25 Litter Box Ideas for Your Furry Best Friend

We often express our love to our pets with treats, praises, and toys. But we have to remember there is another excellent way to show them that we care by giving attention to their sanitation needs. The litter box is just as important as their food bowl.

Cats, dogs, and other pets have their own preference for their litter box. Some cats love to have their business in private and secluded, while others need to watch their surroundings with an open-top box. We have 25 unique litter boxes on the list to get a suitable one for you. Try to see which one belongs to your furry best friends.

1. Igloo Cat Litter Box

Igloo Cat Litter Box

The unique round-shaped litter box takes inspiration from the Eskimo Igloo. It has a large space inside that provides a pleasant experience for your cat. The enclosed dome blocks the possibility of spilling litter. Before your cat exits the igloo, it will walk through a long corridor with little holes to clean its paws.

2. Cat Litter Tray with Hood

Cat Litter Tray with Hood

If your cat is quite shy and likes to hide, then this cat litter with a hood will make it comfortable and safe to litter in peace. It has a two-way swing door that can be removed and adjusted to your cat’s convenience. The locking clips on both sides keep the hood steady when it’s on. However, you can open it quickly and separate it from the lower shell for easy cleaning.

3. Cat Litter Box House Villa Type

Cat Litter Box House Villa Type

It’s time to give your cat a cute property inside your home. The unique villa model will get your pet curious and lingering around it since it comes home. The fully enclosed huge space gives no room for leakage for litter or urine. It is designed with a drawer-type lower part that comes with a scoop to provide you with an easy cleaning method.

4. Cat Corner Litter Tray

Cat Corner Litter Tray

The triangle shape of the Cat Corner Litter Tray suits well any room in your house. It matches the room’s corner with high wall sides to the back. It prevents the waste from spilling into the wall and ground. It’s available in large and jumbo sizes with four different colors, so that you can choose a similar tone color to your furniture.  

5. Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Cat Litter

Isn’t it confusing to choose the correct litter box for your pet? This Purina Hooded Litter Box offers you the starter kit with a litter box, litter pellets, and pads. It’s a perfect system of littering. The hooded model keeps the litter inside while the litter pellet helps scoop it quickly and easily. The pad on the bottom of the box absorbs all the moisture and minimizes the ammonia odor.

6. Wood Cat Home & Litter Box

Wood Cat Home & Litter Box

Sturdy wooden cat furniture can be your hidden cat litter box. It has ample space with a wide door opening and a house-shaped window for your cat. When you take the litter tray out, your cat may rest inside the box comfortably like its own home.

7. ScoopFree Litter Box

ScoopFree Litter Box

A great self-cleaning system comes to you with this ScoopFree Litter Box. Besides the hood that covers your cat’s privacy, this litter box has a rake that helps you to sort out the waste. It lessens your scooping schedule for sure. It also has a disposable tray, so you can throw out the tray when it’s full and change it to a fresh tray.

8. MS Cat Litter Box

MS Cat Litter Box

Give your pet a holiday with a hut-like design litter box. It has a magnetic suction cover that will keep the litter hidden inside. The door opens to the front side and gives you a full view of the inside. It helps you during the cleaning, especially when you can just take the pull-out drawer for scooping. There are three box color options available online. 

9. Fully Enclosed Hooded Litter Pan

9. Fully Enclosed Hooded Litter Pan

If you spend long hours outside the home, you will need this fully enclosed hooded litter pan. Since it’s fully enclosed, it prevents messy litter and a stinky smell from welcoming you home. The small ribbon near the entryway makes your litter box prettier than others. It has secretive scoop storage on the top of the hood. The side latches lock the hood to the base steadily. While cleaning, you can simply pull the sliding tray to scoop the waste.

10. Litter Box Paw

Litter Box Paw

If you live with a small dog that is doing an excellent job on its potty training, you can get this handmade item for them. It has a cute puppy paws design entrance to the litter paper you prepare. The two lids can be opened separately or simultaneously during the cleaning.

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11. Rustic Cat Litter Box

Rustic Cat Litter Box

Cats tend to be curious when they see a new big house inside their house. The rustic litter box will attract their attention with its appearance. It uses solid pine wood for a sturdy shape with a cute cat head entry hole. You can use it as a close and open box by opening the top lid of the box.

12. Castle Cat Litter Box

Castle Cat Litter Box

A castle-shaped litter box with a scratch basin offers your cat a multifunctional toy. The semi-closed model helps you hide the odor, especially when you’re not home to clean right after your cat does its personal stuff. You can easily pull out the drawer of the box to scoop the litter out. The grate area can help clean the paws and become the rest area.

