43 Cool & Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

Finding the perfect cat gifts for cat lovers opens up a world of possibilities for your cat-loving friends. Whether you are looking for cat lover’s gift ideas to help a friend grieve the loss of a precious pet or unique gift items that add value to their pets’ lives, we have you covered. We have scoured the internet to compile the ultimate list of unique gifts for cat lovers that will hold a timeless appeal.

There are stylish cat gifts for your friends to show off a keen fashion sense and accessories to show the world what they stand for. There are feline collectibles to transform their home décor and funny gifts for cat owners to give them a reason to smile.

Cool Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers:

Whether or not your friend has a kitty by their side, you can find the ideal gift to show your thoughtfulness. So sit back and enjoy our list of the coolest gift ideas for cat lovers.

#1 Shark Cat Bed 

Shark Cat Bed - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Considering how much cats love to nap, one of the most foolproof gifts for cat lovers is a cat bed. This shark cat bed offers so much more than shuteye time. It is also a great prop for memorable photo sessions. It is also a great play area for your feline friend.

#2 Peeking Cat Cushions 

Peeking Cat Cushions
Peeking Cat Cushions - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

We all have at least one crazy cat lady in our lives. The peeking cat pillow makes the perfect addition to their feline collection.

This fuzzy polyester piece can sleep on your sofa or bed, sit on the shelf or even hang on the wall. It is an artistic masterpiece with great visual appeal.

#3 EZ Mount Window Cat Beds 

EZ Mount Window Cat Beds - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Since your cat will spend most of her time in bed, why not give them the best view of the world from their comfort zone!

This mount window cat bed offers a luxurious vantage point. It has an easy setup that uses suction cups to attach to the window.

#4 Cat Egg Mold 

Cat Egg Mold - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Get a cat lover’s morning off to a great start with this egg mold. It creates the perfect cat face to cheer everyone up especially the young, and young at heart.

This is a fun way to guarantee a one-way ticket out of the dog house. It could also be the motivation your kids need to take breakfast.

#5 Game Of Thrones Theme Mother of Cats Cushion 

Game Of Thrones Theme Mother of Cats Cushion - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

If she happens to love cats and the Game of Thrones, this cushion has you covered. It will serve both a functional and decorative role.

But above all, it lets all guests know that they are now entering a feline-friendly zone, and to mind their manners.

#6 Cat Butt Coasters 

Cat Butt Coasters
Cat Butt Coasters

Looking for an innovative and fun cat gift for a naughty cat lover? These cat butt coasters will make their day and yours.

They sport a whimsical crochet design that will send everyone who figures it out into fits of laughter. They come in many colors, each one showing great attention to detail.

#7 Personalized Initials Dainty 2 Cat Heart Bracelet 

Personalized Initials Dainty 2 Cat Heart Bracelet

The two-cat bracelet could be an ideal gift for best friends who share a feline connection. it is a minimalistic piece with two cats connected by a heart. Personalize the gift by getting your initials on the cat and give it a timeless, memorable appeal.

#8 Peach Pet Kitty Lounger 

Peach Pet Kitty Lounger - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Few things appeal to a cat more than a perfect place to lounge and this piece gets every detail right. It features a hammock design that appeals to the sleep-loving feline. Its low-profile build requires minimal effort and could be perfect for a pet with mobility limitations.

#9 His or Her Ninja Cat Sweatshirt 

His or Hers Ninja Cat Sweatshirt - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Give a cat-loving friend the opportunity to wear their first love in the form of a stylish sweatshirt. The Ninja cat concept is fun and spells adventure. It is a unisex design that features simple graphics and neutral colors. It takes the guesswork out of finding the ideal gift for cat lovers.

#10 Funny Cats-Side Bedroom Pillow 

Funny Cats-Side Bedroom Pillow

Everyone appreciates a gift with a humorous appeal. This funny cat pillow will hold relevance for time immemorial. And its appeal will never wear out. Give that special friend a reason to smile every single day with this creative gift idea.

