60 Best Cat Clothing Ideas 2023

Cats can be your faithful, exasperating and loving companions for many years. You can’t always understand what’s going through their heads but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re your pets, and they deserve to be treated and taken care of. One of the best ways to show how much you love your cats is by picking the best cat clothing ideas for your furry friends.

Cat clothes can serve you and your cat in many ways. First of all, there’s the case of cats looking extremely adorable in any type of cat clothing. Whether it’s a shirt, a sweater, a dress or even a pet hoodie felines look absolutely heart-wrenchingly cute. There’s no denying that. We’ve taken a look at some great gifts for cat lovers in the past, but what about something for your cat?

On the other hand, cats are naturally heat-seekers. They need warmth to function and continue their happy and content existence. You could, of course, give them your laptop, radiator or computer monitor into possession. But why do that if you could dress them up in warm, fuzzy sweaters specifically made for them?

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Cat Clothing for Cats

To help you find the best outfit for your beautiful kitty we’ve compiled a list of the coolest items of Cat Clothing Ideas for your feline friend.

#1 Charming Pastel Cat T-Shirt

Charming Soft & Comfortable Pastel Cat T-Shirt

If you want to keep your Sphynx cat warm and comfortable, then we have no doubt that putting some cat clothes are a great way to go. For that reason, we think this sweet t-shirt would be one of the best picks.

At a glance, this charming t-shirt might look simple. But its pastel colors and cozy look will make your cat look even more adorable than ever.

#2 Argyle Cat Sweater

Argyle Cat Sweater

Although this is one of more vintage-looking jumpers for cats, we’re pretty sure your feline companion will be able to pull argyle off. As you can see, it looks elegant and serious, yet adorable at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are going for a bit dandy or funky look, you can just add a fedora hat to it. After all, accessorizing is key, just like the rest of us. Find It Here.

#3 Colorful Teal Chevron Knit Cat Clothing

Colorful Teal Chevron Knit Cat Shirt

This cute colorful piece of cat clothes is made out of high-quality medium weight cotton. So, we’re pretty sure your cat will feel comfortable wearing it. In our opinion, the material is very soft, making the shirt breathable and comfortable for your cat.

We have no doubt, your kitty will certainly become the fashion icon on the block with this stylish 70s inspired shirt on. Find It Here.

#4 Butterfly Vest Cat Harness

Butterfly Vest Cat Harness

Although seeing cats on a walk is much rarer than it is with dogs, do bear in mind that it is still highly encouraged as means of exercising your little pet.

However, you’ll need a harness to keep your kitty close. Well, it doesn’t have to be a plain harness since here you can find harnesses with a variety of colorful interesting patterns on them. Find It Here.

#5 Handmade Cat Poncho

Handmade Cat Poncho

Cats need warmth to function properly, and we believe that it’s not a secret for any cat owner. We think most of cat owners had at one point found their cat snoozing on top of a warm computer. However, some cats might hate wearing sweaters.

If your cat doesn’t like sweaters but you still want to keep it cozy and warm, then how about a cute poncho for a change? Find It Here.

#6 The Zack & Zoey Pet Hoodie

The Zack & Zoey Pet Hoodie

Hoodies for cats are without a doubt the best way to keep your kitty both warm and looking awesome at the same time. We always think that there’s something about pet hoodies that makes any pet look adorable and cool.

We don’t know, maybe it’s the tiny size of the hoodie, the hood itself or just the notion of a cat wearing a smaller version of human clothes. Whatever it is, hoodies for cats are amazing. Find It Here.

#7 Sphinx Cat Charming T-Shirt

Sphinx Cat Charming T-Shirt

When it comes to feline clothes, then you might be wondering why would anyone even want to dress their cats up. After all, they’ve got fur to keep them warm, right? Well, not all of them do. Looking at Sphinx cats makes you realize that they really could use some clothes. Plus, it also makes them look unbearably cute. Find It Here.

#8 Fair Isle Cat Hoodie Cat Clothing

Fair Isle Cat Hoodie

What can be better than sweatshirts for cats, you ask? Well, holiday-themed sweatshirts for cats of course! Just take a look at this cat clothing. The combination of red and white colors with a nordic pattern is adorable. Plus, it also comes with a hoodie will make both you and your cat feel the holiday spirit. Find It Here.

