27 Unique Lego Gifts for Adults 

Lego is one of the most versatile toys in the world. It is not just for kids, because adults enjoy building a lego kit too! There are hundreds of lego sets that will stimulate your brain. In addition, putting together a lego set with your life partner is quite romantic, too. 

Some lego sets are created based on popular shows or iconic landmarks, and a complete set will look nice as a house decoration, too. So, if you’re looking for the best Lego models, you should check out the following list, which include the top 27 Lego gifts for adults!

Are Legos A Good Gift For Adults?

Lego is a good gift for adults! There are various models specifically created for grown ups. They typically include thousands of pieces and the difficulty level is quite high. The finished product usually looks more realistic and features intricate details. Assembling a challenging Lego is also a fun activity for a lovely couple!

Unique Lego Gifts for Adults

Lego has launched multiple kits to commemorate real and fictional spaceships. The following model features more than 1000 Lego blocks, so the difficulty level is actually quite high. They are suitable for adults to pass their time because the assembly process is vey complex and also quite challenging.

1. The Millenium Falcon

The Millenium Falcon for Star Wars Fans

The Skywalker saga may have come to an end. However, countless other spin-offs will be released in the coming years. Nevertheless, Han Solo is still the most popular character in Star Wars. Therefore, fans of the franchise will treasure this iconic spaceship, which is the Millenium Falcon Lego Kit! This set features more than 7500 pieces, making it very challenging!

2. Nasa Space Shuttle

Nasa Space Shuttle

The Nasa Space Shuttle Kit is undoubtedly one of the best Lego gifts for adults! Before the Space-X era, American astronauts would fly to the International Space Station using this incredible spaceship. Amazingly, it could land from outer space like a regular plane! 

3. The Republic Spaceship from Star Wars

The Republic Spaceship from Star Wars

Hardcore followers of Stars Wars will definitely recognize this Republic Gunship Lego Kit. It is an iconic trooper transport ship featured extensively in the Clone War. The clone trooper army used this flying machine to take down the army of droids. As for its Lego version, the Lego set consists of 3292 pieces, which requires an assembly process with moderate difficulty. 

4. The International Space Station Lego Set

The International Space Station Lego Set

The ISS is among the greatest technological advancements in the history of mankind! For those who admire the courageous astronauts, this ISS Lego model will be the ultimate fitting gift. Your friend will enjoy putting together the giant satellite kit. If your friend love challenges, the he will enjoy this gift as it is a very complex and detailed Lego set. 

5. The Imperial Star Destroyer Ship

The Imperial Star Destroyer Ship

In the Star Wars universe, the Star Destroyer is a very powerful spaceship operated by the Empire. It is a giant vessel that carries a massive amount of troopers and powerful laser cannons. That’s why we believe that Tthis lego set of Imperial Star destroyers is an absolute beast. Fans of the franchise and Lego in general should get one!

6. Moon Lander Lego Kit

Moon Lander Lego Kit

Soon, we are going to visit the moon again! A manned NASA mission is being prepared to take humanity to the moon once more. To remember this special occasion, the Lunar Lander Lego Kit will be a fitting gift choice for your friend. We can commemorate the heroes that will partake in a lonely dangerous journey through outer space.

Automotive Lego Gifts for Adults

Cars and motorcycles kits are among the most popular Lego series. Instead of collecting expensive vehicles, the following unique lego replicas will be a lot more fun. Get one of these sets for your friends to brighten up their day!

7. Harley Davidson Lego Kit

Harley Davidson Lego Kit

Harley Davidson is the pinnacle of manliness. This giant motorcycle is a feat of engineering which has lasted for generations. For fans of the model, Lego has launched the LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy set. The kit is considered as advanced because it features incredibly detailed building blocks.

8. Mercedes Benz Zetros Lego Kit 

Mercedes Benz Zetros Lego Kit

For a father or a boyfriend, the masculine Mercedes Benz Zetros Lego kit may become an interesting present, since it comes as an ultra-powerful 4×4 off-road truck that can pass through any obstacle with ease. The set features more than 2000 blocks, not very difficult to assemble yet offers awesome little details.

