25 Unique Executive Gifts for Management

Despite not doing the technical work, management gets heavy pressure from both above and below. From above, they are pressured by investors while from below they are pressured by their employees. They need sharp conceptual skills so the company will survive and gain maximum profit. Unique executive gifts are a great idea to appreciate their management skills and their leadership.

Unique executive gifts are better given after the management appreciates your hard work like giving a raise and a promotion. Despite sometimes being rude, and stubborn, they just think about what is best for the company. So, not only employees, but they also need some appreciation like gifts.

BEST and Quality Gifts for Management

1. Chief Executive’s Survival Kit

Chief Executive_s Survival Kit

After a tiring day to achieve the quartal target, an executive needs some fun to do. Unique executive gifts for management like these will make the executive laugh a lot behind your back since they must maintain charisma in front of their employees. Also, the survival kit is a good substitute for greeting cards.

2. Custom MAP Letter Opener


The letter opener looks like a spoon because they are made of stainless steel. The unique gifts for management will help the executive to open an important or confidential letter with a style. Don’t forget to give them to the executive when there is one on one session with them.

3. Office Desktop Organizer


Office Desktop Organizer

Executive needs to sign many papers because they have authority and everything needs their approval. To help them do their job, unique executive gifts like plastic file folder bins are exactly what they need to archive the document.

4. The Office Game

The Office Game

Outside of work, an executive or management of the office becomes a normal person again with no authority. If you want to play a game with them to strengthen between you and them, you can play this hilarious meme card which contains joke in the office life. It is pretty suitable as the gifts for management.

5. Decision Maker for Office Management

Decision Maker

Executives or management of the office have the authority to decide anything in the company. So, they need high decision-making skills. When they make a lot of right decisions, you should give them unique executive gifts which reflect their decision. A question is answered in their mind with never, always, yes, and maybe.

6. ProGrid Manager’s Chair


ProGrid Manager_s Chair

For all general affairs, if you happen to see the executive’s chair is not suitable to sit anymore. It’s better to buy a new chair like this one. Also, it is a good idea to appreciate your leader’s leadership with this office star product.

7. “Being An Executive Is Easy” Coffee Mug

Being an Executive is Easy

Don’t let the title or the first statement of the mug tricks you. The statement in the mug is more like sarcasm since after being an executive is easy, it says that it’s like riding a bike that is on fire. Unique executive gifts for the management of the office like these mugs might reduce their stress so they can think with good clarity to know what is the best decision to make for the whole company.

8. Executive Tumblr

Executive Tumblr

A leader needs a firm voice for charisma and leadership. The tumbler reflects what the executive needs. The tumbler itself warns the employee not to make any trouble, otherwise, they will get their boss angered. The unique executive gifts for management leader like these tumblers somewhat suit a quiet boss but when they are angry, you will never forget it.

9. MANAGER Parking Aluminum Signs


MANAGER Aluminum Sign Management Parking

What if your manager looks gloomy when they come to the office? You could reduce the gloomy face with unique executive gifts like these parking signs. The manager can put the sign in their house for a joke or to show their pride as a manager or executive.

10. Executive Whipping Boy

MANAGER Parking Aluminum Signs

When the office sounds quiet, a doll that can talk is one of the solutions, so the office situation will not be too gloomy. The unique executive gifts for management will state a depreciating statement that will decrease motivation, but it is practically a joke. 

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11. Fancy Aroma Therapy Candle

gifts for management

An executive or management leader, you might say, is the superhero of the company because their head and decision can save the company from dire conditions. Their brain is their superpower. So, the argument “so close enough” in the candle is right if you think about it. Hence, why don’t you surprise this gift for management.

12. Executive Note Book

gifts for management

The badass executive sometimes suits your boss if they are worth being named so. The unique executive gifts like notebooks will help the executive relieve their stress by writing inside the book or making a log book like a diary in their daily office life.

13. Personalized Sign Construction


gifts for management

Executive or manager’s room sounds gloomy and creepy, especially if they are easily angered. To make them get more patience, you should give this sign as a gift to the management, and let them place it in their door. So, everyone knows their room even for a newcomer in the office. It also minimizes risk to not to enter the room accidentally.

14. Bracelet Executive

gifts for management

You need a strong will as an executive because you lead and manage a lot of people with many different ways of thinking, and make sure the company will survive and gain profit. So, the statement “being an executive is not for the weak” is absolutely correct. Unique executive gifts for management team like the bracelets will give the executive’s strength back after a burnout. Furthermore, it will be their daily reminder before and after work.