#11 Cute Cat Tee 

Cute Cat Tee - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cute gifts for cat lovers come in all shapes and sizes but this one beats them all. It is an irresistible piece with high visual appeal.

The unfinished artwork says so much more than words could ever say. The unique concept is full of fun and will brighten up the wearer’s life and look.

#12 Ashleigh Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed 

Ashleigh Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed

This innovative cat bed reflects everything a cat stands for. It offers a great view of the happenings around your pet. And the fabric choice allows them to scratch away to their wit’s end without damaging the unit. The design saves on space and offers a great focal point for the living room.

Cat Lovers Cookie Rolling Pin

This is one of the most unique gifts for cat lovers. It is a rolling pin with a feline twist, featuring a romantic cat couples embossing pattern. On the one hand, it adds a distinct charm to your pies and cookies. On the other, it makes for a great baking experience.

#14 Cat Whiskers Tote Bag 

Cat Whiskers Tote Bag

Get cat whiskers in a palette of colors to surprise all your cat-loving friends. They are functional gifts with a charming appeal to them. The material choice, cotton canvas, ensures that they will sing your praises for a while to come.

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#15 Personalised Cat Scratch Toy 

Personalised Cat Scratch Toy

Scratching is one of the favorite pastime activities for cats. Unfortunately, they do it in all the wrong places. Here is an opportunity to let them have the most fun and keep the household scratch-free. Add a custom touch to the piece and you have yourself a winning gift.

#16 Kisa Cat Candle 

 Kisa Cat Candle 

Gothic cat lovers, behold! This is a most unusual gift choice for sardonic cat lovers. The geometric cat candle holds a secret that your friend will uncover when the wax melts away.

It has a grinning skeletal cat waiting to pounce on them. The best part about it is the anticipation it creates and the creativity evident in the concept.

#17 Cat Pendants 

Cat Pendants
Cat Pendants

This array of cat pendants creates a remarkable gifting opportunity. It comprises five different cat personalities to pick from. Exquisite craftsmanship is evident in every single piece.

The pieces could act as memorable pet memorial accessories. Their unique charm will spread good cheer to everyone around you..

#18 Cat Whiskers Glass Mug 

Cat Whiskers Glass Mug - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers
Cat Whiskers Glass Mug

What makes this one of the best gifts for cat lovers is its simplicity. It is a plain old mug aside from the whimsical whiskers that turn it into a masterpiece.

If your cat-loving friend also loves a hot cup of chocolate then they would love this. And with every sip they take, they will give you a reason to smile.

#19 Game Of Thrones Theme Mother of Cats T-Shirt 

Game Of Thrones Theme Mother of Cats T-Shirt - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

The Mother of Cats concept gets inspiration from the Game of Thrones. It has a humorous twist to it as it alludes to the crazy cat lady in every feline lover.

Its use on this stylish tee makes it a must-have for every cat owner who loves GoT. Give your friend a dose of laughter as well as the chance to look great with this unique Game of Thrones t-shirt.  you can

#20 Cat Crib Hammock 

Cat Crib Hammock - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

This is one of the gifts for cat owners with the highest potential. It is a cozy cat hammock that can fit under most small tables and chairs. This allows the cat to keep pace with the homeowner, moving with them from room to room. It’s a tough fabric and can hold as much as 20lbs.

#21 Pair of Cat Mother & Father Couples Mugs 

Pair of Cat Mother & Father Couples Mugs - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat-loving couples would treasure these amusing couples mugs that define each one’s role. If their cat happens to be their baby, then this makes a great way to celebrate Father’s and Mother’s day. Their whimsical appeal will serve to cheer them up all year round and keep their cat family unit harmonious.

#22 Minimalist Cat Bracelet 

This adorable cat charm bracelet has simplicity at its core and will stun any cat lover. It is a minimalist silver charm with a black wax band and a customization option.

