27 Cool Metal Masks for Halloween Party

If you are going to a Halloween party or any party, cool metal masks are what you need to surprise your friend and become the center of attention. Not only will it make you creepy but it also will make you the coolest person at the party.

Cool metal masks not only can be worn at the party but also can be given to a person as a cool gift. Here are 25 masks that will make you the coolest person at the party and a cool person who gives a cool gift.

1. Gothic Black Metal Stud Spiked Mask

cool metal mask

This black metal stud spiked mask will make you go on a bang at the party. This cool metal mask is made from leather, cotton, and metal spikes. Furthermore, there are two elastic that can be adjusted with a slide buckle. So, this spiky mask is not only suitable to wear at the party, but also one of the perfect choices as a gift to your boyfriend or husband or your male friend.

2. Silver Full Face Halloween Mask

cool metal mask

This silver metal mask will make you look like a mystery person at the party. The design is quite cool and beautiful. There are also other colors and motives which you can choose before entering the party. 

3. Knight Metal Mask Face Mask With Air-holes 

cool metal mask

Do you want to become a knight even only in one day? This knight’s mask will surprise everyone because they won’t expect a knight to join the party. If your friend is a fan of the renaissance era, you can give him a gift. There is no doubt that your friend will be very happy.

4. Venetian Mask, Metal Cat

cool metal mask

A cat mask is cool isn’t it? Give it a shot at the party. You will not only be the coolest person but also the cutest person at the party. You can give this to your wife or girlfriend as a person, especially if they like cats.

5. Metal Theater Mask

cool metal mask

Do you want a not only cool but also versatile metal mask? This one of the cool metal masks is suitable not only for parties but also for a theater. If your friend or spouse is a theater person, you can give them this as a gift.

6. Steampunk Metal Cyborg Mask

Steampunk Metal Cyborg Mask

Cyborg metal mask will make you look like a cool half robot. With comfortable and punk style’s design. This mask is good for any party and a brilliant gift to your friend if he likes robots or cyborgs.

7. Steampunk Metal Gas Mask With Goggles

Steampunk Metal Gas Mask With Goggles

A combined version of punk and scientist. One of these cool metal masks will make you feel like in a chemical laboratory that is filled with hazardous gas. You can give this cool mask to a friend with a bachelor of science or bachelor of engineering (mining engineering) after the party is over.

8. Ubauta Steampunk Leather Mask

Ubauta Steampunk Leather Mask

Punk-style metal masks are comfortable to wear despite their look. Also, it is easy to clean this mask. You can also modify this mask to have a practical purpose such as putting a filter to cover holes. Therefore, if you modify this mask, you can wear this cool mask anywhere.

9. EDMISU Metal Studded Steampunk Leather Mask 

EDMISU Metal Studded Steampunk Leather Mask

The blood-stained motive will make the Halloween party go boom. It is suitable for the party because the one who wears this mask will look like a psychopath that has just done their job.

10. Metal Stud Phantom Half Face Mask

cool metal mask

Cool metal masks should have a metal stud even if it’s not a full face mask. This half-faced mask will make a great keepsake after the party. This mask is comfortable even if only one eye is covered by the mask.

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11. Metallic Silver Ghost Mask

cool metal mask

A silver ghost mask will make anyone surprised by its creepiness. Cool metal masks are not only designed with a stud or punk style, even a simple but creepy design like this is good. This mask can fit a teenager, so you can give this as a gift to your younger siblings.

12. Metallic Gold Skull Halloween Mask

cool metal mask

Looking at a skull is creepy enough. Therefore, this skull mask is perfect to wear at a Halloween party. The golden color makes it cooler than it already has. A combined creepiness and golden color are great as a gift.

13. Rainbow Black Metal Laser Cut Venetian Mask 

cool metal mask

Looking for colorful yet still cool metal masks? This rainbow motif metal mask is good for both males and females. This butterfly-like mask is great as an accessory at a party and a gift to your loved ones.

