25 Cool Skateboard Designs for A Fun Skating

True skaters know that the right board will determine their skating performance. That’s why they will try to find the best and coolest skateboards out there to achieve their skating targets and goals. Nowadays, every single component of a skateboard design can be customized, from the deck, trucks, bearings, wheels, and even tape. 

If you’re currently looking for the coolest skateboards to upgrade your board or to be a gift for your son, boyfriend, or a dear friend who is a trus skater, either a beginner or a pro, here are 25 cool skateboard designs for you to pick based on skill level, type of board, or the place for you to ride it.

1. 46” Longboard Skateboard

Cool Skateboard Designs

This cool skateboard design is perfect for cruising, carving, and free-styling, and designed for both kids or adults. This 46” longboard skateboard is made of solid maple wood, which makes it a super fun board for outdoor skating activities. 

2. AAA Grade Import Maple Skateboard

Cool Skateboard Designs

For kids or teenagers who just started to learn to skate, this cool skateboard design is something they would love to have as a gift. Made of aluminum alloy, this skateboard features grade elastic maple board material, which makes it waterproof and non-slip.

3. Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

Minority skateboard is known as the best skateboard design brand in the world, as it is made of 100% maple deck, 7-ply hardrock maple cold pressed into 32×8-inch dec, and other advantages that will give you the best skating experience. 

4. New York City Typography Skateboard

Cool Skateboard Designs

If you’re looking for a nice skating session at the park this weekend, then this cool skateboard design will be your perfect companion. The army design and simple surface will create a nice grip that perfectly supports your passion.

5. Sola Bamboo Premium Graphic Skateboard

Cool Skateboard Designs

This skateboard features a natural look that shows a unique graphic design for a fun and exciting weekend in the park with the gang. Made of 7 inch aluminum black trucks, aluminum alloy base  and hanger with ABEC 7 speed bearings, this cool skateboard design will boost your skating performance, too!

6. Doodle Art Style Skateboard

cool skateboard designs

The cute doodle pattern in black and white surely becomes the uniqueness of this cool skateboard design. This board will be the perfect gift for your dearest skater friend who also has a love for sketches and arts.

7. Artistic Seamless Pattern Skateboard

cool skateboard designs

Looking at the pattern, we assume you will agree that this cool skateboard design would be the perfect gift for a girl as it features a sweet abstract pattern in soft colors. As this skateboard is designed for all levels of skills, you can give this board to both beginners or pro skaters.

8. VANS Skateboard Slip On Sneakers Design

cool skateboard designs

Vans is known as sneaker’s brand for skaters. So what can be more perfect than this Vans Skateboard to be a special gift for a pro skater who has a collection of Vans sneakers at home. This cool skateboard design will definitely stand out in the crowd during Sunday skating sessions at the park.

9. Custom Engraved 3 Deck Skateboard Map

cool skateboard designs

These are the cool skateboards unlike any other skateboards that you can find out there. These skateboards are custom-made based on your request of maps, which all will be engraved in three boards. Thus, you can choose one from three decks based on your mood, before you go skating in the park.

10. Pencil Skateboard Cruises

Pencil Skateboard Cruises

This cool skateboard is designed for maximum flexibility, which makes it perfect for both kids and adults. This board features a strong 25” deck that will boost your performance in soaking up street bumps and sidewalk cracks to have a smooth riding experience. 

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11. Official Pepsi Maple Skateboard

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The iconic Pepsi logo creates a special uniqueness to this cool piece of skateboard. The everlasting design perfectly matches the durable board that is made of 7-ply hard rock maple cold pressed into a 32 x 8 inch deck.

12. Holar Longboard Skateboard

Holar Longboard Skateboard

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this skateboard is perfect to be your companion for a fun skating activity at the park. The swirl pattern adds a touch of joyful feeling, which will make this Holar longboard the best pick for you.

13. Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard

Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard

This cool skateboard features a standard 31” x 7.75” deck size with cool and unique drawings that will boost your excitement each time you perform in front of a cool crowd. They will cheer you up to pump your adrenaline each time!

14. Quest Reef Cruiser Skateboard

cool skateboard designs

This cute looking skateboard features a classic cruiser design that becomes a statement of the modern era of skating performance. That’s why this cool skateboard design will be the perfect gift for the skater in the family, which will be the best form of support for him to achieve more.

