20 Fun Ways How to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids You Should Try

Earth day is the perfect moment to teach your kids about the importance of caring for the environment. Celebrate the Earth Day with activities that are not only fun, but can also create an impact. Tell your kids that by taking steps towards the green environment, we can help to take care of the earth, while also keeping a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your kids have an unforgettable experience with fantastic ideas for children’s activities to celebrate Earth Day this year.

If this is your first time and you don’t know how to celebrate Earth Day with kids, then teaching children about the Earth through fun activities will be an amazing idea. Let’s take a look at some ideas of fun Earth day activities for kids that you can do in the article below. It’s time to show your kids that they can make a difference to the world!

1. Learn How to Make Compost

Composting is a good way to enrich soil and give nutrition to your plants. On Earth Day, ask your kids to make compost together. Collect some food scraps like the skin of fruits and vegetables. Them use them to make a compost mix in the large chamber and keep them for a few days.

2. Have an Eco Friendly Picnic

Don’t miss the sunny weather on Earth Day! Having a picnic with your kids is a wonderful way to appreciate the outdoors and nature. Keep your picnic environmentally friendly by bringing reusable containers, utensils, and cloth napkins. As for the meals, you can ask the kids to plan a vegan meal. By doing so, you can also aim to lessen the carbon footprint after picnic.

3. Hiking and Get Some Fresh Air

Hiking is a perfect outdoor activity that you can do with your kids to refresh your body and mind. This year, go on a pleasant Earth Day celebration trek if you can safely get outside and away from other people. Bring some binoculars so you can go bird watching and a bag to collect any garbage or litter you find during your hiking trip.

4. Plant Flowers in the Garden

Let your kids take care of the precious flowers in the garden on this special day. Ask their help to plant some of their favorite flowers with you. Choose a special area where they have the responsibility to water the flowers until they beautifully bloom. Undoubtedly, this activity will be a good start to introduce your kids to the fun of gardening.

5. Create Art Decor from Nature

Appreciate nature by making a piece of art on this special day. It’s going to be a lot of fun to create art using natural resources. Any form of natural materials, including shells, wood, pebbles, leaves, flowers, petals, nuts, and sand, can be used to make a work of art on the ground. You can make a collage of natural items and then frame it as a home decor item.

6. Play Sock Puppets

Suppose you are looking for an indoor activity to celebrate Earth Day with your kids, why don’t you try to make puppets with reusable material? Use your old socks to make funny sock puppets. After that, you can play these sock puppets together. Let those puppets bring joy and happiness on Earth Day to your kids.

7. Make the Earth Seed Bombs

Making clay seed bombs is a fantastic activity for Earth Day celebrations with children. You can bomb a section of your yard and observe how the plants grow day by day. As an Earth Day gift, you could even distribute them to friends. In addition, don’t forget to color the seed bomb in blue and green to match the Earth Day vibe.

8. Try Local Fruits

Make your kids love local fruits on Earth Day. Especially if they are picky eaters, use this chance to introduce them with amazing fruits from local farmers. With your kids, visit a nearby farmers market and look for unusual produce. Let them pick a different fruit or vegetable to try. Who knows, they may become fruit lovers after that.

9. Play Scavenger Hunt Outdoor

Outdoor games like the scavenger hunt is one of the simple ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids. Make a list of the natural items you can find close to your neighborhood or park. The mission is to take a walk and find those items around. You might create the list on your phone, a reusable dry erase board, or a reusable writing board to conserve paper.

10. Decorate Old Tote Bag

Show to your kids that you don’t need to buy a new tote bag since you can turn the old one into a brand new bag with creativity! With the use of fabric paint and fabric markers, children may customize their own bags. This is indeed a great way to make them love reusable things during Earth Day.

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11. Do Kids Earth Day Yoga

For those active kids, practicing Kids Earth Day Yoga is definitely fun. Watch the video on Youtube and practice it together with your kids in the backyard. To feel grounded and the soil under your feet, stand barefoot in the grass. Take a deep breath and feel the wind and sun on your skin. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of animal and earth-related positions like a butterfly or a tree.

12. Learn About Endangered Sea Animals

Did you know how many sea creatures that are about to extinct? Increase your kids’ awareness of sea animals during Earth Day. Visiting a zoo or aquarium will be a good option. Take your kids to the San Diego Zoo, Living Coast Discovery Center, SeaWorld or Sea Life Aquarium. Learn how sea creatures have changed over time when you are there.