14. Mummy Vinyl Mask Iron Maiden 

cool metal mask

Mummy is a ghost from Egyptian myth. A mummy metal mask will surely freak everyone out at the party. Because of its origin, you can also give this mask to your friend who is fond of Egyptian culture or history. You will consider these as cool metal masks.

15. Iron Man MKII DIY Metal Mask 

cool metal mask

An iron mask is perfect to wear at the party. Who would have thought that a hero would arrive at the party? You can also give this mask to a parent who has a kid that is a fan of the Marvel universe. 

16. Zeckos Metallic Steampunk Half Skull Mask

cool metal mask

If the golden skull mask is not enough for you. Here is one of the cool metal masks that should work for you. It has many features such as cogs and gears that make it cool to be worn. The ribbon makes it comfortable to wear.

17. Metallic Finish Deer Antlers Half Face Mask

cool metal mask

Besides the cat mask, a deer mask is cool for Halloween parties especially if the theme is forest because of its design. You can be a human with the face of deer with this mask. Furthermore, you can show your wild side while using this deer mask.

18. Japanese Vintage Iron Made Hannya Mask 

Japanese Vintage Iron Made Hannya Mask 

Do you want to be a no-ordinary demon mask to enter a Halloween party? This Japanese demon mask will surely shock the whole party. You can also give this as a gift to a Japanese lover friend.

19. Metallic Copper Steampunk Robot Face Mask 

Metallic Copper Steampunk Robot Face Mask 

A one eyed cyborg, why not? You will look like a cyborg with bigger eyes in your right eye even though it is covered by the mask. Anyone would be confused if you are a human or a robot which is perfect at the party. If you have friends or relatives that are robot or cyborg fans, you can give this to them.

20. Steel Gladiator Face Mask Hand

Steel Gladiator Face Hand

This gladiator mask will make you feel like a real gladiator in Rome, to be precise, at the colosseum. It is perfect for an Italian party theme. You can give this to an Italian lover, friend or relative, especially if they are a fan of the colosseum. 

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21. Metal Mask By Maskcraft

Metal Mask By Maskcraft

With just a glance, you will surely have a dreadful impression. Therefore, this mask surely will freak anyone out there, especially at the party. Make sure the mouth and eyes are fit for yourself or with other persons who will receive these cool metal masks as a gift.

22. Crying Iron Metal Mask

Crying Iron

A crying face with a mysterious cause is creepy, which is good for a Halloween party or birthday party. You can also order an aluminum mask rather than an iron mask to have a brighter color.

23. Crystal Face Mask

Crystal Face

A crystal mask is really beautiful for females. You can give this to your spouse and go to the party as a couple. 

24. Luxury Light Metal Venetian Mask 

Luxury Light Venetian

If you only need a mask that covers only half of your face, this is one of the best choices when you want to buy cool metal masks. If you have a husband or boyfriend, you can buy this and attend a party together. 

25. Natural Pacific Premium Metal Mask 

Natural Pacific Premium Metal Mask

Do you need a simple design mask but still retain its top quality? This is your answer. This statue-like mask is great to wear at a party. It’s simple design makes it one of the cool metal masks. You need only to stick it on your face. Also, this mask can protect your skin layers.

26. Steampunk Mask For Men Cat Fox 

Steampunk For Men Cat Fox 

Another variant of cat mask, but this metal cat mask is made only for males, unlike the golden cat mask earlier which is suitable for females. The good news is a child can use this metal mask too. With its good quality and lightweight make the mask is great for prolonged use.

27. Attitude Studio Steampunk Metallic Gear Mask 

Attitude Studio Steampunk Metallic Gear

Cool metal masks do have some motive in them. This mask has gear motives and a thread in the left eye which are its unique design. With its simple yet cool design, you can visit a party with this mask or give it to your friend, especially if you likes machinery.

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