50 Cool Wallets for Men that are Unique and Stylish!

The following list includes some cool wallets for guys that are perfect for those who want to show off your sense of style. Various cool wallet designs hold different levels of utility and visual appeal, which keep your sensitive items secure and organized. Not to mention it speak volumes about your personality, too! Whether you are an avid lover of stylish accessories or not, you definitely need a good wallet no matter what.

Here we have compiled the ultimate list of the most unique and cool wallets to help you find the most suitable one for you, which we believe will also defines you and meets your needs. Moreover, this list will come useful for girlfriends who are looking for the perfect gift for a special boyfriend in their life, too. After all, a great boyfriend deserves to have a cool wallet, right?

There are several types of wallets available for men, including bifold, trifold, and cardholder wallets. Bifold wallets are the most common and are designed to fold in half. While trifold wallets are designed to fold into thirds and have more storage space, and cardholder wallets are minimalist in design and are used to carry only credit cards and identification.

Furthermore, cool wallets for guys come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, not to mention that these wallets can be both fashionable and functional. To find more, check out our best picks for the most stylish and unique wallets for men on the planet!

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BEST and Cool Wallet for Men

#1 House of Stark’s Game of Thrones Leather Wallet

House Stark Game of Thrones wallet Genuine Leather handmade bifold slim Personalized gift for men

For any ardent GoT lover, we have no doubt that this fashionable leather wallet is a remarkable choice. It features more than just cool design inspired by the House of Stark, because it also shows great attention to details, which also gives evidence of keen craftsmanship.

In terms of material, we all know that leather is indeed an elegant and durable material for such a high utility accessory. The combination of cool design and high-quality material makes this wallet perfect for everyday use and ensures a long and fruitful existence.

#2 Personalized Men’s Monogrammed Wallet

cool wallets

If you are looking for the ultimate personalized leather wallet, then look no further than this one. It features a complete balance of functionality with visual appeal for a modern and stylish man.

Moreover, the slightly rustic finish also adds great value to the design, which we believe will attract attention for the right reason. Even better, you can also personalize it for a specia boyfriend, and make his life complete.

#3 Dango Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

cool wallets

Any EDC enthusiast would love the potential in this mens tactical gadget wallet. It is hard to imagine that such a simple accessory could hold so many tools in one. With this in hand, you will have everything you need to survive most everyday situations.

From a bottle opener and box cutter to a nail prier and rope tensioner, you have everything right in the palm of your hand.

#4 Personalized Message Leather RFID Wallet

cool wallets

This customizable wallet is one of those cool wallets that will make a great present to end someone’s year in style. It comes in a unique toffee shade and features lots of space for cards and money. Moreover, the engraved message also offers an opportunity to let someone dear in your life know how much you care for them.

In addition, we also think that this item can provide you with a chance to mend a broken relationship.

#5 Men’s ITEK Kodiak Multi-Tool Wallet

cool wallets

Bring out your adventurous side with the Kodiak multi-tool wallet. It features a removable multi-tool with multiple wrenches, a bottle opener, and also a screwdriver. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this wallet ensures durability and can withstand all forms of exposure.

In our opinion, the leather parts are definitely the advantages of this item, as it is also weather-resistant. All in all, these two materials combined promise long-term performance.

#6 Leather Superman Wallet

cool wallets

Breath life into your superhero fantasy with one of these cool wallets. Being one of the most recommended cool wallets for DC Comics fans, it bears the Superman insignia and features a creative design. Moreover, the fact that it is handmade also makes it unique and promises great craftsmanship.

In terms of color, we believe that it also sets it apart and makes it seem catchy.

#7 Rogue Industries Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet 

cool wallets

This moose leather wallet has a distinct shape that fits the front pocket perfectly. It curves in the shape of a pocket, making it convenient to carry around comfortably. The slim profile eliminates the usual bulge associated with the regular wallet.

Personally, we love the antique design that it carries, as it gives it a timeless appeal, making it one of the coolest wallets for guys you can buy.

#8 Darth Vader Leather Wallet 

cool wallets

Say hello to the dark side with the Darth Vader wallet. We believe without a doubt that this would make a thoughtful gift for Star Wars fans. It sports a minimalist style that blends both traditional and modern appeal.

In terms of functionality, this wallet features a roomy design can hold up to six cards with a coin pocket and also a bill slot. In terms of color, it comes in three colors to choose from, including black, brown and orange to suit different personalities.

#9 Trifold Personalised Leather Wallet

cool wallets

For those who always have so much to carry and think that most wallets not enough space, then we believe without a doubt that this trifold wallet is ideal for you. Not only is it full of utility, but it also pays attention to the aesthetic side of it, too. You can choose between tan or dark thread for the top stitch, which will best define your personality.

