25 Vintage and Cool Metal Sculpture

People loved to decorate and fill their house with different kinds of items. The purpose is to make their beloved house more comfortable. With decorations, they can also personalize their home to better suit their style. There are lots of items that you can purchase as a decoration, such as wall arts, action figures, paintings, and many others, including cool metal sculpture.

Out of all the options that you can choose, sculptures may be an elegant and cool option to consider. However, we’re not here to talk about regular sculptures, but rather cool metal sculptures. Metal sculptures can be a little bit expensive, but they sure look very cool. Besides, they emanate a certain retro and vintage vibe too. Care to explore further? Let’s take a look at some cool metal sculptures on our compiled list below. 

What Is A Metal Sculpture Called?

Metal sculpture can be called by many different names. Bronze sculpture might be one, if it’s made of that particular metal. But one of the most common names will be metalwork. However you may say it, people will still understand what you meant even if you called them metal sculpture!

Why Is Metal Used For Sculptures?

Sculptures need to be durable. In order to avoid breaking, you need to find an unbreakable material, and metal fits in comfortably in that criteria. That’s why you will see many sculptures made out of metal and wood, which are also quite durable.

BEST Metal Sculptures – Our 4 Best Picks

Metal Sculpture for DrivewayMetal Sculpture for Living RoomMetal Sculpture for DeskMetal Sculpture for Bed Room
Pegasus Metal SculptureHorse SculptureAtlas Bronze SculptureWomen Wall Art
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Awesome Metal Sculpture To Decorate Your Home

1. X-Wing Recycled Metal Statue

X Wing Star Wars Inspired Handmade Recycled Art Statue

Inspired by the iconic X-Wing from the movie Star Wars, this spaceship is very cool. If you like the sci-fi space opera, wait no longer and purchase this cool handmade metal sculpture. Since the recycled metal material is the main material of this item, then it makes all the more unique. 

2. Mandalorian Handmade Sculpture

Mandalorian Handmade statue

Here’s another cool Star Wars-inspired sculpture for you. This time, it’s based on the popular Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. Just like the X-Wing, this beautiful sculpture is also handmade using recycled materials.  

3. Metal Medallion Sculpture

Bell Metal Medallion Sculpture

Medallions are usually present in a small size. But you might not want to resist getting this item as cool metal sculpture, shaped in a large disc and boasting cool laser cutouts for geometric looks. This sculpture will surely look cool in your living room.  

4. Ballerinas Bronze Sculpture

Ballerinas Bronze statue

Whether you’re a former ballerina or not, you might appreciate the beauty behind this magnificent metal sculpture. It’s carefully made and hand-painted, which makes it all the more awesome. Due to its elegant shape, this sculpture will fit right into any kind of place you want.  

5. Samara Sculpture

Samara Sculpture

We couldn’t explain much regarding the meaning behind this beautiful metal sculpture. One thing that we can assure you: you won’t regret buying this magnificent Samara sculpture. Plus, it came with a lead-free design, which makes it safe to put in your little one’s room. 

6. Retro Robot Sculpture

Retro Robot Sculpture

Take a look at this magnificent item. This cool metal sculpture is handmade using recycled material. Besides that, we can’t help but adore its beautiful design. We know that robots are not human, but you gotta admit that this one is looking pretty cute. You can display it on your office desk to accompany you during hectic business hours!

7. Atlas Bronze Sculpture

Atlas Bronze Sculpture

This masterpiece is inspired by the Greek legend himself, Atlas. According to the mythology, Atlas had task to carrying the globe on his shoulder for eternity. If you are interested in this kind of mythologies, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of obtaining this cool metal sculpture. 

8. Square Wave Sculpture

Square Wave Sculpture

If you ever want a sculpture that is able to help you relax at the same time, then this square wave sculpture might be the best option out there. At first glance, this might seem just like any other ordinary sculpture. But if you give some twist to the waves, you can watch them twist in different ways and provide a certain soothing and hypnotic experience.

9. Lion Mini Sculpture

Lion Mini Sculpture

Due to its small stature, it’s best for you to store this cool metal sculpture in a safe place and not lose sight of it. But you can’t deny that this lion sculpture has an incredible detail engraved on it. Make sure to consider this and put it on your cart!

10. Metal and Glass Turtle Sculpture

Metal and Glass Turtle Sculpture

This turtle sculpture is a unique piece of art. It combines metal and glass to shape a beautiful metal turtle sculpture. Its soothing blue shell will help remind you of the ocean’s beauty. It really suits perfectly for those of you who like marine vacations too. 

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11. Couple Puzzle Sculpture

Couple Puzzle Sculpture

Lovers can be symbolized as puzzle pieces. Together they are a good match. But that doesn’t necessarily apply if they find other people in their life. That is exactly what this sculpture was trying to tell. Hold on to your loved ones and cherish them with all your heart. 

