25 Cool Deck Boxes for Card Collectors

Trading card games become popular mostly when Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh appear on television. From the kids to adults, they started to love this kind of playing. The reason is that this game can be played with all friends and all ages. Simply by inviting your friends who have the cards to play it together. And sometimes, when you have enough cards to collect, you face the difficulties that the cards need another cool deck boxes to store the cards. 

Therefore, our 25 cool deck boxes can be your recommendation to add your collections. Everything is selected based on the needs of card traders. You may also choose the simple one, safest, or one-of-a-kind deck box. Check out the lists below!

BEST Deck Boxes That Every Collector Must Have

1. COMMANDER Cthulhu V Deck Box

COMMANDER Cthulhu V Deck Box

Commander Cthulhu V Deck Box is one of a kind that should be on your list. This deck box is hand-painted, so you may choose the finishing look to the seller directly. This deck box can be a place of 100 sleeves cards. Hence, it is pretty spacious to save your favorite card inside.

2. Wood TCG Deck Box

It is such a classic and beautiful deck box to own. You can secure your priceless cards inside without worrying about the missing or falling. And look at the detail that is engraved carefully, we are sure that all of the collectors should have this deck box. 

3. Custom Wood Box for Trading Card

Custom Wood Deck Box for Trading Card Games

This wooden deck box for trading card games can be customized based on your favorite commander. The wood is in natural finishing to keep its rustic theme. Furthermore, each box is engraved, stained, sealed, and put together by hand. So, interested to buy? Add this to your wishlist first!

4. Wooden Deck Holder For Magic Deck

Wooden Deck Holder For Magic Deck

This box is easy to carry wherever you want to trade the cards with your friends. Although it looks small, this wooden deck can hold 100+ single-sleeved cards. Also, there is a different compartment for dice and tokens. So, it is pretty versatile regarding its size. It is designed simple and clean. Thus, it looks like a dictionary containing cards.

5. Geared Deck Box with Magnetic Latch

Geared Deck Box with Magnetic Latch

No, no, it is not a pack of cigars. It is a deck box with a magnetic latch. It is cool, isn’t it? You can store all of your cards there and open them with style. Also, it is easy to carry or put in your bag. Now, you can trade your cards with your friends wherever you are. 

6. Monster Protectors Double Deck Box

Monster Protectors Double Deck Box

A cute and spacious double-deck box to save all of your cards. You can bring all of your cards easily for a tournament or just casual trading. It is small, handy, and safe for your cards. Also, a pink color will attract all of the people who see it. 

7. Satin Tower Deck Box

Satin Tower Deck Box

This satin tower deck box is sophisticated and functional. You can store the cards on the top while the dice on the bottom with different compartments. They have all amazing features, such as being handy, useful, and easy to use. Is there any reason to skip this item? Guess not! 

8. Deck Box-Alcove Vault Card Accessories

Deck Box-Alcove Vault Card Accessories

Looking for something different from the deck box? You should try this suede jet card deck box. The Vault houses 100 double-sleeved cards in each side section. In addition, it has an additional center storage cavity for 100 single-sleeved cards, dice, or tokens. Although the material is suede, it is still sturdy enough to store all of your single-sleeved cards. This one looks like an organizer, so no one thinks it is a deck box. 

9. Yugi’s Deck Box Replica

Yugi_s Deck Box Replica

Get this super cool replica of Yu Gi Oh deck box. Solid color with a carefully engraved Yu Gi Oh logo on it. Also, this deck box is able to be worn on your belt. Carrying the cards has never been this easy before, right?

10. Deck Box Dilly Dilly Card Sleeve

Deck Box Dilly Dilly Card Sleeve

A silly and funny Dilly Dilly card deck box will make trading cards more fun. This deck box can save around 100 sleeved cards easily. There is a sideboard as well, making this one worth buying item!

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11. Magic MTG Wooden Deck Box

Magic The Gathering MTG Wooden Deck Box

This deck box for your trading card game really looks like a magic box. Can you see how detailed and classy the lock is? Since it comes up with various colors, then you can choose which one is your favorite to save all of your cards securely. 

12. KeenClover Card Deck Box

KeenClover Card Deck Box 

Let’s put all your cards safely with this deck box. Equipped with 4 strong magnets, to make sure your cards will not be scattered. Solid color and standout text in each box will indeed complete the looks of the box as well. 

13. 5 Compartment Riveted Deck Storage

The Hydra 5 Compartment Riveted Deck Storage Box 

If you have various kinds of cards and want to keep them in one pack, then let’s check this 5 compartment deck storage box. By using this one, you can store all of your cards although there are various cards inside. No falling cards only organized cards. 

14. Deck Block Card Storage Box

Deck Block Card Storage Box

It looks like a mini drawer, but you can bring it everywhere. So, you can say it is a portable drawer for cards. This deck block card storage box fits your needs very well. Besides its ease of assembly, it is sturdy enough to save all of your cards inside. 

15. Legion Events Deck Box

Legion Events Deck Box - POW!

