20 Activities on How to Celebrate Korean American Day with Fun 

Happy Korean American Day! Korean American Day is a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate the rich culture and heritage that Korean Americans have brought with them to this country. It’s also a time to recognize those who have worked hard to build communities, businesses, and organizations that help strengthen our local industries. Every year we mark Korean American Day on January 13, celebrating the arrival of the first Koreans on American soil. However, as Korean Americans, Korean immigrants, or just Americans, what can we do to celebrate this special day?

If you are looking for fun activities to celebrate National Korean American Day, then you come to the right place! Let’s take a look at some great ideas to light up Korean American Day this year. From light activities to traditional customs that Korean American generations can do, we are sure you will get more insights from this article. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Watch Popular Korean Reality Show

How To Celebrate Korean American Day

Do you want to have fun celebrating Korean American Day? Get yourself entertained by watching Korean reality shows! In our opinion, Running Man is one of the most popular Korean reality shows that should be on your list. Watching some Korean comedians and actors trying to complete the mission is hilarious! You can ask your Korean American friends to watch the reality show together.

2. Hear Past Story from Korean Americans

It’s time to learn from the experts! If you know any Korean Americans, make an extra effort to connect with them on this special day. To learn more about the background of Korean American Day, you might have a conversation with a Korean American family or friend. They can teach you about Asian culture as well. Don’t be afraid to share your experience on this day if you are a Korean American! Tell your friends the story of Korean and American relationships in the past. We definitely think that it will make them appreciate you more!

3. Host Cultural Party

When it comes to the celebration of Korean American Day, a cultural party is a fantastic idea. Invite Korean American families you know and celebrate the special day together. Take part in the festivities by experiencing their music, cuisine, and also traditions. Or, you could look into places close by that are doing celebrations for this day!

4. Enjoy Delicious Kimchi

Kimchi is indeed a special food for Koreans. Therefore, enjoy some traditional Korean kimchi, a staple and preferred Korean salad, to celebrate the Korean American day! You can go to a Korean supermarket to buy delicious kimchi. If you have traditional parents, you may join them to make kimchi on their own. You can add salt,  green onions, garlic, and ginger, along with a specific red pepper to the vegetables. Wait for 1-2 days until those vegetables are fermented. This is also a fun activity for the whole family.

5. Show Your Appreciation Via Social Media

The power of Twitter or Instagram to share information is just unstoppable. Therefore, letting people know about this meaningful day via social media is a good way to celebrate Korean American Day. Share the bravery, intelligence, and significant accomplishments made by Korean Americans to the US on all of your social network profiles. You can also promote #KoreanAmericanDay hashtag to get people to participate in this celebration.

6. Make Boy Group or Girl Group Dance Cover

Make the special day into a Korean Day for K-Pop fans! Especially if you are a good dancer, try to cover some Korean boy group or girl group dance. Record your dance cover video and upload it on social media like Tiktok or Instagram. Don’t forget to write the great caption, celebrating Korean American Day and showing that you appreciate K-Pop music and its cool dance.

7. Learn Basic Taekwondo

For those who are looking for more dopamine on this day, sports or martial arts can be a perfect activity to try. In celebrating Korean American Day, you can learn basic taekwondo. As one of the most methodical and scientific traditional Korean martial arts, taekwondo teaches more than just physical fighting techniques. You’ll understand the Korean values and spirit through every movement.

8. Enjoy Soju with Friends

A celebration is not complete without drinks. To celebrate Korean American Day, go to the nearest Korean bar with your friends. Instead of beer or wine, you can have soju, which is the Korean distilled alcoholic beverage. Drinking soju by oneself is uncommon in South Korea, as it serves as a symbol of solidarity. Ask your friends to pour the soju on your glass, vice versa. When you drink, you contribute to the group’s sharing and promote unity.

9. Wear Traditional Hanbok

Wearing traditional attire daily may be unusual. However, not on Korean American Day! On this day, Korean American generations can be proud wearing the traditional hanbok. If you don’t have the outfit, you can buy or rent for the traditional hanbok sets. They have attractive and vibrant colors which is perfect for today’s social media updates. You can ask your friends to wear colorful hanbok as well.

10. Try Korean Street Food

For food lovers, trying new food must be a regular activity. In celebrating Korean American Day, you can try Korean street food then. In fact, traditional views of street food as a component of popular culture exist for Koreans. Go to Korean cafes or food stalls that sell hotteok, tteokbokki, or bungeoppang. These are some popular Korean snacks you should try.

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11. Visit Korean American National Museum

Do you know that the US has a national museum in honor of Korean American? Located in Los Angeles California, you can see pieces of Korean American history. The Korean American National Museum showcases the history, culture, and achievements of Korean Americans. From the first Korean immigrants into the US to contemporary contributions of Korean Americans, you will get better understanding in this museum.

