30 Most Unique Desk Organizers, and Accessories You Can Buy

For those of you who are used to living neatly, seeing your study or work desk messy is an annoying thing. You will even find it difficult to focus on doing your homework because you are distracted by the scattered objects on your desk. This, of course, will hinder your work from being submitted on time. For that reason, we bring the idea of unique desk organizers that will help you accommodate the stationery and other items you have.

Not only that particular function, but these unique desk organizers are fascinating displays for your working space. Whether you work from home or spend every day in the office, we all want to keep our desks in good working order. As that’s not always the easiest of tasks, we’ve compiled a list of unique desk organizers and accessories to help you stay on track!

From pen holders to multi-functional docking stations, say goodbye to clutter and hello to your new and improved workspace!

The Most Unique Desk Organizers Money Can Buy

If you are someone who wants to go beyond limits, unique desk organizers are definitely yours. They are not only saving space and free your desk of messy stuff, but they also offer centerpieces, thanks to their uncommon appeal. And if you bet they are expensive, worry no more because we have curated some of the most affordable ones that won’t rip out of your pocket.

Check them out!

#1 Personalized Unique Desk Organizer

Unique Desk Organizers

Whether you’re getting yourself organized or searching out the perfect gift for a co-worker, this personalized docking station is ideal. You can even have it personalized with the text and/or photograph of your choice, including your own handwriting if you wish!

Choose your favorite family snap or an inspirational quote for that extra special touch. You can accommodate not only your stationery stuff, but also your phone, watch, and keys. How handy!

#2 Rustic Desk Lamp Organizer/Docking Station

Rustic Desk Lamp Organizer/Docking Station

Fans of all things vintage will adore this amazing rustic desk organizer or docking station with a Steampunk-style lamp. The light is attached to the side to light up your workspace so you can work as late into the evening as you need. 

You can even choose your preference of socket color from antique, silver dimming, brass dimming, or silver. Style up your desk with this unique desk organizer to start enjoying your workspace again. 

#3 Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set

Unique Desk Organizers

Many of us spend countless hours each week at our desks so it’s important they suit our style! Give your desk the look it deserves with this gorgeous rose gold organizer set

It’s available in a set of 4 or 6 pieces depending on your storage needs. But we recommend choosing the 4 pieces one if you have a small desk. Not only becoming a functional item, but it’s also sure to make any desk look beautiful whilst keeping all of your bits and pieces neatly stored away.

#4 Retro Cassette Mini Desk Organizer

Minature Grand Piano Desk Organizer

When it comes to unique desk organizers, this might be our most coveted to date! This would perfectly suit a musician’s desk though we’re sure even non-musicians will love the whimsical nature of this piece. 

Give your desk some personality with this incredibly detailed and truly beautiful retro cassette tape organizer. Though it only saves space for your pens and pencils, you can still keep your scotch tape and use it handy.

#5 Nailed It Desk Organizer

Nailed It Desk Organizer

Entertain yourself or your clients using this super fun desk organizer with a working spring-loaded hammer feature!  Use it to store pens, pencils, and business cards, then pull back the spring to activate the hammer and nail action.

It’ll certainly be a unique addition to your office. Not only that, but it can also serve as a cool inexpensive gift for a co-worker, plus it’s a great conversation starter! 

#6 Wooden Office Desk Organizer & Accessories

Wooden Office Desk Organizer & Accessories

This attractive multi-layered organizer is called The Space Cube. It’s brilliantly compact though it has tons of storage, and is also made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood and bamboo.

You can safely store your notebooks, files, pens, paper clips, and more with this sleekly designed, modern-looking desk cube! Having such an appeal, you better have it against the wall on your desk.

#7 Rose Gold & Marble Desk Accessories

Rose Gold & Marble Desk Accessories

Nothing looks chicer on top of your desk than marble accessories. In particular, these gorgeous rose gold ones! Create a stylish working environment with this set which includes a stapler (complete with 1000 rose gold staples), a tape dispenser, and a fancy pen holder!

They’re perfect on their own or used to compliment other rose gold accessories already on your desk. To highlight their appeal, we recommend matching this set with your white desk. 

#8 Reclaimed Wood Pencil Holder

Reclaimed Wood Pencil Holder

If you’re a fan of rustic looking desk accessories then you’ll love this one! It’s perfect for artists or other creative types as it easily stores away pens, pencils, and paintbrushes.

Choose from reclaimed heart pine, maple, walnut, or blackened maple, whichever best suits your space. You even have the option to have your new organizer engraved with the name or quote of your choice for an additional cost.

#9 Botany Office Stationery Set

Botany Office Stationery Set

You’ll be happy to know that your search for a totally cute desk organizer can end here with this beautiful botany stationery set! It’s perfect for desk space with an outdoor theme and includes a great range of pieces to keep you organized.

To match the vibes, we highly recommend having a wooden desk. Or, you can also opt for a white one to highlight the vibrant green tones on this amazing set.