13. Clay Hidden Cat Litter

Clay Hidden Cat Litter

Adding this hidden litter box is just like adding new furniture to your living room. No one would know until your cat stays inside to get its business done. It has separated top and bottom clay parts. The clay box comes with your choice of plants from the three different options. 

14. Small Pet Litter Box

Small Pet Litter Box

Like its name, this one has a unique design for small pets such as chinchillas, kittens, dwarf rabbits, and other small creatures. The ceramic litter box is a little heavyweight, so it cannot move easily. The litter box comes with a hay feeder and food bowl as a set so that you can have the same themed pet equipment. 

15. Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

15. Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

You can’t find other sophisticated and advanced technology like this self-cleaning litter box. It has many great features like a thermal sensor, infrared sensor, smart detection, and other complex features. In addition, you can control between the two self-cleaning modes: auto-cleaning and scheduled-cleaning modes, from your phone. It will spray the purifying liquid to remove unpleasant odor and bacteria.

16. Portable Cat Litter Box

Portable Cat Litter Box

The portable cat litter is the best item for traveling with a pet. The unique item includes 15 waste bags to help you dispose of the waste efficiently. You can fold the litter box to the size of your hand, so it clearly saves you extra space if it’s not used. You also can use the bag to store the pet’s treats and foods. 

17. Top Entry Cat Litter

Top Entry Cat Litter

The top entry cat litter box naturally prevents scatters. If the litter sticks to your cat’s paws, the grooved lid will remove it before they touch the ground. It has a broad entryway for easy entry and exit. This item includes a scoop with matching color to the lid. Press the paw button to open the cover for cleaning.

18. Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

The Dome Clean Step Litter Box is a cute dome-shaped litter box with a grooved step that cleans your cat’s paws from litter. The enclosed dome has a charcoal filter to minimize odor. It fits all sizes of cats because it has a vast space than the average litter box. You can disassemble the top of the dome to clean the box.

19. Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

19. Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It’s time to apply the high-technology item for your furry best friend. The automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is your helper to keep your cat’s sanitation in a good state. The bowl rotation motor is tranquil and will not bother your cat at all. It has a carbon filter to help lessen the odor. Put plastic in the waste bin to collect the waste without scooping.

20. Disposable Litter Box

Disposable Litter Box

If you plan to travel for a short time with your pet, these disposable litter boxes are the perfect solution for you. By purchasing this product, you will get a set of three litter boxes. It provides you with a new piece for your pet for every use. It uses recycled paper that will not leak, tear, or shred. The paper’s pH helps control the odor, which is excellent for your room’s smell. 

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21. Flexible Cat Litter Box

Flexible Cat Litter Box

The flexible plastic litter box can solve your problem for the narrow space your cat likes when littering. It has high walls that protect the cat’s privacy and stop the splattering litter from getting outside the box. The right and left handle simplifies emptying the soiled litter and the needed moving when cleaning the room.

22. Elite Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Elite Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It may look like the traditional cat litter box, but it’s actually a unique self-cleaning litter box. Assemble the inside and the outside part easily and lock it with the four strong clips. When you need to clean the litter, roll the box to the right side so the waste will automatically separate from the litter. Pull out the sliding tray on the right top to pick up the waste. It’s very easy and convenient.

23. Stylish Puppy Litter Box

Stylish Puppy Litter Box

Your cute puppy needs to do potty training because it’s essential for its growth. This stylish litter box is suitable for your puppy. With transparent walls, it will feel safe to try the it. You can put a puppy pad or grass to keep the litter inside. 

24. Biodegradable Litter Box

Biodegradable Litter Box

This biodegradable litter box is excellent for your pet during traveling because it’s very lightweight. It uses natural soy fiber that is very strong in absorbing liquid but leak-proof was proven. You don’t have to worry about disposing because it’s totally biodegradable. 

25. Tillis Plastic Enclosed Standard Litter Box

Tillis Plastic Enclosed Standard Litter Box

We believe this enclosed litter box is the perfect item if you have a cat and a dog as pets. Your dog cannot make a mess of the cat’s personal territory with this secluded litter box. The grate helps you clean the litter from the cat’s paw before exiting the box. In addition, it has a charcoal filter feature on the lid to absorb the odor.

Final Thoughts

Having some furry friends at home is fun, but it also requires some responsibility when it comes to making sure your pets are well fed and have their comfort places to sleep and litter. However, when it comes to choosing the best litter box for your pets, functionality is clearly not the only thing that needs to be considered.

Since the box will be placed inside the house, then it would be better for you to make sure it has a design that will fit with the whole ambience of your space. We hope you find some recommendations from our list, and perhaps you might also want to share the list with your friends who needs cool litter boxes for their pets, too!

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