35 Coolest Knife Blocks and Unique Knife Sets

Anyone who is fond of cooking needs a good set of knives in their kitchen. You can, of course, go about with a cheap set collected from years of randomly buying knives in supermarkets. However, we think that maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a truly high-quality set of knives, especially since we know you can find the coolest knife blocks that offer great design and functionality, too.

Those kinds of knives will be your loyal companions on the cooking path. You may already be a proud owner of such a set, but if you happen to simply keep them in a dusty drawer or scattered around the kitchen, then maybe it’s time to buy a nice knife block to match your knife set. And here we have a selection of the coolest knife blocks and most unique knife sets available.

Additionally, if you’re desperately looking for a gift for someone, who likes to cook, then getting them one of the coolest knife blocks ever or a high-quality set of knives might be the answer to your troubles.

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What Are Knife Blocks?

Knife blocks are kitchen storage solutions that are designed to securely hold a set of knives. They usually have slots of various sizes to accommodate different knife sizes and shapes, and help protect the sharp edges of your knives.

What Are The Benefits of Having A Knife Block?

Here are some benefits from using a knife block:

  • Convenient storage: Knife blocks provide an easy way to store your knives in one place and keep your kitchen counters free of clutter.
  • Protection for your knives: The slots in knife blocks protect the sharp edges of your knives, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging the life of your blades.
  • Easy to access: Knife blocks allow you to quickly and easily access the knife you need, rather than having to dig through a drawer or pull out a knife one at a time.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Knife blocks are often stylish and attractive, making them a great addition to your kitchen decor.

Are Knife Blocks A Good Gift Idea?

Knife blocks can be a good gift idea for people who enjoy cooking or who are looking to upgrade their kitchen. They are practical and functional, and can also add a touch of style to the kitchen.

BEST and Coolest Knife Blocks

1. The Spartan Warrior Knife Block

The Spartan Warrior Knife Block - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

If you approach cooking with the ferocity and precision of a Spartan warrior, then why not surround yourself with kitchen items that live up to the same values? This Spartan warrior knife set certainly does and surely takes on the challenge of being one of the coolest knife blocks ever.

With a space for up to seven knives, it will be a great yet functional addition to your kitchen. Plus, we think that it will bring a smile to anyone who see it, too.

2. The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

Do you aspire to live in style? If your answer is positive, then you shouldn’t forget about your kitchen and take a look at this beautiful and creative knife set. This kitchen set is probably one of the most stunning and coolest knife blocks on our list.

It’t like a designer’s item that will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. More than just a pack of knives, we must say that it’s more like a piece of art, too. Knives imitate art, huh?

3. The Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

If you are a Star Wars fan (do Star Wars fans have some catchy name? Like Whovians or Trekkies?), then this is hands down one of the coolest knife blocks that you can find.

The shape of this item resembles the iconic Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighter ship, which we believe true fans of Star Wars will be thrilled to have in their kitchen . Additionally, it looks amazing, not at all tacky, and comes with a set of five knives.

4. Throwzini’s Knife Throwing Block Set

Throwzinis Knife Throwing Block Set - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

Looking for an unusual knife block that will match your wicked dark sense of humor? How about this spinning knife-throwing block set?

Made of hand crafter wood material, this item will turn your kitchen into a fun place to cook, more than ever. Maybe, try to restrain yourself from actually throwing knives at it, and more enjoy the overall aesthetics of it. Okay? Good.

5. Magnetic Wall Knife Disc Set

Magnetic Wall Knife Disc Set

Anything that is not a bulky, ugly knife block can be assigned to the category of ‘creative knife holders’. Especially if you assign great value to simple, yet elegant design solutions. Well, here is this minimalistic magnetic knife-holding disc set that can be easily installed with a mounting tape, just for you.

In our opinion, this is definitely one of the coolest knife blocks for a minimalist or simple-designed kitchen.

6. Stylish Magnetic Knife Block

Stylish Magnetic Knife Block

If you prefer your knife block taking up as little space as possible on your kitchen counter, and yet look stylish and beautiful, then this might be one of the coolest knife blocks for you. If you choose to pick this item, then there is no need for you to drill holes in the wall, no slots for collecting bacteria. Just a simple magnetic knife rack. You’re welcome.

7. Deadpool Knife Block

Deadpool Knife Block - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

This knife block is hands down, among the most awesome and creative knife blocks you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

At least, if you’re a comic book fan, Deadpool fan or Ryan Reynolds fan. If not, then we believe that you will still agree that a Deadpool knife block is a pretty genius concept. Moreover, if you are looking for gift for a special Deadpool fan who is also fond of cooking, then we highly recommend you to pick this item as a gift.