#10 Riaria Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer

Riaria Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer

If you’re looking for an organizer to keep all of those little bits and pieces neatly organized and out of sight, this one’s perfect! With four handy drawers, spaces for letters and envelopes plus two sections for pens and other stationery, you’ll be the most organized you’ve ever been!

Considering its medium size, make sure you measure your desk first before buying one. And to save more space, you can have it against the wall near the edge of your table.

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#11 Modular Minimalist Desk Organizer

Modular Minimalist Desk Organizer

So many of us adore the contemporary look, and this desk organizer couldn’t be more in keeping with that aesthetic. It comes with a mini two-tier design that will give more space to accommodate your stationery.

Not only that, but it also has some holes that will serve as pen holders. So, you don’t have to bother with messy pens on your desk. Keep your desk tidy and enjoy the modern finish of this sleek white design as you do! 

#12 Mario Grey Concrete Desk Organizer

Mario Grey Concrete Desk Organizer

Desks come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large ones with more space to store your pens. However, the storage solutions available don’t always suit the space we’re working with.

Fortunately, the Mario Grey concrete desk organizer is not only incredibly stylish and durable, but it’ll also fit perfectly on smaller desks or neatly into the corner of those that are overcrowded. 

#13 Stylus Single Fancy Pen Holder

Stylus Single Fancy Pen Holder

Think of every time you’ve had a pen in your hand and then somehow instantly lost it when you set it down. Well, no more! With this incredibly chic pen holder, you can keep track of your favorite writing tool at all times!

And for those of you whose work as consultants and lawyers requires you to sign many documents at one time, this pen holder will help you keep your pen safe and sound. It also gives a dashing impression and pride in doing your job.

#14 Custom Phone Stand Docking Station

Custom Phone Stand Docking Station

Though we can’t deny this would make the perfect gift, we absolutely won’t blame you if you go ahead and purchase it for yourself! This irresistible design will store your watch, phone, pens, spare change, wallet, and so much more.

Also, you can select your preferred color to match your taste and desk. And to make it even more inviting, we recommend to have it personalized in a wide selection of fonts!

#15 Mountain Escape Desktop Organizer

unique desk organizers

Dream your way through the day as you picture far-off destinations and exciting adventures with the mountain escape desktop organizer. It may not be a mountain view exactly. 

But, we bet you’ll still be inspired by this expertly crafted, US-sourced birch desk tidy which has been laser cut for the perfect finish. For explorers, this kind of wooden desk organizer is a perfect item to organize their stationery as well as display their memorable pictures.

#16 Small Wooden Desk Caddy

Small Wooden Desk Caddy

Sometimes, the easiest way to stay organized is to keep things simple. That’s totally achievable with this adorable walnut wood desk tidy. Use it to store your pens, pencils, and other small pieces of stationery to keep your desk clutter-free.

Choose just one if you’re working with minimal stationery or several to keep more pieces in their place! To save more space, we recommend arranging your desk against the wall and resting the organizer on the edge.

#17 David & Venera Antique Pen Holder Head

David & Venera Antique Pen Holder Head

Give your desk a dose of charm with these utterly unique pen holders! They’re sure to spark a conversation at the office or keep a smile on your face as you admire them at home.

Two heads are all you need for adequate pen storage, but there’s nothing to say you can’t add more! Who says keeping your workspace tidy needs be dull? Not us! Besides having their functional features, they make an awesome display for your work desk.

#18 Cherry or Walnut Wood Pen Tray

Cherry or Walnut Wood Pen Tray

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most stylish pen storage solutions we’ve seen to date. Store up to four large pens plus other small pieces behind on this luxury cherry or walnut pen tray.

It’ll always ensure you know where your pens are whilst adding a hint of sophistication to the space! This kind of pen storage will make an awesome addition for lawyers who love to collect pens for their job.

#19 Wood Block Calendar Desk Organizer

Wood Block Calendar Desk Organizer

Calling all adventurers! This pen holder and calendar with an engraved world map are simply perfect for your office. Whether you’re planning your next adventure, you’re a travel writer, or your just love to get out there and see the world, this will make a characterful addition to your desk.

It’s one you can admire for years to come, in between jetting off to those far off destinations of course! And amazingly, it comes with a manual calendar you can change to keep track of your schedule.

#20 Wire Metal 5 in 1 Desk Organizer Set

Wire Metal 5 in 1 Desk Organizer Set

When you want to keep things simple but not totally devoid of color, this elegant copper organizer set is absolutely perfect! It comes complete with storage for post-it notes, pens, letters and A4 documents as well as a wall-mounted tray for additional files.

Update your desk and feel instantly more organized with this stylish set which also comes in black, silver or white. If you love minimalist design, choose a black one to introduce bold features on your desk.

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#21 Game of Thrones Desk Organizer

Game of Thrones Desk Organizer

Fans of this widely adored HBO series will love this engraved storage solution to adorn their desk. It’s perfect for stationery or your phone, watch, keys, etc. However you put this unique desk organizer to use, it’ll definitely stand out!

