Display Your Emotion by Using Mask Market LED Smart Light-up While Being Protected

Have you ever felt worried that your mask covers up your emotion? Parties and special occasions aren’t that merry anymore because everyone looks the same with face covers?

Worry no more for the Mask Market LED Smart Light-Up Mask is finally here! Now people across the street can still see you smile without the need for you to go maskless. It still protects you, but you will also get a fun conversation piece as a major bonus.

Similar light-up masks often need to be connected to a phone or a computer for them to light up. They sure are interesting to look at. They do solve the whole facial expression VS mask problem to a degree. However, continuously relying on other devices for activation is a hassle.

The Mask Market LED Smart Light-Up Mask, though, can imitate the movement of your mouth just by detecting the sounds. This awesome LED smart face cover uses an LED panel with a built-in microphone.

Mask Market LED Smart Light-up

That is why it is possible to enjoy the animation without having a bulky wired setup. It also runs on special codes that allow the flash and glows to work with voice commands.

A smiley mouth that appears when the user is idle gives a cheerful vibe to show to people around you. There are six other modes of fun animation you can choose just by a simple press of the power button. So, mingling and vibing at a party will no longer be a problem, even when you have to protect yourself behind a mask.

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Mask Market LED Smart Light-up

There is nothing to worry about durability. Every piece of these stylish masks is armed with a hidden 450 mAh battery that can last from 4-7 hours. The manufacturer provides you with a USB cable charger, so you get to refill the power anytime.

Wait 1-2 hours for it to recharge, and you are good to go for another round to share your luminous smiles out there. Moreover, this LED mask is two-ply cotton-based. It is comfortable enough to wear for an extended period, from the party until the after-party.

Mask Market LED Smart Light-up

Experts noted how masks are not the same, and some don’t work that well to protect different face shapes. It may cost users their safety if those masks are not perfectly tight-fight or have a chance for leakage. This mask is equipped with adjustable toggles to adapt to the shape of your face to provide better security.

It can also guard well since it has a replaceable filter that adds an extra layer of protection. The extra layer provided is pm 2.5 filters. They protect excellently against small airborne particles. Adding these filters into a tight-fit fabric mask is highly effective in protecting the users from most aerosolized particles.

Mask Market LED Smart Light-up

This spectacular LED innovative mask combines comfortable fabric, safety protection, and a bold shining LED fashion statement. Get out there, stay covered up while still glam up with The Mask Market LED Smart Light-Up Mask!

Mask Market LED Smart Light-up

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