Cat Litter Box Scooper

Say goodbye to cat litter spilling everywhere while with this Cat Litter Box Scooper.

Created for neat cat owners, this cleaning gadget combines a scooper with a waste bin for quick cleaning.

This a cat litter scooper combined with a waste bin. When you scoop up the dirty litter, sift it, and tilt the scooper.

The cat raisins will fall right into the waste bin lined with disposable bags. The stuff trapped inside will not fall out when you start scooping again, held in place with a one-way door. 

Cat Litter Box Scooper

To throw out the cat poop, just pop the scooper off the container. Tie the bag (when lined correctly, the bag ears shouldn’t touch the litter) and throw it out. The waste bin also doubles as a caddy when not in use.

Cat Litter Box Scooper

This gadget for cat owners will keep the litter inside the box whenever you clean it. Plus, the cleaning process on its own will go a lot faster.

Cat Litter Box Scooper

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