In addition, we personally think that it will also turn into the ultimate gift for a special man in your life, and you can get a message or initials engraved on the top to add a personal touch to it.

#10 Slim Walnut Minimalists Card Holder Wallet

cool wallets

This minimalist wallet design takes your style to the next level. At a glance, it looks like the perfect wallet for those who love stuff made of wood materials. In ur opinion, this is the kind of item that will stands out from the leather crowd, as it is made of wood to both secure your cards and convey a sophisticated look.

For those of you who needs extra space, it also includes the elastic band on the front, which adds extra storage space for holding bills or more cards. In overall, this wallet is artistic yet full of natural appeal.

#11 Titanium Cash Strap Ridge Wallets 

cool wallets

If you are tired of bulging pockets and replacing wallets every few months, then we think that this titanium piece will do you good. It fits the adventurous soul perfectly as it can withstand any rough treatment, too.

The interior can hold up to 12 cards, plus it also has a wide elastic strap for bills as well. Moreover, the slim build makes it ideal for the front pocket.

#12 Men’s Bifold Zip Slim Leather Wallet with RFID Blocking 

cool wallets

Go beyond keeping your money and cards organized with one of these cool wallets. It is designed to keep your cards safe from hackers with RFID technology. Plus, it can also carry up to 16 cards in the interior and exterior pockets. In addition, it also has a zip-up coin pocket, too! It will come useful for those of you who need a storage to carry annoying change.

#13 Slim Carbon Fiber and Full Grain Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

cool wallets

Moving on to the next item, the carbon fiber and leather combined in this stylish wallet definitely make it the ultimate gift choice for a special man in your life, including your boyfriend. By the look at it, we can see how the textured exterior provides lots of visual interest. Yet it retains a very slim build and lightweight features as well, thanks to the materials chosen. And as time passes, we can assure you that the leather will look even more impressive.

#14 Star Wars Yoda Leather Wallet

cool wallets

Star Wars fans would love this adorable Yoda wallet, especially Yoda fans out there. If you are one of them, then make sure you have this wallet as part of your life. It makes use of thick leather in different hues to ensure durability, and the engraving option also adds personality to it, making it a super ideal daily utility to use. In our opinion, it is definitely a practical accessory that ensures you leave nothing behind.

#15 Todder Monogrammed Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

cool wallets

Gifting someone who pays great attention to detail can be an arduous process. But with one of these cool wallets for guys, you no longer need to worry. It is an artistic piece handcrafted with such a user in mind. Moreover, the product is also stylish and durable, and it comes complete with a lifetime warranty, too!

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#16 Men’s Leather USA Flag Wallet

cool wallets

Be a patriot every day with one of these cool wallets. This unique design commemorates those who lay down their lives for your freedom. It makes a great gift for army veterans to express gratitude for their sacrificing spirit. With such a great design, we can assure you that no man will say no to this. Even better, we also believe that it will even become their new favorite items to use everyday.

#17 Leather Octopus Attacks Wallet 

cool wallets

This fanciful octopus design is a great choice of wallet for an outdoorsy lover. Based on the design, which includes an image of a wild octopus at sea, it will definitely bring back memories of marine adventures and keeps the longing alive through winter. In our opinion, the design will also conveys an adventurous spirit and lets the world know what you stand for. In addition, it is stylish and functional, roomy enough to keep any cards or cash.

#18 Dango Dapper Wallet 

cool wallets

We probably know that tech wallets come in all shapes and sizes, but this one has got to be one of the top choices. In terms of material, it uses aero-grade aluminum for its high utility chassis, creating a super sleek look for a modern man. Plus, it also ensures durability and is lightweight, too. For store, we can guarantee that it will sufficient as it holds up to 12 cards and has a silicone band for cash.

#19 Personalised Leather Compass Wallet

cool wallets

The outdoorsman in your life would definitely fall in love with this compass wallet design.

Being a super adorable gift for him, it will keep his longing for adventure in check, recreating the good old times. And when it’s time to venture out, it will keep his items secure, too. We also love the fact that it is a personalized item, as it will give you the opportunity to make it a thoughtful and memorable gift for him.

#20 Paracord Wallet with Fire Starter 

ParaWallets Men's Survival Paracord Wallet W/Fire Starter

The paracord wallet suits a survivalist personality in every way. Thanks to it’s high-quality materials, we can assure you that it will last an entire lifetime, and could get you through any situation.

Moreover, it also features a fire-starter that guarantees warmth and could get you a hot meal in the wild. Plus, the cord could be what you need to fish, hunt or even build a shelter. Honestly, what else do you possibly need from a single wallet?

