25 Bathroom Rug Ideas for Your Bohemian Bathroom Style

25 Bathroom Rug Ideas for Bohemian Bathroom Style

Beside having a great absorbent, a bathroom rug should also match with your bathroom style. An eye-pleasing bathroom makes your bathing or shower experience much more fun and joyful. So, to help you decide what kind of rugs you should buy, we have curated 25  bathroom rug ideas for you.

These bathroom rug ideas separated into three groups. First, it’s for a contemporary style bathroom. Second, for a Bohemian or Scandinavian kind of bathroom. Last, for an industrial bathroom design.  Hopefully, you find a bathroom rug ideas that is suitable and ideal for your bathroom design. Finger cross!

Bathroom Rug for Contemporary Bathroom

Who has a contemporary style bathroom? Clean lines, minimalist, clutter free expanses of open spaces is the main character of contemporary bathrooms. Check out these 10 bathroom rug ideas now. 

1. Bathroom Gradient Rugs Set

Bathroom Gradient Rugs Set

This bathroom rug from Primebeau is made of Versailtex’s extra thick microfibers that can absorb the water. The velvety chenille is also exceptionally silky, soft, and perfect for stepping out of the shower. The stripes patterns will make your contemporary bathroom look more elegant. 

2. Modern Threads Non-slip Bathroom Rug

Modern Threads Non-slip Bathroom Rug

This luxury bathroom rug is 100% made of very soft cotton and anti-slip back material. It’s comfortable when touching your feet, and also strongly absorbent and functional. But importantly, this set consists of two rugs with different sizes. 

3. Traditional Nylon Bathroom Rug Set

Traditional Nylon Bathroom Rug Set

Need a set of 4 or 5 bathroom rugs at once? This classic plain but elegant nylon bathroom rug can be your option. These are machine made (of course), machine washable, 100% nylon, and super soft bath accent rug. It’s simple design will match perfectly with your contemporary bathroom style.

4. Medallion Bathroom Rug

Medallion Bathroom Rug

A classic woven design bathroom rug from Jean Pierre. Everyone agree that its blue marine color is calm enough for your contemporary bathroom style. Not only that, this high quality rug has 2 sizes available. You can choose which size you would like to be in your bathroom.

5. Spacedye Striped Bath Ruh

Spacedye Striped Bath Ruh

Getting a dashing bathroom rug for your bathroom won’t be a let down. In fact, it will make it look more proper and well maintained. This spacedye striped bath rug is simple, yet can add more texture to your contemporary style bathroom design. 100% cotton materials provide softness underfoot. 

6. Striped Monochrome Bath Rug

Striped Monochrome Bath Rug

How about this classic flair with monochrome striped bathroom rug? The design will add more texture but not too much to your bathroom interior. It is made from 100% cotton, very soft and comfortable, and large enough with 32 inches long, and 20 inches wide.

7. Colorblock Bathroom Rug

Colorblock Bathroom Rug

Coming from Magnolia, this dusty rose with black and white stripes is very lovely. The non vibrant color made this match with your bathroom style, and calmly added more colors to it. Made of soft cotton, wash machine friendly, and can dry your feet quickly.

8. Chelsea Victoria Bathroom Rug

Chelsea Victoria Bathroom Rug

Marble pattern is never a failure. Especially for a contemporary bathroom style that has a touch of marble floor or wall. This chelsea victoria bathroom rug from Deny Designs is meant to be in your bathroom, and it can also absorb quickly. 

9. Schatzi Reeve Memory Foam Bath Rug

Schatzi Reeve Memory Foam Bath Rug

Handcrafted in Denver, this schatzi reeve pattern bathroom rug can be your next consideration. The outside material is made from soft and cushy fabric. While underneath, it is made of polyester plush memory foam. So, it will still look sturdy for a long period of time. 

10. Modern Stripe 3 Piece Bathroom Rug

Modern Stripe 3 Piece Bathroom Rug

Does your bathroom dominate with grey or white color? If yes, we suggest you get this 3 piece bathroom rug, with modern stripes designed. It’s non-slip, hassle-free cleaning, and has durable color. You can shop these rugs from Chapple.

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Bathroom Rug for Bohemian and Scandinavian Interior

Now, we are moving to a Bohemian or Scandinavian bathroom rug ideas. Dominated with white, light colored wood, and other soft colors, this kind of bathroom will need a rug that can bring out the best of the interior design. 

1. Astrerlandship Shaggy Bathroom Rugs 

Astrerlandship Shaggy Bathroom Rugs 

Knitted carefully from polyester, friendly for kids, pregnant and sensitive people. This oval bathroom rug has three sizes available, so you can pick which one fits your bathroom better. This rug from Astrerlandship has a non-slip back side that is made from suede. 