The adjustable knot makes it fit for any wrist size. And you have the option of choosing from five catchy quotes or proposing your own.

#23 Cute Kitty Planters 

Cute Kitty Planters - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Nature-loving cat owners will find these kitty planters irresistible. They are simple, tiny, and full of potential. It is not limited to use as a planter but can also serve as an organizer or pen holder.

It is an eco-friendly choice as the material of choice is biodegradable plastic. They have a personality to them and offer lots of good cheer.

#24 Dj Cat Scratching Pad 

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Wouldn’t any cat look adorable in the role of a DJ? Well, thanks to this innovative cat gift option, this is not just wishful thinking.

Now they can scratch away on a custom turntable and give owners a great photoshoot opportunity. This cardboard kit has remarkable graphics as well as a sense of humor.

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#25 Cat Scene Hoody

Cat Scene Hoody - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers
Cat Scene Hoody

One of the coolest gifts for your cat-obsessed friend is this cat print hoodie. It is a high-definition print design with lots of characters to appeal to every feline personality.

The graphics are a work of art and the design is unisex. Take a friend’s style to the next level with one of these fashion-forward pieces.

#26 Cat Gloves 

Cat Gloves

Cat gloves are a great way to keep a friend’s hands and heart warm in frosty weather. They are minimalist pieces with a story to tell.

They come in a variety of colors, with a cat on one side looking longingly at a bird on the other. They feature a combination of wool and felt to ensure comfort and keep the cold at bay.

#27 Personalised Cat Angel 

Personalised Cat Angel

Getting over the loss of a precious pet is much harder than one might anticipate. Thoughtful gifts for cat lovers make this process a lot more bearable.

The personalized cat angel is a great choice as it immortalizes their memory using art. This tiny fairy will keep your friends company and console them in their grief.

#28 Cat Puke Toothpaste Dispenser 

Cat Puke Toothpaste Dispenser - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

This lighthearted token will give a friend the perfect start to every morning. It is a plastic toothpaste dispenser that fits on any standard tube.

And when they squeeze the tube the adorable cat throws up on their toothbrush. It has an irresistible appeal to users of all ages, bringing out the kid in them.

#29 Etched Cat Stretching Wine Glasses 

Etched Cat Stretching Wine Glasse

Any feline lover who appreciates a glass of wine will find this truly adorable. It is a visual reminder of the feeling they get when they settle down to unwind after a hard day’s work.

The etching design is captivating and shows keen attention to detail. It transforms any ordinary wine glass into a work of art.

#30 Tiny Cat Paw Ring 

Tiny Cat Paw Ring

The cat’s paw has a unique aesthetic appeal to it that makes it impressive in any form. These cat paw rings are another cool gift for cat lovers thanks to this adorability.

In spite of being tiny, they will make an indelible mark in any cat lover’s life. They come in sterling silver with rhodium, gold or rose plating.

#31 Large Cat Tumblers 

Large Cat Tumblers

These ball jar tumblers are unique cat gifts with a humorous appeal. They come in any choice of color and bear a funny message to cheer everyone up.

They also give the crazy cat lady in your life a reason to wake up and work hard every day. After all, cats do love a good life.

#32 Catnip Fortune Cookies 

Catnip Fortune cookies

A cat’s life is full of uncertainties. These fortune cookies give them a sound basis for hope as they are full of promise and flavor. They use felt and fleece and each piece bears a cat-theme fortune. Each one is distinct as they bear a handmade design.

#33 Personalised Cat Keyring 

Personalised Cat Keyring

The personalized cat keyring is another great choice for a pet loss memorial. It has lots of room for customization.

This offers the chance to share a cheerful message that will get a friend up when they feel low. Another distinct advantage is that they will always have it with them and keep the memory alive.

