25 Memorable DIY Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Giving someone a special gift is one of the many ways that we can do to show our love to others. We usually prepare gifts for special moments and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and many other beautiful moments that are too many to mention. For couples, giving a special gift is also a sweet gesture to show how much they mean to each other, and simply to show how much they love each other. However, you might want to give something different for your boyfriend’s birthday this year, and a memorable DIY birthday gift is definitely something to be considered.

If you plan a surprise event for your boyfriend’s birthday, then we suggest you include an exceptional gift as part of the surprise. For that reason, creating a special DIY gift is something that you need to prepare before hand. If you have no clue on what DIY gift to make, don’t worry! Because we have gathered 25 memorable DIY birthday gifts to give you better ideas.

The Self Crafting DIY Gifts

If your boyfriend is the type of guy who just can’t sit around and do nothing during his spare time, then these gifts will surely keep him busy. Scroll down and find several unique DIY birthday gifts that will be perfect for him.

1. Gramophone Wooden Puzzle

Gramophone Wooden Puzzle

The first item on the list is probably one of the coolest DIY gifts for a creative boyfriend who also loves music. This wooden gramophone puzzle will definitely keep your boyfriend busy, as he will be super excited to assemble this cute Gramophone puzzle. Once the puzzle is set, this miniature version of a unique gramophone will be an excellent home décor, making it a memorable DIY birthday gift for him. Twist the twitch and it will play a beautiful music. Moreover, it was made of high-quality wooden material to ensure durability.

2. Watch Making Kit

Watch Making Kit

If you have a nerdy boyfriend, then he will definitely love this DIY watch-making kit as a memorable DIY birthday gift. The package comes with watch parts and tools, plus clear and brief instructions. Without a doubt, he will spend hours building the watch. In addition, the watch also comes with a date-setting feature.

3. Infused & Pour Alcohol Kit

Infused & Pour Alcohol Kit

This kit is a super exciting DIY birthday gift for a special boyfriend, especially if he is a cocktail enthusiast. With five options of fruity ingredients, you can choose your boyfriend’s favorite taste that pairs best with his favorite spirits. As he knows alcohol better than you, it’s best to give the alcohol kit directly to him. We suggest you give this kit as an early birthday gift, so you both can enjoy the infused alcohol together on his special day.

4. Titanic 3D Puzzle Block

Titanic 3D Puzzle Block

Titanic is probably one of the best all-time favorite movies. If your boyfriend loves the movie and adores the amazing ship of Titanic, then this micro blocks puzzle Titanic model is one of the best memorable DIY gifts for him. Your boyfriend can build the 1860 piece micro blocks into a marvelous ship after receiving the gift. Once it’s done, it will be a great decoration item to add a touch of nostalgia to his living room.

5. Pottery Couple Activity

Pottery Couple Activity

There’s a blurred line in this item, since we don’t know whether it’s a DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend, or a nice gift for yourself. If that’s the issue, then why not make this clay kit a perfect gift for your boyfriend, which can be a nice item to let you enjoy a quality time together on his birthday? Your art enthusiast boyfriend will be happy to create something nice and cute using the clay kit with you. You can choose to include the additional black and white paint to décor the pottery when it’s dried. Moreover, it uses non-toxic natural clay, so it’s totally safe for you.

6. Hand Mold Casting

Hand Mold Casting

Are you looking for a unique and memorable DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend? Then this Hand Mold Casting Kit is undoubtedly the answer to your question. He can make any shape with his hand to the mold, then make it a sturdy statue by casting it. You can also make a couple items and commemorate it on his birthday. Besides the original white color, your boyfriend can paint with a bronze paint included in the DIY kit.

7. Mini Terrariums

Mini Terrariums

Greenery and your boyfriend aren’t quite the best match to put together. However, as one of the effortless yet memorable DIY birthday gifts for a boyfriend, this Mini Terrarium Kit guarantees him to be the best gardener in town by crafting the ingredients. You can be sure that he will not accidentally let the plant dies with this artistry. Especially since there will be no more hassle in watering, repotting, and any necessary activities to keep his desk fresh.

8. Moving Locomotive Kit

Moving Locomotive Kit

Choose this 3D puzzle to complete your boyfriend’s wooden collection on his display shelf in the office. This wooden 19th-century locomotive artistry will be an excellent idea to be your gift out of many DIY birthday gift ideas for a special boyfriend. The moving locomotive has delicate and beautiful details on each edge, and it uses Baltic birch plywood. Your boyfriend will easily assemble the complex wooden cuts as a man with great persistence. 

9. Personal Hot Sauce Recipe

Personal Hot Sauce Recipe

The foodie boyfriend will be ecstatic to get his own hot sauce recipe on his birthday. As he doesn’t fear the spiciness from the habanero, chipotle, ancho pasilla, or ghost peppers, he might go crazy in the sauce making with the spiciest of all DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend on the internet. Besides the “hot” ingredients, the deluxe package comes with custom label stickers and bottles for nice packaging. Just wait and see, because your boyfriend might bring his creation to your lunch date.

 10. Craft Beer Kit

Craft Beer Kit

Your boyfriend’s birthday night will be remarkable with a home brewing beer. This DIY beer brewing kit will be a pleasant surprise gift for your boyfriend, who happens to love a light alcohol drink. Bring this gift to his house and let him do magic with a complete beer brewing kit from the package. 

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 11. Storage Wooden Box

Storage Wooden Box

An easily assemble storage box kit will be an excellent and memorable DIY birthday gifts for a dear boyfriend who often loses his keys. The small wooden box can hold his keys once he gets home. Not to mention his rings, bracelets, AirPods case, and other small accessories, too. In addition, this box is also environmentally friendly because it was made of an ecological paint-free board material.