9. Batmobile From The Dark Knight Rises

Batmobile From The Dark Knight Rises

Thanks to the upcoming new movie, Batman is enjoying a popularity resurgence! This time, the handsome Robert Pattinson is going to play Bruce Wayne. To celebrate the incredible superhero franchise, you can buy the Tumbler Batmobile Lego Set as a unique gift for your friends. 

10. Realistic BMW M 1000 Lego Kit

Realistic BMW M 1000 Lego Kit

Lego has launched the super awesome BMW M 1000 RR kit! This lego set is very realistic because the building blocks are closely resembling the real motorcycle parts. In other words, It is a state-of-the-art replica set that will be an ideal Lego gift for adults!

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11. Porsche 911 GT3 Lego Model

Porsche 911 GT3 Lego Model

The icon of the automotive world now comes in the shape of a Lego kit! Meet the magnificent Porsche 911 GT3 Lego Model! Fans of sports cars will absolutely love this set as a special present, especially because adults can put this advanced-level set together for recreation after a stressful day at work.

Awesome Lego Gifts for Adults

Some Lego sets consist of thousands of blocks and it’s actually awesome. You will require a higher degree of skill to assemble the model properly, and fans of legos will appreciate the following awesome kits because of the challenging level of difficulty. 

12. Lego Tree House

Lego Tree House

Getting old is not fun! Never ending responsibilities and overtime really grind you down. Now, it is time to relax and take a trip down the memory lane! Immerse yourself with this beautiful Lego Tree House set. Now you can relive those sweet childhood memories of playing in the backyard on a tree house. For that reason, we recommend this set as it’s is very well detailed and includes mini figures.

13. Rotating Lego Globe

Rotating Lego Globe

Nowadays, traveling is getting a little bit more difficult because of the pandemic situation. For adults who are thirsty for outdoor adventure, the Globe Lego  will be a nice present! They can assemble the kit together with their loved ones and explore the world from the comfort of their home! This set is one of the newest Lego sets coming out in 2022!

14. Titanic Lego Set

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the most tragic events in human’s history, since the luxurious ship went down in a matter of hours after hitting an iceberg. For Lego collectors, the Titanic set is definitely a treasure, and undoubtedly, adults will absolutely enjoy building the replica, and hopefully, it will not sink this time!

15. The Founding Fathers Lego

The Founding Fathers Lego Gifts for Adults

The founders of the United States are the most respected Americans in the world. They paved a path for freedom and democracy. To honor their sacrifices and achievements, we present you these adorable Founding Fathers Lego Kits! You can build the statue of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington using the Lego pieces, which makes it a perfect gift to celebrate the 4th of July!

16. Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Lego Set

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Lego Set

Lego sets can be entertaining gifts for adults! If your colleague is a fan of Marvel, this Thanos Infinity Gauntlet building kit will be an ideal present. Upon completion, this golden model will look very nice as a shelf or desk decoration.

17. Lego Bonsai Kit

Lego Bonsai Kit

Taking care of Bonsai is very relaxing. However, for busy people, it may not be possible to keep the real ones as a commitment is required. As an alternative, Lego has launched this beautiful bonsai kit! The complete set will look amazing on a desk, making it a perfect gift for a close friend who loves Bonsai.

18. R2D2 Lego Droid

R2D2 Lego Droid

The R2D2 droid from Star Wars is one of the most adorable fictional characters ever made! Adults who have watched the original movie in the 70s will instantly recognize its loveable figures and chirping noises. Therefore, this R2D2 Lego Kit shall become the ultimate gift for a close friend or family.

19. The Black Pearl Ship

The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean

This lego set features the elusive black ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and your friend who loves the movie will definitely enjoy building the unique kit! Once the ship is set, your friend will be reminded about the fact that the Black Pearl is indeed the fastest ship on the seven seas, captained by mad Jack Sparrow. 

20. Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett Helmet

Following the successful Mandalorian spin-off, Disney is going to launch the Boba Fett stand alone series. The badass bounty hunter from Star Wars is undoubtedly going to receive a spotlight among casual fans. And so, a Boba Fett Helmet Lego Kit is a fitting present for your friends who love this character!

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21. Marilyn Monroe Lego Art

Marilyn Monroe Lego Art

For people who follow the history of American Pop Culture, Marilyn Monroe would be a familiar public figure. She was a superstar artist starring in various classic movies and singers as well as a model. Therefore, to commemorate her beauty, this Marilyn Monroe Lego Art will be a unique present, which can act as a wall hanging decoration, too!

Architecture Lego for Adults

Playing with lego is like being in a Minecraft game. You get to put together awe-inspiring building replicas from all around the world. The following sets feature wonderful historical landmarks and fictional ones. 

22. Japanese Castle Model

Japanese Castle Model

For people who love grand architecture, a Lego set would be the perfect gift for them! They can replicate their favorite buildings using the plastic toy blocks. And now, we are recommending you this Lego kit that features the magnificent Japanese castle of Tenshukaku. This fortified structure was erected during the samurai period. To add the element of challenges, you must now that this Lego castle model consists of more than 21,000 pieces!

23. The Magical Hogwarts Castle

The Magical Hogwarts Castle

Are you looking for a gift idea for a Harry Potter fan? Try this epic Hogwarts Castle Lego Set! This edition is very challenging because it features 19,000 Lego pieces! Your friend will have countless hours of fun putting this massive Lego kit together.

24. Advanced Lego Kit of The Colosseum

Advanced Lego Kit of The Colosseum

Bring the ancient wonder of the Roman Empire into your friend’s collection with this Colosseum Lego Set! This model features over 9000 building blocks that will provide adults with a lot of entertainment. Since this set is categorized as a Lego set with an expert level model, it certainly not made for children! History buffs will also appreciate this set as a present.

25. The Wondrous Taj Mahal Lego Set

The Wondrous Taj Mahal Lego Set

The breathtaking Taj Mahal is truly the jewel of India. The building was erected as a symbol of eternal love. And so, the Taj Mahal Lego Set will be a unique gift for your soulmate to show your affection! You can complete this model together with your partner as an intimate couple activity!

26. The Simpsons Lego Diorama

The Simpsons Lego Diorama

The Simpsons is an influential cartoon that offers hilarious comedy. Fans of the series will appreciate The Simpson Lego model! The set includes minifigures of Homer and his family. In other words, this item symbolizes American pop culture and is one of the best lego gifts for adults!

27. Paris City Skyline Lego Kit

Paris City Skyline Lego Kit

Lego Architecture provides us with a chance to visit iconic cities without leaving our house. The Paris City Skyline Lego Kit is especially interesting because it comes with the iconic Eiffel Tower and other landmarks. Get this set for your soulmate and take a romantic journey to the miniature city of love.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have checked out our list of the most recommended Lego gifts for adults, we hope you have better ideas on what to give someone who is a huge fan of Lego as a gift. We have no doubt that someone who loves Lego would be thrilled to received a set of Lego as a gift from you. For a person who loves challenges then we would suggest that you pick the Lego Tree House because it offers a high level of complication that needs extra attention to details.

Moreover, we also have the perfect Lego sets for movie lovers such as the Magical Hogwarts Castle Lego set, the Black Pearl Lego set, and the Boba Fett Helmet Lego set that will make a great addition to their Lego collection.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to give someone who loves Legos?

Rare kits are the best thing that you can give to someone who loves legos. Some models have been discontinued by the company or are out of stock. Such items are hard to come by and would cost a lot more. If you can find rare lego kits, you should get it for your friend who is a hardcore fans.

What does every Lego collector need?

Every Lego collector needs original kits. If you are a fan, you have to make sure that you purchase the real Lego brand. There are many knock-offs available on the market at a lower price. However, the fake versions usually have lower quality. If you are buying a gift for a lego collector, make sure that you select the official version!

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