#9 Crochet Batman Cat Costume

Crochet Batman Cat Costume

If you want your cat to be warm and look more menacing when it’s sitting on the highest shelf possible, then we have a special treat for you. We have no doubt, this Batman cape will make your cat even more badass than it already is. Just imagine your cat’s glowing eyes combine with the Batman logo. Cool, right? Find It Here.

#10 Camouflage Fleece Cat Shirt

Camouflage Fleece Cat Shirt

This soft fleece shirt will not only make your cat feel cozy. In our opinion, the camouflage pattern also adds some uniqueness to the outfit, too. If you are into military and wanting your cat to be the same, then this one of for you to pick. We think it will make your cat look like a real military man. Well, cat. Find It Here.

#11 Stylish Comfy Sugar Skull Cat Shirt

Stylish Comfy Sugar Skull Cat Shirt

This cozy shirt has been designed with cat anatomy in mind, especially considering the sleeves that can usually be an annoyance to cats. However, it will not happen with this one. With such a comfortable fabric and design, we can assure you this shirt will keep your cat comfortable and warm while still looking stylish. Find It Here.

#12 Adorable Unicorn Cat Pajamas – “The Feline Foursie”

Adorable Unicorn Cat Pajamas - “The Feline Foursie”

The name itself, “foursie”, dumps a pretty big portion of warm fuzzy feelings on you, doesn’t it? But when you see how these pajamas look on a cat, you know that these are the feline clothes that you are ought to have. Without a doubt, pajamas are the best way to keep your kitty warm at night and keep you in good spirit when you see it first thing in the morning. Find It Here.

#13 Red & Black Striped Cat Hoodie

Red & Black Striped Cat Hoodie

Some of you can look at this piece of clothing for cats and only see a striped hoodie. Others, on the other hand, can see the best and funniest way to highlight your cat’s scratchy nature. By making it look like Freddy Krueger. In our opinion, this cat clothing idea can be a great choice for you who plans on having a spooky photo session with your cat. Just an idea, though. Find It Here.

#14 Cat Hats

Cat Hats

If you’ve already decided on a sweater, hoodie or other cat clothing, then you might want to consider these cat hats to finish the ensemble. A beanie for a hoodie, fedora for a sweater or maybe something fancier for a special occasion. Personally, we think this one would a great pic, because these cat hats have got you covered. Find It Here.

#15 Original Design Handmade Cat Poncho

Original Design Handmade Poncho

Cat clothing can serve the purpose of keeping your feline friend warm or making them look adorable. You know what? This handmade poncho manages to do both! We love this next cat clothing idea because it has been beautifully crocheted to make your cat feel and look amazing. In addition, it also comes with a little dragonfly brooch that adds even more charm to the poncho. Find It Here.

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#16 Handmade Flower Cat Hat

Handmade Flower Cat Hat

You know how we love to put adorable little hats on babies? Well, if you love and treat your cat as if it was a baby of your own, than you might want to do the same. You could highlight that fact with this beautiful crocheted hat for your cat. In our opinion, it is bound to make your cat look absolutely angelic. Find It Here.

#17 Marooned – Designer Shirt

Marooned - Designer  Shirt

You rarely come across designer cat clothes but when you do, you can instantly see it. This beautiful black and white shirt with maroon trim already catches the eye with a beautiful color combination. But we think it’s the pattern that takes the cake in its uniqueness. It make the shirt easy to put on on your cat and provides the feline with lots of mobility. Find It Here.

#18 Hand Knitted Cat Jumper

Hand Knitted jumper

These cat sweaters look so comfy that you might kind of you could wear them yourself. Get this sweater for your cat and choose from several colors available. The wool yarn is guaranteed to keep your cat warm even on the coldest nights. Additionally, we also think the braid pattern used in making these sweaters will make your kitty look extremely cute. Find It Here.

#19 Bright Colored Cat Fleece Shirt

Bright Colored Cat Fleece Shirt

This is one of those cat shirts that, apart from keeping your cat warm, will make spotting your hiding cat a much easier task. We think the print fleece looks like something you might have seen on the pages of Doctor Strange comic books, don’t you think? That’s only a plus in our book. Find It Here.

