the cigar while smoking it. The size is also pretty small, so carrying it everywhere in the pocket isn’t a problem.

60. Yoga Pose Army Men

Yoga Pose Green Army Men - creative gifts for boyfriends

Whether he’s a Toy Story enthusiast, military man, or yoga practitioner he will definitely and absolutely love these army men doing yoga poses. Who wouldn’t? They look funny and weird, doing yoga poses that actually are real.

Your yoga and military enthusiast boyfriend can simply display these figures in his glass cabinet. We also recommend arranging them following the pose in the picture so that they look attractive.

61. The Ostrich Nap Pillow

The Ostrich Nap Pillow

Make his life a little bit easier by letting him nap in the utmost comfort in this cool ostrich pillow. It will create a relaxing atmosphere: dark, shady, and quiet, thanks to the design.

He can comfortably use it to take a nap at the office during lunch breaks or take it camping. Even though his neck might get stiff if he sleeps too long, at least the head lands on a fluffy surface instead of bumping on the table.

62. Solar Planet Lollipops

Solar Planet Lollipops - creative gifts for boyfriends

If your boyfriend is an astronomy geek or just loves cool renditions of everyday products, he will certainly love these suckers. The set features ten lollipops with all the planets of the solar system and the sun, making it one of the coolest and most creative gifts for boyfriends you need to consider!

And yes, it also includes the baby Pluto in the set. All of them are the same size, delicious and photo-realistic. No wonder he will love them! For the best display, you can DIY a cork that has been painted brown. Then, plug in this lollipop according to the order, where pluto is the farthest planet.

63. Personalized Breaking Bad Cutting Board

If he enjoys cooking or you want him to cook more, this is one of the most creative gifts for him. If he loves Breaking Bad, of course. Who doesn’t? Especially when this cool cutting board features the best things about the show: Heisenberg and incorporating chemical elements into writing.

Apart from being a cutting board, he can display it on the wall of his room or kitchen. Just make sure to make holes in the right space (not in the face painting)!

64. Beard Kit for Men Grooming

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo

If your man has a beard and he cares a lot about his beard, then it is the best time to show your love to him by giving him this beard kit. There are 6 pieces of kit for him to groom and take care of the beard easily at home whenever he wants.

Packed perfectly in a pretty and neat box, there is no reason for your boyfriend not to love this present. No need to go to the salon anymore. You can help him groom on weekend to show your love and compassion to him!

65. Perfume

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Fl Oz

Looking for something fresh and new for your boyfriend? Why don’t give him a new perfume? But in this case, try different scents that he usually uses, but still in his character.

We recommend a combination between something fruity and mint that will be a good idea for a fresh start. It makes him still look masculine yet fresh. Make sure you do the best packaging when giving this one of the most creative gifts for boyfriends to him!

66. Slippers

Mens Cozy Memory Foam Scuff Slippers Slip On Warm House Shoes Indoor/Outdoor

Think no one can deny slippers, particularly during the holiday season. It can be worn perfectly with pajamas. Soft and warm slippers are a good idea for rainy days, walking around the house, or mostly only from the bedroom, dining room, and toilet, right?

Your man will definitely love it, just make sure to select a neutral color for him if he doesn’t favor a flashy look, even for his bed outfits. We recommend grey, grey twill, or brown khaki as they have awesome patterns but not striking. Order here!

67. Floor Cushion

Floor Cushion

For a boyfriend who loves to spend his time playing video games or reading his books, this floor cushion is going to be a great gift for him. Spending hours in front of his screen or books can be a burden sometimes.

To help him deal with the condition, why don’t you give him this cushion as one of the most creative gifts for boyfriends? It is made of soft fabrics and it can also be customized just in case he needs it with a backrest to relax. Moreover, it is also available in many color options to choose from. 

68. Personalized Guitar Pick

Personalized Guitar Pick

If you have a musician boyfriend, a guitar pick would be one of the most recommended and creative gifts for boyfriends. Not the usual pick, because you might want to check out this personalized wooden guitar pick instead. It is made of high-quality material that allows you to engrave a special message on it.

You can also engrave his name on the pick and make sure he won’t lose it while he’s on tour. Comes as a great personalized gift, this pick also comes with an adorable and exclusive wooden box.

69. Men’s Engraved Leather Bracelet

Men’s Engraved Leather Bracelet

Next up we have a different kind of leather bracelet for a special boyfriend who pays attention to his appearance every single day. This sleek looking bracelet comes with a metal plate that can be engraved with his name, his nickname, or any word you like.

The leather comes in several color options that you can choose based on your boyfriend’s favorite color. Furthermore, you can also engrave the inner side of the plate with your special secret message. Lovely!

70. Men’s Toiletry Bag

Men’s Toiletry Bag

Make sure your man has his toiletry bag ready to keep his toiletries safe while he’s on duty trip. So instead of borrowing your pink and girly bag to bring his stuff, he can use the one designated for him only.

It comes in several manly colors and designs, and it can function as a handbag as well. Aside from toiletries, it can also fit his wallet, mobile phone, glasses, or even car keys. Definitely one of the most creative gifts for boyfriends you can’t miss!

71. Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

To make sure your boyfriend’s look is on point from head to toe, giving him a complete sneaker cleaning kit as a birthday gift can be a good idea. This kit includes all of the things he needs to make his sneakers clean and shiny all day long.

The elegant silver box also looks sleek enough for him to carry everywhere he goes. So the next time you help him to pack for a duty trip, don’t forget to put this sneaker-cleaning kit into his case.

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Final Thoughts

The thing you should pay attention to more when giving unique and creative gifts for boyfriends is understanding what he likes or dislikes. No matter how unique is the gift, if he does not like the character, he will accept it but not be that happy. Since you are his girlfriend, we are sure you know him very well.

Now, there are plenty of cool and creative gifts for boyfriends here to choose from, if you want you could share this post with your actual boyfriend on social media and let them pick their favorite gift, but then that would ruin the surprise though wouldn’t it?

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