8. Christmas Carving Turkey Knife Set

It’s not often that you come across truly unique knife blocks like this one, but this is one of those rare instances. This is a vintage 1980s knife block equipped with a beautiful unique knife set perfect for carving meat. For collectors of vintage stuff, this set of knives will make a valuable addition to the collection.

For those who treasure having good items to help them prepare tasty meals for everyone in the family, this is also the perfect piece for that. Moreover, it’s intricate patterns and carvings would truly compliment the setting of any rustic-styled kitchen.

9. Heart Knife Block

Heart Knife Block - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

Stabbing someone’s heart is not a nice thing to do, really. But hey, if you have a craving for that, then at least you do that to this cool knife block shaped as a heart. Nobody’s feelings get hurt and you still get the satisfaction.

On the other hand, this sweet knife block will also make a funny yet unique addition to your kitchen which will add some colors to the overall decoration. Our advice, if you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your wife, you can end your search now because you have found the best item for that.

10. The Self-Sharpening Knife Block & Knife Set

The Self-Sharpening Knife Block & Set

When you hear about unique knife blocks, you probably envision them being designed in some intricate, over-the-top shape or form. But let’s talk about this knife block.

It looks completely normal, right? Yet still, it manages to fall into the unique category, thanks to the fact that it sharpens your knives every time you use them. So we can assure you that with this item, there will be no more sharpening your knives manually, because this cool item can do it for you.

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11. The Voodoo Man Knife Block or “The Ex-Knife Block”

Voodoo Man Knife Block - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

We don’t know which name or implication is better considering this item. But hey, you have to admit that these cool knife blocks will definitely be eye-catching in any kitchen. Plus, they will certainly send the message to not mess with you in or out of the kitchen.

Comes in three different colors that include red, black and silver, you might want to get all three of them. You can get one for you and give the rest two to your best friends who love to add a touch of humor to their kitchen.

12. Arbol Maple Knife Block

When searching for truly amazing knife blocks, you can never go wrong with a knife block that is a handmade piece of woodworking art. Take this next item, for instance. This Arbol Maple knife block will certainly be a centerpiece of your kitchen and serve you for a long time to come. With a total of 5 slots for knives in various sizes, we can assure you that you can store all your most-used knives inside this block.

If you can have both a functional knife block and a piece of designer’s artwork from a single item inside your kitchen, then why not?

13. Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

Personally, we really think this would be one of the coolest knife blocks for us or anyone who struggles with clutter or lack of free space in the kitchen. If you happen to have the same problem, then we highly recommend you to pick this under cabinet knife rack.

This knife rack allows you to simply hide your knives under a kitchen cabinet, so you can easily reach for them when needed and otherwise keep the hidden away.

14. Skull Knife Block

Skull Knife Block - Coolest Knife Blocks And Unique Knife Sets

This is one of those creative knife blocks that might not be everyone’s cup of the tea. But in our opinion, it does come as a unique knife block that can certainly steal your affections in a heartbeat, especially if you are the right type of person.

This beautiful skull-shaped chrome knife block looks extremely stylish and will be a breathtaking addition to any modern minimalist kitchen.

15. The 11 Piece Rainbow Knife Block Set

The 11 Piece Rainbow Knife Block Set

This is a cool knife set that will add some cheerful color to your kitchen. Plus, it will also make your daily cooking experience much more enjoyable.

Even if you end up with a brown mush on a plate, at least you’ll still have some colors in your knife rack, thanks to this 11 piece rainbow knife set. For people who cooks, there is no such thing as too much knives for them. For that reason, we also think that this is one of the coolest knife blocks for you to pick as a gift for them.

16. Modern Stainless Steel Block and Set

Modern Stainless Steel Block And Set

This is one of the coolest knife blocks for you if you’re looking for a set that combines both functionality and style.

This knife block and the 6 knives themselves are made out of high-quality stainless steel that only highlights their beautiful curves and edges. Personally, we think that having this knife block inside your kitchen will officially make it the focal point of the room, too.

17. The 7 Piece Non-Stick Knife Set

The 7 Piece Non-Stick Knife Set

This is one of those unusual knife sets, that doesn’t come in some intricate ridiculous shape, but still manages to capture anyone’s attention.

We need to thanks to its sleek form and contrasting colors for that. Being a cool-looking knife set, you will feel like you are one of those famous chefs preparing signature dishes using the best quality knives out there. Pretty cool, right? Also, the non-stick feature is also an added bonus that contributes to effortless slicing.  

18. The Rachel Ray 6-Piece Japanese Knife Set

The Rachel Ray 6-Piece Japanese Knife Set

This knife set consists of 6 beautiful pieces of knives made of Japanese stainless steel, so you’ll enjoy your slicing without facing any rust. Additionally, the handless will provide you with a firm grasp on the knives and will add some color to your kitchen.