2. Japan Style Floral Bathroom Rug

Japan Style Floral Bathroom Rug

This japanese style floral bathroom rug is perfectly fit with your Bohemian or Scandinavian kind of bathroom style. The beige color mix of peaches and hint of brown blends very well. You can shop this bathroom rug from Edangshun store.

3. Turkish Wool Rug for Bathroom

Turkish Wool Rug for Bathroom

Look at that Turkish pattern. So beautiful and gives a sense of calming. The color and pattern will make a great pair with any Bohemian or Scandinavian bathroom. Made out of wool and has a 1970 vintage style. This rug is brought to you by Rugs2Roll

4. Bohemian Sand Desert Bath Mat

Bohemian Sand Desert Bath Mat

The brown beige shades are a perfection to your Bohemian bathroom. Also, if your Scandinavian bathroom is mostly using white color walls, this rug from Ohana Modern Decor can add more texture, and warmth into the room. Made of memory foam microfiber, this rug is fast-drying. 

5. Handwoven Bathroom Rug 

Handwoven Bathroom Rug 

We are 100% sure that this bathroom rug from Cindy Hughes Design is a great addition to your lovely Scandinavian bathroom. The soft cream colored rug base won’t fail your bathroom. The sun design is simple, and decorative. With cotton material, you can simply shake to remove fibers.

6. Yellow Bohemian Bathroom Rug

Yellow Bohemian Bathroom Rug

It is not a secret that a Bohemian interior design can play with various textures and patterns without getting too much. Maybe this yellow Bohemian rug with tassels can be your next bath rug. The cloth material is meant to soak up water in a second. 

7. Tribal Printed Boho Bathroom Rug

Tribal Printed Boho Bathroom Rug

Need a more vibrant pattern and color for your bathroom? We got you. This boho bathroom rug from Y-PLWOMEN store can be your next new rug. The tribal pattern is more bold, with various colors mixed in one rug. Made of cotton material and easy to wash in cold water.

8. Floral Medallion Bathroom Rug

Floral Medallion Bathroom Rug

Need more colors and texture without ruining your bathroom style? Getting a vibrant color rug with a suitable pattern is the answer. A rug is a highly functional item in the room, but you can also treat it as a bathroom decoration. You can shop this floral medallion rug from Lahome.

9. White and Yellow Bathroom Rug

Boho Small Rugs for Bedroom White Yellow Bathroom Rugs Bohemian Bath Mat Woven Tassel Throw Rugs

We love this beautiful bathroom rug so much! Don’t you find this very relaxing in terms of color, but very pretty in terms of design? The woven tassel makes it more sweet. Place this rug from the COMAX store in your Bohemian bathroom now, and feel happiness whenever you’re in the room.

10. White and Yellow Bathroom Rug

Small Boho Mandala Throw Area Rug

Manufactured by KIMODE, this classic pattern Bohemian rug with soft tassel is another gem we found on the internet. Specifically, it’s made of cotton, polyester and viscose. This is handmade with snazzy knotted fringe tassels on two sides. Very unique and vintage for your Bohemian bathroom style.

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Bathroom Rug for Industrial Bathroom

Makeover your bathroom with just a single touch! For instance, start with these fun and decorative bathroom rugs. Find the perfect design of our bathroom rug ideas for your industrial bathroom style

1. 2 Piece Set Memory Foam Bathroom Rugs

2 Piece Set Memory Foam Bathroom Rugs

Got an industrial bathroom in the house? You can consider getting this 2 color rug set. The brown and black borders reflect the principle of the industrial room so much. The two rugs consist of memory foam that makes it very soft and smooth. 

2. Orchid Bath Rug

Orchid Bath Rug

Carefully designed by Michael Aram, this abstract orchid bathroom rug can sit with your other bathroom stuff and industrial design style harmoniously. The textured, low-pile composition adds a luxurious effect. Last, it’s made from a mix of cotton and viscose, this bathroom rug is ready to be your new guy.

3. Cartagena Bathroom Rug

Cartagena Bathroom Rug

Woven from the finest fabric, this bathroom rug from Everly Quinn is made for industrial bathroom design. The long-staple Turkish cotton makes this rug easily soak water in your bathroom. The back side, made from latex, makes the rug anti-slip, so it’s safe for kids and elders. 

4. Alighiero Bath Rug

Alighiero Bath Rug

Stunning bathroom rug from Orren Ellis. The details, the gold, cream, and dark chocolate color makes this astonishingly luxurious for your industrial bathroom. Not only luxurious but also looks so cool. Knitted from Turkish cotton blend and lurex. 

5. Wilshire Abstract Cotton Bath Rug

Wilshire Abstract Cotton Bath Rug

Enrich your bathroom with this elegant colors, wave designed bathroom rug. Produced by Latitude Run, this rug is using 100% cotton. So your feet will feel the gentle and soft touch when soaking the water in. This bath rug also includes a 24 inches x 60 inches runner. 

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