13. Create DIY Bird Feeders

Did you know that you can make your own bird feeder from recycled materials? If your kids love handcrafting, then they will definitely love this fun activity. Simply use the recycled toilet paper tubes, popsicle sticks, and pine cones to make DIY bird feeders. Set up bird feeders in your backyard to provide joy to the nearby birds on Earth Day.

14. Decluttering Day

Decluttering Day

Earth Day is time for decluttering day! Look around your home for things that you no longer use. Donate unneeded items to a good cause or sell them at a yard sale to put them back into use. Ask your kids to do the same thing for their belongings as well. This kind of activity will make them learn how to minimize their own garbage.

15. Observing River or Lake

Observing River Or Lake

Consider yourself lucky if you have a river or lake nearby. Water observation is a fun activity to do in order to celebrate Earth Day for kids. Use your eyes and a net to catch some fish or crabs. You can also try a kayak, rowboat, stand-up paddle board, or other pollution-free watercraft as an alternative to a powered vehicle.

16. Read Educational and Interactive Earth Day Books

Read Educational and Interactive Earth Day Books

For those kids who are unable to join outdoor activities on Earth Day or just too small to do things properly, they still can celebrate it with books. You can buy educational and interactive Earth Day books on the internet. So, your child can still participate in the excitement while learning about Earth Day with these entertaining books.

17. Eco Friendly Morning Ride

Eco Friendly Morning Ride

In case you are looking for family-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day, we’ve got you the perfect solution! A family bike ride in the morning  is a fantastic opportunity to get everyone outside and active while exploring what the Earth has to offer. Go to your preferred biking route with your kids and other relatives. Without damaging the air, you may enjoy your town or city and afterwards, you’ll feel fantastic!

18. Make Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers

Make Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental issues today. On Earth Day, teach your kids to turn plastic boxes into a wonderful ornament like upcycled plastic suncatchers! After adults cut the plastic, your children may easily draw the world, plants, or even recycling signs using permanent markers.

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19. Cleaning Up the Neighborhood

Cleaning Up The Neighborhood

Let your kids know that you can protect the planet by removing garbage around the neighborhood. Clean up all the trash that people have dumped all over your area. You can ask the whole family member to join this activity to celebrate Earth Day. In our opinion, this is one of the best Earth Day activities for families.

20. Earth Day Trash Bin Project

Earth Day Trash Bin Project

Make your kids learn to separate organic and inorganic waste with this idea. Ask your kids to decorate 2 trash bins, one for organic waste and the other for inorganic waste. They can use plastics and cups to decorate the trash bin for inorganic waste. Meanwhile, they can put some leaves and flowers on the trash bin for organic waste.

Final Thought

Earth Day is a special day to remind us that we need to take care of the world we live ini. So instead of doing fun celebrations, it would be much better to celebrate the special day by doing fun and educative activities. You need to make sure that kids are aware of the importance of keeping our Earth clean and safe to live in from early on. So, be really careful in choosing the kind of activities to do in terms of celebrating the Earth Day with kids.

Latest Post:

How do you introduce Earth Day to kids?

One of the best ways to introduce Earth Day to kids is by giving them good examples. Ask them to do some green activities together. For example, you can use your bike to minimize carbon emission. Or, you can make up-cycled items together from plastic materials.

What does Earth Day mean for kids?

Earth Day is the ideal time to express their love to the Earth. On this special day, they can celebrate it with fun activities outdoors and connecting themselves to nature. Moreover, they may plant some plants as a symbol of taking care of the planet.

How do you explain Earth Day to preschoolers?

Tell them that Earth Day is the time to clean your surroundings. Show them with some examples they should do on Earth Day. It can be as easy as showing them how to clean the house, switching to reusable tote bags in place of plastic bags, or solely using reusable water bottles.

How did the children celebrate Earth Day?

Children love games and fun activities to celebrate Earth Day. Playing scavenger hunt outdoors will be a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day with friends. For those who prefer indoor activities, they can make handcrafting from recycled materials.

What projects kids can do for Earth Day?

Creating upcycling items will be a great project for kids on Earth Day. They will learn that each garbage has better value if you have creativity. In addition, kids should try the Earth Day Trash Bin Project. This project will make them understand the importance of separating organic and inorganic waste.

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