12. Female Bronze Sculpture

Female Bronze Sculpture

This abstract sculpture is a beautiful mystery. Yes, we know that it depicts a woman sitting and holding her leg. But we don’t really know the message behind it. One thing is for certain: abstract arts are cool, and you should own this cool metal sculpture. 

13. Bee Together Sculpture

Bee Together Recycled Metal Sculpture

A unique take on bees’ sculpture. This time, the bees are represented by metal bolts. Together, they bonded over a recycled metal that resembled a honeycomb. The Bee Together Sculpture is a unique sculpture that is a must have for all collectors out there. 

14. Metal Bird Sculptures

Metal Bird Sculptures

If you are really keen on gardening, you might want to add some decoration for your plants. One such idea might be in the form of this metal bird sculpture. It looks really cute, and it will fit perfectly in your backyard. 

15. Octopus Garden Sculpture

Octopus Garden Sculpture

We’d really like to be in the Octopus’ garden, just like what Ringo Starr said. If you share the same sentiment, then you might want to get your hands on this cool octopus metal sculpture. It’ll really add some dramatic effect to your garden. 

16. Lion Sculpture

Lion statue

We have offered you a cute-sized lion sculpture. But if you want to display a more menacing one, you may want to consider this cool metal sculpture. You won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed because the strong steel is the main material for this one.

17. Pegasus Metal Sculpture

Pegasus Metal Sculpture

In Ancient Greek mythology, a winged horse that is able to fly into heaven is famously described as Pegasus. People also use Pegasus as a representation of freedom. If you are interested in it, guess you want to take a look at this elegant and cool metal sculpture of a Pegasus

18. Horse Sculpture

Garhelper Adonis Horse Sculpture Horse Sculpture

Let’s face it: as cool as Pegasus sounds, it’s based on an ancient mythology that doesn’t exist. If you fancy something real, you might want to consider this horse sculpture. Besides, it’s equally as beautiful as the Pegasus metal sculpture. 

19. Live, Love, Laugh Wall Art

Live, Love, Laugh Wall Art

This is an awesome and inspirational wall art! If you choose to purchase this cool metal sculpture, you won’t regret that decision. Start your daily activities by being reminded of the three most basic, yet most important, aspects that someone should always remember through this magnificent sculpture. 

20. Metal Winged Art Sculpture

Galvanized Metal Winged Heart Wall Sculpture

This particular metal sculpture is a perfect choice for everyone. It can be hung practically anywhere you want to, and it will still look beautiful. Give your home more heartwarming aura through this beautiful sculpture. 

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21. Women Wall Art

Gold Nude Woman Line Art, Single Line Female

Yes, this beautiful wall art doesn’t seem like it was made out of metal. However, it’s made out of thin metal sheets, which makes it qualify for our list. This is a really beautiful art, and we ask you to seriously consider buying one!

22. 3 Metal Ginkgo Sculpture

3 Metal Ginkgo Sculpture

Leaves always make a cool inspiration for artists out there. Just take a look at this Ginkgo leaves sculpture! We bet all you can do now is gaze at awe due to its cool design. It really suits a house with retro and vintage style too. Hurry and purchase it while the stock lasts. 

23. GUSUWOD Wall Sculpture

GUSUWOD Wall Sculpture

This is a rare piece of sculpture that will be on the watchlist of many collectors. It’s handwoven carefully to give an intricate pattern. Besides that, this cool metal sculpture can be hung both horizontally or vertically. 

24. White Flower Metal Sculpture

White Flower Metal Sculpture

This is a stunning piece of art. It’s handmade with metal, resulting in a beautiful and cool metal sculpture. It won’t fall off easily, and it will suit perfectly if you hang this on your living room. You can even try to hang it in your study room and it will still look elegant. 

25. Metal Lotus Wall Sculpture

Metal Lotus Wall Sculpture

Here’s another cool option for you to consider. It is perfect for yoga and meditation lovers. Looking at this beautiful piece of art really will give you an extra calmness and soothing aura!

Final Thoughts

Metal is a strong and solid materials that make great sculpture. You can shape metals in any form you like to make a unique and valuable sculpture. However, since metal sculptures come vary in sizes, designs, and also colors, you need to first be certain about what you are looking for from a metal sculpture. For example, if you want something to be a nice home decor, you might want to take a look at small to medium size metal sculpture. But if you want something to put a color to your front yard or garden, then a bigger size metal sculpture will do the job.

So to sum up what we have shared with you in the article above, just remember to know exactly what you want and need before you make the final decision of which item to pick. Good luck!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are most metal sculptures made of?

Just like the name implied, metal sculptures are made up of metals. Of course, there are different kinds of metal like bronze and silver. You also can add some additional material to make it more unique. But generally, metal sculptures are made up of metal. Otherwise, you won’t name it metal sculpture!

Why are bronze sculptures so expensive?

Bronze sculptures are expensive due to its source material. Bronze is a fairly expensive medium to use. Add to the fact that it takes longer to process a sculpture with bronze, you’re surely gonna need a lot of money to buy one!

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