#20 “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Cat Shirts

“Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

Cat clothes that reflect our thoughts on living with a cat are the ultimate best. Take this one, for instance. This one radiates the frustration and exasperation every cat owner had to face at some point. Like when you’ve heard your favorite cup falling to its death and a flash of cat tail in the background. Oh well, we still love them no matter what. Find It Here.

#21 “Keep Calm & Feed Me” Cat Shirt

“Keep Calm & Feed Me” Cat Shirt

This funny piece of cat clothing has been inspired by the cat’s general royal attitude toward humans and their constant hunger for food. Especially if the food is forbidden for them. It also, of course, puts an interesting spin on the now mainstream “Keep Calm” phrase. Overall, we think this cat shirt is a gem that every cat owner has to own. Find It Here.

#22 Neon Chequered Seersucker Designer Cat Shirt

Neon Chequered Seersucker Designer Cat Shirt

The high cat fashion is upon us. You might think that neon green combined with chequered pattern is an odd duo, but you know what? It actually works. The unique fabric looks amazingly well when sewn into a cat shirt. Additionally, the original pattern with one hole at the front also makes this piece of clothing even more eye-catching. Find It Here.

#23 Hand Knit Cat Jumpers

Hand Knit Cat Jumpers

This lovely handmade jumper for cats look as if it is spacious enough to suit cats with thick fur coats. If you have a cat with thick fur, you need to know that they can get cold too! However, if you look a this pic, we can see that they can also keep warm and look adorable while sporting a charming knit sweater. Find It Here.

#24 Bad Kitty – Summerweight Cat Shirt

Bad Kitty - Summerweight Cat Shirt

A Black and white combination of colors is always a winner with both humans and cats. As far as cat clothes go, we think this one piece of clothing deserves to be recognized for the interesting duo of fabrics (polyester and velour) and the bold inverted crosses pattern. If you planning on having a casual stroll with your cat, wearing matching would be a wonderful idea. You both can wear black and white sweater and adored by people around you. Find It Here.

#25 Groovy Retro Daisy Print Cat Shirt

Groovy Retro Daisy Print Cat Shirt

Bring in some groove into your house with one of the funkiest cat shirts. We believe without a doubt, your kitty will look absolutely fabulous in this yellow and black shirt. To be honest, we really think retro fashion never really goes out of style, and your cat will be the one to prove it while sporting the hip flower pattern. Find It Here.

#26 Stripes Red on Red Cat Shirt

Stripes Red On Red Cat Shirt

This cat shirt will make your feline friend look like the most mischievous candy cane in the world. Or add a little bit of Waldo vibe to your constantly hiding cat. Either way, we think this shirt is bound to add significantly more charm to your kitty’s appearance. Find It Here.

#27 Adorable Valentines Day Four Legged Cat Sweater

Adorable Valentines Day Four Legged Sweater

If you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with your cat, then we have the best gift for that special occasion. This four-legged sweater, or foursie if you will, will keep your cat warm and snuggly through the night. You, on the other hand, will probably get a dead mouse in return. Well, love is all about giving and not receiving after all, right? Find It Here.

#28 Star Trek Engineer Cat Shirt

Star Trek Engineer Cat Shirt

This soft handmade cotton shirt is the ultimate gift for any cat that has the privilege of having a Trekkie owner. Honestly, we think this Star-Trek-inspired cat shirt will make your kitty look as if it belongs on the Enterprise. Or, as Captain Kirk’s cat, perhaps? It also comes in two colors – red and blue, no surprise there. Find It Here.

#29 Fleece Pilgrim Cat Costume

Fleece Pilgrim Costume

If you want your next Thanksgiving dinner be a little bit more special and shift the focus from the turkey onto something else, then sit tight because we have the best possible solution for you. All you need is a cat and this pilgrim costume. With this costume, we can assure you that your cat will be the star of the evening. Find It Here.

#30 Silver Leopard Designer Cat Shirt

Silver Leopard Designer Shirt

Leopards are just giant cats that also can meow and love being petted. However, we are not suggesting you to attempt that. Instead, if your mind is set on petting a leopard, you can just dress your cat in this unique silver leopard cat shirt and play with it all you want. Until it gets bored with you, that is. Find It Here.

