26 Earth-Friendly Gifts for Environmentalists

Mother earth is our beloved planet and home. And as beloved as our planet is by the inhabitants, it’s slowly dying. How is it possible? It is because of the ignorance, pollution, and continuous use of certain items that will damage the environment which in turn damages the earth. For this reason, environmentalists come into the picture since they are professionals who are bent on protecting and recovering the environment. 

Environmentalists are really doing a good job in maintaining the recovery of our planet as well as raising awareness to those who are still yet to understand the situation. It’s the reason why they earned our respect and gratitude. If you know someone who works as one, you might want to take a look at our list of wonderful gifts for environmentalists below. Let’s start now!

What Is An Eco Gift?

An eco gift refers to items that you can buy as gifts that are made of environmental-friendly material. Currently, there’s a lot of different items that you can choose as gifts for environmentalists. For example, a smart notebook, recycled bag, and elegant vase.

BEST Gifts for Environmentalist – Our 4 Best Picks

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Pukka Herb BoxSmart Reusable NotebookHybrid Water ShoeUpcycled Solar Cell Earrings
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Fashionable Gifts for Environmentalists

We’re pretty sure that environmentalists have got a ton of cool shirts with important messages about the environment. However, we bet that they haven’t got these bad boys yet. Additionally, we’ve provided cool body apparel that you can consider too. Have a look at our list of gifts for environmentalists below. 

1. Save the Environment Shirt

gifts for environmentalists

Shirts can be a strong medium for spreading a message. And so, we bet that people who bump into your environmentalist friend would take notice of this shirt. Fingers crossed that more people will take action to preserve the environment, starting from simple things like wearing this shirt. 

2. Upcycled Solar Cell Earrings

gifts for environmentalists

Being an environmentalist doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t improve their fashion style. Besides, there are a lot of fashionable items made from environmentally-friendly materials. For example, this cool earring that beautifully made of the upcycled solar cell. 

3. Wood Watch

gifts for environmentalists

We know that earrings might not be suitable for men. Therefore, we’d like to recommend this beautiful watch. An environmentalist will certainly come up to their job in style with this eco-friendly watch. 

4. Water-powered Watches

gifts for environmentalists

Looking for the next big step in technological advancement? Then you’ll find what you’re looking for in this awesome watch. Unlike most watches, this one is powered by water’s ion that will generate some electricity. Your friend will certainly like this gift. 

5. Waterproof Nail Art Sticker

gifts for environmentalists

For an environmentalist, having nail art might be a waste of time because they will all be broken since their jobs demand them to always be on site. Hence, they might want to rethink about having the makeover with this water-resistant and environmentally-friendly nail art. They still look stunning even though the patterns are all printed.

6. Hybrid Water Shoe

gifts for environmentalists

For the most part of the day, environmentalists spend their time doing outdoor activities. Therefore, it’s important that they require comfortable shoes. And so, we have found just the perfect shoes for them, the Mason Hybrid Water Shoe. It’s made up of recycled polyester that will fit perfectly on your friend’s feet. 

7. Vera Bradley Recycled Bag

gifts for environmentalists

When you have a woman friend who works as an environmentalist, you might want to consider giving this Vera Bradley recycled bag. It looks really elegant. Besides, it is water repellent and made up of recycled PET water bottles.

8. DIY warrior cape

gifts for environmentalists

Let’s face it: superheroes are not real. You won’t find any superpowered being protecting the safety of the citizens. However, there are heroes out there, such as the police, firefighter, doctor, and yes: environmentalists. They might not wear superhero cape, but you might want to give them this fun cape that they can color and modify!

9. Table Lamp

gifts for environmentalists

It’s a safe bet in saying that an environmentalist’s house is filled with eco-friendly material. Even so, they will definitely make space for this table lamp. Made from organic materials, this item will look very elegant in their bedroom or office space. 

10. Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

Here’s one cool gift that you should consider: a moon-shaped lamp that will light up the room. If you want to adjust the light, then you can control its brightness with touch-sensitive technology. Oh, haven’t we told you yet that this is also made up of environmental-friendly material?

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11. Smart Reusable Notebook

gifts for environmentalists

Say goodbye to wasting paper and say hello to this awesome reusable notebook. Thanks to its smart feature, it can prevent wasting paper by wiping out the ink with ease using a damp cloth. Moreover, you can upload all the stuff written through the Rocketbook application to different kinds of Cloud storage. 

12. Retractable Pen

Retractable Pen

This bamboo retractable pen is the perfect combination for the smart notebook. This pen really gets a vintage vibe because of its wooden feature that creates a distinct pattern. In addition, it is durable and made of biodegradable material. Certainly one of the best!