15. Quest Super Cruiser Karma Longboard

cool skateboard designs

This unique piece of skateboard features a reverse kingpin pattern that makes it look super cool and unique when you ride it at the skate park on weekends. The bright blue color adds a touch of fun and coolness to this board, which makes it a must-have item.

16. MBS 40026 Atom Drop Longboard

MBS 40026 Atom Drop Through 39-Inch Longboard Skateboard

This skateboard design has a vintage touch that makes it a perfect board as a gift for your loved one who loves to skate. The shape gives it maximum stability, which makes it a great choice for downhilling, while its ease of pushing is perfect for long distance riding or just kicking around town or park.

17. 4 Wheels Skateboard

4 Wheels Skateboard

A teenager who is just getting started with his skating experience, this cool skateboard design is the perfect gift for him. The strong board surface, strong grade A maple wood board, and an unbreakable performance makes it a great skateboard to use for exploring nature.

18. Top Men Complete SKateboard

Top Men Complete SKateboard

This one is a cool skateboard that features a lightweight body with a shock absorbs ring that guarantees smooth skating experience. The double-warped design provides you with greater control to show your skating skill anytime you want.

19. Yoshitomo Naro Skateboard Deck

Design Store Yoshitomo Naro SKateboard Deck

This unique skateboard features a super simple design that makes it a perfect gift for a skater girl. This cool skateboard was designed by a Japanese painter, Yoshitomo Naro who shows his Welcome Girl character as the main focus of this skateboard.

20. Campbell’s Soup Colored Skateboard Deck

Campbell’s Soup Colored Skate Deck

In making this cool skateboard, The Skateroom was collaborating with The Andy Warhol Foundation by highlighting the artist’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Can, which resulted in this adorable piece of skateboard.

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21. Retro Mantra Skateboard Walnut Cruiser

Retro Mantra Skate Walnut Cruiser

This cool retro-styled skateboard was inspired by the 60’s when surfing first made its way to land this kind of skateboard, which is handcrafted and shaped out of a single piece of pretty solid walnut. 

22. Cruiser Wooden Skateboard

Cruiser Wooden Skate

If you’re looking for a different kind of skateboard to bring some fresh air to your skating experience, why not choose this beautifully handmade skateboard made of Walnut wood? The Cruiser shape is made based on the old-school deck models created from the beginning of a skateboard.

23. Maple Masters 31” Structural Skateboard

Maple Masters 31” Structural Skate

This 31” master series cruiser is a complete skateboard that is ready to ride for a fun skating activity with your friends. This stylish looking skateboard will surely draw attention, especially when you are doing your cool skating tricks at the skatepark.

24. Kryptonics Stubby 19” Cruiser Skateboard

Kryptonics Stubby 19” Cruiser Skate

This one is our recommendation of skateboards to be a gift for that skater friend who just learned to skate. The unique design and great combination of color makes it a perfect skateboard for a ride around the town, beach or at the park.

25. Cutaway Snaked Kids’ Cruiser

Cutaway Snaked Kids’ Cruiser

This cool skateboard is a Mini Cutaway Cruiser from Kryptonics with a shape that was inspired by the 70’s design. The top of the deck has 4-die-cut strips of grip tape for a nice, polished look of a board.

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What skateboard is good for beginners?

To start with, we recommend a deck width of 7.75” or 8.0”. Most full-sized complete skateboards will come in either 7.75” or 8.0” widths, this is the right size to start with, as your experience grows you’ll know if you need a wider board later on.

What is the coolest skateboard in the world?

Minority skateboards is one of the coolest skate brands on the market for good reason. They’re known for creating boards with top-notch engineering, construction, and materials that can stand up to most wear-and-tear and work for any skill level. We have also included Minority skateboard as #3 in this list. 

What boards do pro skaters use?

Professional skaters usually use boards sized 8.5”+. Transition skaters have by far the most dispersed set of skateboard sizes and shapes. Some pros ride asymmetrical old-school shapes while some prefer the traditional popsicle shape. Some ride gigantic decks, some ride slightly wider skateboards than street skaters would.

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