In terms of colors, they come in a very adorable color that will turn your kitchen into a bright and fun place to cook. We really need to say that they look like small carrots for us, ain’t that cute?

19. Ginsu Koden Series Counter Saver Knife Block Set

Ginsu Koden Series 14 Pieces Counter Saver Knife Block Set

If your need for the coolest knife blocks still hasn’t been satiated yet, then maybe this baby will do the trick.

This knife block can be attached to the bottom of your kitchen cabinet, providing you with much-valued space on the counter. Plus, you’ll get 14 stainless steel knives with it. The built-in magnets will keep the knives from falling out so that you can safely cook with the knives by your side.

20. 15 Piece Stainless Steel Cuisinart

Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

This is another fine example of a simple yet beautiful and functional knife set. Based on the appearance of this knife block, in our opinion it will be the perfect fit for a monochrome or black and white-themed kitchen. With full black block and silver full stainless steel knives, we can clearly say that it’s one of the coolest knife blocks on the list.

The 15 high-carbon stainless steel knives also come with a scissor that will keep them at the ready whenever you need to chop, slice or carve something.

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21. Titanium Plated 13 Piece Hampton Forge Knife Set

Titanium Plated 13 Piece Hampton Forge Knife Set

These titanium-plated knives are an absolute delight to look at thanks to the contrasting colors and the minimalist block they come with.

Being a cool knife set that is very pleasant to eye, it also offers ergonomic handles and non-stick sharp material, which will make your cutting experience as easy as pie. With 13 pieces of knives, you will have every single type of knife you need for various food prep purposes.

22. Fiesta Drawer Block Knife Set

Fiesta Drawer Block Knife Set

This unique knife set is not only colorful, because it is also stain and rust-resistant due to the material being high-carbon stainless steel. It comes with a cool knife block, that will easily fit into your kitchen drawer, especially if you’d rather save space on the counter for actual cooking.

In our opinion, the highlight of this item is definitely the simple design of it, plus it’s made of high quality wood that will surely serve you until many years to come.

23. 8 Primes Cook Knife Block Set

8 Primes Cook Knife Block Set

We don’t know what this knife block reminds me of (maybe the red Power Ranger?), but it definitely falls into the category labelled ‘cool knife blocks’.

Additionally, it contains five knives, a sharpener, and a set of kitchen scissors. Sounds like a full package to us, which we think will also come as the same for you. The unique shape bright red color will make it a nice focal point of your kitchen cabinet.

24. Berghoff Eclipse 9 Piece Set

Berghoff Eclipse 9 Piece Set

You’d expect to see this kind of an amazing set of knives on the set of Hell’s Kitchen. But we have to tell you that it’s not the case with this one, because you can make this beauty part of your kitchen. This adorable set of 9 piece high-quality stainless steel knives comes in a convenient bag that is great for storage and travel. The bag looks super exclusive that will make you feel like professional chef.

However, if you want to award yourself after a long journey of setting up your own culinary business, we must say that this set of knives will be a sweet form of self reward.

25. 3-Piece Concord Sushi Knife Set

Happy Sales HSKN-3KN01, Set of 3 Japanese Sushi Chef Knives

This is a durable, sharp set of knives that will be perfect for any enthusiastic appreciator of Japanese culture.

Even the handles are actually made in a shape that resembles the handle of a katana sword. Neat, don’t you think? If you think these knives are neat, wait until you use them to make some sushi. They will come as smooth knives that will make sure you have the perfect slices of all the ingredients that a perfect sushi needs.

26. Five Finger Knife Block

Five Finger Knife Block

Whether you think that this knife block looks cute or ominous, you have to admit it’s a very cool idea for knife storage. So why not treat yourself or your loved ones with a gift of 5 amazing stainless steel knives in a truly eye-catching knife block.

In our opinion, this unique piece of knife block will be the prefect piece of gift for a best friend, who is a cool male chef that loves to own unique kitchen tools.

27. Zwilling Ja Henckels 7-Piece Knife Set

Zwilling Ja Henckels 7 Piece Knife Set

This knife set is not only high-quality, but it looks pretty amazing thanks to its elegant and sleek design.

You are probably used to knife blocks that keep the knives in a downwards position. But this one faces them upwards, which makes it a unique knife block suitable for a unique chef. Seeing how it looks so elegant and sleek, we can definitely conclude that it is a piece worth having by the most professional chef in the house.

28. Vertrano 11-Piece Set

Vertrano 11 Piece Set

This is another fine example of how you can combine quality and beauty when it comes to knives and their storage.

The stainless steel knives are perfect for both chopping and slicing. Also, the contrast of red handles and black knife block makes them a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. Plus, once you have this on your kitchen table, you won’t need anything else! It includes 11 knives already, which will answer all of your chopping, cutting and slicing needs.