You can arrange this fantastic piece near the corner of your desk. Also, we recommend having one on your wooden display cabinet. So, you can put on your watch and phone once entering the house.

#22 Vertical Card Holder

Vertical Card Holder

For those with a need to display their business cards, we cannot recommend this circular vertical cardholder highly enough. You’re sure to wow your clients with its elegant design and unique way of displaying your contact details!

We’re huge fans of unique desk organizers, which just made the top of our list! We recommend having one on your corner of the office desk facing the entry to make it stands out.

#23 Lamp Docking Station

Lamp Docking Station

Cool desk organizers don’t get better than this incredible engraved docking station with an attached lamp. Light up your space and see everything you need clearly whilst adding a touch of charm to your office décor, what could be better?!

Besides, this desk organizer also features invisible space to store your watch, phone, and pens. So, your desk will look clean and neat. You can even use it as an iPad holder, thanks to the line-shaped storage.

#24 Leather Pen Organizer

Leather Pen Organizer

This leather pen organizer is a beautifully stylish way to display your stationery. Whether you’re a writer, teacher artist, or other, any desk will benefit from the convenience and chic finish of this stylish storage cube!

And if you are a pen collector, this unique pen organizer will help you store your collection while displaying the artsy design each has. Have it in your glass cabinet or work desk, depending on what you prefer.

#25 Industrial Iron Cactus Unique Desk Organizers

Industrial Iron Cactus Unique Desk Organizers

This is a seriously cute desk organizer! Get your things in order with a uniquely designed storage solution made from steel and iron. Though it seems small, this desk organizer will help you organize your pens and pencils in one go!

As for the design, you can even choose to leave the materials unfinished or have them varnished, depending on the style of your desk. If you love industrial designs, leave it unfinished.

#26 Personalized Office & Home Desk Organizer

Personalized Office & Home Desk Organizer

We all know how tricky keeping a home office in order can be. Well, thanks to this beautifully made, raised wooden storage tray available in mahogany, palisander or natural wood, that task just became a whole lot easier.

Not only will it hold your coffee cup, pens, phone, and other pieces safely above the desk, but it also has space to store your keyboard underneath. If you’re buying it as a gift or want to have it personalized with your own name, you can also have this piece engraved!

#27 Complete Desk Unique Desk Organizers Set

Complete Desk Unique Desk Organizers Set

No matter what needs organizing or storing away, this set has a place for it. Your desk with be a haven of order and productivity, all thanks to your new set of cool desk organizers.

Moreover, this awesome desk organizer is available in 14 different finishes you can pick! Choose to have it engraved or leave it plain, depending on your personal style!

#28 Small Bookshelf Desk Organizer

Small Bookshelf Desk Organizer

If you like cleanliness and tidiness, you definitely need this desk organizer to deal with it. We found you a unique desk organizer that functions to tidy up your messy table and adds to the décor of your room.

Equipped with a multi-level bookshelf, you can organize your writing stuff and your books in this organizer. Furthermore, its small size will fit to reside on any table size.

#29 Tosnail Decorative Desk Organizer

Tosnail Decorative Desk Organizer

Any librarian must love this one of the most unique desk organizers of all time. Uniquely designed like stacked old books, the organizer will bring a vintage touch to your desk.

Moreover, it has five compartments that can store writing equipment and put your cell phone in it. It is a convenient item you should put into your basket. 

#30 Guitar Rocker Design Pen Holder

Guitar Rocker Design Pen Holder

Sometimes, we want to add something different to our desk decoration but are confused about where to start or simply have no idea what to buy. Well, how about a pen holder?

This unique pen holder with a subtle musical design featuring people playing guitar will bring a fresh touch to your desk. In addition, there is a space container to put your pens in. Its black color never goes wrong as a choice that shows an elegant and luxurious impression.

Final Thoughts

Even though it looks trivial, desk organizers will bring a massive difference to your desk. You can store your stationery in it, so you don’t need to bother setting them up individually. In addition, some unique desk organizers also have extra storage features to accommodate your keys, phone, watches, and even your tablet.

Meanwhile, others feature designs that transform them into impressive displays. This item is also handy if you have to work with clients and need a desk that always looks neat and clean. However, it is recommended to buy according to your needs and the size of your table to fit perfectly.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should you organize your desk?

A messy desk sometimes even makes us lazy to finish work. Therefore, you need a desk organizer or pen holder to help you organize your stuff. Desk organizer usually consists of several compartments to store your stationery, even books. You can choose from the following desk organizers: small bookshelf desk organizer, GOT desk organizer, and wooden desk organizer.

So, which Unique Desk Organizers will you choose to style up your desk for the new year? Something modern, sleek and stylish, or a charming retro-inspired piece? The choice is yours but no matter what you decide on, an organized future awaits!

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