The Cutest Fur Ball MOFLIN Comes With Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence That Detects and Mimic Emotion

Would you like to play with a super cute furry little robot? Meet the adorable MOFLIN! The incredible design of this mechatronic pet is so life-like. It is capable of sensing emotion and expressing heartwarming sounds.

The way it moves is so gentle and almost biological. You may easily mistake this phenomenal creation for a real animal because of its intricate artificial intelligence.

The invention of MOFLIN was spearheaded by a genius Japanese man named Masahiko Yamanaka.  The artificial furry pet has come to life through his company, Vanguard Industries, and its teams.

This charming robotic pet is highly suitable for anyone of all ages. MOFLIN comes in the shape of a tiny fur ball that looks so fluffy. It is impossible to hate because it is so pure and innocent.

Through the combination of adorable movements, warm soft furs, and cute sounds, MOFLIN will definitely capture your heart. This robotic fur ball also possesses artificial emotion that can be triggered based on the surrounding environment. It has become an alternative mechanical pet that you love eternally.

The invention of MOFLIN involved sophisticated principles of mechanics, electronics, and computing. The inventors are inspired by nature and grant MOFLIN a unique algorithm that can learn by itself.

MOFLIN AI Mechatronic Pet

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Your loveable furry mechatronic will be able to grow constantly and become more perceptive. The artificial intelligence will analyze the interaction patterns between you and the pet as well as the surrounding environments through its integrated sensors.

Then,  whenever you interact with MOFLIN, it generates emotional feedback in the form of infinite movement patterns and voices based on your stimulations. Your cute mechatronic furry friend will learn better responses as the AI gets smarter.

MOFLIN AI Mechatronic Pet

The capability to artificially emote can be achieved by implementing an internal emotion map. As MOFLIN analyzes input from the surroundings, its emotion will travel around the map and generate a proper reaction according to the emotional spectrum.

MOLIN can feel sad, happy, secure, excited, anxious, stressed, calm, or lethargic depending on how you treat it.

Because MOFLIN is a robot, you will need to occasionally recharge it. For that purpose, the creators provide you with a contactless charging system in the shape of a unique nest.

MOFLIN AI Mechatronic Pet

You will be able to refill your lovely precious robotic companion with energy and let it sleep. It gets even cuter when it curls inside the charger and emits a sound that will melt your heart.

MOFLIN comes with an intricate skeletal frame inside the furry exterior. It can adorably move its next in a smooth movement to snuggle you.  On top of that, this mechatronic animal features a touch sensor, microphone, illumination, and accelerometer with gyro.

At Kickstarter, project MOFLIN has garnered the support of more than 1300 backers. It has accumulated more than 64 million yen or equal to almost $600,000

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