29. OOU Black Chef Knife Set

OOU Black Chef Knife Set

Black will always be a good idea to be owned, and next up we have this black knife set, which is a very elegant set to collect.

Complete with different sizes based on the function, this knife set comes up with the sharpener as well. Although this set is claimed to be sharper than the ultra sharp ones, they still prepared the sharpener for you. Easy to clean and the black coating will never chip off, it is safe and sound for us to cut the food. If that’s not enough for you, this set also comes with a chopping board, too!

30. High Carbon Black Stainless Steel Set

A modern look for your kitchen set is this black knife set.

The case is made from acrylic, then you can clearly see this beautiful knife set when you are cooking. Transparent case will enhance the look of this set instantly. It is also easier to select what knife you should choose for cutting. The Black BO Oxide layer is safe to be used for food.

31. Handmade Epoxy Resin Kitchen Knife Set

Handmade Epoxy Resin Kitchen Knife Set

Making this stainless steel epoxy knife set as one of your kitchen tools will be a great idea. It allows you to have a sleek decor item that makes you want to cook more and more. Handmade using high-quality epoxy resin, this set includes an epoxy resin block. Plus, it also includes three knives with handles made of the same epoxy resin material.

One customer review mentioned that standing this set near the window in the kitchen makes the light come through beautifully. So, this one is definitely an item that needs to be in your kitchen. Get it now while it lasts!

32. Double Olive Wood Knife Block

Double Olive Wood Knife Block

This double olive wood knife block is the best tool to keep your kitchen knives organized. It features two wooden blocks. The small one is for small knives while the larger one is for large-sized knives. Each block comes with strong magnets and both attached to a black formica base sized L 25 x W 10 x H 0.5 cm.

However, do keep in mind that this item comes without the knives. 

33. Retrosohoo 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Retrosohoo 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

If you have an art deco kitchen theme, then we think that you might be interested in this item. Here we have a unique Tetrosohoo 6-piece kitchen knife set for your kitchen. It comes in a super unique and adorable block in a perfect round shape. It includes a 6-set of knives made of high-quality 3CR13 stainless steel, making them super durable, sharp, and offer rust & corrosion resistance features.

The set comes in an adorable khaki color, plus the knives’ handles that come in wood grain design made of PP material. Definitely worth owning!

34. Linoroso Kitchen Knife Set

Linoroso Kitchen Knife Set

Having a high-quality knives set will definitely become an added value inside your lovely kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals for the whole family, then this Linoroso kitchen knife set will be the perfect thing for you. It is highly durable and has a stunning appearance, too!

This knife set is made of imported expertly german Thyssenkrupp high carbon stainless steel. Being a German product, you can definitely expect good things from it. It includes an exquisite beechwood block with a solid stainless steel black base. In our opinion, this item will be able to motivate you in preparing more delicious meals for your family everyday.

35. Granitestone Nutriblade Knife Set

Granitestone Nutriblade Knife Set

If you are looking for a high-quality and multi functioning knife set, then this one might interest you the most. It comes as a set of 13 super non-stick granite stone coating razor sharp knives that will make slicing, chopping and dicing faster and more convenient for you. All knives are made of non-stick materials, making them durable and free from rust.

The handles are ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable grip. In addition, it comes with an acrylic block to keep all knives well-organized and clean at all times. 

Final Thoughts

Before buying a knife set, one thing we should give attention to is the material and the ergonomic grip. When the unique and coolest ones are checked, see the material they use for, whether it is safe for food or not. Don’t forget to see the grip material and it’s shape as well. It should be easy to grip and comfortable for our hands. 

Our list The list above mentioned all the things we should consider before shopping the knife for our own kitchen or gift for someone. If you find this post useful, share it with your friends and family that might appreciate these cool knife blocks and quality unique knife sets!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you look for when buying a knife block?

When shopping for a knife block, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Make sure the knife block is large enough to accommodate your entire knife collection.
  • Slots: Check the size and shape of the slots to ensure that they are compatible with your knives.
  • Material: Knife blocks are usually made of wood, plastic, or stainless steel. Each material has its own pros and cons, so consider which will work best for you.
  • Stability: Look for a knife block that is stable and won’t tip over easily.
  • Cleaning: Consider how easy the knife block will be to clean, as well as how frequently you need to wash it.

What is the coolest knife block on the market?

The coolest knife block on the market will depend on individual taste. Some popular options include knife blocks made from bamboo, acrylic, or with unique designs such as a tree or animal shape. It is best to do your research and read product reviews to find the knife block that best fits your style and needs.

What are some popular designs for knife blocks?

Popular designs for knife blocks include those that are compact and space-saving, have a modern or contemporary look, and have an interesting or unique shape.

How should you care for your knife block?

It is recommended to wipe down your knife block with a damp cloth to keep it clean and to avoid storing it in a damp area to prevent mold growth.

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