25 Thoughtful Earth Day Gifts

Earth Day is a day dedicated to honoring the planet’s natural riches. Celebrating Earth Day every 22 April will increase people’s awareness of the importance of protecting nature. Therefore, Earth Day gifts will make a great campaign towards people of all ages. Not to mention, Earth Day is also celebrated by over a billion people worldwide in order to safeguard the planet from pollution and deforestation. Beside clearing up rubbish and planting trees, they also distribute little thoughtful Earth Day gifts to others. They believe those Earth Day gifts will support the mission, making a happier world, a healthier place to live. 

Today, you can celebrate it with your friends and colleagues to spread this good campaign with Earth Day gifts. In this article, you will get various fabulous Earth Day gifts ideas to bring good vibes to others. We are sure you will fall in love with one of those Earth Day gifts. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Best Earth Day Gifts

Choosing the best Earth Day gifts is a little bit tricky. Those gifts should bring thoughtful messages, unique, and also easy to bring anywhere. Therefore, those best Earth Day gifts will show their charm to people which will start the conversation to save the planet.  

1. Abstract Earth Necklace

Abstract Earth Necklace

Get this beautiful and stunning jewelry to your loved one on Earth Day. The charming stone pendant, gold leaf and bronze give all the details to its visual. The spherical charm, which is dominated by vibran t oceanic blues, is an artistic portrayal of Earth gleaming in space. This Earth Day gift reminds your loved ones the beauty of their planet, so they are willing to protect the globe.

2. Sea Turtle Save The Planet T-Shirt

Sea Turtle Save The Planet T-Shirt

No one can resist the cuteness of the sea turtle design in front of this t-shirt. It features a creative sea turtle design with the globe as the shell. Made from 100% cotton, this Earth Day gift shows a strong encouragement text which says “Save The Planet”. Anyone who sees the adorable sea turtle and the message on this t-shirt will surely be eager to preserve nature.

3. Natural Soap Bar

Natural Soap Bar

People say that act speaks louder than words. This is definitely one of the best Earth Day gifts to minimize the chemical pollution. The natural soap bar is made from organic butters and oils that leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed and nourished. Since it comes with the natural ingredients, it will reduce the amount of harmful pollution in the sea.

4. Drinking Metal Straws

Drinking Metal Straws

Since plastic is the biggest contributor that pollutes the planet, you can raise people’s awareness by giving them these stunning metal straws. These Earth Day gifts are made from food grade stainless steel, so you can guarantee its safety. Moreover, you will get an additional brush to clean the straws. Drinking beverages will be more convenient as it will not pollute the ocean. 

5. Environmental Wish Bracelet

Environmental Wish Bracelet

These lucky charms will always be great Earth Day gifts for people. In a package, you will get 3 bracelets with a bee, a pinus, and a sea turtle pendant made from silver. Moreover, those charming bracelets tied on the card with meaningful and deep messages that will raise the environmental awareness of the receiver.

6. History Of The Earth Ammolite Pendant

History Of The Earth Ammolite Pendant

This is one of the rarest Earth Day gifts that will increase the spirit of protecting the planet. With copper wire and a spherical gem accent, this handcrafted attractive and unique pendant is made from a magnificent fossil specimen. This is a fantastic piece of old history to wear, making the wearer appreciate the fact that we should protect the old Earth on a daily basis. 

7. Wildflower Earth Day Seed Bombs

Wildflower Earth Day Seed Bombs

With these Earth Day gifts, planting trees can be double fun! The seed bombs are designed similar with the Earth. Made from high quality seeds blends, those bombs will turn into beautiful wildflower with good care. Not to mention, those little bombs bring a meaningful message that plants can help to save the Earth.

8. Go Green Hacks Game Cards

Go Green Hacks Game Cards

In case you are confused about what you should do to protect nature, why don’t you let fate decide by this Earth Day gift? Each card assigns a fun and practical action item that will not only help you minimize your environmental footprint, but will also provide you with additional benefits such as improved health and money savings.

Earth Day Gifts for Students

With Earth Day gifts for students, you can create a long term impact on them since they are the future generation. Therefore, those Earth Day gifts should be fun and challenging since it will trigger their curiosity. Finally, you can plant a good message on them in a fun way, making students learn to appreciate and preserve nature.

1. Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Students will definitely fall in love with this Earth Day gift since it challenges them to do experiments on their own. As these intriguing forms grow, your students will learn concepts like molecules, fractals, forming the earth, and effervescence come to life in front of their eyes. A better understanding of the Earth’s formation will make them appreciate and protect the planet.

2. Protect The Planet Candle

Protect The Planet Candle

With this Earth Day gift, you can introduce the students to wild life animals and their habitat in a fun way. Each candle comes with a matching aroma and a watercolor depiction of a natural habitat printed directly on the glass vessel. They also work with the World Land Trust to help maintain the natural area shown on the vessels.

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3. Planet Lollipops

Planet Lollipops

You may warn the students to not eat too much sweets. However, these Earth Day gifts will be an exception. The culinary pieces of art in these lollipops use a traditional candy making procedure, creating magnificent visuals of the Earth. Your students will learn that the Earth image will disappear while they lick the lollipop, representing the impact when people do not protect the Earth.

4. Flower Plant Pot Spring Craft

Flower Plant Pot Spring Craft

Get your students this Earth Day gift to make them love planting trees. It comes with paper pots, colorful flowers and cute animal ornaments. Your students also can plant flowers inside the pot after decorating the flower pot, making your students  familiar with flowers and plants.

5. Earth Day Badge

Earth Day Badge

In case you want to reward your students for good environmental care actions they have done, then the Earth Day badge will be a perfect idea. Each set comes with 3 cute Earth Day badges, perfect for adorning jackets or bags. This is one of the best Earth Day gifts to encourage your students to save the planet.

