25 Unique Metal Gifts For Decoration And Accessories

We all have people we care about, and sometimes we want to give something that is exclusive, cool-looking, and also shiny to them. For that reason, metal gifts can be the things that you’ve been looking for. Things made of metal have always been special because of they are strong and highly durable. When durability meets unique design we will have a super exclusive metal item, which will be a great metal gift for our loved ones.

Various unique and awesome metal products can be an alternative of gifts for your loved ones. To give you more inspirations to choose the perfect metal gifts for special people in your life, in this article we have a list of unique metal gift ideas to choose from. These gifts will be suitable for special moments like anniversaries, birthdays, or other occasion. Without further ado, shall we check them out now?

1.  Custom Large Motorcycle Trinket

Custom Large Motorcycle Trinket

The first item on our list is one of the best metal gifts from a sweet and adorable couple in your life. You can add names of the couple, plus caricature photos of the couple’s faces. Moreover, this gift is made of metal with a design that depicts a couple riding a motorcycle together, which will add a romantic touch to the gift. Any couple would be happy to receive this gift, as it’s suitable as a decoration in their living room or bedroom.

2. Steel Heart Wedding Gift

Steel Heart Wedding Gift

This next metal gift comes as a steel heart table decoration. It may look simple, but it actually has a truly deep meaning. First of all, the heart symbolizes someone who is in love. If you’re looking for the best romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, this item will probably become the perfect gift. Show your partners that your love is as strong as a metal, and don’t forget to write your name and your partner’s name on the heart-shaped metal.

3. New Home Metal Gift

New Home Metal Gift

One of the best ideas in decorating a new home is to have the owner’s name placed on the living room wall. A couple who just moved to their new home will be thrilled to have this kind of metal gift from you. This gift will make a different impression, more than just posting a photo. It is more personal and gives a sense of belonging to the home. The combination of colors and shapes makes this gift looks luxurious and also eye-catching.

4. Black Liverpool Metal Wall Decor

Black Liverpool Metal Wall Decor

Liverpool wall decorations is a classic gift choice for Liverpool fans. However, combining some Liverpool wise words with a great ornamental shape like this one is undoubtedly amazing for them. This Liverpool metal wall decor can be a great gift option for your Liverpool lover friend or boyfriend. Having this decoration at home will show how proud they are for being a true Liverpool fan.

5. Wolf Necklace

Wolf Necklace

A wolf head necklace can be an attractive choice of gift for a friend or partner. Since the wolf symbolizes courage and toughness, a wolf might be one of your friend’s favorite animal, too. In addition, wearing this necklace may give a sense of toughness for the person who wears it. The badass look of the metal necklace is really fashionable.

6. Metal Charm Necklaces 

Metal Charm Necklaces

You might feel a bit confused or find it difficult to find the perfect anniversary gift for your girlfriend. However, this next metal gift can be put into consideration. This is an adorable necklace that has a unique shape, which features a unique black heart shape. In addition, this necklace also comes in a shape like a chain, which adds to the value of its beauty and uniqueness.

7. Keychain Ring

Keychain Ring

For mechanics or those who profess in the world of mechanics, these metal keychain looks like a great options of gifts, no doubt about it. It comes in many shape variations to choose from, including a hammer, screwdriver, saw, and many more. These handmade metal keychain rings can be a great gift option for those who work as mechanics or automotive lovers. So, grab yours now, because your loved ones will definitely love to have these keychain as a gift.

8. Mini Cooper Black Ring

Mini Cooper Black Ring

Vintage metal gifts may look old-fashioned for some, but those who love them will always love them no matter what. For those who are passionate about the automotive world, this Mini Cooper black ring will be an interesting item to collect. The black color adds a firm impression of the meaning that shows how much someone loves Mini Cooper. Moreover, the minimalist design makes it convenient to carry or hang anywhere.

9. Hand Forged Metal Rose

Hand Forged Metal Rose

Roses symbolize love and affection. As a gift that comes in the shape of a metal rose, you can have this item as the perfect and romantic gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. Plus, it will work perfectly on women. This gift is suitable for display on the guest table or on the terrace table. The unique shape will make it as a valuable gift to cherish a lifetime.

10. Magnetic Metal Pen

Magnetic Metal Pen

This magnetic metal pen has a unique feature that other pens don’t have, because this is a pen that can also function as a toy. It comes as a neutral pen and also a touch pen. It can also rotate and transform into a variety of creative shapes, free combinations and many more. Furthermore, this pen can also help to relieve stress and boredom, too. Therefore, this is the perfect item for a special person in your life.

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11. Cigarettes Ashtray Metal Gift

Cigarettes Ashtray Metal Gift

We all know that someone in our life who is an active smoker. For that someone, this cute metal ashtray will make a great and useful gift for them. The ashtray has a windproof flip lid cover in the shape of an elephant and it’s made of metal. As for the main ashtray, it is made of durable zinc material and is suitable to be placed outdoors or indoors such as in the living room or a bar. Available in several different colors, this is a metal gift that will be perfect for smokers.