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#31 Soft Stretch Cat Pajamas

Soft Stretch Cat Pajamas

When it comes to cat clothes for cats that lack any fur whatsoever, then you score double points on the cuteness scale. Just look at this bold kitty wrapped in soft pajamas getting ready for sleep. In our opinion, this is the kind of pajamas that your grandma would love to see. See that? Told you, double points. Find It Here.

#32 Sunny-Side-Up Designer Cat Shirt

Sunny-Side-Up Designer Shirt

If you want to add a little bit more sunshine to your cat’s appearance, then we believe you can’t go wrong with this bright yellow cat shirt. The fabric of this cat clothing is made out of a combination of polyester and lycra for a stretchy and lightweight result. We can assure you that your cat will not only look fabulous but will also feel very comfortable. Find It Here.

#33 Red Tape Fade – Designer Cat Shirt

Red Tape Fade

Shirts are probably the most popular type of cat clothes, but we think this next one definitely stands out among the crowd. The interesting pattern of the fabric surely makes this shirt unique and reminds you a bit hypnosis rotating machine. All attention will be on your cat with this one for sure. Well, it’s fitting because the cat can be truly hypnotic. Find It Here.

#34 Handmade Stretch Pajama Hoodie

Handmade Stretch Pajama Hoodie

Cats look amazingly sweet in pajamas. We also think that cats can look extremely cool in hoodies, too. So, why not combine both to get the best piece of cat clothing out there? Take this one for instance. This one comes with a hoodie that looks like it would provide your feline friend with lots of comfort. Moreover, it also ensures that even the most vigorous heat-seeker will be satisfied. Find It Here.

#35 Pink Purple Bambino Cat Dress

Pink Purple Bambino

You’ve seen cat shirts, sweaters, pajamas and jumpers. Now we want to remind you to prepare for cat dresses. That’s right, cat dresses. As for this one, it’s fully equipped with a fluffy skirt and decorated with a bow making sure your kitty looks magnificent. Find It Here.

#36 Micro Fleece Cat Hoodie

Micro Fleece Cat Hoodie

With such an adorable color and fabric, we think this cute cat hoodie will make your pet look adorable. It’s made out of microfleece, which makes the hoodie lightweight, warm, and also soft. Simply what any cat needs. If that’s not enough for your cat, the hoodies also come in a variety of colors and can even be embroidered with your pet’s name. Find It Here.

#37 Green & Red Christmas Cat Sweaters

Green & Red Christmas Cat Sweaters

We can understand how hard it is to find costumes for cats who don’t specifically enjoy being dressed in overblown fully-accessorized costumes. But Christmas is a special occasion, so we would suggest that you spare your cat and yourself some dressing-up trouble and go for these simple shirts. With these shirts, they will keep your cat warm and comfortable and will still add a bit of holiday charm to your home. Find It Here.

#38 Trendy Argyle Cat Sweater

Trendy Argyle Cat Sweater

This argyle cat sweater is definitely on a more preppy side of cat clothing. If you want your kitty to look both fancy and casual at the same time, than we think you can’t go wrong with this sweater. We also think that your cat might also appreciate the fact that it’s a sweater in the outside and a soft fleece shirt on the inside. Smart. Find It Here.

#39 Winged Angel Cat T-Shirt

Winged Angel Cat T-Shirt

Those who don’t know cats close and personal can call them indifferent or even murderous. But if you give cats enough love and care, it’s almost certain that you’ll receive the same in return from your cat. Cats can be quite angelic, you see. It’s a fact worth highlighting with this stylish shirt with printed angel wings on the back. Find It Here.

#40 Adorable Cat Sweater With Sleeves

Adorable Cat Sweater With Sleeves

Clothes for cats mostly follow similar patterns, but it’s the color combination and fabric choice that make them eye-catching and cool. Here we have an adorable sweater beautifully mixes black and white stripes with hot pink. Moreover, the fact that the sweater has these striped sleeves only adds charm to this gothic Hello-Kitty-like ensemble. Find It Here.