 12. Tie-Dye DIY Kit

Tie-Dye DIY Kit

Are you ready to spend your summer with your dearest birthday boy? Before you go, do not forget to have this summer special tie-dye DIY kit as a memorable DIY birthday gift for him. Hand over this kit a few days prior to his birthday, so you can give him some time to be creative with all patterns and colors. As a result, this kit will get him exclusive tie-dye clothes for the whole summer. Super cool, isn’t it?

13. Ugly Tie Craft

Ugly Tie Craft

If your boyfriend is a class clown, then he deserves to have this DIY ugly tie set as a funny birthday gift from you. It includes Christmas-related objects and a bottle of non-toxic white glue to ensure his safety when he’s decorating. This might be a funny gift for his birthday. But he can definitely wear it as part of his funny costume on Christmas eve. Definitely one of the funniest, yet most memorable DIY birthday gifts for a funny boyfriend.

 14. 3D Crystal Puzzle

3D Crystal Puzzle

This Crystal Castle Puzzle is more like a birthday gift for you instead of a birthday gift for your boyfriend. However, you know that if you give this to him, then he will be happy to assemble this so-called birthday gift for you. So it’s more like a win-win solution for both of you, right? The clear crystal puzzle will shine and play some music in your shared living room. Moreover, the DIY 3D puzzle will definitely bring out the inner child in him, and you!

 15. Walking Dino

Walking Dino

Your boyfriend might think that he is too old to play with wooden puzzles. But the Walking Dino Kit will definitely change his mind. This is one of the most unique and most memorable DIY birthday gifts for your boyfriend, which will make him feel like a little boy again. Aside from being a complex yet adorable puzzle, it also has an extraordinary feature. Surprise him by clapping in front of the Dino as the dino will move as you claps. Without a doubt, your man will definitely love his birthday gift.

 16. Leather Wallet Kit

Leather Wallet Kit

This adorable gift will let your boyfriend have a new leather wallet as he can create his own using this Leather Wallet Kit. The package comes with needles and waxed thread that will change the leather into a cool wallet. This is truly an easy DIY craft for him. Plus, it also offers personalization because you can add name initials. Truly a nice and memorable DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend.

The Completed DIY Gifts

Making or assembling memorable DIY birthday gifts for a boyfriend that can be personalized is an exciting thing to do. Especially if the personalization also includes you. Find the best item in the following list to be the best personalized DIY gift for your boyfriend.

17. Blank Love Coupon Book

Blank Love Coupon Book

If you have no idea what to give to a boyfriend who has it all, then the DIY-style Love Coupon Book will cover it for you. It comes as a blank coupon book, so you can just write down the creative and exquisite gift on each card before giving it to him. He can easily tear the twenty coupon cards and claim them to you. It’s like giving twenty different DIY birthday gifts for a boyfriend, which he can receive anytime.

18. Bookbinding Kit

Bookbinding Kit

Create a special journal book for your boyfriend by having this Bookbinding Kit as a special DIY birthday gift. Whether he is a music producer who needs to write every lyric that crosses his mind, or a painter who is preparing a small exhibition, this book will be a great help. You clearly show your support for his dream with this DIY journal book. It might be hard to finish, but it will be a nice and memorable birthday gift to cherish.

19. Explosive Scrapbook Box

Explosive Scrapbook Box

This assembled scrapbook box provides your boyfriend with effortless photo pasting. He can put photos of the best memories with you throughout the years. He can put the photos taken from your first date, until today. In addition, the gift box inside the scrapbook can be a secret additional gift for your boyfriend, after walking down the memory lane with you.

20. DIY Mala Bracelet Diffuser

DIY Mala Bracelet Diffuser

A combination of Sesame Jasper, Rosewood, and Lava Stone comes as a marvelous DIY accessory to become a sweet birthday gift for your boyfriend’s birthday The earth tone beads will look cool on your man’s wrist. It also provides him a calmness to cease the stress away. Put one or two essential oil drops near the lava stone and let it absorb the oil to make it a nice diffuser.

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21. Cute Love Message

Cute Love Message

These small capsules convey your love message for your boyfriend perfectly. As a memorable DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend, you need to make the extra effort to write each note on the paper inside the pills with your personal messages and wishes. Add a reason why you love him so much, or list down the things that you like about him, basically you can write whatever you like! You can ask him to open one capsule a day for fifty days, and we guarantee he will have a reason to smile everyday.

22. Glass Wind Chime

Glass Wind Chime

The colorful and transparent eight glass strips look beautiful for your DIY wind chime. The glasses have one hole at one end for the string to merge them all. Bring the wind chime as your boyfriend’s DIY birthday gift and hang it on your boyfriend’s home terrace to let it tinkle. Spend a little time enjoying the wind breeze with the pretty wind chime.

23. Love Book Journal

Love Book Journal

On your boyfriend’s birthday, list down everything you are grateful for about him. Write one by one following the prompt on the DIY love book to make it memorable and special. The hardcover book makes it easy to stand between his other books collection. Undoubtedly, the love book journal will be the most meaningful and memorable DIY birthday gift for boyfriend.

Final Thoughts

Personalized birthday gifts are always special, especially if you give it to a special person in your life like your boyfriend. However, since looking for some DIY ideas can be a struggle, especially if you want to give something memorable through a special gift on his birthday. For that purpose, we are delighted to help you with some ideas on how to create a memorable DIY birthday gift for him. We believe an insightful inspiration is just on scroll away!

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