#21 Buckle-Down Men’s Bifold Wallet Batman

Buckle-Down Men's Bifold Wallet Batman

Batman fans in the house would surely love one of these unique wallets. It sports an elegant handcrafted design suitable for a great first impression. Also, its practicality is also amazing, with an ID pocket and low-set card pockets. Last but not least, we also believe that the tough leather will stand almost anything that comes its way.

#22 Men’s TGT Minimalist Wallet 

cool wallets

If you love to keep it simple then this minimalist design is the one for you. It focuses on the bare essentials, which allow you to carry a few cards and cash in the front pocket.

In terms of the look, it features a design that suits anyone who loves to be discrete yet desires the safety and practicality that comes with a wallet. All in all, this is a wallet that comes in a complete pack for a modern man.

#23 Game of Thrones Map Leather Wallet

cool wallets

The Westeros map wallet will awe any Game of Thrones fan. Its unique design calls for a sideways glance and makes a great conversation starter, especially among GoT fans out there. In terms of the look, it comes with a wide variety of color and interior options, which will guarantee the best gift to suit your recipient’s personality.

#24 Personalized Fishermen’s Leather RFID Wallet 

cool wallets

Let the fisherman in your life know how much you value them with one of these cool wallets. We believe that it would be one of the best gift options as it comes in the form of a wallet that sports crossed fisherman’s hooks on the top.

To add to its value, it also offers a customization option for the inside. To make it more meaningful, we would suggest that you leave a special message for your dad or partner to make them smile every time they whip it out.

#25 Minimalist Holstex EDC Tactical Wallet with Multi-Tool and Belt-Clip. 

Slim Mini Portable Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet for Men

We have to be honest with this one, because it is hard to picture a minimalist wallet with so much potential. We can assure you that this gadget wallet could get you out of a few tight spots with its multi-tool options.

Not to mention the fact that it also uses military-grade plastic to ensure durability. In terms of capacity, it can fit for five or more cards and it also has a belt clip that will add to the practicality.

#26 Navy Seal Aluminium Ridge Wallet

cool wallets

This has to be one of the ultimate cool wallets for teenage guys. It goes beyond convention to capture attention using a striking blue shade.

As for the size, it is slim enough to fit discretely in any front pocket. While as for the capacity, it has the capacity to hold multiple cards and cash. However, we really think the design is something that will come as the coolest elements of this wallet, which will make teenage boys have the confidence in carrying it everywhere they go.

#27 Men’s Dark Leather Bikers Wallet with Chain 

Men's Dark Leather Bikers Wallet with Chain

Chain wallets will never go out of style especially considering their functional value. We have no doubt that the chain makes it seem like a jewelry piece while allowing you to secure it when out on a biking adventure.

In terms of size, it compresses into the perfect size for most pockets, making it convenient to carry at all times.

#28 Biker Wallet without The Chain 

Biker Wallet without The Chain

If chains are not your thing but you need a portable wallet for an active lifestyle, then we believe this next item is perfect for you. In terms of size, it is small and easy to handle. Plus, it also has a coin pocket, card slots, and a wide bill slot, too.

However, this wallet comes without a chain but it features, but in case you change your mind about chains, it has a hole to secure one.

#29 Dinosaur KR Leather Wallet 

Dinosaur KR Leather Wallet

Take a trip back into time with one of these creative wallets.

In spite of its seemingly small build, it actually has lots of compartments. This allows you to organize important cards and cash and keep them scratch-free. In addition, it also has four clear ID pockets and two bill slots for convenience. After all, who says that dinosaurs are only loved by kids, right?

#30 RFID Protection Wallets 

RFID Protection Wallets

Moving on to the next item on our list, we have a unique wallet that combines the best qualities of both aluminum and carbon fiber. This wallet will keep you safe from identity theft while at the same time also offers durability.

As a bonus, it is extremely light and can easily fit in any front pocket, too! Even better, it also comes in a wide array of colors, making it an ideal wallet for the vibrant types.

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#31 The Flash Leather Wallet

Leather The Flash Wallet

Even the geeks in your life deserve a sleek wallet to impress his fellow geeks. So why not give him this cool wallet as a gift? The Flash wallet features a simple monogram that is ideal for a minimalist fan.

Moreover, it also has lots of space and sports an elegant finish. In our opinion, this wallet is the perfect example of am item that shows lots of creativity and attention to detail, which makes a great gift choice f0r a special men in your life.

#32 Personalised Ultra Slim Flip Top Wallet 

Personalised Ultra Slim Flip Top Wallet

We understand that combining a love for adventure and a minimalist look can be really difficult sometimes. But it’s going to be that way with this one. This wallet features a flip top that secure cash and cards better than the ordinary model.