#34 Funny Cat Doormat 

funny cat doormat - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Every mother of cats deserves a great doormat to let the world know what they stand for. And what better way to capture their feline attraction than using one of these cool gifts for cat lovers! This Game of Thrones doormat looks amazing and is full of humor.

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#35 Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder 

Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Indoor cats might never have the chance to polish on their hunting instinct. Not unless you seize the moment and get them this timely gift!

Give them the ultimate feline experience with the opportunity to hunt for their food using these innovative dispensers. Say goodbye to bowls and hello to the future of cat dining.

#36 Silver Celtic Cat Necklace 

Silver Celtic Cat Necklace

This is one of the most ornate cat lovers’ gift ideas for a style-conscious recipient. The necklace features the artistic Celtic design with a feline touch.

The delicate placement of the cat within the triquetra symbol is the highlight of the design. Choose the most appropriate pendant size to drive a cat lover crazy.

#37 Family Cat Pyjamas 

Family Cat Pyjamas

Let everyone in on your cat obsession with this family or couples pajama set. It comprises an elegant collection of tees and pants in a predominantly black and white theme.

Each piece has a different cat personality on the front, completing the cat family unit. The stylish set creates a harmonious theme for every family member.

#38 The Laptop Cat Scratching Pad 

The Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

Laptops fascinate curious cats as much as toddlers. Instead of having to fight over your laptop, why not get them one! It is a cardboard piece with a scratch-ready keyboard.

This will keep a feline friend busy as you type away in your home office. At least they will have something to look forward to every morning.

#39 Custom Made Cat Ring 

Custom Made Cat Ring
Custom Made Cat Ring - Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

If a cat-loving friend has lost their pet, this custom made cat ring would be a perfect gift idea. It uses the pet’s photo to create an eternal memorial of the cherished family member.

It is a 3-D design that is almost lifelike and full of personality. Celebrate a pet’s life with one of these innovative pieces.

#40 Door Buddy

door buddy

Door Buddy is a genius yet simple door strap that prevents toddlers and dogs entering the a the room where your cats litter box and food might be. 

#41 Cat Cutting Board 

A combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal always makes for a great gift choice. The sugar skull design on this chopping board makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

The base material is bamboo and the graphics use laser engraving for permanent appeal. It is one of the most eco-friendly gift ideas for cat lovers.

#42 Cat Tower Tree

Cat Tree Cat Tower 61

Playful cats will hundred percent love this one. A tree tower furniture is specially made for cats which energy seems endless. Moreover, there are mini stairs, a hammock, and a comfy hiding space for them to either choose to play or rest. It is indeed a gem for your cat lover’s friend.

#43 Self-Cleaning Cat Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Systems

We all can’t deny that keeping a cat requires patience. Especially, when it comes to the hygiene. Undoubtedly, cat’s poop most often becomes a problem as it smells and can contaminate the house. But, don’t worry! This smart litter box is absolutely a saviour as it can automatically do a self-cleaning after being used. It is truly one of the coolest gift for cat lovers.

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What can you buy for a cat lover?

For cat lovers who love jewelry, you can choose some items from our list, including: tiny cat paw ring and cat pendant.

For cat lovers who like personalized items, these kind of gifts will connect them dearly with their loved animal, like: personalized cat angel, personalized cat scratch toy, and personalized initial cat bracelet.

For cat lovers who like unique gifts, these recommendation can be an alternative to pick the most outstanding item for them: ashleigh kitty ball hooded cat bed, cat side bedroom pillow, and door buddy

How can you choose the best gift for cat lovers?

Pick the best gifts according to the personality of cat owners. For instance, a family-man cat lover will appreciate you if you give them a set of matching family cat pajamas or a jewelry lover will love if you bring them a tiny cat paw ring as a gift. 

Picking the ultimate gift for your cat loving friend can be a walk in the park if you know where to look. We hope you enjoyed our collection of the best cat gifts ever to stun your cat loving friends.

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