6. Make Everyday Earth Day Keychain

Make Everyday Earth Day Keychain

Since students love accessories for their bag, then this Earth Day gift will be something hard to resist. It features a round globe pendant with a positive message which reads “Make Everyday Earth Day”. Once your students put it on their bag, it will be a powerful message to other people who see this charming keychain to protect nature.

7. Earth Science Kit

Earth Science Kit

Before asking students to clean rubbish or plant trees, giving them a little and fun introduction about the Earth will make them understand the purpose of Earth Day better. This Earth Day gift comes with everything your students need for their experiment such as dueling water tornadoes, building an erupting volcano, growing a crystal, and two geologic dig kits.

8. Orbooth Earth Educational AR

Orbooth Earth Educational AR

Get your students an amazing experience traveling around the world with this Earth Day gift. With this educational AR, your students can visit other sides of the worlds, knowing the Earth’s condition more closely. As they watch what happens in the ocean or even the land, they will understand the purpose of preserving the Earth.

Earth Day Gifts for Employees

Earth Day will be a great momentum to build the employee’s teamwork while doing meaningful action to clean the planet. From cleaning the rubbish in the office to planting trees to make the air fresher, you can also turn those standard Earth Day activities into great and challenging competition. Therefore, don’t forget to show your appreciation for their hard work with Earth Day gifts.

1. Story Of The Earth Bracelet

Story Of The Earth Bracelet

Those incredible Earth Day gifts will make great team bracelets for your employees. The stunning Earth pendant in the center is the highlight of this jewelry. These gifts not only raise the employee’s awareness to protect nature, but also be a perfect reward during team building.

2. Stress Relief Earth Ball

Stress Relief Earth Ball

Help your employees release their stress after working with this unique Earth Day gift. It resembles the Earth, made from high quality polymer that can be squeezed easily. It  has been shown to relieve tension by redirecting all of your energy and focus onto the stress ball. Since the Earth ball becomes their lifesafer at work, we are sure they also want to become the Earth’s hero.

3. Succulent Plant Pot

Succulent Plant Pot

In case working at the office feels tiring, this lovely Earth Day gift can brighten up your employee’s office room. Made from ceramic with an adorable owl character, this succulent plot will be perfect office decoration. In addition, you can add your own succulent to bring extra oxygen in the office.

4. Coconut Bowl And Spoon Set

Coconut Bowl And Spoon Set

With this Earth Day gift, you can raise your employee’s awareness to utilize environmentally friendly products in their life. These handcrafted coconut bowls, spoons, and husk rings are the ideal accompaniment to their food. Moreover, it is beautifully packaged in an adorable box, which is an ideal present to spread the message to protect the Earth.

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5. Upcycled Reusable Wash Clothes

Upcycled Reusable Wash Clothes

Help your employee to reduce the tissue usage in the office with this Earth Day gift. On the front, there’s a lovely patterned cotton fabric, and on the back, there’s an absorbent upcycled vintage chenille.This upcycled wash cloth is also top stitched for added durability and is designed to be used again.

6. Eco Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

Eco Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

This Earth Day gift surely will impress your employee who is starting to use eco-friendly products. This bamboo scrubber is a perfect eco alternative to the synthetic ones. The scrubber with the firm bristles may be used for severe scrubbing, while the brush with the softer bristles can be utilized for a variety of tasks. Your employee can effortlessly scrape pans and clean crockery.

7. Eco Seed Pens

Eco Seed Pens

Did you know that plastic from pens your employees use also contributes to the pollution on Earth? Get your employees these eco seed pens to replace their stationery. This Earth Day gift is 100% recycled. After the ink on the pens runs out, your employee can plant the pens which will turn into beautiful flowers.

8. Save The Planet Mug

Save The Planet Mug

Help our employees to reduce the usage of plastic from their coffee cup with this gorgeous mug. This Earth Day gift is made from ceramic, perfect to be placed in the office pantry, in case your employees want to make a drink. In addition, the creative and beautiful design on the front of this mug will spread the environmental message towards all of the employees.

9. Organic Business Card Holder

Organic Business Card Holder

Since the Earth Day mission is trying to minimize the pollution in the world, then this organic business card holder would be awesome on their desk. Made from natural wood with a little ocean accent from epoxy resin, this Earth day gift resembles the beauty of the Earth very well. Your employee will surely be happy to receive this functional gift that adds the “save the Earth” energy to their office desk. 

Latest Post:

What’s the purpose of Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated to remind people of the planet’s clean and natural resources. In recent years, the day has been used to raise awareness about global climate change. Celebrating Earth day will not be complete without Earth Day gifts since it can share the positive message to other people.

What are the best Earth Day gifts?

Well, it is quite challenging to choose the best one since it has a wide age range of people celebrating it. Therefore, you can buy them the  Wildflower Seed Bombs since it can be suitable Earth Day gifts for all people. If you are looking for more inspiration for Earth Day gifts that are suitable for students or employees, you can check our lists in this article above.

How do you show appreciation on Earth Day?

There are many great activities you can do to show your appreciation on Earth Day. From cleaning the ocean to planting trees, you can create amazing memories that will help to save the planet. Moreover, you also can spread the noble mission of Earth Day to protect nature by distributing Earth gifts to people around you. 

Do you think celebrating Earth Day makes a difference?

Yes, of course! Since it is celebrated all over the world, billions of people have had to spread the purpose and activities you should do to preserve the Earth. Earth Day has had a great impact on the environment around the world, but sometimes the impact at the local level is still low. Young children, in particular, may be unaware of the numerous ways they may help protect the environment and make it a safer place. Therefore, you can get them Earth Day gifts to increase their awareness about the environment.

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