25 Unique Mailboxes for Front Yard Decoration

People with unique tastes certainly want items that come with a twist or have strong characteristics to better showcase their unique character. This also applies to things related to their homes such as home decorations and yes, mailboxes. That little thing some people don’t give too much attention to but actually plays an important role for those who do.

If you are a unique person looking for a unique mailbox to spice up your living space, below is a selection of unique mailboxes selected by the AWESOME STAFF especially for you. 

What Are Mailboxes For?

Firstly, you need to consider where you live and what kind of mailbox suits your space the most? For example, if you have a large front yard, then a post mounted or column mounted mailbox can work. If installing large mailboxes is impossible for you, then getting wall mounted mailboxes might be the best option.

What Are The Different Types Of Mailboxes?

There are at least 6 types of mailboxes. They are mail slots, wall mounted mailboxes, post mount mailboxes, column mount mailboxes, package drop boxes, and multi-tenants boxes. Each mailbox serves a different function and is usually picked based on the suitability of the living space.

Best Mailboxes – Our 3 Best Picks

Mailbox with Fairy ThemedMailbox with Vintage DesignMailbox with Animal Themed
Oak Tree Shaped Steel MailboxVintage Wall Mount MailboxBear Shaped Mailbox
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Unique Mailboxes for Front Yard Decoration

1. Hand Painted Cottage Mailbox

Hand Painted Cottage Mailbox

An artsy person needs a mailbox with artistic treatment like this one. This mailbox is handpainted with a unique aesthetic that will delight you, the mailman, and random walkers passing by. The mailbox is made out of durable metal and treated with a weather-resistant color that will stand the test of time. 

2. Fairy Tale Steel Mailbox

Fairy Tale Steel Mailbox

If you can’t live in a real life size fairy tale lodge or castle, then you can live up your imagination through this amazing handicraft mailbox. Each mailbox is decorated with unique elements such as lanterns, flowers, bicycles, benches, etc. Each element is functional, making the mailbox feel even more real and alive. 

3. Vintage Forging Steel Mailbox

Vintage Forging Steel Mailbox

As a person who has a high standard, you need to get a well-crafted mailbox that can lift up your house atmosphere. The craftsmanship in this mailbox is beyond the expectation making the mailbox appear unbelievably realistic. It features different elements such as colored glass and diode illumination that give the mailbox true unique and unforgettable details. 

4. Oak Tree Shaped Steel Mailbox

Oak Tree Shaped Steel Mailbox

Just because it is called a mailbox, doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to always be in the shape of a box. If you have an unusual taste yourself and want to get a mailbox with an unusual shape, then this oak tree mailbox can be your option. It has great details of branches, mice, acorns, dragonflies, and so much more that can also serve as a decorative element to your house. 

5. Handmade Metal Vintage Building Mailbox

Handmade Metal Vintage Building Mailbox

This vintage steel mailbox has a large space so it will be perfect to match a bigger house or if you need a large mailbox to accommodate your heavy mail stream. It is made out of high quality steel and incorporates different elements such as colored glass, iron, and polymer coating to keep its condition. Every mailbox is handmade so you will get a true unique mailbox you don’t just see randomly on every corner. 

6. Jellybean Mailbox

Jellybean Mailbox

Row houses always look neatly interesting. They have the same element and design but with different bright colors that can give you instant satisfaction just by looking at it. If you ever dream of living in one of those houses, then this mailbox can help you to live up to your dream. Not only is it an attention grabber, it is also functional and has a large space. It will undoubtedly be a cool statement to our house too. 

7. Retro Style Mailbox

Retro Style Mailbox

This wall mounted letter box has a retro style and comes with metal color that gives it a real vintage vibe. It features an attractive crest design that serves the purpose as an additional decorative element to your exterior. This mailbox doesn’t only give you the look, but also provides security. It is waterproof to keep your important documents dry and safe, and it comes with two locking systems to avoid mail theft. 

8. Eibach Springs Mailbox

Eibach Springs Mailbox

The perfect mailbox to get if you live in a log cabin. This mailbox gives you the cabin in the woods vilbe. So even if you live in the urban area, you can still use this mailbox to channel the feelings of living in a cabin. This mailbox has great details and looks realistic. It serves both decorative and functional so you can admire it while also relying on it. 

9. Polar Aurora Aluminum Cast Mailbox 

Polar Aurora Aluminum Cast Mailbox 

A unique mailbox combines vintage architecture and modern day functionality. This mailbox features a historic design, locking door, and an adjustable mail flap. Made of heavy-duty cast-aluminum, this mailbox has a lightweight construction. However, this elegant mailbox is secure and made to last long and will not rust even under extreme weather. 

10. Elegant Wall Mounted Mailbox

Elegant Wall Mounted Mailbox

An elegant hanging mailbox that is very sturdy and can withstand any weather. Once you attach it, the mailbox will serve you well for a long time. It features a beautiful protruding design on the front of two lions holding a symbol. It is made carefully with high details to make a true unique additional decoration on your front door

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11. Desert Fields Vintage Mailbox

unique mailboxes

An embossed letter box is perfect for you who opt for a vintage look. This mailbox is small in size but can accommodate enough daily mailing for your house or office. It has a rustic distressed look to emphasize the retro vibe. The aqua color also gives the old time feel. Hang it against a warm toned wall color and you will get a perfect 70s look. 

12. Solar Nautical Lighthouse Mailbox

Solar Nautical Lighthouse Mailbox

This mailbox will make the neighbors talk. Not only due to its solid attention-grabbing color, but mainly for its solar powered lighthouse. It is made out of high-quality playwood and rust-free nails to ensure durability even under extreme weather in all seasons. It is also available in different colors you can pick to match the color of your house. 

13. Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox

Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox

A romantic mailbox that will be a perfect match to your romantic ir shabby chic aesthetic. It has the vintage romantic vibe to it. Kind of a reminder of the old romantic drama we all love to read or watch. Imagine you open up this beautiful decorated mailbox one morning and receive a love letter. What can be any sweeter than that? 

14. Curbside Natural Pine Mailbox

Curbside Natural Pine Mailbox

This mailbox is made out of natural pine columns that mimics real pine timbers. Log mail columns offer a unique decorative piece to your front yard and house environment. Because it is made out of faux logs, there are some advantages to it. First, it is more durable so you can use it longer because unlike natural logs, it will not decay very easily. It is also better for the environment because faux logs help to keep natural wood sources in place to serve its main purpose which is to absorb carbons and release oxygen. 

15. Rural Mailbox With Red Flag

Rural Mailbox With Red Flag

A realistic looking rural house mailbox that will be perfect to add a statement to your front yard. It keeps its natural wood color and will blend perfectly with the greens in your garden. It has decorative doors and windows in red to give it just enough contrast without overpowering the natural wood look. The red flag makes it easy for both the mailman and you to figure out whether there’s a new letter or not. 

16. Farmhouse Embossed Tin Wall Mailbox

Farmhouse Embossed Tin Wall Mailbox

This vintage-style mailbox with butterfly and floral emboss features two separate openings. The thin one is for letters and the door is for larger deliveries. Moreover, it is made out of galvanized iron in a distressed rusted mint finish. Hence, it would be the perfect unique mailbox for a vintage or shabby chic home decor. It will surely add beautiful decoration to your house and might as well bring back some nostalgia. 

17. Vintage Wall Mount Mailbox


This unique mailbox has a vintage metal style and has a large slot to accommodate lots of letters and larger packages as well. It has a distressed finish that gives it a rustic look and will last for a long time. It will be the perfect mailbox for a farmhouse or rustic home decor

18. Envelope Mailbox

Envelope Mailbox

What can be the most unique mailbox other than a mailbox that is in the shape of an envelope? This mailbox straight up shows its uniqueness by its elegant black and copper envelope design. The versatile design will fit most home decor and it will make an excellent accent to your front door. A true unique mailbox to get whether you are into modern and minimalist style or vintage aesthetic. 

19. Green John Tractor Mailbox

unique mailboxes

A mailbox in a tractor shape? Yes, why not? Wouldn’t it be the perfect mailbox for heavy vehicles and big truck drivers? Aside from its shape that makes it look like a toy, this mailbox is actually functional and has decent storage space for your daily mail stream. It also has the red sign as the way for you and the mailman to communicate. 

20. Wood Garden Hand Painted Mailbox

unique mailboxes

Hand painted stuff always makes things so much more unique no matter what it is. This mailbox for example, is hand painted that makes its house shape the punch it needs. It is considerably small in size but will make a cute decorative statement in front of your house for sure. 

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21. Bear Shaped Mailbox

unique mailboxes

Aww, isn’t this bear so cute? Waiting day and night for the mailman to come and deliver the mail for you. If you are looking for a unique mailbox, then this bear shaped mailbox is definitely a great choice. The bear shape itself works as a cute decoration in your front yard. The bear’s expression is also adorable and will make the mailman leave with a smile. 

22. Retro Style Hanging Mailbox

unique mailboxes

Do we have enough retro style mailboxes already? No, we don’t. Okay, we do have a lot of retro style mailboxes on this list, but we promise you this one is different. It is not a wall mounted mailbox, nor a column-mounted mailbox. But, it is a hanging mailbox that you can attach on your front gate as a welcoming piece of decoration. It will certainly be the perfect unique mailbox for a rustic house. 

23. Country Barn Mailbox

unique mailboxes

If you came from the countryside, you know the ordeal of missing home. This barn shaped mailbox will ease your homesickness for a while when you still can’t find a time to go home. It has the barn style made out of metal with a rustic finish that mimics the real barn but in a mini size. With this mailbox on your front door, you will feel a little bit closer to home every time you get your mail. 

24. Metal Birdhouse Mailbox

unique mailboxes

A unique mailbox should feature a unique form. The more unusual the design, the more unique it would be. This mailbox for instance comes in the shape of a bird house. Regardless of how unusual the design is, this mailbox is actually functional and can be used not only as a decorative element but also a working mailbox you can rely on. 

25. Large Robot Mailbox

unique mailboxes

Let’s finish off this list with the most unique mailbox ever. How do you feel about getting a mailbox in the shape of a robot? Exciting, right? This mailbox is designed by the award winning Rocky Mountain artist behind Sugarpost Metal Art. So yes, it’s not just the mailbox. It is also a piece of art. Even better, this mailbox is made out of recycled material, so you can get a functional piece of art while also saving the environment. This mailbox is made to rust and is expected to get better with time, so you can expect the mailbox to get rusty along with time. 

Final Thoughts

A mail box describes the character of the home owner. Based on that fact, a special person needs to have a unique mailbox as well. Since you are here, we can say that you are looking for unique mailbox, right? Well, to help you pick the best one, the first thing you need to consider is the design of the house of the person that you will the mailbox to.

A classic home needs to have a unique mailbox with a classic touch, and modern home deserves a modern mailbox, too. However, you are also free to think out the box and choose the most unique one as a gift. After all, creativity is key!

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What color should your mailbox be?

It totally depends on your personal preference, but you might as well consider the color of your house so you can get a mailbox to match. If you change your home decor often and want a versatile mailbox, then the neutral color of black and white can be your best option.

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