15. Keychain for Management

gifts for management

The keychain will make a good notice and warning for employees who slack off in their work. Just imagine when the executive comes with their bag and voluntarily shows it in front of everyone. Without a doubt, all employees will give their best because of the pressure. The unique executive gifts for management, are best to give if you know that they often use bags to the office.

16. Certified Bad Ass Miracle-Working

gifts for management

Sometimes, employees’ or even top managers’ work is not appreciated. When that bad thing happens you should give unique executive gifts for the management team to let them know that they have worked very well. Even though there is no certification for badass miracle-working CEO. You can make this as an appreciation gift.

17. Three Time Zones Watch

gifts for management

Managing people is hard, especially if the management team needs to manage people that work in different time zones. The watch contains three time zones that will help the executive manage their people effectively if they work in different time zones. Unique executive gifts like these are worth buying for a hardworking executive.

18. New Executive Starter Shaving Gift

gifts for management

An executive is a busy person, so there is some chance that they forget to shave their hair. Unique executive gifts for management like these will make them remember to cut their beard and mustache, so their looks will look more presentable.

19. Classic Executive Ball Point Pen

gifts for management

The executive ballpoint has a twist mechanism design. The pen intricates executive top ring design with smooth quick blue flow ink. If you are a general affair in the office and the executive runs out of pens. That is the perfect chance to give it a shot.

20. Gemstone Globe Desk Decoration

gifts for management

Does the management leader look boring? So, why not adding some beauty to the room. You can decorate it with these unique executive gifts. The globe is made of the finest gemstones which should be perfect for an executive room. Furthermore, it has a clock, thermometer, and hydrometer. Despite this, the clock doesn’t work. It only acts as a decoration.

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21. Travel Portfolio Organizer and Power Bank

No products found.

What if your executives travel a lot, so they need to charge their phone while there are not many sockets on the road. The unique executive gifts will help them lead more effectively through the phone since their phone will always be on.

22. Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Everything needs a priority so you can decide what to do. Eisenhower’s diagram might help. But there is a fun way to do it. The unique executive gifts will help them to decide what is the priority today, tomorrow, and so on.

23. Resin Soldier Executive Pen Holder

Resin Soldier Executive Pen Holder

When you give the executive a pen. You should also consider a pen holder to give as a gift too. The stance is cool for a pen holder that serves as a holder for the executive’s pen. It will make the pen is ready to use and the executive will not forget where the pen was put.

24. CFO Shirt Funny Executive Gift

CFO Shirt Funny Executive Gift

The chief executive officer who cares for their employee’s physical and mental health while achieving the target should receive unique executive gifts for management like these t-shirts. Instead of a chief executive officer, it should be named chief fantastic officer.

25. Insert Card Appreciation

Insert Card Appreciation

Executives must lead the organization to prosper while unleashing their employee’s full potential. They say people leave a bad boss, not a bad office. So, the unique executive gifts are perfect to symbolize your gratitude to the executive who leads so well and is loved by a lot of people in the company.

Final Thoughts

In every company, the management holds a crucial role to make sure the company is running well and all levels of employees -from to to bottom- are well managed. It’s not an easy job, which is why the management deserves to be appreciated. Therefore, giving them special gifts is definitely a very positive gesture to make. The best kind of gifts are items that can motivate them to keep up their good work. It can be something funny, useful, big or small, your choice.

The most important thing to remember is to pick a gift that can give them a motivation and can also show them how much you appreciate everything they have done so far.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good gift for an executive?

Good unique executive gifts must have a value of appreciation to their leadership and help them to do their job. So, the t-shirt chief fantastic officer, knight pen holder, and three-time zone watches are the best.

What should you get your executive for Christmas?

Whatever you give is fine, but since it is near the end of the fourth quartal, it should give them some spirit to face the next quartal. For instance, like the mug with the “executive is not for the weak” statement.

The most popular corporate gifts are mugs that have many statements of jokes or for self-esteem such as 49 % executive, 51 % badass mug. Also, the ballpoints and keychains are quite popular unique executive gifts too.

What gifts do employees value most?

The unique executive gifts for employees that they value most are work-life balance, a promotion, a salary raise, good boss, good coworker, or gifts like travel portfolio organizer, and insert card appreciation gift as a token of appreciation to their hard work.

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