13. Water Conservation Board Game

gifts for environmentalists

We’d imagine that an environmentalist who has started a family would like to pass on their awareness to their little ones. Hence, this family-friendly board game can be a fun starting point for it. They can help teach their child to save water by playing this exciting game.

14. Global Warming Game

gifts for environmentalists

A little child might not be aware that the earth is slowly dying. Therefore, it’s exactly why we’d like to recommend this game as one of the gifts for environmentalists. This game will definitely help children to be aware of reality by playing this interactive game!

15. Environmental-friendly Cup

gifts for environmentalists

Look at how cute this cup will look in your friend’s house! Made of eco-friendly material, this cup can be anything your friend wants. For instance, a coffee cup, toothbrush cup, or even a stationary cup. 

16. Reusable Food Wraps

gifts for environmentalists

One thing that you must remember in giving gifts to environmentalists: don’t give any disposable items. Instead, you might want to find something sustainable like these cute food wraps. Since they are made with cotton infused with organic beeswax and Jojoba oil, we guarantee that your friend will love this item. 

17. Reusable Storage Bags

gifts for environmentalists

Everybody got different kinds of tastes. If your friend would rather prefer a less-colorful alternative to our previous recommendation, then this might do the trick. They are made of non-toxic material, thus your friend won’t have to worry that their food might be contaminated. 

18. Pukka Herb Box

Pukka Herb Box

Being an environmentalist is a noble job. However, there are times where they are underappreciated. Therefore, it is your chance to express your gratitude with this thank-you gift box. This box contains 45 blended sachets that will leave your friend satisfied!

19. Medical Air Purifier

Medical Air Purifier

After all those efforts in making sure of earth’s recovery, your friend could not come back to a dirty home. To rest, they need freshening air, and we just got the perfect item for that. Meet the Medify Medical Air Purifier. Besides its super ability to remove 99.9% of dust particles, it’s really easy to use too. 

20. Glass Table Vase

Glass Table Vase

The home interior would be a lot lively if you include plants. If your friend were going to buy elegant and exotic plants, then you can help by giving out this elegant vase as its container. It comes with eight variations of color that you can choose from.

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21. Handmade Pins

Two Artistic Handmade Brooches - Pins Geometric Shapes- Snake - Recycled Paper

With every passing time, enamel pins are getting better and better. For instance, these handmade pins. Despite its simplistic and elegant look, these bad boys are made up of recycled paper. A true environmentalist would surely wear this with pride!

22. Planet A Tote Bag

There is no Planet B Tote bag

There isn’t anything in the world that can force an environmentalist to use plastic bags. Certainly, using those things is the total opposite of what they’re trying to achieve. So, why don’t you give this magnificent tote bag? Besides, it’s got a really cool message printed on the bag!

23. Global Warming Scented Candle

Global Warming Scented Candle

There’s no denying the fact that scented candles have been one of the best inventions out there. Consequently, there are a lot of soothing aromas that you can choose from. However, we’d figure that this particular scented candle would suit the job of your environmental-loving friend. Unlike normal scented candles, this candle will generate a burning aroma of fuels and gasoline. We know that it’ll not help your friend relax. But we do know that it will encourage them even more on their glorious mission.  

24. Pandora Gift Bag

Genuine PANDORA Gift Bag

In order for a gift to be special, you need to ensure that you get the right packaging to cover it. And so, this one suits the criteria for an environmentalist. The Pandora Gift Bag contains different kinds of pouches and bags that you can choose from. Furthermore, as it is made out of eco-friendly material, you can even give this item as a gift for them too!

25. America’s First Environmentalist

Candlewick Biographies: John Muir : America's First Environmentalist

History will always be an interesting subject to be brought up. Similarly, for environmentalists, the history of the matter itself might be interesting to learn. That’s precisely the reason why you should consider buying this book.

26. The Skeptical Environmentalist 

The Skeptical Environmentalist

Environmentalists don’t need to consume books containing facts that they already possess. Instead, they need to be challenged with strong opinions. Written by Bjorn Lomborg, this book surely is an interesting subject for environmentalists. Inside, you will find facts that there are other global problems that need the same attention as global warming does. 

Final Thought

For someone who is an environmentalist, the best gift would be things that only friendly to our environment, but also have a deep meaning that can deliver their love for the environment. There are three things that you need to remember when choosing a gift for a special environmentalist person in your life. First, you need to be sure that the gift is made of environmentally friendly materials. Second, it should be something that can be used for a long time. And last one, the gift must represent a message that can invite everyone to love the environment even more.

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