12. K-Drama Binge Watching

Spending the special day with K-Drama is really fun and worth a try. Besides, this is a great way to appreciate series and movies from South Korea. If you are new to K-Drama and looking for recommendations, you can start with the most famous Squid Game. If you love the rom-com genre, then Crash Landing On You and Hometown Cha Cha Cha are worth watching. We guarantee that K-Drama is entertaining, so feel free to binge watch for the entire day!

13. Visit Your Korean American Friends with Gifts

Make your Korean American friends feel special on this day! You can make a visit to their house, have fun conversations, play games, and eat delicious food. Don’t forget to bring them gifts to celebrate Korean American Day. Consider giving them traditional or unique Korean gifts. In case you don’t know what is the best gift you should buy for Koreans, you can find more inspiration in awesomestuff365.com

14. Play Korean Traditional Games

Play Korean Traditional Games

As Korean American youngsters who are only familiar with online games, use this moment to play Korean traditional games with friends! Inspired by the Squid Game series on Netflix, you can start with the “green light, red light”. If you don’t like to run, you can have chill games such as the “dalgona candy challenge”. Simply peel the sides of the dagona without breaking it!

15. Karaoke Night with Korean Songs

Play Korean Traditional Games

Forget the new album of Taylor Swift or new songs from Billie Ellish. It’s time for Korean songs to light up the karaoke night. Since K-Pop trends are growing, select popular Korean songs in the US to mark the Korean American Day. If you are a Korean American youngster, then you will be the main DJ for the whole family. You can choose fun and upbeat songs like “Gangnam Style” from PSY or “Ddu-ddu Ddu-du” by Blackpink. Finish the karaoke night with some ballad songs from Park Hyo Shin.  

16. Join Korean American Day Art Contest

Play Korean Traditional Games
(Source : kecla)

Show your creativity and skill by participating in the Korean American Day Art Contest. Especially if you love drawing or painting, this competition is destined for you. Each year, Korean Education Center Los Angeles (KECLA) always held this art competition. You can submit your paintings or artworks in celebration of Korean American Day. If you get first place, you will get a trophy and a $500 scholarship.

17. Cook Korean Meal for Dinner

Cook Korean Meal For Dinner

For Korean families, a heartfelt dinner can be a perfect way to celebrate Korean American Day. You can cook Korean dishes for today’s dinner. Chicken bulgogi is a great food for a big family. Marinate the chicken in a sauce that is a mix of soy sauce, sugar or honey, sesame oil, garlic, onion, and often pureed Asian pear. You may  marinate it overnight for the best result. Don’t forget to serve hot rice with kimchi and seaweed as well. You can also eat strawberries or oranges from K-supermarket as the desserts.

18. Attend LA Korean Festival 

Attend LA Korean Festival 

If you want to feel the festive atmosphere, you can go to the Korean Festival in Los Angeles. As the city with the largest population of Korean Americans in the US, this is the perfect place to learn Korean history and culture. Besides, you can watch performances, buy food, and shop in one place. There are also technology exhibitions from Korean companies such as Kia and Hyundai.

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19. Eat at Korean Restaurant

Eat At Korean Restaurant

One of the best ways to support Korean Americans’ business on this special day is by eating at Korean restaurants. You can check out Korean restaurants nearby in your state. These are usually run by Korean American chefs or Korean immigrants. If you are not Koreans who eats there for the first time, you’ll finally taste the most authentic Korean food in your life.

20. Learn Some Korean Words

Learn Some Korean Words

In case you are interested in the Korean language, use this chance to learn some Korean words from your Korean American friends. Chat your friends to go out and treat them to a meal as they teach you Korean. Learning from native speakers will help you to speak fluently faster. Start from the simple “Annyeonghaseyo!” greeting and continue to daily conversation topics. Besides, you may learn how to say Happy Korean American Day in Korean. It shows your appreciation towards the Korean language and this special day.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, celebrating Korean American Day will give you a better understanding about Korean culture and its relationship with our country. As Korean American generations, you should fill this special day with fun activities and spread positivity to others. Therefore, more people will love to celebrate Korean American Day with fun!

What can you do on Korean American Day?

You can appreciate this special day by learning about Korean American history. There are many resources you can get such as asking your Korean American friends, watching documentary films, or  reading history books. If you are looking for more fun activities, go check in the article above.

What can you do to celebrate Korean American Day?

A cultural party is a great way to celebrate Korean American Day. You can invite Korean and American friends to the party to promote Korean culture. Serve Korean food and play K-Pop songs at the party. For more great ideas, you can read in the article above.

How to celebrate Korean American Day with your neighbor?

There are many ways to celebrate this special day with your neighbor. Try to invite them to a Korean meal dinner if you are from a Korean American family. Cook them a delicious Korean meal and let them try soju drinks as a symbol of solidarity.

How to celebrate Korean American Day with your Korean friend?

Show your appreciation to your Korean friends by learning their culture. You can play Korean games together, listen to K-Pop songs, and wear traditional Hanbok. Don’t forget to take a picture together and upload the moment on social media. Therefore, more people will get the fun celebration vibe on the internet.

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