Moreover, we believe that it also stands out from the sea of regular designs. Therefore, let’s embrace your adventurous side with this wallet, while at the same time keeping your precious items safe, too.

#33 The Crocodile Wallet 

The Crocodile Wallet

The textured crocodile wallet shows great innovativeness, which also creates lots of visual interest, making it an awesome conversation starter. In our opinion, this unique wallet offers a look that is ideal for gifting a person with impeccable taste.

No matter how hard they are to impress, this will get to their heart. Also, it will super perfect to gift a man who has everything, too.

#34 Carbon Fiber Cash Strap Wallet

Carbon Fiber Cash Strap Wallet

For those who love to stand out from the leather masses, we have to say that this carbon fiber wallet is a good choice. Despite its thin profile, it can actually hold up to 12 cards and also has an elastic cash strap on the outside.

Moreover, it also blocks RFID skimming and is easily customized, thanks to the replaceable elastic and outer plate.

#35 Leather Boba Fett Star Wars Wallet 

Leather Boba Fett Star Wars Wallet

Here we have another choice of wallet for a true Star Wars fans out there. Let’s celebrate your love for the dark side with this Boba Fett wallet.

What makes it a good gift option is definitely the unique hand-sewn design of it. This ensures that no two pieces are identical and also brings ornate craftsmanship to the fore. In addition, we also believe that the cowhide leather will also ensure long life and elegant finish.

#36 Personalized Leather Money Clip Wallet 

Personalized Leather Money Clip Wallet

The customizable money clip sports an adorable vintage look, thanks to natural weathering processes.

As you can see in the picture, it is a minimalist piece designed to appeal to rustic style lovers. Plus, your special engraved message will add great value to an already impressive wallet, thank to the personalization option that this wallet offers. Therefore, why don’t you turn it into the ultimate Christmas gift by choosing a memorable message?

#37 Leather Anchor Wallet 

Leather Anchor Wallet

Let the nautical man in your life know that your heart beats for them with one of these. These simple yet cool wallets feature an anchor prominently on the top side. They keep your dreams of the open sea alive for as long as you have to be on dry land. And when the time comes, they help you celebrate your voyage in style.

#38 Stewart Stand Stainless Steel Wallet 

Stewart Stand Stainless Steel Wallet

This is the ultimate gift choice for a man who is always a step ahead of fashion. It uses stainless steel to update the ordinary leather wallet. The exquisite silky finish also adds a touch of class, making it a statement piece. And to top it all up, these unique wallets block RFID transmission.

#39 Cordura Coyote-Brown Tactical Wallet

Cordura Coyote-Brown Tactical Wallet

This tactical wallet is ideal for a man with active and adventurous lifestyle. Everything from the color and fabric suits the outdoor lifestyle perfectly. It has lots of compartments, including a SIM card slot and a hidden one. We also live the Velcro belt as it allows you to fasten it around the belt and keep it safe during your expedition.

#40 Volterman Smart Wallet 

Volterman Smart Wallet

Smart wallets lend all the top features found in the most advanced pieces in the market. It alerts you on the phone when you mistakenly leave your wallet behind. And get this, the wallet also lets you know when you leave your phone behind.

Moreover, this wallet also has a GPS tracker and an in-built power bank to charge your phone. Pretty cool, huh? So for a man who love to live the digital lifestyle the best way possible, we have no doubt that this is the perfect wallet for you.

#41 Japan Waves Leather Wallet

Japan Waves Leather Wallet

Who knew that something good could come of the rough seas associated with tsunamis?

This Japan wallet gets inspiration from one of Mother Nature’s strongest forces, which is the Tsunami. Aside from the adorable Japanese design, it is also full of natural beauty and offers great functionality, too. Moreover, the slim design and multiple pockets complete every man’s dreams.

#42 Bellroy Hide & Seek Leather Wallet

Bellroy Hide & Seek Leather Wallet

If you secretly yearned to be a spy but never quite got to it, then here is one way to recreate the fantasy. The hide and seek wallet is aptly named after its numerous secret slots. Despite the number of slots, it is extremely slim but it has the potential to hold your whole world.

In our opinion, it is a great choice for anyone whose nosy partner won’t learn to mind their business.

#43 Carhartt Men’s Billfold and Passcase Wallets

Carhartt Men's Billfold and Passcase Wallets

If you are looking for a wallet that is not only cool but also durable, this one is your answer. The material is made of 100% leather, and the card slots are enough to save your card only in one wallet, which offers enough space for the cash as well.