12. Metal Valentine Gift

Metal Valentine Gift

Are you looking for inspiration on what will be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps, this item is the answer that you’ve been looking for. This beautiful gift is suitable for any romantic occasion, including Valentine’s day of course. This item was carefully handcrafted by professionals, and the swing can work slowly. This can be a great metal based romantic gift that your spouse would absolutely love.

13. Father’s Day Wall Decor Metal Gift

Father’s Day Wall Decor Metal Gift

Father’s Day is a moment for us to appreciate our fathers and thank him for everything he’s done for us. This retro vintage metal wall decor gift is definitely the perfect gift for your lovely father, which comes along with sweet appreciative words that will met his heart. If you’re planning on having a father’s day gift to show how much you love your father, this metal wall is the one for you.

14. Metal Infinity Toy Cube

Metal Infinity Toy Cube

At first glance, you might that this is a rubic‘s cube, right? Well, you’re not wrong. You can play this item when you are relaxing at home, school, or even office. Comes as a toy for those who love to play at any given age, young to old, it is a stress relieving and enjoyable unique metal gift. The cubical metal toy is highly portable due to its small size, making it a travel-friendly item to own. Moreover, it can also be a great gift for someone you love, especially the young ones.

15. Bar Sign Wall Decoration

Bar Sign Wall Decoration

Do you dream of owning your own bar or do you have a friend who owns a bar? If you do, then you can have this item as a gift for him. This is one gift that will make your friend, who happens to be a drinking bar owner, happy. The attractive design with pictures of wine and bottles are strengthening the vintage bar atmosphere, for sure. In short, this metal bar sign is definitely a choice of gift for bar owners.

16. Disney Decoration

Disney Decoration

To all Disney fans, this decoration gift is for you. Inside this decoration is the Disney logo and the head of one of the famous characters, Mickey Mouse. Any Disney fan can place this unique decoration on the top of the house near the roof. Undoubtedly, this decoration is guaranteed to add to the beauty and joy of the house you live in.

17. Honeycomb Metal

Honeycomb Metal

Do you like honey? If you do, then this unique metal gift is the perfect item for you. This item features honeycombs made of metal scraps that are being recycled into amazing work of art made by professional artists. The honeycomb metal also displays a pair of bonded bees, making it look so romantic. If you have someone special that you are intimately close to and appreciate unique artwork, this item must be your top metal gift choice.

18. Cryptex Puzzle Metal Box

Cryptex Puzzle Metal Box

Puzzle boxes can be an intriguingly special gift for simply anyone. The cryptex puzzle box has the default of 5 digit password code of “ILOVEU” but you can reset it as you wish.  Davinci code inspired with its golden shiny, historical vibes radiated from the box making it a fantastic gift for your loved ones. This would be a good metal gift box to hide special objects, like a sweet letter to your spouse or a key.

19. Metal Bird Sculptures

Metal Bird Sculptures

When you are out in the mountains, you definitely want to listen to the birds chirping while enjoying the fresh air. Metal bird sculpture gift is just a great gift for those of you who miss nature. This charming caricature of a bird sucking flower essence is suitable as a collection, because this caricature resembles the original picture perfectly. May this metal bird gift give the symbol of hope for your loved ones.

20. Golf Ball Marker

Golf Ball Marker

Are you a golf enthusiast? If you are, then this ball marker gift is perfect for you. The reason is that the ball marker is made unique because its shape resembles a horseshoe and will definitely make your game even better. What more do you expect from sleek, shiny fashionable crafted golf ball makers like this? such a great metal golf gift for golf players.

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21. Dancing Family Sculpture

Dancing Family Sculpture

Dancing family sculpture is a very heartwarming yet beautiful metal gift. Caricatures of people dancing together like the picture above will be a memorial gift that can bring the core togetherness memories back. The sculpture was made with a technical professional method as well. The dancing family sculpture is a tribute to the power of togetherness within a family.

22. Owl Garden Stake

Owl Garden Stake

Many people think that owls are scary animals, but this one is surely made to look cute. This cute owl-shaped is the perfect item for placing in the garden. The material is also made of steel so it is not easy to rust. Without a doubt, this item can decorate your friend or anyone’s home garden, making it look brighter.

23. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

For those of you women who like to collect jewelry, then this gift will be perfect for you. This jewelry box material is made of metal so it is durable and large enough to fit a lot of jewelry. This heart-shaped metal jewelry box can be a classy and elegant gift for women. Giving this metal jewelry box can indeed uplift mood and make your woman’s day much brighter.

24. Pianist Figure Decoration

Pianist Figure Decoration

This metal pianist figure gift looks unique with the authentic expression. Just look at the face, very cute, right? This caricature depicts a person playing the piano, but the material for this caricature is made of nuts and bolts. If you think about table or bedroom decorative metal gifts for companions, you can have this unique pianist figure. Moreover, this gift can also be a great choice for music lovers.

25. Gears Wall Clock

Gears Wall Clock

This clock offers something different compared to the usual wall clock that you know. The design of this clock is made of used vehicle gear and clock figures that are not made manually. This will definitely make the decorations or your home look more impressive and attractive, especially if you place it in the family living room or bedroom. For those of you who are lovers of the automotive world, you must have this gift.

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