The eye-catching deck box for storing your cards is here! Look at that impressive and colorful design! Guess no one can resist how artsy and modern it is. Through this attractive deck box, you can save up to 100 sleeved cards inside. In addition, other people won’t notice what you have inside. 

16. Magic Deck Planar Portal

Magic Deck Planar Portal

The cool and immersive one set of magic cards is ready to battle with your friends. Come up with a terrific box to save all of your cards, this one should be on your to-buy list. This cool deck box will surely catch the attention of all traders.

17. TCG Pokeball Deck Box

Pokemon TCG Pokeball Deck Box

No one can handle these adorable and cute deck boxes of Pokemon trading card games. It fits to be owned by yourself or as a special gift to your friend who has the same hobby as you. Look at how colorful it is. We imagine the trading time will be more fun and exciting with this one.

18. Ultra Pro Card Storage

Ultra Pro Card Storage

When you have various kinds of cards, such as Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, or Wizards, then you should have various deck boxes as well. But sometimes, putting the cards on the box that has solid color will give you difficulty to see the cards inside. Then, you should try these Ultra Pro 2 Piece Storage Boxes. Since the design is transparent, it is easy to see inside the box. Also, the box is sturdy and stackable. Hence it is easy for you to save all of the cards in one spot of your room. 

19. Leather Style Card Mini Deck Box

Leather Style Card Game Deck Box Mini

While the other deck box you have is only able to be put inside the bag, then this one is able to be worn! Yeap, you can wear this leather deck box easily along with the belts or simply use the clip to be put on your trousers or jeans. This leather deck box is rigid, with solid color and a magnetic clasp to keep your cards falling. Also, it can store up to 60 sleeved cards inside. So, it is more than enough for one-time trading, right?

20. Metal Deck Box

Metal Deck Box 

Take the trading cards game to a serious level with this one. A metal deck box that is perfectly safe for your cards storage. Although the size is small and seems petty due to the function being only for saving the cards, the material is pretty durable. You have to add this one into your cool deck box collection.

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21. Misdirection Wooden TCG Deck Box

Misdirection Wooden TCG Deck Box

When you are very serious about this trading card game, then you should consider getting an anti-theft deck box like this one. An Anti-Theft Protection through its deceptive opening style. Also, you can attract other players by seeing how this deck box is opened. It looks like the box is using the greatest technology inside with the misdirection opening process. A cool one and cannot be missed!

22. Scimi X-Large Premium Double Deck

Scimi X-Large Premium Double Deck Box

Well, no, it is not a bookshelf nor a drawer. This one is an X-Large Premium Double Deck Box. Come up with three trays inside, now you can save all the cards and dice inside. Nothing will fall or miss with this premium deck box since the magnetic closure will make everything safe. 

23. Modern Boxes with Waterproof Plastic

Modern Design Coupled with Waterproof Plastic

These invisible cards are a different way to play the classic one. Although the rules are the same for each game you play, the atmosphere will be different since the design of this set is modern, clean, and waterproof! So, no more worries about spilled water and causing damage on the card. The deck box itself will make everyone blank about the cards inside. 

24. Man Myth Legend Poker Set

Man Myth Legend Poker Set

This deck box set will bring you to Las Vegas instantly! Containing a poker set inside, then it is time to invite your friends to play along. Whoops, don’t forget to pour the vodka or whisky to make the playing time merrier. 

25. Toy Time Cool Deck Box

Toy Time Cool Deck Box

If you are looking for a cool deck box that can function as a card shuffler, then get this one! You can play like in a real casino with this undeniable box. There are 6 decks of casino and card dispensers to bring out the cards automatically. Operated by the battery, it is the best box you can buy for the most exciting card game.

Final Thoughts

We all love to play deck cards. It’s a universal game and no matter how old you are, you will still enjoy playing deck cards, especially because there are countless of games that you can play with the cards. However, you will need to have a proper box to store the cards, because you won’t be able to play with them if the cards are not complete. There are lots of boxes that you can choose and we have some of the recommended ones for you. Instead of having a plain box, you can choose one that comes with a certain uniqueness like the Satin Tower Deck Box or a Geared Deck Box with Magnetic Latch.

In addition, if you are a collector and own a collection of valuable deck cards, you might need to choose a more solid box that can keep your cards safe. And if you also collect the box, we believe you will find some of the best items to add to your collection on our list above.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best cool deck box?

The best cool deck box is the misdirection TCG wooden deck box. This deck box comes with a little twist on the safety feature. This item seems like using the latest technology you’ve never imagined coming for the box for the card storage. Innovative and impressive design. 

What is the best wooden deck box?

Usually, wooden deck boxes offer customization for the clients. Hence, the best wooden deck box is Custom Wood Deck Box for Trading Card Games. They provide custom requests for you based on your favorite cards. Also, the finishing is soft and clean to look at. 

Collecting the deck box is fun and exciting. No matter the cards you already have, buying the deck box can be one of the best times for some people. Or if your friends have this hobby, then you can take a look at these cool and extraordinary deck boxes as their special gifts.

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