#41 Black And Gray Cat Sweater

Black And Gray Cat Sweater

This black and gray cat sweater will make your cat look dignified and classy. If you want your cat to have simple yet sophisticated clothes that are not made in bright screaming colors, then you’ve found the right sweater. Although your cat doesn’t have the ability to clearly sat this to you, we believe they will certainly appreciate it. Find It Here.

#42 St Patrick’s Day Theme Cat Sweater

St Patrick's Day Theme Cat Sweater

Prepare for the St. Patrick’s Day in the best way possible by dressing your cat in these fun cat clothes. If you’re planning on having a St. Patrick’s Day party at your house, make sure you dress your cat with adorable shirt or costume, too. With this one, we believe your cat is definitely going to steal all the attention for itself. Hopefully, it will also bring you some luck, too!

#43 Red Plaid Lumberjack Cat Jacket

Red Plaid Lumberjack Cat Jacket

Cat clothes are not only restricted to shirts and sweaters. Sometimes you can across such unique pieces as this beautifully tailored jacket. Even better, it sports a red plaid pattern that nicely plays into the whole lumberjack-style-oriented fashion frenzy. If you ask us, we would say that this is one of our favorites one on the list. Find It Here.

#44 Custom Made Personalized Cat Baseball Jerseys

Custom Made Personalized Cat Baseball Jerseys

These cat clothes are not just simple shirts or sweaters. These are full-blown jerseys for cats that will make your cat look absolutely adorable and cool. The jerseys are available in a variety of color combinations, and any color you choose will definitely make your cat the star of the day. Even better, it can also be personalized with your cat’s name. Find It Here.

#45 Tiger Pattern Fleece Cat Hoodie

Tiger Pattern Fleece Cat Hoodie

If you’ve always wanted to be a proud owner of a tiger, but instead have settled for a cat, fear not. Your dream is one hoodie away from being realized. This cool soft hoodie will turn your cat into a little ferocious tiger thanks to the realistic tiger pattern printed on it. See, we’ve told you that dreams do come true. Find It Here.

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#46 Turquoise and Lime Striped Cat Hoodie

Turquoise And Lime Striped Cat Hoodie

This hoodie might remind you of the early 90s casual style which makes it absolutely charming. We have no doubt, this hoodie would look even more charming if you put a cat in it. Or rather put the hoodie on a cat. Well, either way, the cat will rock it for sure. Find It Here.

#47 Rustic Handmade Sweater

Rustic Handmade Sweater

Just by looking at it, we already know that this sweater is a beautiful piece of cat clothes that has been made with care and attention to detail. It comes in several different colors and you even get to choose a unique cat-themed button that goes on the front of the collar. What a pretty and adorable cat sweater. Find It Here.

#48 Rocker Vest Denim Cat Jacket

Rocker Vest Denim Cat Jacket

This denim cat jacket proves that you actually can make your cat look badass. Your little feline rocker will certainly steal anyone’s attention when it enters the room, including yours. Let’s be honest here, who would’ve thought that cats can pull off denim jackets? Find It Here.

#49 Quality Handmade Sweatshirt

Quality Handmade Cat Sweatshirt

This high-quality handmade sweatshirt is just what you need if you’re not a fan of bold patterns or bright colors when it comes to clothes. Aside from it’s super cool look, this sweatshirt is fleece on the inside, making it soft and cozy for your feline friend to wear. Moreover, it also comes in several colors. Find It Here.

#50 One Inch Big Stripe Stylish Cat Hoodie

One Inch Big Stripe Stylish Cat Hoodie

This stylish hoodie is covered in one-inch thick stripes that distinguish it from other striped hoodies. Aside from white and pink, the hoodie is also available in several beautiful color combinations for you to choose from. We have no doubt, your little kitty cat is going to look really awesome sporting this casual hoodie with pride and dignity. Find It Here.

#51 Orange Delicious T-Shirt

Orange Delicious T-Shirt

If you’re looking for cat clothes for sale, then congratulations, because you’re in luck. This simple cat shirt is going to provide your Sphynx cat with some coverage and will make it look extra adorable. Since it’s a pretty unique color, not everyone can pull the orange color off, but your cat is definitely going to be an exception this time. Find It Here.

