Spice Organizers

Spice Organizers

You can never have enough space-saving solutions in your house. These Spice Organizers are just the right storage solution for your kitchen.

This Spice Organizer looks like a shrunk down version of an ordinary drawer. With three shelves, it can hold 30 full-size or 60 half-size bottles filled with spices.

The two-tier shelves can be conveniently pulled out and lowered for a full view of your spice collection.

This way, you can easily read the labels or see if you’re running low on oregano. This nifty kitchen gadget measures 12.8″x 8.7″x 11″. 

Spice Organizers

To make sure you won’t pull the whole organizer out, it securely sits on non-slip feet.

It requires no assembly so you can start organizing your bottles right away. As a bonus, it comes with 48 pre-printed and 48 blank drawer labels.

Spice Organizers

We all know that even a second spent rummaging through drawers can be the difference between a chef-worthy and a “meh” dish.

So bring yourself to a Gordon Ramsay cooking level by organizing and labeling your most treasured culinary weapons – spice

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