As for the design, it comes in a very good color. Hence, it will last a long time or forever. So, why not reward yourself with this wallet? Or you can also give this special wallet to your loved one as a special gift, too.

#44 Leather Zipper Wallet with RFID Blocking

Men's Leather Zipper Wallet RFID Blocking Zip Around Wallet

For those who love something rustic and classy, then complete your look with this wallet. There are enough card slots for you and there is RFID and NFC blocking to prevent any issues with your money.

Moreover, it was made of 100% genuine leather, so we can expect durability from this adorable item. A true combination of great material and excellent technology.

#45 COACH Mens 3-in-1 Wallet in Signature Crossgrain

COACH Mens 3-in-1 Wallet in Signature Crossgrain

If you are looking for something elegant, luxurious and durable, then this wallet will perfectly suit you. A wallet from Coach with an embossed of its initial brand on the wallet makes the owner look cool and classy at the same time.

There are eight card slots to save your card. The important one is, the ID card slot is removable, so that you can use this as a wallet card as well without having to buy a new wallet card. We also love the material as it was made of cross-grain leather. It is lightweight, not bulky, and truly modern.

#46 Leather Wallet with Built-in Airtag Holder

Leather Wallet with Built-in Airtag Holder

Adding an Airtag inside your wallet is the best way to track it all the time. That way you can spot the wallet easily in case you misplace it. Now You can integrate your Airtag elegantly inside this masculine-looking leather wallet!

It has a circular pouch that can hold the Airtag seamlessly. Plus, the design will also prevent the Airtag from slipping out of the wallet.

#47 Trifold Cowhide Wallet With Multiple Pouches

Trifold Cowhide Wallet With Multiple Pouches

Here is a luxurious trifold wallet that would up your masculine style! Guys who carry multiple cards, and cash, will need a wallet with high capacity. Thus, we present the trifold cowhide wallet from HAWEE. It can carry at least 10 cards and one RFID-protected pouch for holding your credit card.

There is also a convenient pouch with a zipper for storing your coins. The trifold design in this wallet is unique as you can adjust it to become bifold. There is a button that can hold the extra fold so it looks very sleek and elegant.

#48 iPhone 11 Wallet Case

iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Now guys can bring their valuable cash and cards efficiently with this iPhone 11 wallet case. It is a phone case that also acts as a wallet and features compartments for strong money and cards. In our opinion, it would be very convenient as your phone and your cash is placed in one integrated place.

In addition, the case can also absorb shock to protect the phone, as well as store some emergency paper money and important cards!

#49 Anime-themed Wallet

Anime-themed Wallet

We have no doubt that men who love anime would instantly recognize the Scouting Legion logo on this leather wallet! From the critically acclaimed series Attack on Titan, the symbol has become viral and loved by millions of people. Personally, we do think that it does look very cool and the design is quite subtle.

A wallet is not just for storing money but also to flaunt your style. And in this case, it is the perfect wallet for anime fans.

#50 Rick & Morty Wallet

No products found.

Morty said that nobody exists on purpose. But perhaps you exist to own this awesome wallet! The Rick & Morty wallet looks as colorful as the show. It is perfect for nerds who enjoy the intellectually stimulating series. So, let’s wait no more and get one now to complete your collection of Rick & Morty memorabilia!

Final Thoughts

Since buying a wallet is different from buying clothes, you should consider it well. Whether you want to buy something that is affordable, or you can spend more to invest for the excellent one. You can buy an under $50 wallet or above $100 wallet. There is nothing wrong with both choices, of course. It depends on your needs. 

Today’s wallet has greatly evolved from its dull ancestors to keep touch with reality and offer an elegant twist to the culture. The modern man needs to keep up with this evolution by investing in practical and stylish wallets. The above unique designs of cool wallets cover every personality on the planet. Choose from the list and amaze a friend or partner.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What features should you look for in a wallet?

The features you should look for in a wallet depend on your needs. If you carry a lot of cash, you should look for a wallet with a lot of bill compartments. If you carry a lot of credit cards, you should look for a wallet with multiple card slots. RFID blocking technology is another feature you may want to consider to protect your credit cards from fraud.

How do you choose the right size for your wallet?

The size of your wallet depends on what you need to carry. Bifold wallets are typically around 4 inches by 3 inches when folded, while trifold wallets are around 4 inches by 9 inches when open. Cardholder wallets are usually smaller and can fit in a pocket or small purse.

How should you care for your wallet?

To keep your wallet looking its best, you should clean it regularly with a damp cloth and leather cleaner if it is made of leather. You should also avoid overstuffing your wallet, as this can cause it to lose its shape and wear out faster.

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