#52 Long-Sleeved Cat Coat

Long Sleeved Coat

If you and your kitty want to spend even the coldest days dressed to impress, then we believe this unique coat is for you. Well, for your cat, actually. The long sleeves and hem provide extra coverage for your cat. Furthermore, it is also available in several color combinations that allow you to choose just the right one for your feline fashion icon. Find It Here.

#53 Sun Protection Sphynx Cat Hoodie

Sun Protection Sphynx Cat Hoodie

This hoodie is meant for Sphynx cats who are highly sensitive to direct sunbeams. The hoodie helps to protect their skin from it and is claimed to block 98% of UVA/UVB rays. As a pet owner, do remember that it’s your responsibility to care for and protect your pet from anything. Fortunately, protecting your cat from the sun involves the kitty wearing this sweet hoodie. Find It Here.

#54 Fake Tattoo Illusion Cat Shirt

Fake Tattoo Illusion Cat Shirt

If you have a Sphynx cat that doesn’t have a beautiful thick fur to brag about, you can still play it to your advantage. In our opinion, you can have this next item. This sleeveless shirt aims at making your fur-less feline look as if it’s sporting a cool full-body tattoo with dices, anchors, and banners. Find It Here.

#55 Colorful Striped Winter Cat Sweater

Colorful Striped Winter Cat Sweater

Add some color to the hazy shade of winter with this colorful sweater for your cat. It will not only keep your kitty warm, but will also make it look adorable, too. In our opinion, with such a fun color combination, all the colors will also provide a nice contrast to the snow outside the windows. Find It Here.

#56 Red Boo! Striped Cat Shirt

Red Boo! Striped Cat Shirt

You could save these funny cat clothes for Halloween to make your cat looks like it’s actively trying to scare someone with a “boo!”. On the other hand, you could make this shirt signify your cat’s general outlook on the world. Everything is boo. Find It Here.

#57 Saints and Sinners Pattern Cat Pullover

Saints and Sinners Pattern Cat Pullover

This piece of cat clothing looks so good that even a human might start wondering where he or she could get one. That’s no surprise. In our opinion, your kitty would look fabulous in this cool pullover. Even better, it will also keep your little angel (or devil) warm and content. Find It Here.

#58 Cat Cloak Anime Halloween Costume

Cat Cloak Anime Halloween Costume

Celebrating Halloween with your lovely cat by styling him with a cute yet creepy Halloween cosplay wardrobe. For that purpose, we think a well-designed cloak with distinct Halloween patterns would make an awesome style for your cat. Moreover, it is also adjustable, ensuring the cat’s comfort while wearing the clothing.  Find it Here.

#59 Pet Hoodie Cat Rabbit Clothing

Pet Hoodie Cat Rabbit Clothing

We know that cats are adorable animals, but there’s nothing wrong with making them look cuter, right? Buy you lovely cat clothing that both looks comfy and eye-catching. With a pair of bunny ears accent, we think this piece undoubtedly makes your cat looks prettier in any possible angle. In addition to the design, the knit material used also keeps them warm, perfect as spring or autumn cat clothing. Find it Here.

#60 Knitted Turtleneck Cat Sweater

Knitted Turtleneck Cat Sweater

Are you a k-pop lover who also owns a cat? Then, you have just found a great match! Make a stunning look for your cat with the impersonate style of your k-pop idol using this outfit. This turtle neck knitwear is absolutely gorgeous to make your cat stand out. With eye-catching color, we also think it will surely catch everyone’s attention, especially when you take him out for a walk in the park. Find it Here

Final Thoughts

Being such a sweet and adorable pet, many of us prefer to have cats as a pet and love to dress them to look cute and adorable. One of the most common ways to show how much you love your cat, putting some clothing to your cat can be a great way to choose. There are lots of cat clothing ideas for you to choose from. From hoodies to knit sweaters, we have it all on our list and we believe the perfect clothing for you is just one scroll away.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best cat clothing for cats you can buy?

Any cat outfit can make the best cat clothing for your cats. It depends on how you want to style them and in which weather the clothes are worn. If it is summertime, you can choose an outfit with a light cotton material to be more comfortable to wear. And if it’s autumn or winter, knit cat sweaters are the best choice to warm their body.

What are some of your favourite cat clothing items from the guide above? Also, comment with your cat’s name in the comment box below. “our cat’s name is “Mila”

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